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Multiple Settings Idol, Celebrity or FC Fun -New Kpop groups added often; Multiship & poly-friendly

Eternal Starlight

Starlight Suitcliff Ohara
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Okay so, I have some fun fantasy based AUs and some more simplistic concepts we could play around with- I am 100% open to poly and LGBTQ+ for your side
-Though please be forwarned I am not the most *versed* in playing spectrum-pairings..so to speak; nothing /against/ them at all I just have not had a ton of experience in the area. On a side note; all Idols that are under age here *Will be aged up*, Likely it would be an AU as I said that took more of a fantasy take and our own sort of 'versions' of the idols, Especially with some of the groups I am not *as* familiare with as I am say- Vixx or Ateez

I'm more then willing to Double, triple etc; You play a few of these handsome boys for me and I will do the same for you. Hell, if you have a girl group you adore that your looking for let me know; I am not- SUPER versed in GGs at this time and only really know blackpink and a few songs by other groups but I am more then willing to do my research; might make me a new stan....And if your looking for a Celebrity or the likes I'm up for that as well.

Ikon- Jinhwan/Jay & DK
Kingdom- Dann, Mujin
Pentagon- Shinwon, Kino, Hui, Yuto & Hongseok
Newkidd- Hwi and Hansol
Black On
Verivery- Yongseung, Yeongho, Min Chan
T01- Chan, Renta, Dong and J.You
Jeff Satur
Younite- Hyuungseung, Steve
TNX- Junhyeok, Taehun
E'last- Rano
Vixx- Leo
EXO- Kai, Baekhyun
SKZ- Hyunjin
NCT127- Doyoung, Jae and Yuta
WayV- Ten, Hendary, Winwin
Drippin- Yunseong, Minseo
BTS- Jimin
Monsta X- I/M, Hyungwon
Oneus- Xion, Hwanwon, Keon
Victon- Sejun, Seunsiks
The Boyz- Hyungjae, New, Young
Shinee- Taemin
Enhypen- Jake, Sunghoon, Ni-Ki
TXT- H-Kai, Beomgyu
SuperM- Kai, Taemin, Ten
Epex- Baekseung, Mu
Treasure- Junkyu, yoshi
TFN- Sian, Kairi Kevin
SF9- Taeyang, Wowoon, Zuho
MCND- Huijin, Minjae
History- Kyungil, Dokyum
2PM- Jun.K
Ateez- Yeosang, Seongwha
Uniq- Sungjoo, Yibo
Tempest- Hyuk, Taerae and Hanbin
Ghost9- Prince, Shin, Junhyung
P1harmon- Theo, Keeho
DKZ- Undecided lol
CIX- Jinyoung, Younghee
Highlight- Gigwang, Yunseob
&team- Undecided
U-Kiss- Kevin, Kiseop
ACE- Jun, Byeon
Got7- JB, Jackson, Bamban
Onlyoneof- OT
JustB- Lim Jimin, Sangwoo
BTOB- Minhyuk, Chang, Sung
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