Indisposition [OOC Chat]

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  1. Conversing is always fun.
  2. Ain't it?
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  3. @Kisaki Unless someone is meeting you, i'm sure my old man would be paying a trip to Sable in need of some ingredients or probably to have his cane thingy repaired.
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  4. :T *Random Pensworth coming along for the trip*
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  5. Sure thing.

    The more the merrier
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  6. So, does Evelyn have a shop?
  7. Oh. Wait. "On the Road". XD
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  8. Because this is based in modern time, is it safe to assume things like cell phones, radios, TV exist @Obsidian
  9. @Kisaki Sorry to bother you, but she's still in Sable, yes?
  10. She might have an offical shop at The Boreas later on the story though.

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  11. >v>b We shall meet in the roads of sable then!
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  12. Im sleepy and frustrated and you guys?
  13. ah good choice, see if he gets his arm broken first
  14. I actually feel as if I did break my arm lmao.
  15. lol what do you mean? XD also post
  16. I was busy working carrying like a bunch of heavy ass boxes that weighed 100lb each with a bunch of chairs that were like 70lbs scraping against my forearm lol.
    I'm working on it.
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