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Help Image?


Shelly Duck
I might try setting it as its own div, then using the background(url) thingy. You can set the height from there, and then background-size: contain, background-positon:center, no-repeat I believe. That or you could make another div box, set its height and width, then put the image in that div box and it might conform to the size? I'm not amazing at coding, but those would be my suggestions.


The Sleepy One
We have the [heightrestrict=][/heightrestrict] tag, that will restrict the image's height based on the px number you put in. It automatically sizes the width to maintain ratio.


The Lord of Shadows
[div=background-image=url('[enter image link here]'); width: [enter desired width here]; height: [enter desired height here];][want tex on top? Put it here!][/div]

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