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Multiple Settings In Search Of :)

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Hey there everyone! Extremely new to this site so give me done grace if it’s awkward! I’m in search of a 1x1 Partner! I guess I’ll just get right into some information about myself, if you feel that you and I could be a good match please send me a message!

-I myself am a college student, so I would appreciate my partner to be an adult themselves!
-Literate to advanced writer, however I do not require that of my partners! Decent grammar is a must however, and please no one-liners! I understand writers block, but please do try to put some effort in to even a paragraph!
-Be it that I am a med student, I am quite busy but I do try to respond at least every few days, but I would be satisfied with getting one response a week from you! I get it that people get busy!
-Spontaneous ditch friendly! I understand life so if you ever need to sporadically vanish, I understand!
-Mature theme friendly
-Romance wise, I only do MxM, sorry! Romance is never a requirement though!
-Quite frankly I am open to a multitude of topics, though I would prefer to stay away from fandoms.
-I always have themes in mind, so if you see a topic you like just ask! Or if you have a theme you’d like to try let me know!

Some of my favorite topics! But if you have any in mind please let me know!
• Medieval
• Bodyguard x Charge
• Egyptian
• Apocalyptic
• Mythological
• Crime
• Dark / Horror

That’s it for now! Thank you!

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