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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Location: The Loving Spoon
Interactions: Larry Larry Out Of Words Out Of Words

Mentions: Worthlessplebian Worthlessplebian KodakWolf KodakWolf
Jay and Aodh fell into a comfortable silence as the conversations eased to be, both enjoying the food and tea. Jay’s patience was wearing thin as Yun seemed restless within his lap, the vixen causing a rather annoying amount of movement. Sharp claws dug into his thighs, and Jay resisted the urge to throw the fox off. Yeung, once more awake, slithered up and around Jay’s neck, the serpent’s eyes and tongue flitting to the door. Before the new arrivals entered the cafe, Jay was already warned.

The large man that entered, Jay just glanced at. He seemed friendly enough, from just a small glance. There wasn’t anything too outstanding about him from what his spirits could tell, and that worried him. When Jay briefly met his eyes, he turned quickly, averting his gaze. Something… something was off. This entire situation was getting out of hand!

Jay returned Augie’s wave, the dog a new arrival, one that wasn’t wholly dog. He eyed the dog, the furry canine, wearily. He let a nervous smile out as Yun sniffed the air. “Another wet dog…” she grumbled to herself, the fox going to nap, rather than stare. Yun’s eyes turned to Boy once more when she felt his gaze. Snarling a little, Yun let a small explosion of fire flare up in front of her, not enough to be noticeable to anyone but the dog. It was more to send a message of ‘don’t try it’, rather than aggression.

Waving off Tilly’s concern, Jay placed an empty cup of tea down. “You know me,” he returned. “Just tea and sweets is enough to keep me going!” he chuckled quietly.

Yun whined in his lap, jumping up to place her paws on his chest. The surprise nearly knocked Jay off his stool, but he was able to balance in time. Looking around, Jay did notice the cafe was getting a bit crowded. “Ssssshe sssssmelllssss more ssscentsss than usssual. Thisssss cafe issss a bit more exccciting now.” Yeung chuckled, as the serpent untangled from his neck and curled up on his head. Jay only sighed as he turned back to Aodh, with a ‘what-can-you-do’ look. His arms wrapped around Yun and she settled into them, shrinking into an orange furred loaf.

Jay, just studied Aodh, a little longer than what was probably appropriate for newly acquainted people, but something was off. “You uh, good there chief?” he asked slowly. “You seem a little out of sorts… I mean I get your whole situation especially considering what happened to you earlier, but like… when Augie and the dog entered, you kinda looked lost. Same with the other new guy.”


Silver Blackwood
Out Of Words Out Of Words Britt-21 Britt-21 Rhyme Rhyme Location: Marasong Inn

Silver kept her eyes trained on Indy as the cat approached her, a brief flicker of relief passing through her when she’d made the choice to do so. Beth’s presence seemed almost towering now, as if the woman could’ve swept Indy back into her arms like one of those prim women stealing their prissy dogs back from the hands of those whom they deemed unworthy of even glancing at their toy-sized pups. Silver didn’t know what sort of emotion would’ve taken her over at the sight of Indy being grabbed—cat or not. An “I’m sorry” echoed from the feline before her, but Silver couldn’t tell if it had been in the way that her tail flicked and how those big eyes blinked slowly up at her or if something had been cast into her mind. Whatever it was, she wanted to figure it out.

Names were tossed and Beth got up, seeming to look between them in acknowledgement to which Silver quietly nodded to her in knowing that Roje wanted to ignore her existence entirely, unwavered by the strawberry blonde’s seemingly good-natured demeanor. Unfortunately, they had to mostly remain on her good side if they were to gain any sort of knowledge about the ins and outs of this place, so Silver supposed that the best way was to start fresh with her. “If I find clean clothes and Indy is up for it, perhaps we could have brunch.” She was trying to be reasonable for the first time, even if her wolf growled its agreement with Roje as soon as Beth left the room.

Half of Silver wondered why Beth had left in the first place. She’d been unperturbed the entire time from when she’d up and lunged at her to how easily Roje had socked her in the jaw. She was either too forgiving, had other plans or simply had the power to bring them all to their knees, if she’d wanted them to. The last idea was thrown to the back of her mind as her eyes landed on a pamphlet that had been slipped under the door accompanied by a knock. As she stood, Roje was already handing her the menu.

The menu had an quite an assortment to choose from—things that were familiar from back where she used to live to items like a “Tasty Pie” that was apparently a New Zealand signature food. Silver scoured the menu with scrutiny, but couldn’t help but sense the tension in Indy as she leapt onto the bed, slipping underneath her clothes to skirmish with them for a while before coming out with a pouch around her neck. The warm thing she’d touched before. Was it that important that she’d wear it even as a cat? The object inside was quite large, she assumed, as it would be fine on a person, but maybe not so much on a cat.

Desperation. But for what? Silver looked away from her in order to settle on something before she took all day to choose. “I’ll take a cheeseburger and fries. Maybe Indy will want.. fish and chips?” She joked lightly, but considering Indy was beginning to feel all the more detached from them, Silver wondered if she would even want to eat anything that a cat couldn’t stomach. Beth had mentioned water and a warm.. snuggle blanket, was it? “If you could please order them for us, Roje, I might have an idea for Indy. She seems kind of.. stuck?”

One moment Silver saw the cat’s muscles bunched up beneath her fur, and without a moment’s notice, Indy flung herself into the nearest window which struck her with worry at the thud that sounded right after. The embarrassment sat in the way her shoulder fur was bristling, a single paw swiping over her ears as she didn’t face them. “It would’ve been cool to try a delicacy like a real tourist, but I guess we really shouldn’t be trying our luck here.” Silver looked between Roje and Indy’s backside before walking over to the feline whom had yet to turn their way.

“Indy, are you stuck in that form?” Silver squatted by the window again, crossing her arms into her lap as she balanced. “I ask because wearing something like that around your neck is bound to put a strain on you. A cat’s neck isn’t the same as a human’s, so you would’ve gone back if could’ve already.” Her words had come out a bit more bluntly than intended, but she couldn’t help notice her forced actions. “I might be able to help you. I’m not entirely sure how, but if both of you allow me to do so, maybe I could.. coax your humanity out?” She questioned her slowly in case the detachment had pulled the cat side of her to the forefront and added to her words, “I could basically hear you the entire time that Beth was here, even with only one good ear.”
Leif Hjalkarssen
Location: La casa de Levi
Tags: Out Of Words Out Of Words Maeteris Maeteris

When Levi asked what he was doing, Leif hesitated to answer, not sure if he should say out loud that he was managing to communicate with Chase. Ever since Levi hinted it wasn't safe to speak freely, he preferred to stay on the safe side. But just as he was about to answer, something started happening.

It was all too good to be true, of course. They were finally communicating, communicating in a way both sides understood the message, but something had to create bumps in the road. Or walls.

When Chase started showing difficulty breathing, Leif let go of his hands and moved to stand up. Somehow he got the feeling he might be the one worsening his condition, perhaps by pushing him too far. Perhaps whatever had cursed Chase had realized something was happening.

Regardless, it was a relief when Levi rushed into the bathroom and came back with instructions on what to do, as Leif himself was pretty much out of options at this point. It had to mean it wasn't something new, it was an episode that must have happened before, and it did help Leif keep a cool head. Perhaps he wasn't the one causing it, after all.

He was quick to follow Levi's instructions. Twisting the jar open, he held it under Chase's nose, one hand being placed on top of Chase's own over his chest. Feeling an unusual warmth emanating from him, Leif shifted his hand a bit so it was placed fully against Chase's chest, confirming where its source was located.

"He's too warm..." He spoke quietly, a confused expression on his face. Then a glance was shot at Levi. "Get me my phone, please."

D20 roll: 1


Omniverse Explorer


Silver- Silver- Out Of Words Out Of Words Rhyme Rhyme

Roje just watched the scene before her. Taking note of how Indy was reacting. Especially when she was trying to tie a string around her neck "Listen Indy, we dont need you trying to kill yourself you know." gazing toward Silver, she was still looking over the Menu, so the woman moved to the bed and sat down, picking up her phone and making sure it was charging. Slowly but surely it was, but not fast enough for her. With a sigh, she went into her call log and took note of the people in it I wonder what I said to the one labeled dad...Considering its most likely not the same dad I know... she thought. Just as she was about to check, Silver was already ready with her order "Yeah I can order them for you guys." she gently took the menu back and used the phone in the room to call the number that went to the front desk. As soon as the line was picked up and she was greeted, Roje greeted back, Ordering a Cheese Burger and Fries, as well as an order of Fish and Chips. Hell, Roje threw in some onion rings just so she had something to snack on that brought her back home.

Once she was done giving the information and all, she hung up and looked back towards the girls "How is your ear by the way? I could tell that it probably didn't feel all that great." she moved back to her phone, making sure -once again- that it was still charging since the wire was so sensitive. "My first reaction was to just punt her because if I didn't, everyone else's ears would have been busted. My best guess with that pitch of a scream is if she's a Banshee or a Siren. Either one is still pretty deadly by itself."


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Outside the Clinic
With: Alyce ( Out Of Words Out Of Words )

Bill eyed the woman up and down. Just as it had with the Greenwitch, her mind filled in the blanks. Magic. Local magic.

“Aye, Bill said, grabbing ahold of the woman by the elbow and briskly marching in the direction of her house. “I reckon ye can.”

On the way back to her house, she filled the new girl in on everything, doing her best to omit as few details as she could whilst keeping the story coherent. Alone in the woods, found a safe, identical to the one some other fella was carrying, unlocked it, brought it home, put it in a containment circle, it had some weird bug-looking feckers in a box wrapped in a scarf. By the time she was warning Alyce about the cat and telling her to take her shoes off, they’d made their way to the front door.

Bill maybe should have been working a little harder to keep a lid on her…Bill-ness. Alyce seemed lithe and demure and soft and gentle. Bill had practically steamrollered her.

On the other hand, she’d been what had been making her spells go strange all day. Maybe she could handle a little rough treatment.

Key in the door, Bill turned over her shoulder and gave Alyce a look. “Did ye get all that?”
Riley Adler/Boy
Location: Tilly's
Tags: Out Of Words Out Of Words xAlter xAlter Larry Larry Worthlessplebian Worthlessplebian

The cafe was essentially a cauldron of sounds, smells and now sights. Some seemed ordinary, but others were unusual and made the dog wary and uncomfortable. There was magic, and other things too. Other beings, weird sensations in the air that made his fur bristle. It was too much to take in at the same time, so focusing on one thing at the time helped the dog stay grounded and not too anxious. First it was Miranda, and the dog was happy to greet her with a tail wag. She looked just like what she sounded, as did Tilly. Only Boy had pictured Tilly with mahogany hair, and Miranda's hair was wavier in his mind. Then it was back to the fox.

Well, until the so-called fox tried to shoot fireballs at him. Perhaps not shoot, but threaten to shoot? Regardless, he wasn't taking any chances. He saw fire in front of the fox, he suddenly ducked to the side, or threw himself to the side, colliding with Augie's legs and some chairs until he managed to put some furniture between himself and the fox, the fucking not-a-fox for a change, while still being able to peek at it from behind his shield.

He started panting when he realized he wasn't in immediate danger, not anymore. Looking up at Augie, he hesitated for a second, but only a second. Soon after, Boy was scrambling to get on his lap, and balance himself there, as he was several times larger than an ordinary poodle, or a fox. Augie would protect him there, and getting on his lap just like the fox was doing with that stranger would maybe shift Augie's attention to the thing. The fire spitting fox!

Out Of Words

GM of If December Freezes
IC Thread - GM Post
Everybody Wants to Be A Cat

When calling down to the front desk to place the order, Seraphim validated the meal vouchers were good for room delivery as well. Seraphim would get the order into the Loving Spoon, and someone would deliver it soon as it was ready, probably twenty or thirty minutes, but she'd make sure it was brought up to their room.

The atmosphere was beginning to relax, though it might feel like waiting for the other shoe to drop after such a 'fun packed' day. The sun was lower in the sky, some of the lights in the town were starting to come on in anticipation of the night. Everything seemed to be moving like any other normal day, even though it was far from normal.

On the table beside the chair Beth occupied earlier, the opened milk carton still sat on top of some white coaster tile looking thing. There was also some of the thread from the woman's sleeve. She had broken it off in an attempt to get Indy the kitty's attention after the feline had struggled so hard to be let go.

OOC Information

Roje Britt-21 Britt-21 : In your usual restless state, you're able to take a closer gander through the room. It's comfortable, pleasant even, now with Beth's presence nearly completely gone, just a small trace of whatever perfume she was wearing can still be scented if by the chair she sat in. You also note the milk, the coaster, and the thread left behind. However, your eyes keep going back to your phone, and the state of the charging. It's charged enough you could maybe afford to take it off the charger and look through it until your food arrives.

Indy Rhyme Rhyme : How clumsy! To crash into the window and scramble for purchase on the windowsill! Surely there's some catting 101 book with that as a great faux pas. It's only proper to pretend that was what you wanted to do all along, and groom the cares away. Groom and groom until every little bit of hair is back in place, and maybe some feline dignity is returned. So much easier being a cat, everyone wants to be a cat. Lucky you! You are a cat!

Looking out the window though, something's unsettled inside. A quiet whine registers, but it wasn't made by you, or anyone else in the room. Not in the traditional sense anyway. Whenever you look toward Silver, you can almost hear it again, but not with your ears. It's more of a sensation, an awareness of a whine, and a depth of concern in Silver's eyes that exists because of you.

But you're a cat! You don't have to worry about any of that, if you're a cat. Right?

Silver Silver- Silver- : It's not anything you can actually smell, but your instincts are thrumming with distress. Not your distress, but a silent war going on in the small form of a cat on the windowsill. Two natures not wholly in balance with one another, one shut away for so long it doesn't want to let go again.

A story by Out Of Words
Season One: A Night Bleeds

Out Of Words

GM of If December Freezes
IC Thread - GM Post
Try This Again

Alyce kept up with the brisk pace, her eyes wide, her expression conveying great interest as Bill retold her story. Occasionally, there was a quietly uttered, "Oh my goodness!" Sometimes the woman's eyes grew even bigger, mostly around the tale of the safe, the containment circle and the bugs.

All the while, with Bill guiding her by a hand on Alyce's elbow, there was this sort of tingling sensation where there was contact between the two. It felt like magic, and it seemed to be boosting Bill's own, like fuel to a fire already all riled up from the current events. Thing was, it felt good. Like downing a can of caffeine, that crisp sensation of being awake, of thinking you can suddenly do whatever you put your mind to doing.

It could also be dangerous, feeling like you could do it all. Magic didn't work that way, but maybe that's what a new coven could feel like? There were tales of covens sharing magic with one another, and the things they could accomplish were things of near legend, if they were actually truthful and not just exaggerated bedtime stories told to new witches. Didn't feel like a bedtime story.

Just as Bill turned to look back at Alyce, she could see Hatsu arriving on the scene, toolbox in hand.

OOC Information

Bill BillieRoss BillieRoss : No doubt, Alyce was the oomph before, and she's boosting all your magical synapses now the longer you keep in contact with her arm. When you let go to deal with your front door, there is a residual tingling sensation, but it's ebbing quickly. And then, there's Hatsu, entering the building nearly on your heels with a determined look.

Hatsu silverwhere silverwhere : You spot Bill and her new friend heading into Mr. Willis' house, where she rents a room. The door doesn't even close behind them when you're there, entering after, toolbox in hand. You don't recognize the other woman, but she turns her head to regard you with a curious stare, and then a small smile of greeting.

A story by Out Of Words
Season One: A Night Bleeds

Out Of Words

GM of If December Freezes
IC Thread - GM Post
What's Cooking

Augie suddenly had a lap full of dog. "Whoa, hey Boy. It's okay. It's okay." He wrapped his arms around the canine and gave some good pets and hugs. He figured Boy was still off kilter from the encounter down by the water's edge, or maybe even thrown off by the scent of a fox in the place. "Good boy, Boy. You're okay." His focus shifted to trying to offer the dog some comfort while doing his best to not get dog hair every which way. Pretty sure Tilly wouldn't appreciate such.

Miranda was occupied for a bit, taking a phone call and jotting down someone's order. She repeated it back, "Cheeseburger, fries, fish and chips, and onion rings. Got it. Thanks, Sera!" Tilly finished topping off everyone's drinks and was given the paper. "Order from the inn."

Tilly frowned briefly, and glanced out the front windows. The sun was lowering in the sky, and those in the cafe would have a nice view of the fading light across the ocean surface. "A'right. I'll work on this, an' check'n on the dinner roast. See 'ow many 'ere are 'ungry for roast, will ya, loverly?" Tilly gave Miranda a smile, and then she disappeared around a wall separating the front from the back area. Though sounds of someone working in the kitchen could be heard all the same.

Miranda then made her way to each table, Bernard was first to be asked. "Tonight's dinner will be roast, with a lot of trimmings. Will you be having some? Dining in, or taking some with you?" And once she had Bernard's answer, she looked around, catching sight of Augie with the dog in his lap. "Oh.. Augie.." She moved to pet the dog, even though she'd have to wash her hands after, again. She couldn't resist petting most animals. "You usually get yours to go, would you mind taking an order to the Inn on your way? I'll make sure to package up a little extra for you and Boy. Good boy!"

Augie nodded, "Yeah, no prob, 'Randa. Anything for Tills." And anything for some extra food.

Miranda smiled and then moved toward Jay and Aódh. She didn't reach out toward the fox, but did hold a hand out in case the fox wanted to sniff or indicate it wanted pets. Foxes weren't dogs, after all. "And you two? Roast? Full plate? Here or to go?"

OOC Information

Riley KodakWolf KodakWolf : Miranda seems to make eye contact as she comes over and gives you some pets. There's even a moment when she's holding your head in her hands and she peers in close before ruffling your head, calling you a good by and moving away. Augie doesn't seem to notice anything unusual with the fox when he glanced over, and seems more focused on helping you to feel safe.

Aódh & Jay Larry Larry xAlter xAlter : Aódh, the longer you're in the room, the more you're getting better at sorting out the scents of food from other things, other people. And there's more than a couple 'wet dogs' in the cafe now, one bears a darker scent, and one more of an ocean scent. Something Yun can sense as well.

Bernard Worthlessplebian Worthlessplebian : After Tilly touched your hand, the tingling in the room seems to settle and calm somehow, save for a small surge coming from the fox and the dog in the room. They both seem excited in some fashion, perhaps for different reasons.

A story by Out Of Words
Season One: A Night Bleeds

Out Of Words

GM of If December Freezes
IC Thread - GM Post
Watch Your Step

Chase's breathing difficulties eased only a little with the vapor rub under his nose. Fingers of one hand curled with Leif's hand pressing against his chest. The heat was still there, almost thrumming in a circle, with no discernible reason. Levi was about to disappear back into the bathroom for something else when Leif asked for his phone.

What timing, as Four had just moved forward to see what was going on, maybe in an attempt to help. The crunch of something beneath a shoe was pretty clear. Levi and Four both looked down to see one phone newly stepped upon. Leif had discarded the two phones he held in favor of holding onto Chase in response to the man's desperate pleas. Pleas that couldn't go unanswered, but at the sacrifice of one of the phones.

Question was, which one was it? Leif's, or Chase's phone?

Four removed her foot, taking a step back as Levi bent down to retrieve both phones. The screen of one was nearly shattered, and the core of the phone itself did not look viable, with bits of circuitry visible past the cracks. "Uh... here." Levi held them both out, one in either hand for Leif to take.

OOC Information

Edwight Thropian Thropian : The strange rattling against the windows continues, something wants in, or wants someone inside to come out.

Leif KodakWolf KodakWolf : Good news, one of the phones isn't broken. Bad news, yours is.

Four Maeteris Maeteris : You broke a phone.

A story by Out Of Words
Season One: A Night Bleeds


Authentic Garbage

Location: How am I already running out of cat puns
Tags: Silver- Silver- Britt-21 Britt-21

Indy ducked her head, watching with a squinted glare as Silver approached her, indicating toward the coin tied around her neck. Maybe it wasn't the most comfortable thing--its weight significantly more noticeable as she balanced on the window sill--yet she would happily throw herself right through the window if either of them tried to take it from her neck. Of course, that was absurd; it was just a coin, just some prize she stole from the coven. There was no reason to believe anyone else would want it as she craved it, there was no good reason she needed it at all.

She did, though. She needed it. Desperately.

Silver was speaking to her. It was becoming difficult to focus on her words, the unfamiliar blanket of soft security wrapping tighter around her as the world was muddied. It was like diving deeper underwater; she could just barely make out their forms above the waves, hear their voices just enough to discern the words, but her anchor line was fraying. With it, the part of her that placed any importance on what they were discussing around her.

It had an ending point, she thought. There was a boundary that she had managed to not pass as a child; she remembered it distinctly. With each day, Beth's voice had become abstract, difficult to separate from the ambient noise of the wind, a humidifier in the corner, the hum of water hurtling through old pipes. Yet, one day, the progression of the slow sludge in her mind had paused and--with surgical precision--Indy had still managed to piece apart Beth's voice until she managed to harvest words from garbled sounds.

The trouble was finding the focus.

Like now; she knew she should listen to Silver, wide eyes focused entirely on her. Yet something was pestering the edges of her mind. A whine. Not legitimate, but a ghost. The memory of a sharp beep after finally managing to rip the batteries out of the fire alarm, seared into your brain for another half minute or so. She could fill it in the way the soft cream fur on her paws and belly rose to attention, a delicate cloud composed of her stress from nose to tail.

But it did draw her attention back to Silver, crouched before her. Did she hear it too? Sense it, feel it in the uncomfortable tilt of her arms or the unsteady teetering on her toes?

Indy's tail flicked to the side. She listened, delicately separating syllable from pointless noise until she managed to understand what Silver was attempting to say. Yes, Indy was stuck. Yes, she had royally fucked it. Yet, both of them? Was Silver referring to Indy and herself? Had Indy misheard? Indy flicked her ears, ducking a look at Roje--who seemed engrossed in her phone, mumbling to herself. She definitely didn't feel whatever was crawling up Indy's spine.

Back in the day, Indy had managed to get out of this form--yet, the memory felt as inaccessible as her father himself. She couldn't remember exactly how he managed to drag her from the depths and back into herself, how he managed to make her care enough to come forward. Even now, with Silver's offer, she couldn't imagine a good reason for shifting back. Already she felt so much more relaxed, at peace. No need to navigate complicated social conventions, attempt to grapple with the trauma she refused to acknowledge from the past few weeks--no one cared if a cat had trauma. No cat needed to process through their shit. Frankly, she should have shifted back earlier.

Still, Silver's concern--something about it made Indy's eyes droop into a slow blink. How could she hear me? No one had been able to hear her, not either parent or any shifter she had encountered since. Maybe something was different here, something Silver was capable of that even her father couldn't conjure up. Maybe Silver could do as she said, maybe it was worth a shot--seeing as Silver seemed to dance between forms with a grace Indy could only imagine.

Indy stood, arched her back into a stiff stretch, then turned to resettle back onto the window sill--only one paw slipping off the wood before she quickly regained her balance. Give it a shot, she thought. After food, though. Something told her the fish and chips would be better enjoyed as a cat.

She flicked her gaze toward Roje, noticing the blue light of her phone reflecting off her face. Indy glanced back at Silver, flicking her tail. Did she manage to contact anyone? Are you alright?

coded by: @s e v e n



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With: silverwhere silverwhere , Alyce ( Out Of Words Out Of Words )

She turned to see Hatsu stalking towards her, toolbox tucked securely under his arm.

Fuck. Shit. This was going to require a long, detailed explanation. Or a convoluted lie. She nodded at him, key still half-turned in the lock.

"Evening," she said cautiously, "What brings you-ah, right."

She had implied back at the loving spoon that something important was happening that implicated him. Something that was implicating all of them, technically. She was still a little surprised to see him here. After all, she got the sense he didn't like her much. She was about to ask why he'd bothered, or whether he'd opened his safe, or if anything else had gone wrong, but had the good sense to keep her mouth shut. He'd see soon enough anyway.

"Take off your shoes when you come in,"
she said, unlocking the door, "and mind the cat. She'll still be in her carrier but keep well away if you like having your legs in one piece." She ushered them in and shut the door behind her, toeing off her trainers carelessly. She marched over to the door to her room, putting one hand on the handle and pausing.

Alyce would know exactly what all her things were. The books, the cauldron, the circle, the candles; it'd all be second nature to her. It would look absolutely bizzarre to Hatsu. She turned to him, leaning against the closed door.

"Uh…" she started, and remembered the old lie. "Sorry about the mess. I'm really into like…new age…spiritual stuff."

It was close enough to the truth that it didn't really count as a lie. "And as for why you're here, uh…long story short, I found something weird in the forest. Something kind of…you didn't open your safe yet, did ye? Ah, getting ahead of myself. Come on."

With a deep breath, she swung the door open, revealing the cluttered mess of her room, the rug still folded back, everything hopefully where it should be.


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Out Of Words Out Of Words Rhyme Rhyme Silver- Silver-

Once Roje confirmed her phone had enough charge, she swiped and headed over to her text messages, recalling the one that she did read by Mack. That one was suspicious but now so were the others. Especially since her dad was apparently missing. She almost grumbled under her breath as she hesitated to tap on the conversation. With a quiet and deep breath, the Vampire tapped it in hopes that she's just being scared of her own shadow.

Starting from the most recent message, it was one she sent to 'dad'. Several in fact as she scrolled upward in the history.

Goddammit, where r u?
Mack's gonna look 4 u if u don't answer!
This isn't funny.
U were supposed 2 msg me when u got there!
All OK?
How'd the trip go?
Yeah OK.

And finally one Roje received from 'dad'.

Getting on the plane. Long trip. Msg when there.

Roje kind of just stared at the messages and grumbled. "For fucks sake." In hopes she had more history, she tried to scroll up some more, maybe get some hint on what damn plane he got on. If nothing were to pop up or change, she planned to go to Mack's text messages to see the history. Time to play detective I guess till I can get to Joe and talk to him in the morning.

Oh, there was more. Some of the messages had days in between, a couple had a week or two.

R: Whatever.
D: I know you say you don't care, but you should get to know her.
R: ...
D: Going to NZ, meeting up with your mother.
R: Maybe, what?
D: Hey, remember what we talked about a couple months back?
R: Sure.
D: Maybe I'll host a dinner, you two can come over.
R: S'good. Same-o same-o
D: How are you two getting along?

And there was a picture, of Roje and Indy with an arm around each others shoulders, and Indy making a peace sign with her free hand while Roje was obviously holding the camera.

Roje ran her hand through her hair as she hung her head for a second "Guess I hated her from the beginning with obvious reason." Despite talking to herself, she knew the others could hear her but it was fine. Everyone needed to be in the light now that they were stuck in a place none of them heard of. What type of family do we have set up here? Sounds pretty bad and separated. as her mind began to ponder, she realized that Beth was happy and surprised they were here, and then her dad asking about visiting...Did indy make her come to this place in the life these bodies had? Roje scrolled one more time to see if there was anything else she needed to know.

R: Check us out!
D: So did you finally meet up?
R: Thx
D: 23rd N Main Apt 213
R: I'm in NYC, what's the street address?
D: I know you two should get along.
R: Take a while, but this is a good start.
D: I don't know how many times I can say I'm sorry, but I will until it's enough. Remember Indy didn't have anything to do with my shitty parenting of you. I e-mailed you her info.

Well that didn't help all that much. Seemed like their father was just trying to make them meet up and make up for the shitty parent that she always painted him to be since she found out indy was her sister. Same with her mother. Backing out of those texts, she stared at macks text box before she tapped into it This name is familiar. So maybe I should just see... she thought, planning to skip over the messages she read earlier that day and see if she could find anything new

Roje had only read one, one she sent to Mack.

R: Dammit, Mack! Where the hell are you?

And it sure gave a similar vibe, the more she scrolled up.

R: Mack?
R: Yo.
R: Hey!
R: You go on a binger again?
R: Let me know.
M: Ez Pz, lemon pie whatever. I'll holler when I get settled in.
R: Okay, just be careful.
M: No skin off my nose.
R: You sure you're up for this? I appreciate it a lot. I owe you big time, big man.
M: Packing up for my trip! Maybe I'll get some neat little souvenir spoons or some shit.

Roje started to get frustrated at this point. What the hell was going on with everyone going to this plane and disappearing? The coven? Gritting her teeth she scrolled up more Give me something dammit. All I know is people disappear after my "dad" goes on this plane ride. But where the hell is It to? she kept scrolling, determined at this point

The dates are some time after her dad stopped responding.

M: No worries, I gotchu fam.
R: I wouldn't ask if I didn't have a bad feeling about it.
M: Yeah, sure.
R: Really? I'll mail ya all the deets I have so far.
M: I'll do it. Hell, even do it for free, but only for you.
R: I need someone to go find my dad. Something I never thought I'd say.
M: Whatchuneed?
R: So uh.. yeah. I might have a job for you?
M: Doing good, how about you?
R: MACKIE! Been a hot minute. How are you?

She growled in frustration and then mimicked herself "I'll mail you the deets" She said in a higher and mocking tone "Since when the hell do I mail? Fucks sake that was the only lead." And why the hell did She call this guy Mackie??? "Just saying ladies, I'm a dumb bitch in this world it seems like." What was She going to do now? The only person that had any skills to go and probably find her dad was "Mackie" she felt like if she kept going with all her text messages, she was going to implode. Was it that hard to text details? Then again...everyone is very secretive... "I swear if we're being hunted down one by one..." slowly she scrolled to see if there was anything more she could get from "mackie"

There was a bit of time in between the last and the next bit of texts.

M: Take care.
R: Really? Well.. shit. Okay. TTYL
M: Sry, big job atm. Can't talk.
R: Hey, how's it going?

And that was the top of the history. If there had been more, she must have cleared it at some point.

More grumbles came from her as she just stared before sighing and backing out of those messages and looking at Juniper Alright Juniper berry, who the hell are you? she thought as she tapped in. Might as well burn the time they had till food came.

The phone's battery was getting low again, but still had several minutes of juice. There were quite a few, fairly recent.

R: Never!
J: Okay, glhf, but don't you forget about us!
R: Not sure how long, depends on how it goes.
J: Woah, how long are you gonna be gone?
R: Yeah, pretty wild. Gonna likely be out of touch while visiting.
J: For reals?
R: Gonna go meet up in NYC.
J: That's crazy!
R: Kinda looking forward to it. Never would've thought!
J: How are you feeling about it?
R: Yeah, like same parents, as the story goes.
J: Like.. sis, sis?
R: I have a sister!
J: IDK! What? What?
R: No, really guess!
J: I hate guessing.
R: Guess!
J: What?
R: Nice! Well, I've got some news!
J: Not bad, been teaching G some of the tricks you showed me.
R: Hey J! How's it going?

she took a quick glance at the battery "shit.." She wiggled the wire a bit to get it connected again even if it was just for a bit. Roje quickly scrolled more wondering why everyone was using first letters. showing the ropes? Did I train people? this world hopping was really fucking with her at this point

There's a small buzzing noise as Roje moves the charging wire around, followed by a short POP! And the phone goes black while there's a brief burning smell from the outlet as the wire caused a short circuit somewhere. At least it didn't seem to affect more than the one outlet, and Roje's phone.

Roje hissed and dropped her phone on the table "fucking phone, fucking outlet, fuck everything." That's all that seemed to leave her lips as she got up onto her feet, upset with the information she was never gonna get back now that it was all gone. She paced about the small room, running her hand through her hair in frustration.​


Silver Blackwood
Out Of Words Out Of Words Britt-21 Britt-21 Rhyme Rhyme Location: Marasong Inn

How could one small, cream colored body vibrate with so much distress? The emotions rolling off the cat, whether she voiced them or not, were beginning to feel more raw and unfiltered the longer she focused on her, along with the clarity of how much Indy didn’t want to shift back. Her wolf shifted like a second skin, sinews taut with the bristling of fur along the dense coat around its neck. Being around another shifter was bringing its image to Silver with ease, when normally she could only feel and hear it moving close to her when focused. They were sharing the same worry for the wide-eyed feline.

Indy had every reason to succumb to her four-legged form and in realizing that, Silver grew quiet just as a whine drew her to her paws and she briefly looked away. In that sense, they were one in the same. Why return to humanity and it’s world full of complicated emotions, it’s harsh juxtapositions that mercilessly bend and break those that dared step upon the very earth. The whine hadn’t come from her lungs, she didn’t dare make a wrong move for fear of scaring Indy away, no—it came from her very presence, one that she shared with a beast that had apparently been there all along.

Blinking, Silver shifted to sit with her legs bent and tucked to one side, moving slow especially now that Indy appeared to be pondering deeply. One could reason that she was just flicking her tail, acting with faux sentience like most people that owned pets thought, but there was a person beneath those paw pads and claws, rifling through her spoken word with the focus of an editor scouring a script for any errors.
Silver wondered if perhaps it would be easier for Indy if she shifted. If she appealed to her cat side, earned its trust so that the pricked ridge of fur along her spine would flatten with the quick lap of a groom in the form of easing up around her, maybe then it would be okay to pull the human back from the depths.

To draw her humanity back to the forefront would be a bane as much as a boon, but if they were to play nice with Beth or hope to find a way out of here, they couldn’t risk Indy bolting off through the next open window into the night. Her tether, she noticed, was the pendant. So maybe if she learned of it’s significance, stirred a few bipedal memories, maybe it could be a form of reasoning.

Silver had readied up to shift when Indy’s words made her shoulders lower in relief, feeling the tension ease a bit from both her and her wolf as it’s ears seemed to prick and tail lift a little higher in renewed confidence. Indy’s lack of grace shone once more, a small smile lightening Silver’s stonier features at how clumsy she seemed to be even as a cat. The long acknowledgment combined with a stiff little stretch alone had spoken volumes. If she hadn’t captured the cat’s attention before, she had been handed the stage now, albeit after they ate. She almost wanted to reach out and pet her in thanks, but Silver was sure her usually indecipherable emotions would be picked up with ease.

Roje appeared to be having her own battle with whomever was on the other side of the phone, fingers making dull tapping noises per her bad ear’s attention. “Roje, you good?” Silver turned to the woman, the scent of plastic burning and the pop briefly flickering worry across her eyes. “Indy’s curious about if you got any leads. She’s worried.”


Your resident on-and-off bibliomaniac!
Aódh McFaol | Bernard Greve | Riley Alder | Jae-eun Kyungri
Written with: Worthlessplebian Worthlessplebian , xAlter xAlter , KodakWolf KodakWolf and Out Of Words Out Of Words .
Location: The Loving Spoon.

The sensation that had struck Bernard's hand had dissipated with time. Still, this left the Dane with many a question. Questions that he could not answer or cook up an answer immediately. The frustration, palpable enough that it could be seen with how he's gripping the spoon, would have to be dashed to the four corners of Bernard's mind. Focusing on the positives, this oatmeal was downright scrumptious. If Bernard had been an emotional man, then he'd exclaim that this reminds him of his mother's grød. Alas he is content with simply enjoying it. Returning to the matters at hand, even though this dish took up much of Bernard's senses, his extraordinary one had remained focused steadfast on the occupants next to him. With a few more spoonful's, Bernard had concluded the façade. Yet he must admit that while he solely subsides on voltage, tasting delicious food on his tongue is something that can never be replaced.

His attention, not his eyes, turn towards the small group that gathered. For one, that strange canid had climbed upon his handler—if he even is the dog's owner—seemingly perturbed by an unseen force. It even panted, as if it held its' breath underwater. Odd as it may be, Bernard's suspicions about that pooch seemed more concrete by the minute. After his radical transformation into a, seemingly, mythological or mystical creature, Bernard had taken up the study of esotericism too and mythology too. Drawing upon his knowledge of the Norse mythos, canines were psychopomps-guides for souls—specifically their masters—to the Valhalla, it would not farfetched to believe that this dog too sees something that Bernard could not hope to perceive.

His thoughts were broken by Miranda asking him whether he would dine here or take the roast out. Well, he did not exactly want to eat right now. "Ah, thank you but I'll be having some of that roast in the Inn. Here's for the oat and coffee." He said while placing some money on the table.

Back to the matter at hand, these people held or could hold more information than him so he must confront them. He reckons a confident and laidback attitude would help. Grabbing the coffee and his chair, Bernard swung around and now sat on the table next to Jae-un and Aódh. "Hallo, mine venner!" Greeting them with his thickly accented Danish, Bernard made sure to relax his usual composure. "I take it you two are tourists, like me?" Technically, he is a tourist. "How's it been for you? Godt, yea? Me, I've been here for a week or two and I'm still getting to know this place."

Aódh wasn't quite expecting, after having given an affirmation to Miranda about dining in the café for the evening, that the tanned, bookish individual that went by the name of the Bernard, would suddenly traipse over to himself and Jay, and in quite a jovial manner to add.

It didn't help that he couldn't outright identify the man's accent either, an unusual confoundation in that he was usually quite adept at guessing where people were from, based on how they spoke.

"Ah...hello there...Bernie," Aódh began, not sure how accommodating the stranger would be about this impromptu nickname, "I only arrived here myself yesterday, off of a tour bus, but let me tell you, it's been quite the day. What brought you here yourself?"

The movement of someone standing up drew the dog's attention away from the fox. He was feeling better already, because who wouldn't after so many pets and hugs? He was feeling so much better he might as well get off Augie's lap and let the man breathe better. Maybe after five more minutes.

But the air in the café was still unnatural, as was the way some of the patrons started conversing. Their words felt forced, kind of out of place. Obviously some small talk paving the way for other subjects they didn't feel comfortable addressing outright.

And Boy eyed the fox again, trying to gauge its reaction to that strange man approaching.

Augie just kept on petting Boy reassuringly, though his gaze drifted more toward the kitchen than the company conversing at the counter. He was hungry, and if he needed to stop by the inn with an order, he'd have to wait a little longer before he could eat himself.

It wasn't a big deal, he didn't mind it. Would just make the food taste all the better for the anticipation. "Soon, Boy. You'll love Tilly's roast."

Bernard was quite shocked that this young Irishman seemed greener than him. And an eventful day? Bernie? By the cadence of his voice, it honestly struck the Danish man as if Aódh had been stressed by the encounter. However, Bernard decided to err on the side of caution and not pursue a detailed description of the event.

Instead, he continued with his own motives on the matter. "Well, I'hh," A momentary pause as Bernard glanced past Aódh. "I was in the market for drinking joints, wanted to ask you young fellas if you knew of any. I know one man here who is an owner or soon to be anyway. That Kai fellow, for instance with the Shark pub or whatever." He laid his bait out, see if anyone would respond to that.

While Bernard made small talk, he also occasionally tossed a glance at the black dog. It seems quite cognizant. Far more than the average canid. "That's quite a dog, his name was Boy?" He asked, having already overheard it.

"I couldn't tell ya, to be honest," Aódh admitted, "But Jay might be able to help ya here. After the day that's been had, I could go for having a pint."

Bernard, then, all of a sudden, remarked about Boy, perhaps due to the way which he leered at Yun, firmly placed on Jay's lap.

"That's it," the youth confirmed, "I met him for the first time there this morning, alongside Augie, when I had breakfast with Beatrice, before all the lightbulbs felt inclined to shatter...bloody hell, it was lucky I didn't find a bloody sliver in my tea!"

But Bernard did make a point; there was something exceptional about Boy. Whilst the farrago of scents still continued to pervade through the café, individual scents eeked out a more noticeable presence. This, the tourist wanted to presume, was the individual scents of all the people, and creatures, present in the Loving Spoon.

It seemed, however, that certain scents were more individual than others.

Were Aódh to put how they sensual information into words, one had a more oceanic scent, whilst the other had a more earthy odour.

Even though he couldn't appellate people as the possessing those scents, that he was sleuthing his way through maze of smells served to give him an inkling of confidence, filling a want that the day had drained him of.

Jay merely observed the following conversation, his mind just focused on not causing a scene, which was incidentally becoming harder and harder as Yun grew more restless. The fox soon jumped off his lap, and curled under the stool he was sitting on. A single, lone eye remained open.

"Uh... yeah..." Jay said, his mind quickly halting as he was addressed. "Not a tourist... at least anymore. I've been living in Marasong for little over two years now. It's a nice change of pace." he admitted quite openly, stumbling over his own thoughts. "And you said you're looking for a place for drinks?"

Jay brought his hand up to his chin and thought for a moment. "I mean, there's that one place at the edge of town, which usually isn't open... and then the Careless Shark Pub should be opening up again soon..." Shrugging, Jay just went back to his thoughts.

"Oh! I could see if my boss could give a discount on some beer..." he suggested.

Augie looked up when someone mentioned Boy. He grinned and gave the dog extra good pets, "Yes, he's the town mascot!" He took a moment to show off the tag stating such around the dog's collar. "He's a good boy. Just click your tongue if you see him around, helps guide him."

Miranda was at the counter then, "Should be another couple of minutes, Augie, for your order and the one for delivery."

Lightbulb shattering? How peculiar, Bernard thought. Most paranormal sprites tickle their fancy by being needlessly unearthly. It almost seemed as though they strive for the dramatics. Regardless Bernard listened to Aódh carefully, despite being quite young, the Irishman displayed some manner of wisdom. It is good that the youth around the world are—Wait, what? Silver? No, wait. He said sliver. Looks like he's too wound up about these conspiracies that he's suspecting any sort of slip as something Freudian.

"How dreadful," Bernard replied. "Thank goodness, you all are fine."

Aódh then deflected to the Asian fellow. Bernard had wrongly deduced and was corrected on Jay's residence, that he had been a community-goer for a long time now. "Ah, I see, my mistake." After he shrugged, Jay offered Bernard (and likely others) a discount on beer. "I appreciate it lad, I'll be sure to drop by."

Augie explained that Boy had become a mascot of the city. Well, alright. Animal mascots aren't too uncommon, especially for small towns such as this. But Bernard will be keeping an eye on him. "Good Boy." He called. He gulped down the last of his coffee and stood up. "Well, thank you gentlemen for your company. But I shall be off now. Vi ses." Declaring his goodbye (as see ya in Danish), Bernard adjusted his coat and departed from the diner. Off to explore the town.

Hearing his name, ears flicked and the dog looked away from the fox and in the direction his name came from. It was that strange group, with the strange scents and the strange small talk. Tail wagged a little bit still, because he was a good boy, after all.

But then some movement suddenly caught his eye, and what he saw made him almost lose his barely maintained balance on Augie's lap. The fox was moving, to the ground! Just as he was considering giving Augie a break by getting off his lap! But no way he'd give the orange monster easier access to himself now! Paws scratched scratched, and he was able to maintain his position on higher ground after some struggle.

Only after the fox seemed to settle down under the stool did Boy notice that same man kept throwing glances his way, which he found most unsettling. He'd definitely have jumped off Augie's lap and hidden under the table at this point, were it not for the fox. So he remained where he was, ears flicking whenever he heard his name again, and tail wagging heartily with all the good pets Augie gave him.

When the man that'd been eyeing him stood up, the dog tensed up a little bit, the tension increasing as the man got closer, then ebbing away little by little when he passed straight by and headed to the door. Good.

Something was really off about him.


Am real hu-man
Location: Hopping along. (Discord-ant)
Tags: KodakWolf KodakWolf , Maeteris Maeteris

"Fuck." Leif mumbled the instant the unmistakable noise of a phone being crushed under a heel was heard. He even let out a short, distressed chuckle at how things started going down just when they seemed to be getting better. He didn't need to look to know what happened, but he had to look to know which phone survived. Chase's.

He wasn't sure whether he should be even minimally relieved or not. Losing any one of the two phones was a tragedy in the situation they found themselves in. But Chase's distress didn't allow him to dwell on that for long.

"Whatever, go get whatever you were going to get." He spoke in a rushed tone when eyes left the phone to look up at Levi, just as he reached to grab both phones from him and tuck them into his pockets, pulling away from Chase against his own will.

Levi seemed to have a plan B, and that's what he should be focusing on now. A phone was just a phone, after all. Perhaps it could be fixed, but even if it couldn't, he'd found Chase, found someone who knew about Turid, and that was the most important, what really mattered. He'd find another way to figure out the rest.

Levi headed into the bathroom, and soon the sounds of the shower could be heard. He came back out a moment later. "It'll get hot inna bit. Sometimes the steam helps." He remained near the door, to keep an eye on when it was ready.

Chase's blue eyes closed, as he had to focus on just taking each breath. Levi asked again, "What're doing? What gots him so worked up?"

Really? Steam? Well fuck it, not like Leif had any better ideas than just stepping further away until his back hit one of the walls, hoping it'd make some sort of difference.

"It's not him, it's something else. Something's... too warm in his chest." As he spoke, eyes darted between Chase and Levi, and the tone was still rushed. "We were talking. Writing." And he made a gesture that mimicked the drawing of letters so Levi would know what he meant with him speaking as little as possible to convey the message.

Levi looked confused for a moment, but one could see in his expression when he got it. "Ohhhh." He rubbed at the side of his face with a hand, pondering.

Chase latched onto whatever his hand could grip, which wound up being Leif's shirt. Fingers curled tight as he seemed to be gasping for breath.

One hand wrote against Leif's chest, the movement almost desperate.


The room spun around Edwin, his heartbeat pounding in his ears. How hard had he fallen? When did he sit up? Where did this woman pop up from? And why was no one else phased by that loud pounding?

He put a hand to his head, trying to feel for any injury, but there seemed to be nothing external.

"Something in his chest?” Edwin repeated, "There's something outside too. Something desperate."

Leif wasn't expecting Chase to latch onto his shirt, nor did he expect the message that followed. So Chase was nearly done with the third 'OUT' when Leif finally got it, just as Edwin spoke.

The vampire looked at the man with a confused expression, that soon merged into a nod. Edwin saw ghosts and magic stuff he couldn't see, and what he was saying was in tune with Chase's message.

So Leif didn't really feel like he had much of a choice when he moved to grab Chase by the arm and pull him to a stand, stepping forward to wrap an arm around his torso for support while he guided him toward the door.

"He wants out." He mumbled to whoever could listen.

He wasn't thinking when he forced the door open and stepped outside with Chase. He wasn't thinking because no matter who or what was outside besides the sun itself, leaving Chase's side wasn't an option.

Levi's eyes grew a bit wide when it was clear Leif was taking Chase outside. He opened his mouth to say something, but whether it was a look, or just the feeling in the room, somehow he just knew it wouldn't stop them.

Thankfully, the sun was lowering, and there were mostly shadows around the home. One would have to step pretty purposefully into the direct sunlight, didn't mean the instinct to be wary was lessened any.

Chase followed Leif's guidance, as his chest shuddered for every desperate breath. The man couldn't stand for long, and moved to sit on the still pretty damp ground next to the house. With what felt like just a random breeze to Leif, Chase's difficulty breathing started to lessen.

For Edwight, the breeze wasn't just the wind. It looked like a small herd of translucent rabbits, nearly defying gravity as they all bounded toward Chase. As he sat on the ground, they circled him, noses pressing against the man's chest.

It almost looked like they were rooting around for something.

Leif was bracing himself for the impact of direct sunlight the moment they stepped outside, but what greeted them was milder sunlight of a day heading toward its end.

Leif wasn't too focused on figuring out what time of the day it was, though. Eyes quickly scanned the surroundings for whatever or whoever Edwin said were outside, but found nothing, or at least nothing Leif himself could see, sense or smell.

So his attention went quickly back to Chase as he offered the man support while he moved to sit down near the house. Eager eyes awaited any sign of improvement as Leif sat down next to him. He was internally debating taking Chase to the clinic, as the man was in no conditions to give him any more instructions besides the ones he already had, when a light breeze seemed to gradually sweep the man's distress away.

Leif waited, and waited, until Chase's anguish eased some, arms slowly falling to his side as he let go of him. Only then did he look back at the house whose door he left open.

"What's out here?" He shouted, hoping Levi or Edwin would have a satisfactory answer. He knew something was or had been there, only he wasn't able to sense it, as was the case with many things. It wasn't just a breeze.

And then Leif reached for Chase's hand when the man seemed to be faring better, not waiting for an answer from either of the two men they left in the house before he started asking another question, this time to Chase.

W'H-A-T. Squeeze. H-A-P-P-E-N-E-D-?

Edwin followed after Chase and Leif, intending to step outside with them, but the sight he came to stopped him in the doorway. What he knew of the town so far, he expected something viscous, something wicked. Instead, there were bunnies.

And though Chase had a wolf spirit within him, the rabbits seemed not only unafraid, but rather eager to swarm him. Swarm and dig away, though Chase did seem to be breathing easier, so whatever they were uprooting was for his own good.

"Uh." Edwin stammered when Leif yelled out his question. "Bunny swarm? They're, I don't know, tunneling into him. This place is weirder than the barbeque, and only getting worse."

The rabbits started pulling back, and clutched in their teeth were strands with thick, wet looking leaves. Only Edwight could watch as each rabbit backed up, using their strong hind legs to tug and tug and tug.

Chase had to gasp for breath now and then, seemingly in tune with each hard tug the rabbits gave the leafy strands. It wasn't a fighting for breath, but something closer to finally being able to take a deep breath.

Bit by bit, they drew this out of his chest, nearly as translucent as the rabbits, but dark as opposed to their white. After each rabbit had pulled around three feet each, it snapped, sending them tumbling with what they did managed to take out.

Chase shuddered and rubbed at his chest, but smiled slightly and gave a nod of his head to show he was okay. He hadn't been able to write back to Leif yet, too focused as he was on breathing.

Soon as the rabbits saw Chase could breathe, with a twitch of their ears, they dragged the dark strands behind as they bounded toward the docks. They faded swiftly after they turned to hop away.

When the spectacle finally ended, Edwight rubbed at his eyes. He knew it wouldn't help, wouldn't change anything, but he was just so unsure on what he'd just witnessed.

Finally he stepped out of the house, moving cautiously around the rabbits, to squat down near Chase. What had they pulled out of him? Why was it so wet? And why had it been rabbits?

"He seems a bit better." Edwin stated, trying to hide his confusion. He then turned towards Levi to ask "How often does he get out? And does he ever have these... breathing issues, while he's out?"

Levi wasn't sure what was going on. He remained half in, half out of the doorway. It was easy to assume if it wasn't for Chase, he'd just as soon leave them all out and shit the door behind.

"Uh." His expression showed he was giving it thought before answering. "Try to takes him out a little each day. Unless weather is bad or I can't watch him. And uh.. No. Don't think he's had any probs outside. Why?"

"It looks like-" Edwin started, then noticed the woman that had joined their investigative group, and remembered the peeping Tom she had chased off. "-Like fresh air does him wonders. I'll have to check some, uh, medical texts, see if I can find anything to help us understand his condition better."

He then nodded to Leif. "I've got some leads and ideas, if you want to discuss any theories later. I'm sure you've got some thoughts yourself."

"Bunny swarm?" Leif repeated Edwin's answer with a confused expression, more mumbling it to himself than anything after glancing at the man. He then watched as Edwin approached, seemingly cautious not to step on something invisible to him. Whatever 'bunny swarm' meant, didn't seem to be doing Chase any harm, much on the contrary.

Such an absurd answer, and Leif himself not being able to see a thing, was sort of frustrating, but he knew better than to really call the answer 'absurd'.

When Edwin spoke again, Leif nodded in agreement in a way that showed how thankful he was for the man's offer as he glanced at him before eyes went back to watching Chase attentively. "Sure." Fresh air does him wonders or is it 'bunnies'? Just how much deeper down the rabbit hole were they heading?

And then he glanced at Levi, raising an eyebrow. "How safe is that?" Speaking, that was. Obviously. With invisible bunnies around, who knew who or what else could be listening around the corner.

And Leif reached forward to reassuringly place a hand on Chase's shoulder while giving him time to catch his breath. Making sure he knew he was still there.

Levi had quite the expression on his face, and he moved out of the doorway to step closer to Leif and the others. One hand rubbed at the side of his face as he thought about it before answering. "Ain't too sure. Uh.. Best inside, away from windows 'n doors. Kitchen area mostly."

Chase reached up with one hand to curl around the wrist at his shoulder, the other wiped at his face, and the tears that had gathered during his struggle to breathe. The wuffles that followed were the most relaxed he's had since Leif found him.

Leif was quick to nod. "Right. Let's just give him a bit more time." His free hand moved to gently wipe a couple of tears Chase'd missed, then he grabbed the man's hand and started writing again.

W-H-A-T. Squeeze. H-A-P-P-E-N-E-D?

Chase looked so much better, Leif didn't want to bring him in right away. He didn't want to bring him in at all, but at the same time, whatever Levi was hiding from was outside, which made the moment less comfortable than it should be. There was some tension in the air as Leif looked around and saw nothing noteworthy. Not a bunny swarm, not anything else.


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Hatsu Black
New Territory
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Hatsu had managed to catch a glimpse of Bill through his inn bedroom and was able to catch up to her and her new friend before they both entered the residence. He stood there for a bit not really sure if he should make himself known or if he should just stand there until his presence was made aware of. It didn't take long for Bill to turn and see him. She seemed to be cautious and a bit surprised that he was there.

"Evening," she said cautiously, "What brings you-ah, right."

Yeah she better be surprised. He didn't really want to be there, but she had made it seem urgent that he came and help. That anyone came to help really. Hatsu took a minute to look over at Bill's newest bestie as the door was unlocked- hopefully that would help him not become frustrated all over again. It seemed like the other woman had be starting at him for a bit before she smiled at him in greeting. Hatsu didn't really know what to do but give a light wave before following Bill inside. Hopefully this emergency is something simple and an easy fix. Maybe a leaky sink or something. He told himself that maybe he should do better about meeting new people- but that can always wait for another day.

Hatsu had already started to process of taking off his shoes when Bill gave the command. He grew up taking off his shoes it was second nature to him at this point. He made sure to put them to the side so that no one would trip over them.

"and mind the cat. She'll still be in her carrier but keep well away if you like having your legs in one piece."

"You have a cat?" Hatsu said not meaning to sound surprised. Was it too late to say he had an allergy? Probably. Maybe if this was quick he won't turn into a sneezing mess, "You don't seem like a cat person." Hatsu had always wanted a cat, but he was never allowed to growing up for obvious reasons. There were a few hypoallergenic breeds he was interested in, but in truth there was no such thing as a non-allergenic cat. They all were cats. just not all produced the same amount of dander. Besides, he could barely remember to take care of himself- he shouldn't bring another life into his wacky one. He followed her to her bedroom door, a bit curious to see what dangerous cat she owned. He probably didn't want to try to make friends with it either way, but that didn't stop his curiosity about the furry creature.

"Sorry about the mess. I'm really into like…new age…spiritual stuff."

"Right." Hatsu said not really sure how to respond. He kept his stuff clean. He didn't like a mess and he always had a good idea where all his things were. Besides, he was always up to something in his room growing up that it was just easier to put his stuff out the way. And it made it easier to find said stuff when you did it correctly.

"And as for why you're here, uh…long story short, I found something weird in the forest. Something kind of…you didn't open your safe yet, did ye? Ah, getting ahead of myself. Come on."

"No I haven't- You're not making any sense," Hatsu said, "I'd like to know what you exactly need help with."

Out Of Words

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A Breakthrough

Roje's phone was black, and wouldn't turn on, but it wasn't cracked, or otherwise on fire. The cord was done, though. It gave up the last bit of use it had, and maybe it would have lasted a wee bit longer if not for the wriggling around. Then again, maybe not. Regardless, Roje now had a phone needing service.

Meanwhile, Silver and Indy managed some form of communication not previously used by either one. Since one was feline, the other canine in nature, it had to be something more basic than the type of spirit guardian. It felt like something they should have been aware of before now. Maybe, if either one had embraced the animal side more fully, or earlier on. Two halves can't make a whole if there is a wall built in between.

The wolf and cat spirits couldn't help but feel a small spike of almost giddiness, even if the human counterparts couldn't tell. This was big! It felt like doors were unlocking and creaking slightly ajar. There was a brief surge of desire to go and tell the world, but it was quickly tampered by the gut instinct Marasong seemed to instill. Secrets were prized more than shared knowledge, at least in this harbor.

OOC Information

Roje Britt-21 Britt-21 : You know Joe might be able to at least look at your phone, but you have food on the way. A glance out the window also tells you it will be dark before too long. An end to the day at last! Maybe the night will be less eventful.

Indy Rhyme Rhyme : So nice to be a cat! Sometimes, the cat would rather just be left alone, to ponder life and imagine what kind of fish tastes best with chips. Then again, isn't it interesting this whole talky talky thing with Silver, but not with Silver? It is, but it isn't, and that makes it intriguing enough to keep the feline engaged with what's going on. Oh! Is that a bug on the other side of the window?

Silver Silver- Silver- : You're starting to pick up on even more of the feline spirit within Indy. From a small flick of an ear, which ear, how far the flick went, to the rhythm of the tail swish, the direction, how fast or how slow, it's all information. Not always useful information, and maybe you're just reading too far into everything, but your senses are sharper the more you focus on Indy the kitty.

A story by Out Of Words
Season One: A Night Bleeds

Out Of Words

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IC Thread - GM Post
Evening Thrills

Shortly after Bernard departed, Tilly came out with a couple of paper bags with handles, and a single to go box with Bernard's name scrawled across the top. Only, Bernard wasn't anywhere to be found. "Och! Where did Bernard go?" She looked a little exasperated, but only just.

Augie spoke up. "Uh, he just left. I can take it to the inn for him to get later?" He gave the dog a couple of pats, "Okay, down Boy, come on. Food's ready." He did his best to try and help guide the dog down to the floor, standing up after as Tilly came toward them and held out the goods.

"This one's fer Room two oh two." And she waited for Augie to nod and take the bag before holding out the other one. "This one's fer you an' Boy, a little extra fer your delivery services." She grinned, and then handed over Bernard's box. "Prolly can jus' leave that one with Sera, she'll know th' room. But that one.." She gestured to the bag for 202, "You take yourself."

Augie nodded his head, showing he understood. "Myself, got it, thanks Tilly. See you later 'Randa!" He gave a nod toward Miranda, and then over to Jay and Aódh. "Have a good night!" Then he clicked his tongue as he headed toward the door, holding it open for the dog to follow him outside. "Let's go, Boy."

As they exited the cafe, Tilly sat down a couple of plates in front of Aódh and Jay. It was indeed roast beef with all the trimmings, the beef at the perfect 'fall apart' stage. There were mashed potatoes made from scratch, a rich beef gravy, and a medley of vegetables. "Now, if'n ya manage ta eat all that, I 'ave a fresh cheesecake made earlier today." She laughed and clapped both of them lightly on the shoulder at the same time before moving back to the kitchen.

OOC Information

Riley KodakWolf KodakWolf : The smell of food coming from the bags Tilly handed off to Augie is pure delight. Augie will move you to the floor if you don't start to get down on your own, but always with a reassuring pat or scratch behind the ear. Then it's back to clicking the tongue to help urge you to follow after. He's still not alarmed by the fox or the others in the diner.

Aódh & Jay Larry Larry xAlter xAlter : Plenty of food, and then some. Jay, your plate has a bit extra, for the fox of course, though Aódh has an impressive amount. Tilly had witnessed Aódh's appetite earlier and knew what to expect.

A couple of other townsfolk filter in while there is still light in the sky, but nothing extraordinary about them. Or maybe the food's made you scent blind temporarily. They give you all nods in greeting, but quickly settle down at various tables and booths, eager for some of Tilly's dinner before calling it a night.

A story by Out Of Words
Season One: A Night Bleeds

Out Of Words

GM of If December Freezes
IC Thread - GM Post
Is It Bedtime Yet?

Chase was feeling much better, even had some color in his face again. The wuffles were more relaxed, but it took him a moment before he sought out Leif's palm to 'write' on. He didn't seem to understand Leif's question though, and his answer might have seemed to be obvious.

C-A-N pat-pat B-R-E-A-T-H-E pat-pat A-G-A-I-N pat-pat-pat-pat.

Chase laughed lightly as he patted the palm a few extra times to show he was finished writing. And then he purposefully took in several deep breaths to 'show' how he could breathe again. Levi even chuckled nearby, though it was still tinged with tension. "Uh, did you want to sit out here for a spell?" He couldn't deny Chase seemed better outside, despite the risk it carried.

The sun continued to lower, like most sunsets, once it started, it seemed to just steamroll toward night. Some of the lamps around town started to come on once the illumination faded enough to trigger the sensors. There was no sign of rabbits, or a peeping Tom, or the strange woman who had witnessed more than she should have.

"Uh.. guys? Where.. where did she go?" Levi had peered through the house after a quick glance didn't reveal their mysterious visitor. "Shit.." Levi disappeared into the house and went through each room, even checked closets and the like before he poked his head back out the doorway. "Not here."

OOC Information

Edwight Thropian Thropian : There are no more signs of the rabbits, but on second glance, there's a small portion of the dark strands they pulled out of Chase's chest left behind. It's still translucent, and may not be anything you can actually touch, but it's on the ground where the rabbits faded out of existence.

Leif KodakWolf KodakWolf : Chase currently looks better than you've seen him up to now. You know the night is coming soon, and eventually Chase will need to go back inside, but here and now, he seems perfectly at ease and relaxed. Levi's still a bundle of nerves, more so with the disappearance of the woman visitor, but he seems to be looking to you for guidance on what to do next.

Four Maeteris Maeteris : In the chaos, you decided it best to exit stage left. It might be getting too late to stop by the rock store, but might swing by the storefront anyway.

A story by Out Of Words
Season One: A Night Bleeds

Out Of Words

GM of If December Freezes
IC Thread - GM Post
A Bug in The System

Things were pretty much like Bill left it. There was still a book on top of the box, and it was still in a circle. Maybe the circle was a little bit smudged up at one point, next to what looked to be a black insect leg. The cat was growling low and quiet by the side of the bed, where that rabbit still sat. The rabbit only Bill and the cat seemed capable of seeing.

The contents of the box were quiet, the whole thing still. If it wasn't for the leg, and the smudging of the circle, Bill might have been able to chalk it all up to her imagination. Oh, and the cat growling. A growling that suddenly grew in intensity and volume just moments before Bill registered a scrabbling sound. A sound under her bed.

The cat darted out of the room like its tail was on fire, brushing past Hatsu in the doorway. It disappeared under some other piece of furniture, but most importantly, away from the scrabbling, scratching underneath Bill's bed.

OOC Information

Bill BillieRoss BillieRoss : It sounds like one of the buggers got out somehow. Worse, it's under the bed. The rabbit seems to be watching, but not inspired to move from where it's obviously very comfortable. Soon as the cat is out of the room though, the sounds under your bed stop abruptly. Which is worse?

Hatsu silverwhere silverwhere : You can see a box with a book on top, in the middle of what used to be a complete circle, now with a small part smudged away. Oh, and there's a black insect leg next to the open spot. The cat brushed against your legs as it rushed out of the room, and you can feel your nose twitching. Maybe it's just in your head. However, that sound under the bed is most definitely not in your head.

A story by Out Of Words
Season One: A Night Bleeds

Out Of Words

GM of If December Freezes
IC Thread - GM Post
Careless Shark Pub

The pub was at the Western end of the docks, past several other stores along the way. Most were already closing down, as the sun was setting and the lights of the town were starting to come on. There were also numerous fire glass pits being lit for the night by one of the dock workers.

They provided warmth and light in the night, and were pretty as well. They had various colors of fire glass, giving the flames a nice little variety. They were spread here and there, just far enough apart to allow some shadows to dance merrily in anticipation of the sun fully setting.

Past the grocery store, past the tourist store selling shells and stones, past the imported goods store and finally, the pub. The outside seemed solid, and what little damage had happened months ago in the fire, had been repaired. The reports did say most of the damage was on the inside, for those who read such things.

A glimpse through the parted curtains showed an interior nearly ready for business. There was a nice wooden bar, stools, lots of shelves with a good stock of spirits in eye catching colorful bottles. There were some dining tables and chairs, simple but nice, they matched the overall decor of the place from what one could see through the window.

Oh, and there was someone inside, straightening up the bottles on the shelves. General tidying up, making sure labels were facing front, and there wasn't any dust gathering. For a brief moment, the figure turned to the side, toward the window, reaching for something below the counter. It was just enough to give a good view of the man's face.

It was Kai.

OOC Information

Bernard Worthlessplebian Worthlessplebian : The glimpse is enough for you to believe the figure does match the somewhat grainy, old time article from way too long ago for it to be the same man. Maybe Kai was a descendant of the person, just a natural doppleganger perhaps. Either way, if you check the front door, you'll find it locked and a sign in the door window stating it should be open for business that weekend.

It's currently Tuesday.

A story by Out Of Words
Season One: A Night Bleeds


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Bernard had left, as did Augie and Boy, leaving just the tourist to Marasong and one of its resident as the sole customers in the café. Aódh, though he reckoned Jay to be a nice lad, didn't want to bring the conversation to surfeit by a needless amount of chit-chat, so he sat there for a few moments, an arm placed on the counter gently cupping his chin. This is nice too, the youth thought to himself, contentedly closing his eyes, the latent thrum of activity, of hearts beating in chests, all happening around him. The nature of possessing enhanced senses was something that Aódh struggled with initially, as regards to regulating their use. He always counted himself lucky that he lived in a quiet enough parish back in Galway, that, in future instances where he would have been exposed to more intense sensations, served as a great place for practice. Training his senses involved the rather mundane task of focusing on the sound of a leaf gently falling to the ground: listening to the heartbeats of his family members as he returned home from school, whether they were tense or placid; discerning what was being cooked from more than a mile away; all these served to greatly improve the young man's facility with his heightened senses.

The sound of plates clinking against the surface of the table, with the enrapturing scents wafting upwards, awled the serenity the youth enjoyed in his mind ever so slightly, until his own hunger broke it completely. Tilly then clipped both himself and Jay across the back, with mention of cheesecake being kept in reserve should they want it after finishing the feed before them.

Aódh smiled playfully.

Clearly having marked himself as a noted customer, the tourist was pleasantly surprised at the generous amount of beef that Tilly had loaded onto the plate, accompanied by spuds lathered in gravy with steamed carrots, broccoli and spinach. It wasn't too long after Tilly had laid the food down in front of him, having thanked the proprietress and Miranda for cooking it, that Aódh, knife and fork clutched vice-like in his hands, dove right into the meal. Dad did always joke that dinner-time was the most peaceful time of the day, the Irishman reminisced, greedily wolfing down the meat like it was a liquid, We were too busy stuffing our gobs to talk about the day we had, good or bad! There was no rhyme nor reason to how Aódh ate; he didn't start with one victual and then move on to another, nor did he even devour the different foodstuffs present completely, often leaving them on the plate, truncated with bite marks, bearing no indication as to when he would return to them. It didn't help that everything was cooked so sumptuously, to the point where Aódh could felt himself compelled to never focus on eating one particular item of food by itslef, for fear that he would miss out on the way it blended with the taste of the other comestibles present.

The reality didn't bear out what the youth may have felt himself to be doing or his reasoning behind why he was doing it: he just looked off his head eating.

Then, after what seemed like a minute or two, Aódh was thoroughly enervated from his feeding. He had the cartoonish image of a bloated stomach pop into the mind, and the sentiment seemed apt.

"Tilly, Miranda..." he began, needing an intake of air to continue to nascent sentence, "That was stunning; I haven't ate something as nice in a long time. Against my own best interest, and the misgivings of myself tomorrow, I'm looking to have a bit of that cheesecake, if it's no bother to the two of ye."
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As the dainty Dane dashed discreetly. Not quicker than a jog, but not slower than a stroll. The coming night is briefly driven away by the illumination of the fire glass. Bernard glanced, occasionally, from the borders of the light towards the workers. He was not some member of an ancient court, marred in murky shadow that preys upon the downtrodden of society to sate a hunger of crimson fluids, and congregates to lord over the ignorant plebes. Nor was he the frighteningly horrific beast of ancient European tales: with a fanged maw, claws as sharp as the finest blade, skin so pale that it may become transparent, and body crooked, even twisted from resting in a Cimmerian casket. Yet in his mind, it is undeniable that the affects of his "vampiric" transformation had undoubtedly altered a fundamental factor within his psyche. The ingrained instincts of the predator heightened even more so, he isn't conscious of this fact which is why he is sticking to the darkness. A shade to which he may be able to disappear or strike from, now who was acting like one of the aforementioned night creatures.

Regardless, he had reached where this, soon to be opened, pub would be; He must say despite suffering from a wanton burning, this place remained strangely intact. Bernard stuck his hand under his chin, pondering the possibilities while stretching and darting his eyes across the surface. Moving closer, Bernard peeked into the premises via a partially uncovered window. Sitting areas and stools to the right, while a bartender tended to the bar on the left. It was quite impressive. He dare says that this will be open in a couple of days. And the man who comes and goes, irregularly to some back room, is a striking resemblance to the man in the photo. At least, as much as Bernard could tell.

But much to Bernard's chagrin, when he attempted to open the door, he was met with resistance. The resistance being the door's lock. Inspecting this old thing revealed it to be some old fashioned deadbolt. Sadly, he lacks the necessary tools to actually pop this sucker open. Both mechanical or biological. He does know a thing or two about locks, especially of the electric variety. Through the vessels in his right hand, the electric drainer channeled power. Electricity and magnetism are closely connected, and Bernard knows this. With some adjustments in focus, Bernard produces a strong magnetic field that, for a moment, jiggles the deadbolt. But that's all it does. Jiggle. He cannot open this with some flimsy attempt. The flowing stops as Bernard clenches fists in anger, but the night is young. And there is one way that he knows of to open the bolt. He'll need a knife... Or similarly shaped piece of metal. Don't sit so comfortably, Mr. Kai, this Dane will be back soon.

With a turn of his heel, Bernard departed from the area and returned to the Inn.


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Out Of Words Out Of Words Silver- Silver- Rhyme Rhyme

Her eyes shifted toward Silver and she nodded slightly, looking off to the side with a loud sigh "Well, yes and no." she fully turned towards the pair "The only leads I got is that apparently our 'father' went on a flight, and disappeared. Same with a friend of mine who took the same flight, his name was "Macky"...Which uh...Is definitely not like me, which means we are 100% in a different timeline." shrugging, she resumed her pacing, though with the room size, she wish she could walk a little more "Aside from that unknown flight; Our 'father' had us meet up together, Indy." she glanced at the cat form of her sister "But he also convinced us to come to this place to see mother dearest." just calling her that made her roll her eyes in annoyance. If they were coming here because of their father's request, then where the hell was their luggage? No one really flies without luggage...right? Fuckin hell, all of this was still a miss and she really didn't want to keep dealing with it for the rest of the night "Know what, for the rest of the night, we're going to eat, sit on our asses, and just get to know each other. I'm not sure about you guys, but my head is nothing but scrambled eggs from timeline jumps and the rest of today."

Feeling like that her phone was a lost cause, she just grabbed it from the small side table and stuffed it into her pocket while also removing the plug to prevent fire damage. Maybe Joe could help in the morning when she heads out, but she was still worried for the two that were still just as vulnerable as she was. I wonder if those two can protect each other when it comes down to it... I know we're all adults here but I feel like we still need need someone like me around just to protect them. there was no telling what they were going against and the only real threat they faced was the unknown of this town "You know, I really wonder where the guys went. They've been gone for God knows how long now." shifting to the window, she peeked outside, taking a look at the quiet street and the view itself. Or at least what she could see.​

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