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Fandom In Need of a Daycare Attendant (FNaF Roleplay)

Pixel Berry

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Yello hello! The name is Pixel Berry, I am 23, and I have over ten years of experience when it comes to online writing and roleplaying. As such, I have chosen now to try and post on this thread since my normal means of finding roleplay partners have been insufficient(Discord).

The day “Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach” came out, I was drawn towards a certain ‘Celestial Themed’ animatronic. I would like someone to play as them. Both Sundrop and Moondrop.

What I’m looking for in someone is literacy like crazy. Make it like we’re writing a novel together. To be honest, one-liners make me feel as if they aren’t invested as I am when roleplaying. I also don’t mind bouncing off ideas and hearing suggestions on how to make the roleplay more interesting.

As for what idea I have in particular with the Daycare Attendant, I have a plethora of ideas whether it’s in the normal setting or in an AU(alternate universe). I won’t go crazy with describing each idea, so I’ll simplify it and you can message me whichever ones seem to pique your interest.

Normal Setting:

-Liana Kneadgud, a Thief turned Gift Shop Worker
-Kathy Copperwood, a Mechanic who Found the Animatronic after the Fire
-Cossette Cottontail, a Borrower Living in the Pizzaplex
-Libra Star, a Human Animatronic from a Competing Company

AU Settings:

-Cryptid AU
-Lovebug AU
-Mafia AU
-Mermaid AU
-Plushie AU
-Pirate AU
-Royal AU
-Steampunk AU
-Voodoo AU
-Therapy Bots AU

Note: Might add more as time goes on.

I am still fairly new to this, so I don’t know how to start conversations, but I do have a Discord account that I am mostly active on. My username on there is Squishy Sushi#2200 if you would prefer we do it there. Thanks for reading my thread and I hope we can get along and have fun together.
Oh! That’s good to hear. Just send me a DM whenever you‘re free and available.

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