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Fandom I'm pretty sure Madi Griffin from The 100 can cure my depression

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That one who is always online
Sup, Weirdos!

It's Nirv. I'm back(ish). Took a summer break because life happened (horrible experience really. 0/10 would not recommend) and I ended up binge watching the entirety of The 100 in like three weeks. Cool show, bad ending. But right now all I care about is Madi Griffin.

Dudes, I am obsessed with this kid. I'd kill for her no questions asked. I wasn't even upset at the death of a certain character if it meant keeping her safe despite crushing on that character since day one.

Anyways, without spoiling anything, she got a sh*t ending and it killed me. I consumed all the fanfics out there, watched all the fan edits, bloopers, tiktoks. Everything. Pretty much the whole fandom agrees that Madi Griffin deserved better.

Now I am literally dying for someone to play her against almost any character in a found family, tooth-rotting fluff setting. We can pick up at literally any point in canon or go complete AU. Ultimately I'd love to play Mama Bear Clarke Griffin but I'm down to play Bellamy Blake, Lexa, Murphy, or Raven. Or any combination of them. We can add ships in there and I'm down for most ships. Just give me smol bean Madi getting the love and care and childhood she deserved. Everything else can be negotiated.

That's it. That's all I want. Tell me there are people out there still invested in this fandom and it's not a total ghost ship. I literally don't know what to do with myself. I'm this close to writing a fanfic of my own.

Hopefully, someone out there is interested in this.

Good luck, recruitment post, may we meet again.
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That one who is always online
I'm not giving up on you, Mads. Someone out there has to know of your existence and wants to bring you justice just like I do. This is a dying fandom but I AM REVIVING IT FOR MY LIL GRIFFIN BABY.

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