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Fantasy In Sanguis Veritas

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Historical, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural




Bloodshed and death is what keeps the Empire afloat. The plebeians may not know it, but the beast - the living monster we call our glorious Empire is only sustained by endless conflict, violence and vice.

The beating, pulsing Heart of the Empire lies in the great Arena, the centre of all. A natural enclosure where the sand is red, the air is saturated with the smell of irony blood, and the gaze of Gods can be felt upon your skin. Here feuds are settled, oaths are taken, executions are carried out, prisoners are forced to fight for life - or death.

You were imprisoned, shackled and thrown into the dark dungeons to await trial. Dead men, with no more hope for peace that is not the eternal rest.
You will be forced to kill, again and again...

You are those who have taken an oath, pledged your soul to the ruling Imperator.
Become champions of the Arena, and be granted freedom by the Gods.
Die, and others shall take your place.

So dance for your masters, like puppets on strings.
You, who bear the curse.
You, who laugh in the face of death.
You, who give us eternal amusement.


A gritty low-fantasy tale of violence and mistery surrounding the Heart of the Empire is what this is. Fighting for glory and discovering forbidden secrets is what your characters will do. Criminals and outcasts is what they will be. If any of this sounds interesting, make it known, and don't be afraid to ask questions.​

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