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Other If you were a natural disaster, what would you be?


The Pun Tyrant The Gif Hydra
Oh please, I already AM a natural disaster.

But if I was one of the grumpy nature tantrum type... I have to say Earthquake.


Uriel, The Creator of Auror
I would describe myself as a supermassive black hole. Although I continue to consume things as they pass by me, never relenting my grip, the very nature of my gluttony unknown to man. I also have the ability to hold an entire galaxy together and keep an insurmountable amount of matter in motion.


Resident Fuck-Up
Famine. If someone else doesn't eat it, I do.
Your's made me laugh so hard I cried.

Hurricane: I've made millions of women wetter than they've ever been. I'm also more than willing to rearrange your furniture
Your's made me die

What would I be?

A tornado. I'm unpredictable, wild, very fierce, and can be vicious. My mood can go from calm to destructive at the drop of a hat.

Jean Otus

Would-Be Prince
I'd like to be the Yellowstone Volcano, because when I go off, it'll screw up everything for everyone, and I'm juuust petty enough to do that.

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