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Fantasy I'm role playing as a witch OC,help me develop the plot!

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Action, Adventure, Anime, Horror, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Mystery, Supernatural
I’m looking for someone to RP with! Someone who’s into multiple-paragraph threads and plotting! I don't like making up plots/ideas all by myself; I prefer to make the story and setting with my partner! I don't care what gender your character is, or who you're playing as. As long as you can do multiple-paragraphs (14-25+ sentences) and be very sociable while plotting you're welcome here! I'm not a picky role player but if you want to know my taste in genre. I can list my favorite to least favorite.

Here's my OC, the character I'll be playing. -MUSE LINK.- I will not play or make up any other characters. If you guys have any questions or interested please PM me. I don't get notifications on here. Honestly PM me if you're interested or not please. I'll reply very late if you don't.

My character's goal is to turn humans into monsters. The reason why they want to accomplish this is that the human body is fragile. Wanting to end the cycle of death and give them amazing abilities to make life fun. Think of it, trying a cartoonish fantasy world with no humans. The style they like to aim for is cute fantasy creatures. Like this, or this. The most dynamic she'll get is this, this and this
Would they succeed? Would your character change their mind? Will your character stop them? That's when the plotting comes in!

I'm better at writing characters then writing a plot, so It would be great if you can help me! I'm very open to interpretations and ideas!

Small rules:

Please have a character(s) to play. (I recommend your character being human, but if you play something else it's fine.)I don't play or can't plot with characters based on the context. Meaning you must have canon or OCs to plot around. Not us making the plot then making the characters later.

I DON'T DO GENDER PAIRING NOR CARE FOR IT: This FXF, MXF or MXM thing. I use to RP on Tumblr and no one asked for these things. We go by the personality of a character(and writing style) to see if we'll be good partners or not. Best to say, I'm not a fan of this gender pairing thing. It's hard to find partners because of these requests. I like ALL gender pairings. (FXF, MXF, MXM and beyond) I don't care about gender, I care about personality. If you care about this then you have to read every bit of Info of my character. I don't want to spoil it but because of this gender request thing, I have to state this, I have to ruin the twist.

+Fantasy(Since my muse is a witch, this is the default)
Least favorite: (keep note, this does not mean I won't do this type of RP. we can talk about it in PM)
-Medieval Times
-slice of life
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I would really appreciate it if I find someone who's interested. All I'm getting are likes. It's nice but it's not my goal.


Please don't like or love, It's not very helpful. Trust me, I contact a few people who liked this post and they were not interested in me. It's sadly only spam.

BTW, if you'r interested please PM me. I'll answer back quicker and you'll get reply faster.

I usually delete old comments on here anyway.
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