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Fandom in a world of zeros you're my one | fandom canon/oc & oc/oc search <3

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genshin brainrot

hello! my name is zaria, and i'm just a poor college student who watches too much anime and k-dramas, listens to k-pop, and loves writing. i use she/her pronouns, and my sleep schedule is more than messed up lmao but somehow i survive i guess? i speak korean semi-fluently, and i'm currently studying japanese. ^^ i have been roleplaying for about 11 years now? :0 i typically write around 200-1000+ words depending on my partner's preferred length. i love headcanoning and plotting with people! i am supportive of any type of pairing like m/f, m/m, f/f, and incl. trans and non binary as well. ^^ i usually like to do canon x oc with doubling! however, i am willing to do oc pairings as well. also i'm down for romantic or platonic relationships. we can roleplay on rpnation or over discord! i don't really roleplay anywhere else.
also, i don't bite! i love to be friends with my partners.

my roleplay preferences;;
☆ have proper grammar and spelling to the best of your ability! i don't mind text talk while we are chatting, but please make the actual rp different! (if your first language is not english please tell me and i'll understand~ ^^)
☆ write at least a solid paragraph, meaning 6-10 sentences. however, it is quality over quantity c:
☆ as i am an adult i'd feel most comfortable if you are at least 16+
☆ i am ghost friendly, but it would be really kind if you could tell me you don't want to rp anymore or give me some sort of idea where you go c:
☆ on that note, please be patient with me. i'm a very busy person with my own life, so i may not be able to respond for a bit. however, do feel free to send me a reminder message after a week has passed with no reply
☆ general roleplay rules and etiquette apply (these are fairly common sense things)

fandoms i'd REALLY like to write for;;
[ feel free to ask for any canon character for me to play for you! i will most likely be able to write them ]
my hero academia - tamaki, hawks, dabi, shoto, izuku, monoma
bungou stray dogs - dazai, chuuya, atsushi, rampo
haikyuu - kuroo, oikawa, nishinoya, kenma, tendou, sugawara
jujutsu kaisen - yuuji, megumi, gojo
pandora hearts - oz, gil
attack on titan - levi, eren, jean
diabolik lovers - shu, laito, ayato, ruki, kou
genshin impact - tartaglia/childe, diluc, kaeya, bennett, xingqiu, jean
dr. stone - senku, gen

other fandoms;;
the promised neverland
fruits basket
ghibli movies
wolf children
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Hey. I’d be done for BNHA And playing anyone you have listed. NekoGirl665#1257 on discord. (Meant to send last night but fell asleep)


One Time Luck
Heyo! I'd love to discuss with you and possibly start something up!
My discord is n-nesslin!!#1609 , I hope to hear from you!


New Member
Hiii, okay so I don't how to use this app I'm sorry 😅but I want to rp with you like a kpop rp 1 on 1 if u have time do you want to do a rp?

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    2. Anime
    3. Magical
    4. Romance
    5. Slice of Life