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Fandom Inazuma Eleven:Divine Deity

Sub Genres
Action, Anime, School, Slice of Life, Super Powers

Nenma Takashi

Terribly Terrible
Many have heard the tales of Inazuma Raimon a struggling team that managed to climb from the bottom to the very top. Besting teams others could've sworn they stood no chance against. Inspiring millions around the world to strive for greatest, they were a lesson that hard work and teamwork truly were the way to grow as a team. Of course any member of Raimon would also agree that they also owe a lot to their love of football. Years later a newer school opens it's gates for students a school known as Deities Junior High within only a few months the school's clubs prove themselves to stand above all other schools. The only exception to this being the school's football team which as of right now only has one member, a second-year who can't even participate in any tournaments for two reasons. Number 1 they don't have any club members and number 2 they are female, yet their love for football overshadows this roadblock. With the new year means new possibilities for others who love football, with a bright smile she stands by the school gate in hopes of gathering a team this year.

So I recently replayed all the Inzazuma games up to Go and have been watching the anime, I was just super craving this kinda rp so who with me let's make this team the greatest in the world!


The Sop
hello old friend, I'm kinda interested but are you saying that every characters we're gonna play are all female ?

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