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Fantasy Imposters Sent to Death

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Brandy and vengeance and everything pain-laced.
Trigger warning: This plot involve warfare

Hey there everyone! You can call me Gen, and today I'm looking for a roleplay partner for a prompt I haven't totally fleshed out yet, but I would love to mold with another amazing writer to suit our own story!

I tend to get a little carried away with these openers, so I'll try to keep this short and sweet! This is set in war, as I mentioned earlier, so if you have PTSD revolving around such a topic or it triggers you in any other say, this is 100% not the plot for you! Always put your mental health first :) that being said, if you're into war, I'm by no means a total war buff myself; I see this taking place in WWII, and though I have knowledge on the subject, don't feel like you need to be a historian to write with me! This is all fictional, after all, so we can keep things as true to the actual events or as far fetched as you'd like. I'm also open to having this set in a totally fictional war if you'd find that more comfortable! The possibilities are truly endless. Now, before I get super off track, my idea is as follows:

While war wages onwards, drafting becomes the primary way to have a consecutive replacement to the soldiers that lost their lives. For many their eighteenth birthday is dreaded, facing the horrors abroad isn't exactly something they're keen on. But for two new adults, they wanted nothing more than to serve their country, and help keep their liberties safe and intact.

Having grown up besides one another in the same small, college town, they knew each other by name, but they never were friends. They never really talked other than when they got stuck side by side in an assembly or the occasional giggle and passing of a note when their desks were close during health class. When they were disqualified from the draft, however, as those inflicted with diseases and infirmities always are, was when they really ever bothered having a true conversation. They were heartbroken, they felt like they were letting their country and families down; like if the war was lost they're who to blame. And, so after the passing of a whiskey bottle back and forth, they made the rash decision to beg for a place in the Army.

The train that left for boot camp was due to leave at three the coming afternoon; and a little white lie to their mothers that they wished to bid goodbye to their friends allowed them access to the platform without supervision. But in the crowd of waving and weeping relatives, it was easy to sneak aboard. And then they were off, the only ones not in the uniforms given after drafted, but quiet enough to blend into the mass of soldiers until the train screeched to halt, and in a filed line, they were finally questioned on their arrival.

They pleaded for a placement, stating any would do; and what they deemed as sympathy, but was rather more so annoyance, they were taken to the kitchens to help serve the meals for the next few nights to come. Days passed and they grew restless at the tasks, scrubbing the floors and dishing out rations wasn't exactly exciting work; heroic work. But they didn't dare complain, on fear that they would be sent right back to their hometown at so much as a witty comeback to the barking orders.

Things changed for the better when they were awaken from their sleep, having been given a pillow each and a blanket to share on the tiles of the kitchen; they were informed that the battalion was short handed, and that they needed spies to infiltrate an enemy facility. They were ecstatic, this was comic book moment they had been waiting for, they were going to make real and proper change. They were quick to agree, and quick to suit up. Given dog tags that didn't match their true names and uniforms that looked just like the enemies. It felt weird, to be dressed in such a way, but with a backpack full of water and MREs, a gun in their hands they had gotten to fire twice, and one singular map and compass, they felt the role of a true solider.

Parachuting into the territory of their enemy, they were hasty to cover their tracks and get off the beaten path; checking their map and following their directions given to them. It brought them from the outskirts of a bombed out town to thick woodland, day-old rainwater wetting the cuffs of their trousers. The longer they walked the more tired they got, but they didn't dare give up, they didn't dare think of any intentions besides them being sent to assist their country. Perhaps they should have, though, for if they had they could have uncovered that there was no destination to arrive at, only a death sentence ahead. Or so the Lieutenant who had thought up this plan believed; but as coming day came and went, they caught sight of the barbed wire fence in the distance, the concert structure they were fast approaching; a base that was never meant to exist, is now one they have to infiltrate.

Well hi again! If you made it through that whole explanation I applaud you! I hope it interests you and we can get to planning! I'm open to start at any and all points of the story that I mentioned, and I'll love to flesh out our characters together. I'll leave some basic info about me below!


° I got dogs! And, most likely, I will send you pictures if they do anything cute. Fair warning!

°My preferred pronouns are he/they, and I'm a nineteen year old male. I refer to
most people as dude, bro, etc, because I've got a nasty case of Dumb Jock Energy© but if you would prefer pronouns that differ from such or would be offended by such names linked to more masculine pronouns, please let me know! It may take a moment for me to adjust in OOC chat, and I mean no disrespect by it, but I'll try my hardest to refrain as swiftly as possible!

° I am a pretty upbeat person, I use a ton of exclamation points!

° My favorite food is mac 'n' cheese with ketchup though I literally adore anything spicy.

° I have Celiac, so if you're gluten free at all, I'm happy to chat about that and share foods/recipes!

° Most importantly of all, I do this to make friends as much as I do it to write. I love OOC chat and fanboying over roleplays!!

~Me as a writer~

° I've been doing this (role-playing) for close to a year now, so I'm not the best. But, I feel my writing is really starting to develop!

°I'm currently studying to be a medical examiner, so darker themes [within the site rules] are something I'm comfortable writing. However, if you'd rather those not be utilized, please let me know! I can restrain.

° My writing style is nothing like my talking style. I'm quite somber at times, and I'm far less cringy!

°1000000% ghost friendly! It happens to us all! I always appreciate a message first, but that isn't needed! I do check in after about a week or so just to make sure everything is okay, I tend to worry a lot, especially so in a time like this, about my partners, but you don't need to even give a reason if you want to drop a roleplay!

°I have absolutely so issue picking up side characters or minor characters; I actually really like it! However, when it comes to doubling, I can't do it. I'm super sorry because I know it does suck when it's a Canon×OC situation but the two separate storylines just really overwhelms and stresses me out and that ruins the enjoyment of the roleplay on my part.

Now for my boring rules, I promise there are only a few!

° Please be 18+! I'm sure all you younger writers out there are absolutely extraordinary! Just for my peace of mind and morals I only feel comfortable writing with those of an adult age, especially when romance is involved.

° I prefer responses that are five to seven lines long at least, that being said, as long as you're putting in effort, and aren't sending one liners, I'll be fine.

° If you're wanting to include a touchy, trigger warning worthy subject, please run it by me first! And, if I decline its use, please respect that. I'll do the same. I have very few triggers, but sometimes certain subjects I just can't handle mentally that day, and if it wasn't preplanned out, something unexpected like that just isn't very fun in my opinion!

I hope you're interested! If you've made it this far, I applaud you! Have some flowers, they're very stylish!


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