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Niemand versteht, warum ich traurig bin.
Hello there, I'd love to write a story with anyone who is interested and is reading this, first, let me tell you a bit about myself!

First, let me say it is truly nice to meet you! I've been a writer since I was about six, so I've been doing it for a while, and have had time to spark my literature and writing flame. I also do not like to call these roleplays, but tend to refer to the basic ones like that. I love to get a small theme or topic and love to create a story and a world with them. A lot of the time my characters often reflect me, or the mood I'm currently in, but I also try and keep it in the frame of the basis I made for them! I tend to use this website or Discord.

I have been writing stories for years, though I tend to keep them Private as I feel as if they are never complete personally, when it comes to making stories with other people, I tend to be known as what people call a mirror writer. Unprompted if I am in love with the story I can get four to six paragraphs easily, and go on further with my passion for the story. Unprompted though If I do not share a lot of the passion for the story that we are currently in, I can get two or more paragraphs easily.

I love having OoC conversations, just because it means you get to know your partner, which can make you more comfortable and possibly become friends with them! I tend to try and be a very positive person and get along with my writing partners as I tend to be shy in real life and having a conversation with someone online is way easier than face to face.

I can play both Male and Female characters in a strong fashion, yet I tend to play males as most of my partners prefer playing Female characters, even though I like playing Female characters more. I love doing slow-burning romances - yet I don't have a lot of experience when it comes to fluff scenes. I tend to also do dark-themed stories, and the only thing that will take a little easing into is any Drug Abuse in stories, if you have a question as to why I will gladly explain in a private message. I also don't tend to do Fandoms or unoriginal characters, as I don't feel like they are my own and therefore I can't write much for them. I also can change my writing tense based on how my partner is writing.

I don't prefer quality over quantity but would at least prefer a paragraph with three to four sentences. I can't handle One-Liners, as it gives me little to nothing to work with. I live in CST and play MxM along with MxF.

Now that that is over, let's move on to the next part, the more fun part! Here is a heads-up now, I'm not much of a fandom story maker, but please do offer and I'll let you know if I'm interested in doing it. Otherwise, here are the ideas I have!

1.) A knight is at the service of and they end up falling in love when he becomes his personal protector.
2.) Psycho/serial killer x therapist/victim
3.) Yandere x senpai
4.) Demon x Angel (Forbidden Love)
5.) Peasant x prince/princess
6.) Siren x Pirate/sailor
7.) Enemy wolf packs
8.) Vampire x Werewolf (Forbidden Love)
9.) Angel x Human (Forbidden Love)
10.) Demon x Human (Forbidden Love)
11.) God/Goddess x Human (Forbidden Love)
12.) Death x Human (Forbidden Love)
13.) Human x Supernatural
14.) Zombie Apocalypse
15.) Fantasy
16.) Mid-Evil

17.) Another realm or dimension
18.) Shapeshifters
19.) Mafia
20.) Married
21.) Exes
22.) Arranged Marriage
23.) Military Family
24.) Cheating
25.) Possessive/Abusive Partners

26.) Reincarnation (Based on Jobless Reincarnation)
27.) Dragon Rider
28.) The Leader of the Pack
29.) Twin Alphas; One Mate

That's the majority of them, but if I keep going this thread will go on forever. If none of those interested you and you have an idea, do let me know. Now, onto the rules, if you want to create a story with me!

1.) I ask for quality over quantity, but please try to write at least one paragraph at the least with three to four sentences.
2.) Please send me work you are proud of. I try to give my partners posts that I think are quality, whether it a long one to set the scene or a short one to move things along during an action sequence. I'm not asking for anyone to match me word for word if it's full of fluff, but I want to read something that will make me want to respond to it, and keep me excited about the roleplay.
3.) I am open to all dark themes, so I ask that my partner is as well.
4.) Try your best to use proper spelling, grammar, and the like. Mistakes happen and that's 100% okay, but if I can't understand what you're trying to write I'll have a hard time responding to it. >_>
4.) I'd prefer if you were 18 or older as I do tend to get into dark themes in my stories. I don't want to hold back graphic content or curse words because of a partner's age.
5.) Plot/chat with me! I like befriending my partners, I think it makes the whole experience more fun. ^.^ We don't have to become BFFs, but please don't snub me if I ask how you are!
6.) Even though I plan to get into dark themes, please be respectful of my triggers. As a person who has struggled with mental illness, I really don't like inaccurate or distasteful descriptions of characters who struggle with those. If you don't know about something, please do your research before writing about it! In addition, those topics can exist in our roleplays as they may fit well into some, but please be respectful about how you write them.
7.) Patience with replies. It might take me a bit to get back to the roleplay sometimes, so please be patient! If you don't hear from me for a day feel free to poke me, I'll try to respond as soon as I can! I tend to be very active, but sometimes I have to leave for a few hours!
8.) If you're just not feeling the roleplay, feel free to let me know. I'm fairly ditching friendly, I've been on both sides many times, but if you're able to let me know we might be able to try something that works better for both of us, so keep that in mind!

Please PM me instead of responding to my thread if you are interested, and thank you for taking the time to read through my thread!
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