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Multiple Settings In Search of Literate Partners

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Hello all! My name is Jack and I’ve been rping for approximately 4-5 years. This is an edited version of a thread that I’ve posted several months prior. I’ve taken out certain ideas and incorporated new ones based on what had recently risen in my mind. But first, a brief intro.

I consider myself to be fairly descriptive rper as I often type multi-paragraph responses. I’m looking for both male and female partners. I only do heterosexual romances, although I don't have personal quarrels against those regarding the same sex. I mostly rp as a male character, although I’m fine with doubling up or rping as more than one of either genders.

As for genres, I’m fairly flexible when it comes to the types of rps I do. Romance, angst, drama, supernatural, and fantasy are all genres that I’ve done before. These rps have taken place in both medieval and modern times, whichever fits the ideas. Romance and conflict is often a core component of my rps. I do ask that my partners, whoever he or she be, is literate in both grammar and descriptive capabilities. It’s not required that you match the length of my responses, although the more the better.

As of now, I do have several ideas. Of course, I’m always open to suggestions regarding changes or completely new ideas.

1). Brother against Brother: As the title suggests, this rp is for MxM and involves supernatural or fantasy elements. I have several variations of this story but the main idea is that it involves two brothers who had turned against each other due to different philosophical views. One of the variations involves the siblings of a powerful royal family. The eldest was of course, in line for inheriting all titles and fortunes. The youngest, played by me, had always been overshadowed by his elder brother, grew up in the latter’s shadows. This brewed an intense sense of envy and hatred in the younger brother that eventually lead to his betrayal of the family for a rival kingdom.

Another involves two siblings living in a village that was destroyed by a group of soldiers sent by some corrupted officials of their kingdom. As the survivors of the massacre, the young was consumed with rage and a lust for vengeance which caused him to delve into a dark path. In contrast, while also wanting revenge, the elder brother sought a more passive route, unwilling to bring harm to innocents and not letting the darkness overcome his mind. This of course, would lead to a clash of ideologies that could prove fatal.

2). GhostxHuman (MxF): Muse A lives in a small and quiet town with a dreaded history forgotten by many. The town itself has always been known for its beautiful scenery and abundance in wildlife. Ever since she was a child, Muse A had always enjoyed venturing into a large forest not far from her home. During one of her adventures in her later years, Muse A meets a boy of similar age (Muse B). The two quickly develop a liking to one another, starting off as friends before delving into something more. Everything Muse A returned to the forest, Muse B was always there to accompany her, no matter the time or date. The two always met at the same spot, beside a large smoothened boulder located not far from a small lake.

Whenever it was time for Muse A to return home, Muse B always refused to follow her out of the forest. Muse B himself wasn’t sure of the reason as he always spoke about how he felt that he “should stay just a little longer”. One day, Muse A finally succeeded in convincing him to leave the forest and spend some time elsewhere. Everything seemed normal as the pair approached the last set of trees dividing the forest from civilization. Holding hands, the two spoke and laughed as they approached the very edge. As Muse A stepped on to the other side, she found her surroundings struck with silence. When she looked back, Muse A found that Muse B had disappeared without a trace. (The intended starting point for this is during their first meeting, although I’m not against starting here if anyone wants to.)

3). GhostxHuman V.2 (MxF): Muse A and Muse B had been involved in a loving and romantic relationship for many years. They were highschool sweethearts and had been in love all the way into college. While their relationship did have its ups and downs, they always overcame them. One day, Muse A became involved in a robbery gone wrong, resulting in her death several days later. Muse B was there when they spoke their last words to one another and he watched with great grief as his lover took her last breath beneath the roof of their home. Unable to grieve his lost, Muse B moved away to start things anew, leaving behind the house that the couple had bought.

Flashforward a few years, Muse B had returned back to the city where Muse A had died. The sands of time had worked to heal his mental wounds although many scars and memories still remained. In these years, Muse B had became successful and moved on to another girl. The couple moved back into Muse B and A’s old home, with Muse B having finally garnered the courage to return. However, the home hadn’t been vacant all these years as Muse B had thought. Little did he know, Muse A had lived in the home all these years as a spirit in everlasting limbo.

). HumanxHuman or WerewolfxWerewolf (MxF): Taking place in a modern city, Muse A is the daughter to the Alpha of a powerful pack who’s notorious for their involvement in the criminal underworld. Muse B is an outlawed wolf and known criminal who had been shunned by much of the WW community. Taking after her father, Muse A had grown to become a clever, strong willed, and feisty individual as well as a competent member in the family business. However, this had caused her to clash with her father’s strict policies which eventually resulted in her meeting and taking a liking to Muse B.

The two became engaged in romantic but more along the lines of a purely sexual romance (FWB essentially). Aware that his father would likely punish or kill Muse B if their relationship came to light, the couple decided to keep it in the shadows for many months. That was until Muse A’s father had called a meeting of his children as he discussed a wolf who’s believed to be stealing their “goods” and smuggling them to their competitors. When the photo of the suspect was shown to the group, it was none other than Muse B. Knowing full well of the fate that could befell Muse B, Muse A must now make a decision. Oh, and to add more fire to the matter, Muse A could also be pregnant.

As the title suggests, this rp can involve either humans or werewolves. I simply included the latter options as I had based this idea off the prompt of a separate rp I’ve been apart of a while ago.

5). MafiaxCop (MxF): Muse A and Muse B are childhood friends who had been close ever since their adolescent years. Upon the completion of highschool, the duo lost contact after going their separate ways. Following her dream, Muse A graduated to become a police officer. To her ignorance, Muse B, who had grown up in a dangerous background, had remained in their home city. There, he was persuaded into joining one of the country's most feared crime families, one that his father had once been apart of.

After graduating college, Muse B decided to return to her hometown, not knowing that her childhood friend had never left. When she arrived, she was assigned to the team tasked with combating the city's blooming underworld. She succeeded in infiltrating one of their clubs as an "entertainment" but was eventually discovered and captured. She was kept alive so that the family could learn of any potential moles within their organization. When Muse A refused to cooperate, the man in charge was called on to oversee her interrogation. Ironically, that man just so happens to be her old friend.

It'll be important to note that this rp takes place in modern times but in a somewhat alternate world where organized crime has risen to plague the world's countries. Meaning that occupations such as law enforcement is extremely dangerous with its members often having to deal with internal corruption and even backstabbings.

6). MafiaxCivilian(Flexible) (MxF): Similar to #5, this idea also takes part within a corrupt alternative world. Muse A is a feared member of a notoriously powerful crime family. Despite his reputation as being ruthless and sinister, the man actually does have good in him. However, no one has ever been able to gauge into that part of him, at least not until he'd met Muse B. Born into a poor-moderate classed family, Muse B had faced many struggles in her early life. Regardless, she'd defeated all the challenges life had to offer and made it into college.

In spite of that fact, life in this world was never known to be fair or lenient. To Muse B's horror one day, her mother was diagnosed with cancer whose treatment would cost thousands. Thousands that no one in her family could afford. In a moment of desperation, Muse B was approached by a mysterious individual who offered her the necessary funds and more if she were to agree to a mission. She would be disguised, briefed, and trained to infiltrate a club during a major gathering of the most powerful mobsters in the country. During all the celebration, she was to sneak into the back during all the celebration and steal documents holding enough evidence to put away some of the most dangerous mobsters in the world.

As expected, things never go as planned and she was eventually captured and interrogated. And her interrogator? You guessed it, it's Muse A. During the interrogation, Muse B lied and stated that she intended to steal the documents so that she could sell it to their rivals for money to fund her mother's surgery. Instead of killing her like all his advisors and men suggested, Muse A decided to let her go but not before giving her enough money to pay for her mother's surgery and offering her a job.

7). MafiaxCivilian(Flexible) V.2 (MxF): Like V1, Muse A takes the role of an influential and cold hearted mobster. Muse B is a college student who hailed from an impoverished and troubled background. Her father (or brother or both) had got themselves into trouble with the crime family that Muse A is apart of. Whether it be due to them owing too much money or if they've stole some things, the mafia eventually came to claim what's due. If you'd like, you can make it that the reasoning for the troubles with the mob was because Muse B's family was in need of money to help with the cancer treatment mentioned in the idea above.

Following his sadistic persona, Muse A had decided to accompany his men during this particular "hit". When they arrived at Muse B's home, her beauty immediately caught Muse A's eye. Nevertheless, the former's family immediately starts being beaten to a pulp while Muse B began to vehemently plead for them to be spared. Seeing the passion she had for her family, Muse A made her an offer. The debt her family owed needed to be paid but he was willing to accept an alternative form of payment. In exchange for sparing her family, Muse B was to become Muse A's wife or romantic partner.

8). Mafia BodyguardxMafia Boss' Fiancee(MxF): The background of this version would be the same as #7 with Muse A having essentially sold herself to a Mafia leader in exchange for the survival of her family. The difference in this is on the male protagonist, which is the bodyguard assigned to Muse A by her soon to be husband. Through their interactions and time together, Muse A would learn that there's more to her bodyguard than just a mindless guard dog that she'd first thought of him to be.

Like many of those in the underworld, Muse B was born into an abusive and neglectful home. His impoverished status prevented him from attending college and eventually forced him to turn to crime. His years in the family had caused him to become apathetic towards things such as murder, drug dealing, and human trafficking, It would be Muse A who'd show him what it's like to feel sympathy again. Eventually, the two would develop a romantic relationship with one another behind the mafia boss' back. As one may guess, this could lead to some rather interesting and angst filled dilemmas and situations.

9). DemonxHuman (MxF): Muse A can be someone with any type of background, although it'll be best if she was facing some sort of crisis as that's what'll make the story fit. Perhaps she was the daughter of a single father who'd been framed for murder. While trying to prove his innocence, her father was gunned down in an alleyway. Prior to his death and fearing for his daughter's life, Muse A's father told her of a long hidden family heirloom that would keep her safe.

Empowered by grief and anger over her father's wrongful accusations and death, Muse A decided to seek out the heirloom that her father had spoke her to about. What she came to find was an ancient book dating back to the Colonial Era. Despite the centuries old cryptic text in the book, Muse A managed to decode some of its contents. Whatever the book was, it had promised to grant the greatest desires of anyone capable of understanding it.

And so, after following the instructions in the book, Muse A spoke the incantations and summoned an old and powerful demon. You can probably guess where it goes from here. Demon offers to help Muse A achieve vengeance in exchange for her soul and after a great deal of reluctance, Muse A agreed. The idea of this roleplay was that until the deal is completed, the demon was essentially attached to Muse A. During this time, the two would get to know one another and if you'd like, they could develop a romantic relationship. Through their time together, both would learn much about each other and even more about themselves.

10). Medieval Adventures (MxM): 4). As the title stated, this is simply a suggestion for more casual fantasy action roleplays. I do enjoy dark fantasy so most of the ideas likely involves a great deal of violence and gore in some way, shape, or form. It could be two old friends fighting for opposing kingdoms or simply partners who banded together for a common goal. Ideas are limitless so I’m fine with discussing anything further. For those interested, I also do occasionally do rps involving relatively OP characters, whether they be of the current world or was transported from another one.

These are simply just some ideas that I thought of in the past. I’m perfectly fine with discussing suggestions that’s completely different from what I've listed above. If you are interested, feel free to shoot me a message or simply comment on the post below.
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