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Fantasy In The Land Of Gods & Monsters CS



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Age: (14+)
Relationship: (Optional, ask the other person)
Crush: (Optional)
Power(s): (Don’t be OP)
Appearance: (Prefer either drawn or anime.)


Class Teaching:

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Name: Harmony Minyma (αρμονία μήνυμα) <-- her name in greek
Age: 15
Gender: Cis Female
S.O: Heterosexual (Straight)
Relationship: n/a
Crush: n/a
God/Monster: Hermes
- Pulling Pranks
- Sports / Athletics
- Music
- Transporting Heavy Objects
- Being Tired
- Overly Crowded Places
Item Transportation:
Harmony can put her energy into an object and transport it to another person as long as she has their full name or she can transport the object to a specific place if the owner wishes. The larger the object the more of her energy she has to put in.

Flight Speed: Like her god, Harmony is able to fly at tremendously fast speeds. Although she can't sprout wings to fly, she inherited Hermes' winged sandals that allow her to fly at these speeds.

Shapeshifting: Harmony is able to shape shift like her father. Although she is limited to only small animals, like cats and birds. And usually when she transforms, the animal will be all black with Harmony's green eyes. So people who know her, will be able to determine whether it's her or not.

Personality and History:
Harmony was born a reincarnation, as she was told, with her reincarnated god being Hermes (the messenger of Olympus). Ever since she was young she knew was special in a way, mostly because of her power. Hermes, although very well-known as the messenger god of Olympus, was also known to be a very mischievous person, and most people say Harmony followed in his footsteps. Everyone around her could recall all the trouble she caused, pulling pranks and even stealing. She is almost like a female version of Hermes, on her way to fill his shoes. Ever since Harmony could talk, she’d tell everyone she wanted to be like Hermes, the new messenger god (or technically goddess) of Olympus. But of course no real human would believe that Hermes was actually her godly parent, they all thought Harmony was too caught up in fairytales.

It was like this so often that Harmony eventually just stopped saying this to people, even the people she thought were friends, kept telling her to get her head out of the clouds. When she started high school, she didn’t really make any friends. She was already labeled as the weird kid who was too entranced in Greek mythology. Although mischievous, she was very intelligent, acing all her classes in her school. Plus her smarts helped her with her small stealing schemes. She wouldn’t do anything law-breaking… maybe. Harmony knew however, she had to do something with her power, she was just itching to use it. So whenever she had free time, she would use her power to the point where it became second-nature. It got to the point where it became a habit of hers that she transports items when she gets nervous. It first happened when she got caught stealing something from the principal’s office. When she was asked to show/hand over what she stole, she transported the item accidentally (which worked in her favor actually). Ever since then, she has done that when she’s nervous or gets caught in one of her schemes/pranks.

Being a reincarnation, she couldn’t really attend a normal school for too long. She knew if she wanted to hone her skills and get closer and learn more about Hermes, she needed to go somewhere special. Plus, in the real world, humans would bully her for proclaiming that she was a reincarnation and she needed a place where she could hone her skills. So that’s how she ended up at this school that her mother sent her too (after a few threatening words). Here, she hopes to hone her abilities and get closer to filling her godly parent's shoes.

- Helps the postal office on the island
- Is very good at hand-to-hand combat, and her intelligence, speed, and agility help her a lot


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N/A; Ask

N/A; Ask


  • Mythology
  • Horror Movies
  • Spicy Foods
  • Violin
  • Snakes
  • Reading

  • Overly sunny and hot days
  • Being touched without permission
  • Sound of peeling apples
  • Loud noise/people


This is one of his weaker powers, but Levi is able to “control” the dead. This power is mainly used for communicating with the dead, being able to sense when death for someone is near, banishing the dead or releasing their soul. He hasn’t learned how to make them do things for him or to bring the dead to life again.

Levi is able to grow plants at will, but all the plants he tends to grow are normally dead or poisonous. He’s been trying to grow flowers using his powers lately, but they end up dying within seconds. Levi is also able to communicate with animals, but only the nocturnal ones for now.

Levi is able to control fire, which is one of his stronger powers. Due to his powers, he’s able to endure extreme heat without being harmed. He’s able to set things on fire just by looking at it or use body parts, mostly his hands, to burn things. The fire he controls is a blue color. If there’s no oxygen around, he’s unable to use his powers.

Levi can shape and manipulate darkness. For now, he’s only able to see in the dark and use shadows to create objects. He normally uses the shadows to shield him from the light.

Levi is a quiet boy, who prefers to spend most of his time alone. He can be socially awkward, not use to having to interact with others, which causes him to simple avoid others altogether when he’s able to. Levi isn’t often even heard speaking, not even when teachers call on him. He only really feels the need to speak when it’s something important or he feels obligated to respond to someone.

Though the energy Levi has around him seems negative and he might seem mean at first glance, he’s actually a sweetheart. When he does speak, he’s extremely soft spoken, almost heard to hear. He spends most of his time practicing almost any type of instrument, but his favorite is the violin. Levi loves reading books, especially about other mythological beings. He does random acts of kindness, when he feels like it, but only when someone isn’t looking.

Levi comes from a small family, having only his parents and older brother around. He lived a normal life, until he was 8. That’s when his jet black hair slowly started to turn white. His mother became confused, never seeing someone so young starting to get white hairs. She took him to doctors, but they said it was more than likely just genetic rather than stress or anything else. One day, they noticed that Levi’s bright blue eyes were also changing colors. That’s when his family started to slowly disown him, thinking something was really wrong with him.
Levi was pulled out of school when he was 10, due to his parents being embarrassing of all the changes he was going through. He spent most of his time locked up inside of his room, trying to keep himself entertained. The bright and cheery child slowly became reserved and lonely. Watching his brother get all the love just made it even worse for him.

Shortly after Levi’s 11th birthday, he started to gain very faint powers of pyrokinesis. He didn’t realize this until his older brother had upset him, causing him to accidentally set the curtains on fire. That didn’t end well for him. His brother had ran to his parents, telling them everything that happened. They had priests coming in and out to work the ‘demon’ out of him. When that didn’t work, they looked into getting rid of him. Luckily, a worker from the Trinity Academy had came to take him off of their hands.
The woman that picked him up was a very sweet and gentle woman, who worked as a teacher. (Unknown) had basically raised Levi since he was 11, and he considers her to be his mother.

Levi could be described as a beautiful, mainly because his features are more so on the feminine side. He has gentle, slender eyes with extremely long eyelashes. His right eye is blood red, while the other is a very pale gray color. Levi’s eyebrows are rather thick. His normally found with a frown upon his face, or just looking completely uninterested in everything altogether. His hair is completely white and long, his bangs normally in his face. Though he does pin it back when he’s working or reading. Levi is standing at 6’6 with a pretty athletic body type. He has many scars all over his body that naturally came in.

  • Levi eyes are sensitive to the light, he prefers being under the shade or in darker places. Lightbulbs aren’t so bad, but the sunlight is.
  • Levi doesn’t have much control over his powers when he’s feeling extreme emotions. His powers tend to get out of hand, depending on how he’s feeling.
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The Fluffiest Floof

Floof, truly the fluffiest
Juliette Dubos


Sweets of any kind

Bitter food

From the first glance, it might seem that Juliette is an intimidating, cold woman. She is goal-oriented and seems to run with a no-bullshit attitude, being very little open to pranks. However, when looking deeper, one will see that Juliette cares deeply about all things, most notably so, nature. The forest is where she truly feels home, where her stone cold attitude turns warm and happy. She dances, she sings, she draws and is just like an entire different person. However, just as much as that shift can be towards a positive when she is in nature, if something shows to be a threat to anything she holds dear, or somehow else invokes her wrath, she will not give up until her mark has fallen. Juliette knows about the balance of nature, about the necessity of life as much as of death. Due to that, death itself is nothing that frightens her, as long as it is part of the natural circle. That might make her a bit more approachable or those gods, that have been assigned the domains in the more morbid areas.

Name: Juliette Dubos
Age: 19
Gender: Female
S.O: Bisexual
Relationship: n/A (Can be worked out)
Crush: n/A (Can be worked out)
God/Monster: Artemis, Godess of the Hunt, Wild Animals and the Wilderness


  • Hymn of the Hunt
    Juliette falls into a rythm when pursuing her prey. Whenever she hits a target with an attack, she will gain a a few stacks of this passive ability. However, the more damage is inflicted, the more she will gain towards Hymn of the Hunt. Further, she gains bonus progress when hitting a target designated with Hunters Mark.

    As she gains stacks, she will progress through the stages of the Hymn. Starting of in the Melody of the hunt, she will start to gather stacks, increasing the Hymns level. Each level increases her physical attributes, starting at peak human, going up with each tier. Should the hunt continue, Juliette will enter the Song of the Hunt. After a considerable amount of stacks gathered, Juliette will finally enter the Aria of the Hunt stage. This is where she is her strongest, however, it takes a long time to get this far and using abilities in this stage will afterwards lose all progress of Hymn of the Hunt. While the only thing currently benefiting from gaining the Hymn of the Hunt is Silvershot, it is unclear if she may learn more ways to utilize her hunting rythm later on.
    True Aim
    As the incarnation of hunting, Juliette has an innate understanding when to strike. Due to that, not only are her senses sharper than natural, but her precision in her actions is greatly increased. From taking down prey in a foggy forest to throwing an eraser at an annoying class mate, Juliette rarely misses her target, unless another supernatural ability interferes with this one.
    It is also to be noted that this does not mean that her attacks cannot be dodged, parried or blocked. It merely means that whatever she does is usually on target and will hit what she intended to, unless they know how to avoid such.
    Hunters Mark
    As the incarnation of the hunt, Juliette is able to designate a creature as her mark. To do so, she has to be able to see the creature for at least a second, as that is how long the ability will take to activate. Once active, Juliette will percieve her mark in a special manner, akin to infra-red vision. Only the target will be percieved in such a way. Juliette will be able to see her mark through any surface to a distance of one mile. Should she leave that radius, she will lose vision of her mark, however still know the direction it is in.

    Juliette can currently have only one mark at any given time. Targetting a new creature will shift the perception to that new target, losing any special interaction with the previous one.
    Silvershot is the name given to an old, seemingly broken flintlock pistol that Juliette can conjure. This pistol is damaged and cannot be loaded, nor fired. Unless, of course, you are Juliette. Silvershot does not consume ammunition, instead shooting what appears to be balls of condensed magic. Due to that, it does not need to be reloaded. However, it still does have a delay between shots, having to gather new magic for about a second after being fired. Besides this property, Silvershot enables Juliette to use a few different manuvers.

    Parrying Shot
    A defensive manuver, that can be used to fend off an attack. A well timed shot will stun the target out of their own move. However, due to its defensive properties, this does not do any damage, simply cancelling an incoming attack.
    During Song of the Hunt: Juliettes shot will have a larger window to stun the attacker and deal its normal damage in the process.
    During Aria of the Hunt: Silvershot overcharges, unleashing a powerful projectile. This will deal moderate damage and stun the attacker, leaving them open for a powerful counter attack.

    Bursting Shot
    Juliette fires two shots in quick succession.
    During Song of the Hunt: The two shots are fired simultanously.
    During Aria of the Hunt: Silvershot briefly grows in size, becoming what looks like an old shotgun. It fires one burst of seven shots in a spread pattern.

    Channeling Shot
    Juliette takes aim, making sure to go for a weak spot. This shot will take a few seconds to charge, but once released deals massive damage. Further, it deals bonus damage against the mark.
    During Song of the Hunt: The shot will slightly track its target.
    During Aria of the Hunt: Silvershot briefly turns into what looks like an old sniper. After a channeling time, it releases a tracking shot that will pursue her mark, tracking even through solid surfaces up to one mile.

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Name: Kyros (Kai) Elias
Age: 18
Gender: Male
S.O: Bisexual
Relationship: N/A
Crush: N/A (open for discussion)
God/Monster: Poseidon, god of the sea
  • Coffee
  • Art
  • Athletics and working out
  • Talking about his past life
  • People with a lot of ego
  • Not getting personal space
~Special weapon~
He can summon his spear that resembles a trident as it has two smaller extra blades on the sides. It has gold, green and blue shades with its main color being black.

Kai is able to manipulate water around him or summon it by using his spear. He is currently trying to master the amount he can use in battle. He can also breathe underwater with ease.

Kai has the ability to move faster than any normal human with little trouble, though it drains him quicker the faster he gets.

Kyros is generally a calm, gentle person who loves to focus on his interests very much, he’s almost always doing something whether it is working out or just sketching in his small notebook. He’s known for being very passionate but aloof at times. Despite his quietness he doesn’t mind talking to others and values those who he considers close, often offering help when he feels the need to without even thinking about it.

His main weak point is his past life as Poseidon, a topic he always hated talking about with anyone as he felt embarrassed for the things he supposedly did. He barely acts the way he used to in his other life, the only thing that remained was his anger issues that would sometimes lead to violence. While he doesn’t get physical depending on the situation he has broken objects in the past -and still does- resulting in him feeling worse afterwards.

Appearance: He is slim with an athletic body and stands 6'0 tall.


  • Has a small fascination with horses and wishes to get one of his own
  • Likes sparkly items/objects especially gems and crystals, they easily distract him
  • He doesn’t smile a lot but he’s usually happier than he looks
(might change his age at some point cuz i'm indecisive af)
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Howl- Close Friend

N/A; Ask

Hel; Goddess of Death & Despair

  • Eating, especially meat
  • Drawing
  • Anything that’s fluffy
  • Ravens & bats
  • Cloudy days with rain or snow
  • Nature
  • Singing

  • Any type of bug, they’re disgusting
  • Tea
  • Wasting food
  • People who walk slowly in front of her
  • Bad hygiene
  • Small spaces

This is one of Junko’s most powerful powers, only because she’s had it for as long as she could remember. She’s able to see spirits wherever she goes. She never learned how to turn that part off, so she often can’t tell who’s real and who’s just a spirit. Junko has now developed a habit of trying to banish real people, thinking they’re undead. She does have the power to bring back the dead, but for now it only works with small animals.

Though this power is probably her weakest, she’s able to manipulate blood. It’s only her own for the time being, and she doesn’t use it a lot because it takes a lot of energy, even blood sometimes. If she’s just so happens so be bleeding, she’ll turn her blood into a solid. Junko mainly uses this as a defense. If she uses too much blood, she feels the urge to drink blood.

Induce Terror-
Junko can evoke or increase fear in others. She’s able to alter the ‘victims’ perception, cause them to see illusion. In their eyes, she’ll seem almost like a monster to them.

As nice as Junko is, it never seems to matter when the aura around her is very strongly negative/dark. Which is one of the reasons why most people try to stay as far away from her as possible. Despite not having many people like her, she’s an extremely kind person. Especially when you get to know her and become close. That, and don’t mind the fact that she’ll stop to talk to ghosts.

Junko is known for being a pretty clumsy person. Part of the reason is because she doesn’t pay attention enough, the other reason is because she can’t always tell what’s one hundred percent real. She’ll bump into people just thinking they’re ghosts. It’s gotten to the point where she’s started to carry around bandages for herself, or whomever she accidentally hurt.

Junko loves art. She could spend all day drawing if she was able to. She’ll people watch to find the perfect person to draw, which is normally the people who stand out the most to her or ones she personally finds really attractive. She even start to practice doing tattoos, having a couple on herself.

Junko is a bit on the small side, being 5’ with a petite, but toned body due to her being a dancer until she was 16. She has a hime haircut that Howl gave her. The back goes down past her hips, while the front stops right at her jaw. Junko has a couple piercings on her lip, nose and ears. She also has a tattoo of a water dragon on her left thigh.

  • Junko loves reading anything about spirits or witchcraft.

Knight boi

Kratos Leon


Age: 21

Aphrodite (Close Friends)

Working out
Action Movies

Horror movies

Lydia Key

Gender: Male


Ares the god of war
Enhanced Strength
Being the god of war, Kratos has in believable strength, able to do more damage and carry extremely heavy items.
Enhanced Speed/Agility
Ares has enhanced agility and speed able to move faster than others and doge more easily.
Area can take heavy amounts of damage for others and take heavy hits.
Ares become sun a fit of rage where he become sir stronger faster and more violent often hard to get him out of it.
Ares is quite infamous by the other gods, he is known for his quick temper, aggressiveness and un-explainable thirst for conflict. Though he is also popular for Great War tactics and his combative abilities. Though most infamous thing he’s done was seduce Aphrodite the goddess of love, though he is trying his best to control these emotions he has constantly, and is in a battle daily from it.

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Name: Lydia Key
Age: 19
Gender: Female
S.O: Pansexual
Relationship: Ares (Close friend)
Crush: Kratos Leon
God/Monster: Aphrodite, goddess of love
  • Studying
  • Sketching
  • Jewelry
  • People commenting on her appearance or hobbies
  • Being ignored
  • People who put too much makeup
~Connected healing~
Depending on how close she is with someone (mentally) she can heal wounds or ease pain easier and more effectively. She can not cure any sickness, only wounds and use the ability as a painkiller.

She can shoot a small light beam through her finger that stuns anything that breathes for 5 seconds.

Lydia can enhance any item making them do their job a little better (like fixing them a little).

Lydia is a friendly, easy going young girl who is known for her good grades and caring nature, often helping others by giving them life advice (mostly about relationships). She is pretty feminine as she likes to wear makeup and has quite the style when it comes to outfits. She is understanding and patient but isn't afraid to show her temper or how she generally feels, she can get easily annoyed and depending on her mood she might say things she'd later regret. She has no problem standing up for herself or others unless the situation gets too personal. She is secretly a very jealous person even in a funny way, but tries to hide it. Lydia has a tendency to keep her problems to herself which usually makes things worse for her without realizing it.

Appearance: She is slightly curvy with long hair that almost reaches her waist. She stands 5'5" tall.


  • Has a small notebook in which she sketches outfits or anything that comes to mind.
  • She wants to learn how to draw on nails.
  • As the goddess of love people usually bother her with questions about their love life which annoys her for the most part, but her predictions almost always turn out to be correct.
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Name: Arius Izumi
Age: 20 y/o
Gender: Male
S.O: Bisexual
Relationship: N/A, electric slide into my dms/ tag me in the ooc for further discussion!
Crush: N/A, feel free to strike up a convo with me!
God/Monster: Anubis, God of the Underworld (a.k.a death, mummification, the afterlife, tombs and the like)
Likes: Most pranks, watermelon popsicles (the elite fruit flavour), dogs, boxed drinks, the colour blue & fights
Dislikes: Strict formalities, milk & white chocolate, anything with banana in it except the fruit and bread, flowers, insects & the smell of incense
  • Reanimation~ Arius possesses the power to reanimate certain animal corpses and smaller dead beings. At his maximum capacity, he can reanimate a couple of wolves that have been dead for awhile, depending on how much of their life essence lingers in their physical body. If a being has been dead for some time and its soul has fully reached the depths of the Underworld, he is unable to conjure its physical body back up. He cannot reanimate human corpses.
  • Death Sense~ Similar to a spider's sixth sense, Arius has the ability to sense the coming of a given death and the act of dying. Though sounding rather drastic, Arius is unable to sense when any living person who is of perfect health condition will die. He is, however, able to determine when someone is dead (only if they've recently died), determine when someone is close to dying alongside if a large amount of deaths have occurred in a specific location he is physically in.
  • Enhanced Speed~ Arius is capable of moving at a greater speed compared to the average Joe. The fastest he can move, however, is that of the world's finest athletes.
Personality: A cheeky sun of a gun. At least, that's what a lot of delinquents called him back in his old school. He's not a badass, he simply adopts a nonchalant attitude. Though not the class clown, you can definitely find him smirking when the most annoying kid in class falls from being taped on his forehead. Arius thinks of himself as a realistic optimist, he doesn't just look at the glass half-full or half-empty. He sees it as half-empty but he can probably make it full if he tries. Called arrogant at times, Arius isn't afraid of showing his worth when challenged. He doesn't start fights, he just ends them.

Other than that, his close friends who really know him call him a rather big pushover to people he loves and care about. Injured your cheek while falling? He'd grumble at you for a minute or two before slapping a bandage on for you a little too hard. He's just that one kid that annoys you if you're at the butt of his practical joke/ prank but in general, he just seems like again, a cheeky sun of a gun.

History: Born as the only child of Hatori Izumi and Layla Badr, Aurius' childhood was pretty standard. His parents' work allowed them to live a comfortable life and not worry about what most people did. Though his parents separated as he entered adolescent years, both parties remained cordial. That is, until Aurius turned 11 years old.

Aurius and his parents hadn't known the extent of this... 'phase', they called it. Growing as a voice in his head, there were times Aurius spoke out premonitions that ended up coming true. It didn't help that everything revolving around him were whispers of death. It started out as out-of-line jokes to death sentences, literally.

He was seen as the grim reaper's cursed child. Hell's very own gatekeeper. The guide to the Underworld. Little did his parents and him know it was true. Casual conversations of family members being sick turned to dark revelations. Silent worries turned to stares of final judgement.

Aurius Izumi was feared as a cursed beast. He endured being ostracised by fellow school mates and even his own extended family members. But he didn't blame them for seeing him that way. After all, he hated the way they saw him as a monster but at the same time, enjoyed the fear that held in their eyes.

That was until his mother and him were approached by a representative of a special academy. The man offered him a sanctuary of sorts, to hone in on his power, live among those like him. It was clear his parents were relieved that their son wasn't a freak of sort but Arius can't help but wonder even until now, whether they were glad a menace like him was out of their hair.

Appearance: x - x - x - x - x
  • Arius is a mix of Japanese and Egyptian, on his father and mother's side respectively.
  • His favourite dog breeds are Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes. Because they look like wolves.
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Gaius Danius Griinia

Kamen Rider Amino
Name: Bel Melqart
Age: 18
Gender: Male
S.O: N/A
Relationship: N/A
Crush: N/A
God/Monster: Baal

.Strong Opposition
.Beautiful Women
.Weak-Willed People
.Needless Fighting
.Stupid People

Aspect Manifestation: Each of Bel's powers is derived from one of five aspects of Baal. The ancient people of Canaan worshiped him as Ba'al, Baal Hadad and Baal Hammon. The Abrahamic Faith demonized him into Bael and Beelzebub. Bel's ability all embody an aspect that was associated with Baal in his many incarnations.
Atmokinesis: Ba'al is known as the Lord of Rain and Dew. He represents the elements needed to fertilize and enrich the earth. Bel's emotions influence the nature of this ability. If his mood is good, it creates plentiful rainfall. However if his mood turns for the worst. A violent and chaotic storm will brew. Recently Bel has experimented with channeling his emotions to exercise finer control over lightning, wind and rain.
Plant Growth: Baal Hadad was a ferility god who nourished the land so it would grow. Bel can enrich the environment around him and accelerate the growth of nearby plantlife. If required, he could literally turn an acorn or two into a tree in a matter of moments. This ability can only be used in locations with available plants or roots.
Sacrificial Flame: Baal Hammon was titled the Lord of the Brazier due to his followers practice of sacrificing through ritual cremation. Bel can produce intense flames capable of reducing things to ash. Anything destroyed by this flame has its essence transferred to nourish Bel. Bel rarely uses this ability due to horrific memories of child sacrifice to Baal Hammon.
Invisibility: Bael is credited as the ruler of the 72 Demons who once served King Solomon. He can grant his summoners great wisdom, power over the dead and complete invisibility. Bel can use this ability to make himself invisible. In this state, only those with powers concerning hunting or observation can perceive him.
Death Flies: Beelzebub is the Lord of the Flies, a Demon serving under Lucifer himself. Bel can create and control a swarm of maneating flies to attack his enemies.

Bel is someone plagued by an uncertainty over his identity. His former life was Baal was split or demonized into so many other figures that he isn't sure who he is. He is kind to his friends and gentle with his loved ones. Yet also possesses an incredible willpower that prevents him from caving to great threats. Bel is willing to make sacrifices in order to get what he wants. Although he isn't above making deals if he thinks it will benefit him. Deep down he harbors a deep hunger for battling strong opponents. Mere brawls won't satisfy him. He desires battles with everything on the line, where his opponent is aiming for his life.


Extra: N/A


Fleeting Starline
"Please give me just a second more. I'm almost done with my work, here..."

Name: Amelia Nightingale
Age: 18
Gender: Female
S.O: Pansexual
Relationship: N/A
Crush: N/A
God/Monster: Asclepius, God of Doctors & Medicine
- Classical Music​
- Scenic Overlooks​
- Quality-Made Hot Chocolate​
- Listening To Other People​
- Being Recorded or Photographed​
- Combat​
- Improper Manners​
- Solitude​

- Vitakinesis: Once rumored to have found a cure to death itself, as Asclepius reborn Amelia has a tight control over the health of others—though she is years of studying and practice away until she can even begin to reach the height of her abilities. Currently, she can only bestow a blessing onto others nearby that immediately heals smaller wounds and allows them to passively regenerate. This blessing, however, is not yet capable of curing illnesses, and only lasts a few minutes before vanishing.​

- Second Wind: The second blessing she can bestow focuses on granting others a significant energy boost. In a physical sense, the feeling is described as power suddenly flowing into and throughout the entirety of the body; in a mental sense it is described as if their senses are suddenly honed to an edge, their minds working briefly at peak performance. However since this blessing only worsens overall fatigue, Amelia does not recommend asking for it for trivial matters.​

- Examination: An ability only viable out of combat, Amelia is able to give a thorough diagnosis (and, if available, prognosis) of a subject's physical health after a brief examination. Though she has yet to breach it out into mental and even emotional health the Nurse's Office finds this ability highly useful. Any check-ups with them will typically include Amelia using preforming this ability.​

While many think of her pitifully at first glance...if words and looks could kill, then Amelia Nightingale would have broken her Hippocratic Oath several times over.

A sharp mind with an even sharper tongue, Amelia Nightingale is an extremely focused individual—she must be with the pressure Trinity Academy places upon her advancing her abilities. Because of this, some people find her hard to approach...as Amelia is always deeply engrossed in her studies, putting it on herself to undertake rigorous medical courses alongside Trinity Academy's own classes. But those who know her know that studying is only secondary to her. Amelia loves nothing more than being surrounded by friends, happy to have them fill in the silence. Amelia will always rush to their side when called for...willing to lend her aid at a moment's notice. After all,

Amelia is the kind of woman to view the health of others, physical and mental, as her responsibility. But this healer still won't spare you a good tongue-lashing if you cross her.

Amelia is generally around 5'2—this isn't her standing height, but considering that she's been disabled since birth, her sitting height is her only relevant height. She uses an electric wheelchair provided to her by the Trinity Academy to help her get around campus.

- She keeps an Asklepian in her room. It's not necessary for her powers, but she brings it out during P.E. and Power Mastery & Combat.
- There are suspicions that her powers won't work on herself, but Amelia hasn't confirmed nor deconfirmed such rumors. It's a touchy subject.​
- Amelia is English on both sides. She carries on a refined accent from her home, and no, she will not say your stupid lines.​
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Teaching Assistant/School Nurse

Name: Dr. Peony Wu Bai-hu (吴白虎)

Age: Apparently in her mid to late 40s in this incarnation

Female (?)

S.O: Married to her work

God/Monster: Xi Wangmu, the Queen Mother of the West

Fresh air
Rising with the sun
Dark chocolate

The exceptionally wealthy

Taoist Affinity:
With Xi Wangmu being a significant progenitor of Taoist esoterica, even today Dr. Wu possesses extensive knowledge regarding sorcery, particularly that pertaining to spiritual or natural phenomena.

Taoist Alchemy: Relating to the above, she has expertise in the use of substances of primarily geological origin to create reagents capable of miraculous healing or physical transformations, though they tend to have severe long-term effects on mortal bodies.

Wushu: While not all of them are innately supernatural in nature, across her multiple incarnations Xi Wangmu has mastered the numerous martial arts of the Middle Kingdom.

Tiger Apparition:
Drawing on her most primordial aspect as a ferocious god of pestilence, Xi Wangmu can regain her true form as a colossal tiger with destructive might that rivals any one god of war in their prime. It has been centuries since Xi Wangmu has last had occasion to use this power.

Class Teaching:

Assists in Alchemy/Science and Power Mastery & Combat as part of her primary duties as head of the school's medical staff.

Ever-knowing and generous, the goddess Xi Wangmu is one of the earliest attested deities in the records of the Middle Kingdom, the great and ancient civilization now known as China. It is said that while she was originally a ruler of wild beasts and a merciless destroyer, she eventually became the guardian of the peaches of immortality, leader of spirits of wealth and sensuality, and a wise sage who imparted arcane knowledge and the wisdom of rulership to each successive emperor of the Middle Kingdom.

Those in the know with regards to spirits and divinities also whisper that she did not stop appearing among mankind, and traveled the world in various incarnations, but always an advisor or consultant to those in power. Her hand may have been the one behind several great advancements, particularly in the fields of governance and medicine, and wars were both waged and averted at her word.

So it may have come as a surprise when she was tracked down by representatives of Trinity Academy while operating an unassuming traditional Chinese medicine store under her current guise as Dr. Peony Wu. Having served the school for over a decade now, Dr. Wu plays a key part in the training and cultivation of the reincarnated gods and monsters, her ever-generous nature a perfect match for the job. Or perhaps she merely intended to place herself in a situation where she could keep her eyes and a steady hand on the resurgent divinities...

Dr. Wu is the kind of person who never speaks or acts first, but is decisive when she does, a firm believer in the principle of casting a brick to attract jade. She seems content in her position, and is undoubtedly caring for both her peers and her charges, but is never particularly affectionate or overly friendly. While she isn't the type to force herself into having the last word in any situation, it's clear she likes to be in charge and have her say at any time.

Appearance: Presenting herself as a typical Chinese woman, if a particularly tall (close to 6 feet) one, Dr. Wu also has a noticeably firm physique, the kind any athlete would aspire to. Her dark hair is usually tied into a bun, with conspicuous grey streaks ("If I wanted to hide any part of my appearance, you wouldn't know."). Her dressing is always simple, with nothing more than the simplest adornments, though she always has at least one piece of tiger-print somewhere on her person.

Is vegetarian, not vegan.


oi oi

Name: Mira Hampton
Age: 26
Gender: Female
S.O: Heterosexual
Monster: Siren
Role: Teacher
Class: Mythic Languages


Hypnosis/Mind Control: Mira’s voice serves as a hypnotic spell that allows her to control those she wills easily. She can cast her spell as far as her voice is carried and can be heard, though she can choose who to influence. The spell can be broken by a sudden physical jolt.

Sound Amplification: She can amplify any existing sound.

Echolocation: Mira can use her sound amplification much like that of a bat or dolphin to scout areas. It can be used on land or in water.

General Abilities: Excellent swimmer, can breathe underwater, quick reflexes

Appearance: Mira likes to be perceived as very refined, elegant and poised. She moves with very careful and calculated mannerisms. She has fair blonde hair that is usually kept in an intricate updo and clear, expressive blue eyes. She stands at around 5’6” with a lithe figure, although her upper arms are slightly muscular due to her choice of weapon for combat, the trident.

Personality: Mira’s elegant appearance can be somewhat fooling to her actual personality. Although outwardly appearing strict and reserved, she is actually quite adventurous and aloof, always dreaming about places to travel and what possibilities those travels could hold. She’s easily intrigued by story telling, and finds beauty in using language to express those tales. Mira is very light hearted, unable to be angered or insulted by much, and can be more tolerant to the students’ antics than she really should be.

Virtues: Adventurous, imaginative, optimistic, empathetic, kind
Vices: Aloof, forgetful, naïve
Likes: Interesting stories, cold drinks, the sea, any and all types of sea life, exploring, surprises, cloud gazing
Dislikes: Extreme violence, spicy food, greed, stubbornness, selfish people

Background: Mira was born in a small coastal town where a majority of its residents made their living off of the sea. Growing up she was like a magnet to the sea, where she helped her father in his fishing business. Through her exploration and adventures out on the water, she discovered the beginning manifestation of her powers. It wasn’t long after this time that her family was approached by members from Trinity Academy, who offered her an opportunity to learn how to better utilize her abilities. Upon graduating, Mira spent many years wandering at sea, exploring the great untamed wilderness that the depths held. She often reminisces about this time and will go on a long tangent whenever asked about it. She returned to Trinity Academy and accepted a teaching position there shortly after her adventures.


oi oi

Name: Kai Rene
Age: Appears 24, actually 145
Role: Teacher
Gender: Male
S.O: Bisexual
Monster: Phoenix
Class Teaching: Power mastery and combat (let me know if this isn’t actually a class I can change it)


Fire Generation and Control: Kai can generate and wield his own flames. The flames behave like normal fire, but he can manipulate their movement and spread. This allows him to wield the fire in various types of flame weapons or as projectiles. When Kai uses this power, it ignites glowing golden markings on his skin that grow more intricate with each rebirth. With help from the schools research and technology, Kai wears flame protective clothing to prevent him from burning through his attire anytime he utilizes his power.

Flight: A subset of his fire manipulation, Kai uses his flames to create a large expanse of wings. He can really only use this power when in open spaces without causing a ton of damage.

Hot touch: Kai can concentrate his high temperature body heat into certain portions of his body, ie: his hands, allowing him the ability to commit feats such as melt through metal. He uses this ability for self defense and in close hand to hand combat.

Extreme heat resistance: Kai can swim through lava and remark that it feels like a refreshing bath. His skin and internal system are highly heat and flame resistant. Because of this, he doesn’t sweat or react to any temperatures of the weather.

Cold resistance: He can adjust his own body heat to withstand brutally cold temperatures, but he dislikes cold weather regardless. Adjusting his body heat to accommodate takes a lot more energy than adjusting for warmer weather, and he hates how drained it makes him feel.

General Abilities: He possesses several physical attributes closely related to birds, such as enhanced hearing and vision, strong mobility when airborne, a high metabolism and a lighter than average skeleton (weight-wise).

Appearance: Kai stands at a well sculpted 6’0”. He has smooth, dark brown hair that frames his face messily. His softened features make him appear much younger than he actually is and mislead at the intensity he possesses. This is caused by his slowed aging cycle (stretched in 500 yr intervals). Besides the faint line markings that dance across his skin, Kai’s most notable feature is his bright orange-yellow eyes which resemble the flickering effect of fire. In dark lighting they take on a faint glow, and stand out starkly from his dark hair. His body heat is higher than average, always giving him a warm touch. Kai’s been told he smells like warmed wood or campfire smoke but he's never noticed it himself.

Personality: Kai is known to be one of the more intense teachers at the school. He can be very blunt, telling students exactly what they did wrong without much to sugar coat the blow. He has very little tolerance for laziness or boredom in his class; he expects everyone to give 100% every time and will not accept anything less. While in the traditional lecture portion of his class or seen walking about the campus Kai is much more laid back and go with the flow. This casual attitude is a result of his disinterest in what he considers the “boring” parts of life. He'll put on a carefree air about student conflict, staff work, etc. because he genuinely doesn't actually care about it. Kai has an intense focus on finding new ways to use his powers, he will generally devote the extra energy he has towards training. His intensity and passion for hard work emerge in class when he is teaching hands on experience. He guides the students into understanding their powers and how to use them in combat. If a student manages to catch his interest or impress him, Kai makes it known. He's not very subtle when he develops favorites.

Kai hates the constant leash he feels he is being restrained by in the modern world, a frustration burned deep within him from when he was unable to fully unleash his powers upon rebirth. Robbed of the fiery rebirth the phoenix is most known for, Kai searches for small instances of that feeling whenever he can. When in combat or utilizing his powers in a free space, he can get chaotic and out of control. He doesn’t pay any mind to his surroundings or the destruction his power may cause, becoming fully absorbed in the task at hand. He can be very impulsive in these situations.

Virtues: Supportive, passionate, protective, adaptable, adventurous, bold, confident
Vices: Intense, reckless, impatient, volatile, impulsive
Likes: sunny days, summer, hot baths, anything to do with fire, combat, conflict, excitement, extreme weather (hot or cold), dangerous situations
Dislikes: Quiet, snow, cold weather, being restricted in his abilities, unpassionate people, timidness, someone unsure of themselves

Background: Kai has been reincarnated in a 500 year cycle. He keeps vague memories and feelings from his past lives, but each reincarnation brings a slightly varied personality and a nearly blank slate in experiences. He never spends long in his place of rebirth, immediately taking to the sky to explore life for the first time—again. However, the last centuries of most recent life took place when monsters and gods became scarce to the human race. Out of caution and self preservation, Kai nested early, spending the last century of his life hidden in the magma laden environment of an active volcano. When he was reborn, this caution was inherited to his new body. Kai ventured into the new world hiding his powers and abilities this time, exploring and learning about the new world around him like a human would. The desire and itch to use his powers in a carefree manner still laid under the surface, curating his distaste for normal “human” life and his intense passion for using powers unrestrained in combat.

Kai was ecstatic when he caught wind of a rumor that someone named Cornelius Harmon had founded an academy for reincarnated gods and monsters, called Trinity Academy. He has been a part of the faculty since the first year the school had been founded.


The closer Kai gets to his rebirth, the hotter his internal temperatures run. His instincts usually kick in around this time, drawing him towards very hot, desolate places where he can nest, die and be reborn in peace.

Kai wears whatever he wants during the year, the changes in weather and season never affect him. The only season he will remark on or dress differently for is mid winter, if the temperatures drop low enough.


Official Nugget tester




Junko- Close Friend

N/A; Ask


  • Sweets
  • Strawberries
  • The idea of being in love
  • Baking
  • Being shown any type of affection
  • Crochet

  • Being viewed as not manly
  • People having no manners
  • People who choose to be annoying on purpose
  • Being ignored


Howl is able to manipulate love, being able to increase and decrease someone’s emotions. Part of his powers is being a massive empath, being able to sense and understand peoples emotions. If someone is crying, he can’t help but to cry as well. Howl can make someone feel unloved, or be so in love that they become crazy.

Howl is able to control, and grow, plants at his will. Though it’s only a certain types of plants, like any type of flowers. When he’s overly happy, a flower or two might bloom near him. He can grow flowers in almost any color.

This power isn’t useful in anyway, but Howl could be described as a rare type of beauty that’s not understandable. Something about him almost seems perfect. This makes Howl incredibly charming. Some might think it’s love at first sight when they see him, but it’s not.

Howl is able to fly. He has big, beautiful, white angle like wings. They’re extremely soft. He’s also able to control the feathers that are on his wings. Though they are light and soft, they are able to carry things, such as rocks.

Howl is an extremely nice person, but only to the ones who he feels deserves it. He’s able to look deep into a person and see their true colors. He only surrounds himself with nice people, believe that who you pick to hang around shows a lot about your personal and who you are as a person.

Howl enjoys being kind to others. Is know for giving people small gifts, which is normally something he either made himself or baked. Most of his gifts come wrapped very neatly and cutely, only using the best materials he has. Howl has no problem getting in touch with his feminine side, often painting his nails or doing very light makeup on himself. Girls often love to hang around him because he loves to help people make themselves look and feel beautiful. He’s great at picking out outfits to wear, he has no problem doing people’s nails or makeup, or even hair.

Other than that, Howl also loves to do things that are athletic. He loves dancing, basketball, gymnastics and more. Nothing is more important than taking care of yourself, that includes working out and staying in good shape.

Howl stands at 6’2 with a slim, but athletic body type. His face, and his body, are completely clear of any scars or acne. He has many piercings, on his nose, lip and ears. The only flaw he thinks he has is the bags under his eyes, which always make him seem a bit exhausted. Howl’s cheeks are normally pretty red, mainly from how often he finds himself to be blushing. He has extremely long eyelashes, like a doll. His eyes seem to change colors, but nobody, besides him, knows the reason why.

Howl has pretty thick eyebrows, but he keeps them neat and will often trim them lightly. He has a bit of a mullet going on. It’s longer in the back and shorter in the front. His hair is black with teal highlights in it. Howl normally has his nails painted black, a bit of eyeliner on and is always wearing his favorite pair of cherry earrings.

Knight boi

Alfred Leon
Age: 21

Gender: Male

S.O: Pansexual

Relationships: N/A

Crush: N/A

Oil Painting
Creative People

Drama Movies


Enhanced Vision

Enhanced Senses



Creative and a thinker, Alfred is an artistic fellow often being found annoying at times but besides that he’s highly loved upon the faculty and staff of the school, he’s quipped witch creativity and his art skills can prove it too. He’s generally nice to people he meets and loves to butt into conversations with a warnings notice which can seem annoying at times.

Alfred stands at a towering height of 6’2’, he could be seen as tall fellow to others. He has long braided hair to show his demotion and affection towards art it’s self and adores it. He’s a bit lighter weighing about 160 pounds, and often wears coats in his style.


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Name: Mary Connolly
Age: 18
Gender: Female
S.O: Straight
Relationship: N/a
Crush: N/a
God/Monster: Crom Cruach
Likes: Apples, snakes and other reptiles, sweets
Dislikes: Being ignored, Saint Patrick's day, dogs


Decay: Mary is able to absorb the life force of things around her. When used on plant life, this ability causes it to decay almost immediately. However, this ability is much less effective when used on living creatures, only weakening their physical abilities.

Furthermore, to use this power on living creatures, she's required to physically touch them.

Mary is able to then use said energy to either enhance her physical abilities or heal any potential wounds.

Personality: Having once been worshipped with such fervour that people would literally crack their heads open bowing before her, Mary has some issues accepting her current position in life.

She craves the attention and adoration that was once showered upon her, and spends much of her time fantasizing about "the good old days". Because of this, she has the habit of getting a bit overly attached to anyone who pays her any attention.

Though she tends to boast a lot about her achievements (both real and imaginative), she's a kind person that wouldn't think twice before helping anyone in need (though if that's out of the goodness of her heart or just a ploy to get in people's good graces remains unknown).


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