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News & Updates In Regards to BBCode+ and BBscript


Thirteenth Mystic ♥Art by Peritwinkle♥
So, just a wee question, as I'm
still a novice coder myself, but will Google Fonts
and FontAwesome Icons still work in the
aftermath of BBCode+?



mischief managed
Very sad to hear but understandable.

I'm particularly sad to see about div as its the only thing I use regularly in my own coding. I guess I'll wait to see how the codes break in my active rps and attempt to fix them afterward.

Fingers crossed that basic bbcode div doesn't break too hard and comes back swiftly! Good luck team!

Inky Momma

Normal Is Boring
I mean.... hence the name of this website RPNation. Role play. Yes, it's a nation of creation, but it's meant for writers and role players alike. Thank you for the update, which was delivered the right and healthy way in my opinion. <3 Much love ~


Shadow Prince
I was wondering why every post I saw look like a dumpster fire. Thought it was just on my end. This clears things up unfortunately

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