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Ignore System PSA

The Dark Wizard

Hello everyone! We have noticed in the userbase of RpN that a lot of users are interested about using the Ignore function and want to know more about what it can do on our new platform. Below will answer some common questions that many of you have asked us before; if you have any other questions don’t be afraid to inquire.

To Ignore someone you may do it from their profile, the popup card when you click on their username, or here.


Q. Can I ignore staff members?
A. No. Staff members can not be ignored.

Q. What does ignoring a certain user stop me from seeing?
A. Ignoring a user prevents you from seeing anything they post. This includes status updates, status updates on your profile, status update comments, replies they have made to threads and also threads they have made.

Q. If someone follows me and I ignore them, does that make them unfollow me?
A. No, this does not happen.

Q. If I ignore someone, can they still see my profile page and everything I post?
A. Yes, ignoring someone only makes it so that you can’t see what they post.

Q. If I am ignoring someone, can they still PM me?
A. They do have the ability to PM you, but you can not see what they have PM’d you and you will not get a notification. It will remove you from the PM automatically, as well as notify the user you are ignoring that you have left the conversation.

Please leave any further questions you may have in this thread. The staff team will test it then edit your question and answer into the post, then notify you about it.

The Dark Wizard

That sounds like a form of harassment, if someone you clearly have an issue with and feel should be on your ignore list follows you to have access to your page.
In that case, could they be reported?
Agree with Jkai. Refusal to unfollow/leave you alone in general also.
If people find ways to bother you after ignoring them just report them.


Just your regular gold scrub in league (Ekko Maste
Sorry for being the buzz kill but this is harder to use than the last one, and it looked and seemed more interesting. This is my opinion but what ever works I guess, Sorry


That Thorn In Your Side
If I ignore someone and they have posts on my profile, will those posts be deleted/blocked/removed?


The posts should be shown as "hidden" to you, in some form. It only prevents you from seeing their content. Not from interaction.


Ought to be able to clean up/prune posts made on our own profiles... :|
This wouldn't be beneficial for the staff team. A lot of issues came up when users were allowed to on IPS. People would send in reports for harassment or spam, but the case would go unresolved because we wouldn't have all of the evidence. The missing parts were all deleted by the profile owner.

If I'm not mistaken, we're looking into a better block feature, which should also prevent interactions on both ends.

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