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Fandom I'm so bored so here's a gijinka pokemon rp search

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Recently I was trying to do an rp idea with a friend but it fell through and we never got it off the ground but I still enjoy the idea so I came here to give it a shot.

Here's how the idea works for this pokemon rp, this is gonna be a modern setting, pretty much like the pokemon games and anime. Much like in any other society there are racial issues because people just can't get along and be nice. All types are of course considered a different race and dual types are mixed races, types like poison, ghost, dragon, and dark pokemon are considered to be lowest of the low. Meanwhile, pokemon types like fairy, flying, and psychic are praised and act like they are gifts from arceus himself. Pokemon moves and battles still exist and I'm will to calculate everything if it's not something you're interested in. If there is a certain region you would like this to be in that's fine but ultimately I'd like this to be sort of like zootopia where all pokemon can live together.

I am 20+ years old so I'd like someone who is at least the same age and no minors as I would like to have adult themes
I am female and prefer to play a female character but if we double I can do a male as well

I mainly do fxm ships but I can also do fxf and mxm but again this would only be for doubling
Any and all pokemon ships are fine and I would even love to do fakemon as well, however, the fakemon would only be for our characters not for the whole thing
I'm all for ooc and discussing things before we get into the rp and I would like to make a separate chat for the rp or go on discord
I can usually do about 2-3 paragraphs a post at a semi-lit rate, I would appreciate at least one paragraph at the same rate with no one liners
If there is anything you are uncomfortable with or want specifically let me know so we may discuss it before we start
I'll start the rp unless you want to

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