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Realistic or Modern In Evermore

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Realistic, Romance, Slice of Life


The Emerald Knight
Eden can only stare out of the window as his father drives both he and his mother into the small town that was his father's childhood hometown. Evermore. Eden remembers it, and it has hardly changed. The same charmed little buildings, the same tree-lined streets, the same flowering gardens. Eden came here when he was a child, to see his grandmother, but he has not been back here since he was eight years old. So long ago. His grandmother was always a kindly lady, he remembers that well. She used to make him some clothes whenever he visited, not the sort of thing a little boy wants as gifts, preferring instead toys or games. While his father might chastise him for such complaints, his grandmother would only laugh.

"One day, you will know the value of my gifts." She would say with a smile, "More than you will ever know now."

He sighed, before looking to the front, to his father. "How long until we reach the church?" Eden asked, somewhat sourly, "I don't remember it taking this long."

"We will get there when we get there." His father would only return, "Learn a little patience."

Thankfully, the quaint little church would come into view, standing opposite the picturesque town square complete with it's grand open gardens and white-washed town hall that shined in the noon sunlight. The church doors were open, and guests were already arriving. Eden sighed again at the sight. It had been so long since he was last here, and now all these people he barely remembers will expect all manner of kind things from him about a woman he hardly knew or saw. Eden's father, Trevor Faron, pulled the car into the car park beside the church, slipping it easily into an open space, and set the park into place.

"Come on, sweatheart." Eden's mother, Madeline Faron, would turn to her son with a smile, "Let's see your grandmother one last time."

With his parents, Eden exited the car and made his way over to the church, with his parents leading the way. The priest stood by the doors, greeting mourners as they arrived, and he would greet the Farons in turn. Of course, he knew Trevor immediately, and smiled sympathetically to him.

"Trevor, it is most unfortunate that these are the circumstances for which you must return to us," The Priest began with sincerity, "I am truly sorry for your loss. Patricia was a pillar in our community, a treasure whom we all cheerished deeply. She will be sourly missed."

"Thank you, Father." Eden's father returned, "I appreciate that. My mother... she was..."

Eden fazed out at this point, looking away from his parents and towards the other mourners that were approaching the church, eying each one uncertainly. Discomfort bubbled inside him, forcing him to cross his arms over his front somewhat defensively, wondering who might embarrass him by recognising him. But surely no one would. It has been 13 years...

"Eden!" The mother would shout, snapping the man from his thoughts, drawing his attention back to his mother, "Come along, now."

The fox-eared man walked into the church, to find that only a few guests had arrived, meaning they were still early. At the very end of the church, where the alter would stand, stood instead an open casket. Eden gulped. It has been so long since he last saw his grandmother. Had she... changed at all? Eden hesitantly followed his parents, down the aisle, and towards the casket.

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