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Fandom Ilvermory Group Rp - OOC/Plotting thread


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Here is where we can chat about our characters, plot and make comments about the rp.
I'll post the link of a good description that I have right here!!

Help I took the sorting quiz ('Extended Ilvermorny Sorting Quiz') and it gave me an equal tie between two houses😆
Thunderbird and Wampus
Hmm well if it helps Thunderbird is similar to Griffindor and Wampus is similar to Ravenclaw.

Depends on what kinda vibe your want for the character I guess?
I posted a few links earlier in this thread that has a ton of info on the houses and such
goodkarma goodkarma

I just noticed that one of your faceclaims Luca Holestelle is a Dutch actress. Is that just coincidence or are you Dutch as well?

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