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Fantasy Imperial Night Army

(Yes it can, voice activated, of course. I recommend landing just outside the walls of the main city)
Pokes the emblem again and faces the map “Uh hey ship...can you land us safely please?” Oda barks “oh yes and gently.” Voice makes a weird noise and asks where. “Uh...” looks around and see’s lights off in the distance “to where those light are please.”
Bria: -a girl with short blond hair comes downstairs. She has black fox ears and tail, and dark blue eyes. She’s wearing a yellow cloak and a black jumpsuit- Yea, dad?

??: Think you can keep this young girl up in your room? Found her wandering the streets when the soldiers were coming.

-looks at the two- H-how...?
Ship lands softly. Oda and I manage to exit after hitting only a few things. I swing my scythe so it’s sitting on my shoulders and head to the front gate “Oda...find Evie...” Oda starts sniffing the ground and takes off.
-tearing up-

??: Are you ok, miss?

-pulls down hood- U-Uncle Carcuso? H-how are you alive?
Comes across two guards at the gate. They stare at the girl and giant wolf in front of them. “Hi there. I’m Vienna...you can call me Ven. I’m looking for someone.” They don’t respond, just keep staring, though their grips tighten on their swords, “Look...I don’t want to kill you guys...please just let me pass”
Carcuso: -surprised- E-Evie?! -hugs- how in the name of Flarus are you alive?!

I... I don’t know...

(BTW if you want Carcuso’s physical description it in the second chapter of my story. I’m too lazy to type it XD)
Guards don’t reply or move, they continue to stare “alright fine then.” Darts forward, slams end of staff into one neck and then the front of the staff into the other. Both guards crumplento the ground “that was easy. Worst security ever!”
(Oh they just didn’t take you seriously XD)

Carcuso: it’s been so long.. what brought you back?

U-Umbranis and Anders... t-they...

Bria: Dad, what’s going o- -sees me- EVIE: -runs over and hugs me- OH MY GOSH YOURE BACK! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!
Oda barks and starts moving faster “good boy!” Starts noticing people are giving me strange looks. Asks self “I wonder if it’s the scythe...nah couldn’t be”
(Maybe it’s because you’re a human in a crowd of hybrid people who don’t see humans much, if at all)

-laughs a little- Missed you too, Bria.

Carcuso: Evie, you have no idea how much things have fallen apart ever since....

I know... I’ve seen some of the damage already...
Oda barks and picks up speed. I pick up my pace but am still walking. People continue to stare. I shrug it off and focus on the task at hand.
I just.... wish I could do something about it....

Bria: you technically could.

I can’t. I’ve been gone so long, I’m probably not even able to reclaim it. Anders and Umbrnais clearly have already taken it by force.
Wanders around town and finds Oda growling at a guard. The guard has his sword drawn, “I would put that away if I were you, he doesn’t like having weapons pointed at him, and I won’t stop him from trying to kill you.” The guard ignores me and take a step forward. Oda barks loudly and jumps to the side away from the swing. He lunges forward and get the guard in the wrist. I keep walking forward as Oda finishes his kill. “I told you...”
Walks around more. Starts shouting “Evie...wwwhhheeerrreee aaarrreeee yyyooouuuu?” Oda barks “Well I’m sure she’ll come out if it’s me calling for her!”

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