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in my dreams,
you love me back.

a love 101 spinoff.

  • our story.

    As if we were dancing
    The two of us go round and round in the air.
    After a long night
    We'll shortly reach each other anywhere.
    Never-ending laughter
    Your footsteps on top of the clouds
    Your candy-like eyes are just like a dream.
    A ticklish voice, feather-like hands
    I pray that you'll stay forever.

    — In my dreams, you love me back.

    It's a dream even in a dream
    Even though I know that, I still love you.
    Like this, don't wake me up, deceive me sweetly
    In my dreams.

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this could be very fun! or very lethal!
jeon in-su.
"the pairings for our first long-term assignment are as follows..." announced the giddy professor, much akin to the excitement one feels when setting up a turbulent romantic scenario in the sims. after each set of names came either an excited cheer from being paired with a friend or complete silence from strangers harboring suspicion towards what was in store.

"... and finally, jeon in-su and seo min-jee. please reposition yourselves so you are sitting with your assigned partner. we'll spend the rest of class 'speed-dating'— get to know each other, your interests, hobbies, dreams, because you'll be spending quite a bit of time together."

in-su, who had been absentmindedly scrolling through twitter under his desk, flinched when his name was called second to last, immediately followed by the name of the girl who'd just verbally flipped him off. mixed feelings arose at the prospect of being paired with the beautiful yet frosty girl. perhaps it would be a fun exercise in breaking down her walls, potentially gaining a close friend in the process— or perhaps he'd spend the foreseeable future getting ghosted by someone who unilaterally wanted nothing to do with him.

shrugging off such worries, in-su decided it was better to go with the flow and see where the wind took him. 'who knows? maybe we'll end up having some things in common.' with that self-affirmation at the forefront of his mind, he angled his chair to the side so it was facing min-jee straight on to begin their next task as the teacher handed out a written itinerary of the assignment. now that he was getting a proper good look at her, he was once again struck by how soft and delicate her features were, a sharp contrast to her frigid personality, all of which felt... familiar.

"running low on your luck, i guess, minjee-ssi," in-su teased with a small smile once they were situated, tone mildly apologetic but mostly amused by their newfound situation. "i know we already kind of introduced ourselves, but in case you forgot—" or weren't listening in the first place— "jeon in-su. i'm a third-year studying actuarial science and international business. i'm also minoring in mandarin, but we'll see if that sticks."

he leaned forward to rest his chin on his clasped hands, elbows supporting the weight on the cold, wooden desk. "you said you're a graphic design major, right? you're probably super busy with your art classes already. what led you to taking this class? doesn't seem like it'll be an easy A."

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seo min-jee
It was pretty obvious that the person most excited for the long-term assignment was no other than the professor; maybe because he would only be a spectator in this social experiment that was pairing two strangers into developing a relationship of sorts. While, the rest especially her had to deal with the awkwardness and unpleasantry time of dealing with a guy. Okay, maybe not all guys were terrible, but until proven wrong, she wouldn’t change her mind.

And if her intuition as a woman wasn’t wrong, jeon in-su was nothing but trouble, one that she would rather avoid no matter what. But once again life continued testing her as out of everyone in the class she was paired with the guy who minutes ago caused another existential crisis, this was terrible especially when she saw him move closer to her, facing her as he continued unbothered by the whole situation.

“running low on your luck, i guess, minjee-ssi,” In-su teased her and the girl could feel her ears getting red from anger. What kind of karma was she paying off that she ended up in this situation?
“I didn’t forget.”
Min-Jee said in the most casual tone she could do based on the events of the last five minutes.
"Actuarial science and International business and Mandarin? Why would you study something completely different from your major?"

“Yes I am, and I am indeed quite busy”
Min-jee started replying but felt embarrassed when In-Su asked her why she was taking this class, there was no way she would say out loud she got the classes wrong, he would make fun of her to the end of the world. She needed to think of an excuse faster and saying that she was taking this class for the funsies was totally out of the equation.
“Studios value a lot that their employees can establish relationships in a group to work together as a team. I realized it would help me improve my skills and be a better candidate when I apply for a job.”
She lied, trying to sound as convincing as she believed in her mind she was.

“What about you? What lead you to take this class? Not to be mean, but you don’t really seem like the type of guy that loves love, if you get what I mean.”
She asked.
“we are paired together for the long run, so ask whatever you want. It seems you are more intrigued to know more about me that what it shows on your face.”

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if her bark is cute, i bet her bite is cuter!
jeon in-su.
“I didn’t forget. Actuarial science and International business and Mandarin? Why would you study something completely different from your major?"

the subtle indignance to her retort brought an endeared smile to in-su's lips. 'cute.' it hadn't even been an hour and his new lab partner had shown him a rather exhilarating range of expressions. "mandarin is a helpful language to have under my belt if i plan on working globally at any point in the future," he explained briefly, shoulders slumping as he remembered the sheer volume of homework he'd been assigned the previous semester. "it's hard as hell, though— not sure if it's worth it."

in-su gave a cursory listen to her answer improvised on the spot, none-the-wiser to her antics as he scoped out the depth in her eyes while she spoke. it made sense in his head— what other reason could she possibly have to take such a fringe course when she clearly wished to be anywhere but the present? the thought saddened as much as it amused him; regardless, he'd try to make their time together as fun for the both of them as he could.

“What about you? What led you to take this class? Not to be mean, but you don’t really seem like the type of guy that loves love, if you get what I mean. we are paired together for the long run, so ask whatever you want. It seems you are more intrigued to know more about me that what it shows on your face.”

minjee's open admittance of her preconcieved prejudice against his character elicited a startled bout of laughter from the younger man, who tossed his head back in amusement before returning to face her yet again. the rumors had always painted his friend group to be some sort of sex demons terrorizing their quaint campus, and while that wasn't too far from the truth, it omitted the discerning fact that in-su was completely monogamous in his fleeting relationships. even jeong na-rae, one of his closest comrades and an ex-turned-friend-with-benefits, knew to exit the scene whenever he was speaking seriously with a potential partner. as such, his crime was less-so sexual promiscuity and more-so a fear of a real connection/commitment to the beauties adorning his arm around campus— or both, if he was being honest with himself.

"you're not wrong," in-su admitted with a residual chuckle, amusement glittering in his probing eyes. "truthfully, i took this class for shits and giggles with a friend, but it actually seems more interesting than i thought." he leaned back in his chair, stretching his back while maintaining the gaze fixed on minjee. she seemed far more open to conversation now that she had no other choice but to suffer in his company, and he planned on taking full advantage of her sudden willingness to cooperate. "whatever i want, huh?" he raised a brow. "well, since this is a love class— tell me about your last relationship: how old were you, what were they like, how long did it last, et cetera? you're beautiful, so i know there's no way you've never dated before. and what are you looking for now, moving forward?" in-su took a sip of his boba in anticipation of her answer after his matter-of-fact appraisal. "as much as you're okay with sharing, that is. no pressure at all."

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