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Shelly Duck
I'm relatively new to trying to code anything, so I'm focusing on the technicalities right now. I have this thing, but whenever I click on one of the accordion boxes, the picture moves. I'm wondering if there's a way to keep the picture in place, or yet a better way to keep the image to the right but still in line with the accordions? Thanks~

[div=background:#c1faff; border: dotted 5px #12b1ff; height:400px; width:1000px]
[row][column= span2]
[bg=#c1faff][border=0px solid #c1faff][accordion=fleft | 100%] {slide= [bg=#c1faff]Kiwi Birds[/bg]}[bg=#c1faff] I love kiwi birds. [/bg]{/slide} {slide=[bg=#c1faff] Penguins[/bg]}[bg=#c1faff]I heckin despise penguins.[/bg] {/slide} [/accordion][/border][/bg]
[/column][column= span]
border: solid 3px #ffb6c1;
margin-left: 500px;
margin-top: 30px
[class name=paco state=hover]
background:url(https://kiwianatown.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/kiwi-6-441x441.jpg); border: solid 3px green; height:300px; width: 300px; [/class]
[div class=paco][/div][/column]

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