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Hello reader! I find myself back on RP nation once again. It seems like one of the only ways to find somewhat reliable roleplay partners. I usually post fully fleshed out ideas on this forum, but this time I decided to try something a little different. It's been a while since I've participated in a good ropleplay, so quite a few ideas have build up. I've decided to dump them all here in hopes that someone will find something they like. I'm only looking for 1x1 style roleplays, usually FxM, with myself playing the female character.

Oh, and just a heads up, all the roleplays have different genres, so if you do not like the first one, please give the others a read anyway!

1) A village long plagued by bad soil and cold horrible winter is the home of our two main characters. The son of a blacksmith and the daughter of a healer. Since the village is small and poor, the two children, born only a few years apart, found each others company rather fun. That friendship evolved into their teen years, but then, something very significant happened. A tournament was hosted not far away from this little village. Wanting to try his luck, the blacksmiths son enrolled in this tournament and caught the eye of a high knight. The son received an opportunity, to join this knight and be his apprentice. The son did not think twice, seeking out a better world and leaving the old village behind. As the years passed, the son grew up and became a noble knight. An odd consequence made him return to his old village, where he faced a not-so-happy reunion with his childhood friend and the dying village. Will things get better? Will they get worse? Will the girl forgive her old friend for leaving?

2) It's a bit of a cliché to have the characters come from opposite sides of the conflict, though it's only cliché because it works and is interesting. Though... How about we put a little spin on that idea. Lets say the conflict is between three different kingdoms. It always has been, for as long as time can remember, however, in the recent years, the largest and most powerful kingdom has made a plan to swallow up the two slightly smaller ones, forcing the two lesser lands to unite despite their hatred towards each other? So meeting at a peace summit would be the most accurate way of describing this. What keeps our characters together? Well, if this is a war, then they should naturally be a part of it. Perhaps they are both commanders/generals? They could be responsible for training a single unit of men? Or, since the two armies technically hate each other, our two generals could be responsible for now training the two groups as one. Teaching them how to work together... which would be a challenge, considering the generals do not see eye to eye…

3) It’s not very fleshed out and I’m not exactly sure where the roleplay would start, but I’d like the story to follow two characters. Their paths had crossed before, in fact, they had been quite close. Born into poverty and raised in a rough part of the city, the young duo would become partners in crime. Petty theft and dealing substances for the most part, nothing too grand or extreme. A painful separation would happen when muse A snitches on muse B to get away from jail time. A good couple of years would pass, four or five. Both the muses would be grown, and muse B would be let out. Not wanting anything to do with their past B would change their name, trying their best to fit into society. This is when the unexpected reunion between the two muses would happen. It would not be a very happy one… naturally B would feel betrayed, though perhaps A has changed as well, or perhaps A wants to rope B back into their old ways… I assume the roleplay would really start just before the reunion, so I have not thought too much beyond that point yet.

4) Your character is an opportunistic, young male, having just heard about the newly discovered massive swath of land that had not been ventured into yet. With gold being the new fixation of America, it came as no surprise that your hardworking character gathered up a group of trusted men that were as skilled in the wild as they were in business to follow one of the river branches by the big open plains that bordered into large valleys and even further than that – sheer cliffs and tall mountains. It was a sight to behold for sure, and once the group had settled in, gold was to be found as well. In big masses. Though the longer the men stayed by the river, the stranger things around them got. Objects going missing, their sled dogs/horses let loose, their boats sent down the river. It was as if something or someone was trying to scare the group away.
That something would be an old and native tribe, not too happy with the sudden visit of “simple-men”. When the gold mining group would not budge from their current location, the natives finally showed themselves. Not only that, but a conflict rose up between the two groups and one night, the gold miners got attacked. Some of them badly injured, while others simply taken into custody of the tribe. The group of gold miners would be put through a set of challenges, evaluated by the tribe and once deemed safe, let explore the massive hidden civilization, learning about the strange, yet intriguing culture…

5) Destined To Die - This story will begin with both of our characters meeting on the battlefield, or what is left of it anyway. Two rival kingdoms have been fighting for ages and on this historic day over ten thousand people have died in a massive open field near the border of two kingdoms. The once beautiful meadow is now a foul sea of corpses, crows already circling overhead and coming down to feed on remains. However there are two survivors of the horror, just two. Muse A is slowly able to stand despite their wounds just like Muse B. Both Characters thought they would die in combat, but it seems fate won't take away their mortality just yet. The Muses see each other through the intense heat and bloodstained bodies littering the world around then. They stumble and walk towards each other through the carnage, endless weapons and shattered armor. Now what will they do?

6) The Woman in the Woods - This story is less about War and affecting things on a grand scale and more about morals, ideals, and even relationships. Muse A lives in a small village not to far from a large city by a massive swath of thick woods. Muse A was warned as a child to never go too far into those woods as there was something wicked about them. Typically A would listen, but as the years passed and A grew to be a young teen, A felt the need to satisfy their curiosity, so against their family's wishes, A went into the more dense areas of the cursed forest. Eventually A stumbled upon a strange hut with many symbols painted on the old wood, totems and other bad omens all on display all around. A feels an ominous sense of doom creep up their spine as a girl rushes out of a nearby thicket, screaming at Muse A while waving a hatchet. Muse A stumbles, but runs as fast as they can until they are back home gasping for breath. After telling the locals about this experience A comes to find out that there was once a woman living in the village with her daughter. The mother had certain mental issues, but instead of receiving help, the woman was shunned by the village people. Suffering daily from both her own issues and the abusive townspeople, the mother took her daughter and disappeared into the woods, never to be seen again.
Said mother died years later leaving the daughter (Muse B) alone to fend for herself. That must've been who Muse B encountered as a child.
Now enough time has passed and Muse A is older and wiser, prepared both mentally and physically. Muse A feels they must return to that creepy hut deep in the forest, just to make sure that what A saw as a child was not some sick fever dream. What if everyone was right ? What if everyone was wrong ? It seems like Muse A is the only one around that cares enough to find out.


"Be careful you are not in wonderland." -KYD
Hello! Are you still looking for new partners? Plot 4 and 6 caught my eye. Years ago I played a character who sat in jail for a few years due to not snitching on their childhood love and I'd love to try my hand at it again. I also found 6 super interesting! I love folklore and would love to loop in some of the superstitions of old into an RP.
Hello! Are you still looking for new partners? Plot 4 and 6 caught my eye. Years ago I played a character who sat in jail for a few years due to not snitching on their childhood love and I'd love to try my hand at it again. I also found 6 super interesting! I love folklore and would love to loop in some of the superstitions of old into an RP.
Yes, this is still open. Feel free to send me a direct message, we can plan everything out there!

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