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  • » I'm 27, and have been roleplaying on and off for almost 7 years now. I'd taken a long hiatus of ~2 years, but now I'm back and ready to RP.
    » I can write at least two decent sized paragraphs per post. In case of writer's block, one paragraph.
    » I have been in a lot of MxF roleplays in the past, so currently I'm craving MxM and FxF. Although it will be fine if you have any non-gender-conforming characters!
    » I don't mind dark themes and don't really have any triggers, but will let you know if something does trigger me unexpectedly.
    » Familiar with playing both genders, but willing to double if you want. (Although my preference will still be same-sex relationships)
    » I play only OCs, I don't like messing with canon characters. This also means that I'm open to only OC x OC roleplays.
    » I almost always use anime faceclaims, but I'm fine just describing my characters' looks as well.
    » Love including romance in all plots, but whether it should be the main focus of the roleplay depends on the plot. I have no problem with zero romance, either, there's nothing wrong with platonic relationships.
    » I am comfortable RPing in a thread or PM, but I'm afraid not on Discord, email or Docs.

Feel free to PM me if anything interests you, or if you have a good plot you'd want to try out with me!
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