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Fantasy In The Land Of Gods & Monsters Lore


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The Trinity Academy is on is own island, so they can keep their students away from the normals out there and potentially use their powers without hurting others. The academy was made in 1870 and was founded by a mortal by the name of Cornelius Harmon. All the students are picked up and sent to the school by a ship or boat.

The Trinity Academy has a massive selection of books, ranging from many different genres. It has books that come from all over the world, even books that you couldn’t possibly get today. There are many different languages to pick from, including some of the dead ones. The ceiling has many beautiful paintings, almost resembles the renaissance age.

*Study Hall*
*Alchemist Room*

This room is filled with many different types of potions and spell books. This is one of the oldest rooms that the Trinity Academy has.

*Pool Area*

Trinity Academy has two places that they consider to be their gym. One is inside of the academy, the other is outside. The one that’s outside is the main one to be used, thinking it’s better for them all to go outside rather than have all the classes be inside.

*Music Room*
*Space Room*
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School Rules~
  1. No leaving the campus without a written permission slip from the principal.
  2. Physical and/or verbal aggression will not be tolerated
  3. No using phones or listening to music during lessons
  4. No vandalism
  5. Don’t come to class late without a pass
  6. Don’t cheat, plagiarize or copy work
  7. Dress appropriately

  • Verbal Warning
  • Detention
  • Principal’s Office


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A Days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Home Room
Human/Mythic Studies
Study Hall
Power Mastery & Combat

B Days (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
Home Room
Study Hall

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