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The End

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Hello there!

⊹ I'm End! I've been roleplaying for many years, on and off hiatus. It's been a while since I've been in a long-term roleplay, and so I wish to find a partner here! I'm currently on my three-week break from classes, and I am temporarily out of work, so I have lots of free time on my hands! Below is what I have in mind for a plot!

⊹ Two people have powers that completely contradict their personalities. For example, a fisherman's daughter who lives by the sea, swims every day, learns that she can control fire. A boy who was caught in a fire at a young age but realizes he can shoot flames from his hands and hates it. They're all disgusted by their powers. -Credit to Austriea from Tumblr!

⊹ Adding my own twist to this, I love the enemies to lovers cliche! Also, our characters could just straight up be two sarcastic assholes, who after being forced to fight together, realize they have some feelings.

About The Roleplay:

⊹ I am just about to start binging Avatar The Last Airbender again, so I was thinking the powers could be similar to the elements/bending! Or maybe X-Men, someone with a variation of Nightcrawler's powers could be interesting!

⊹ I am comfortable roleplaying as a female, more details on my character below!


⊹ I am looking for a partner who can write 3+ meaty paragraphs, and someone who can collaborate with me during the planning process while being able to move the plot forward!

⊹ Please be over 18. I happen to be 21 myself, it's just personal comfort, y'know?

⊹ I am looking for something long-term! Quarantine has given me a lot of free time, so what better to do than roleplay! I am very OOC friendly, and I love to talk about things outside of role-play!

⊹ If you're interested, please don't respond on this thread, and instead send a DM stating a little about your character/powers, as well as any ideas you may have!

⊹ I promise I'm not super strict, I'm just looking for someone I can click with, and a roleplay that I can invest myself in! I love to talk about our characters out of roleplay too, and maybe create a playlist, moodboard, or just make up some scenarios that I could see being a headcanon for our characters!

⊹ Here's the basic info on the character I am going to be using!

⊹ Alex Kaltman - 23 - Female - (Power: Undecided)


Alex is 23, 5'5", and ready to fight anyone. Some may call her stubborn, sarcastic, or straight up asshole, but it's all in good nature. She's pretty chill unless provoked, and her powers are based on her temper. Besides that, she can keep her powers under control. Mostly.

⊹ I will add more plots soon! For now, if you are interested, please send a dm rather than posting here! c: No one has claimed yet, the plot is up for grabs!
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