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Multiple Settings In a universe gone mad, Eternity becomes us and it isn't a good thing.

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Action, Dystopian, LGTBQ


Soul Reaper
Important Disclaimer: This whole rp idea came to me while binge watching Altered Carbon on Netflix.

About me: Call me Grimm, I've been rping on and off for at least the last decade. Lit to advanced lit. I can do anywhere from two to five paragraphs per post when I'm inspired by a really good rp. I prefer off-site rp in discord but I can compromise on doing DM rps.

Asks in partners:
-Be able to post a few times a week, I don't care if you can't post every day but be able to pump out a few posts a week so that the story can go forward.
-Be 18+. no offense to younger and more mature rpers but some of the themes touched upon are more adult in nature.
-Be open minded to OOC chat. I don't care if you don't want to make friends(I promise I'm a super nice and chill person with a great sense of humor!) but I do prefer that my partners have a separate chat so we can plot plan.
-This goes without saying but PLEASE contribute to the plot as it develops! You want to add something, tell me so we can hash it out to try and make it fit! Don't make me do all the work to drive the story for the love of God!

In the distant future, almost four thousand years after the human race first colonized Mars and the Outer Worlds, galactic travel has gone beyond the lengths science fictions had dreamt up ages ago. Ancient long dead civilizations has given humanity a way to immortality- Mind Chips. Every human dating back thirty five hundred years ago began to be fitted with these chips made from a refined alien metal that allowed the conscious mind of a human to have a sort of secondary backup. Have a traumatic accident that left fatal injuries to your bodies? Don't even sweat it! As long as your Mind Chip is intact, it can be put into a new replacement body; biological bodies grown by science called Sleeves.

Most people are on the side of the Mind Chips, the fear of death no longer had to plague the human mind or soul. You could live forever, no longer limited by a physical body. Time no longer holds you captive and the only limitation you have is your ability to retain the credits to be re-Sleeved after the Sleeve you are in is killed.

Others, those who retained Old Earth Golden Age religious beliefs, would say that the Mind Chip is a sin against Lord God Almighty.

What no one knows is that war is coming and the Mind Chips are the best weapons they have & their biggest liability.

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