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Dice Icewind Dale (OOC)



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I also have a fun ranger build in mind, but I think they won't really work in the frigid regions of Icewind Dale. Lol
Pretty good for tracking and survival in the area if you still want it.

btw WlfSamurai WlfSamurai how do you feel about tasha's optional ability score change rule ? i'm thinking of placing +2 in con and +1 in wisdom, or the other way 'round if it's alright with you ? if not, i'm totally good with the normal leonin increase
Yeah! The Tasha’s race rules are in play of your want them. I like the idea that you can play diverse people within a species that may be better or worse at various things.


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alright great ! and for character sheets, do you prefer them to be on site or could i send it in pdf ?


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alright great ! and for character sheets, do you prefer them to be on site or could i send it in pdf ?
I just need to get ot it and it needs to be kept up to date. So, please post in the character thread with either the written out sheet, an attached PDF you keep up to date/play from, or a link to your sheet you keep up to date/play from.


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oooh, okay— in that case i can do it on google sheets so it's updated !


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Here is my goblin wizard.

My group uses D&D Beyond so this is the easiest method for me. However, if you would prefer, I can arrange a sheet for the site too.
She looks great! She's complete as-is, but did you choose a background? I wasn't seeing it on there...


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should we use faerûn locations and canon lore when making our character ? i don't have the best knowledge of it, but i wanted to know if we could make our own sort of orgianizations or places. though i think for places i could stick with canon, mostly wondering about the organization.


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Did all the number stuff just need to figure out the personality and backstory stuff while also figuring out the name.

Fear her she has paint!!



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should we use faerûn locations and canon lore when making our character ? i don't have the best knowledge of it, but i wanted to know if we could make our own sort of orgianizations or places. though i think for places i could stick with canon, mostly wondering about the organization.
Great question. This will be Faerûn and we'll be using the factions and such within. I was just writing up some information for you! Check it out:

So, a few items to note while you guys are working:
  • There is the potential for wilderness survival skills in this adventure, so take that into consideration
  • You are have been hired by The Lords’ Alliance to investigate the extended winter and increasing troubles in Icewind Dale
    • You’re contact is Rezzak Bertrand out of Neverwinter, a lesser known noble acting as a proxy of Lord Dagult Neverember
  • You will be starting in Bryn Shander, one of the Ten-Towns, meeting with Speaker Duvessa Shane
  • You’re following up on a notice that is posted in all the Ten-Towns. The Council of Speakers is looking for aid.
  • I’ll be asking you guys to decide how you came to be a party and what you’re group goal is
  • There are additional trinkets in the Icewind Dale book if you want me to roll you one. Either way, don’t forget to roll for a trinket! I enjoy them.

Setting some game expectations:

Changes to the adventure

I will be making changes to the adventure to tighten it up. I reserve the right to change anything in it and there will definitely be minor changes. I like a lot of character choice and agency, so changes may be made on the fly to make it fit your choices or to make it more fun.

An example is that a lot of the early adventure is very sand-boxy. I’m hoping to give you more concrete direction and keep it moving.

Milestone advancement
The adventure uses milestone advancement based on criteria in the book. So we won’t be using XP, per se.

Information and rolling
This is more to give you heads-up about my style. I lean more narrative-ist with hints of OSR. You may find I give you more information than you’re used to. For instance, if you describe your character searching a body or looking through drawers, that’s not a investigation check. I tell you what you find. Or, if there is a hidden enemy approaching, I will be making “soft moves” as-in small clues in-game to see what you do rather than just doing a perception roll.

Tying to above about rolling, I’m typically only looking for rolls that have some sense of danger or consequence to failure rather than making your roll to interact in-game with things. Also, I prefer to “fail-forward” which is an overly fancy term for failures on rolls being interesting. No matter the roll, my goal is use it move the fiction forward, regardless of failure or success.

Hopefully that makes some semblance of sense. Basically, the summary is that I’m aiming for high immersion and RP over rolling for every little thing. I’m looking to keep the action and game moving.

Scene framing
Just another preference. Where I can, I’ll try to enter a scene later in the action and leave it earlier to keep the story pace up. This may not always work out. But, I’ll do my best.

Player questions
There may be times I ask questions for you to answer about your character or the world to establish something about either. I enjoy engaging players in light provocative questions to build world stuff or their characters. This is a published adventure, so there will be less. But, I still may do it for fun.

Stars and wishes
This is something I’ve started implementing in my games and I really like it. At the end of Chapters, before we jump into the next, I’ll ask for Stars and Wishes.
Stars: you give kudos to the players or DM for RP or cool scenes you liked. This is just a way to say, “Hey, I really liked XYZ in this Chapter. That was fun.” Or, “I liked how you RP’ed that scene!” Etc.
Wishes: What do you wish to see next Chapter? What interests you that you hope we can see in the next Chapter?

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alright cool ! luckily i didn't have my character be from a city, so i just changed up the forest locations :'D

excited to see your dm-ing style in action ! i like roleplay-heavy rpgs as much as the next person, but i haven't had the chance to play in a game that is such so this'll be a first, but i'm sure i'll love it. also i love the stars and wishes thing !

and as a by the way, i'd love a trinket from the icewind dale book if you could ! i haven't rolled for those in previous games, so this should be fun.


Oh also, my character idea is basically a half-broken down warforged being with a wiped memory and was found and subsequently partied up with one of the party members. So whoever wants a damaged Warforged Envoy tagging along with them, please tell me either here or in dms.


𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐳𝐨𝐧'𝐬 𝒚𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝒃𝒂𝒔𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏
oooh, i think i would love having a damaged warforged tag-along. obviously, my druid would not be as pleased, but he'd be intrigued enough. he's been travelling a lot before his arrival at icewind dale, so it's likely he could come across your character.


Well this is a bit of a predicament.

Maybe the three characters partnered up or something or whatever really. Not that important, should be easy enough to figure out.

We can talk about it more once I'm done with my character sheet


Also, general DND question because me dumb.

As a warforged, what would my AC be lvl one with a dex modifier of +1 and composite plating? I got 16 but that seems kinda high for level one


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I have a 16 AC with my Chain Mail armor. I could get as high as a 19 if I went with shield use and one of the Fighter class features to get a +1 AC


I see, so the average AC isnt that low the current party is just very very squishy


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Oh yes! Three more, more mechanical, things!
  • Side initiative: I like rolling initiative per side. So, you guys will all act together and so will the enemy.
  • Open rolls: I'll be posting creature AC for you guys to roll against and, likewise, I'll be rolling in the RPN dice roller for combat.
  • Stupid HP game: I have an old game that we used to play in my old D&D group call "yours or mine". If you decide to roll your HP when you level up, I will roll secretly as well. You can decide to take my roll instead of yours, but whatever mine is, you have to keep. So, basically, if you roll low, you have another chance to get a higher roll. :)
I'm adding all the stuff I mentioned above and here to the first post in this thread, FYI.


Two Thousand Club
Icewind Dale Trinket
Adventuring gear
Icewind Dale Trinkets
d100 Trinket
01-04 A small wooden figurine of a yawning walrus, painted in red and black
05-08 A pair of scrimshaw cufflinks with an image of a fisherman on a boat engraved on them
09-12 A small iron key with a frayed blue and gold cord tied to it
13-16 A small illustrated book of Northlander myths that has pages missing
17-20 A damaged scrimshaw cameo depicting a merfolk
21-24 A stone from a burial cairn with a tiny Dwarvish rune carved into it
25-28 A ripped cloth sail with a symbol you don't recognize
29-32 An Ulu knife with a scrimshaw handle
33-36 A jar containing an unidentifiable, sweet, sticky substance
37-40 A delicate glass ball painted with snowflakes, capped by a metal loop with a tiny hook attached to it
41-44 An expedition log with missing pages and a pressed flower used as a bookmark
45-48 An owl figurine carved from whalebone
49-52 A sewing box that smells of old wood and has three spools of blue thread inside
53-56 A scrimshaw-handled ink pen with black runic designs along its length
57-60 A brooch made from a small insect encased in amber
61-64 A scrimshaw pepper shaker etched with the letter W
65-68 An old, wooden-handled ice pick stained with blood that won't wash off
69-72 A fabric doll bearing an angry expression
73-76 A set of wind chimes made from seashells
77-80 A beautiful silver tin that, when opened, emits the smell of rotting fish
81-84 A bloodstained dreamcatcher made from fishing line, gold wire, and snowy owlbear feathers
85-88 A figurine of a polar bear made of ice that never melts
89-92 A snow globe that doesn't need to be shaken
93-96 A piece of sea glass shaped like a unicorn's horn
97-00 A dark blue scarf that gets lighter in shade the higher the altitude of the wearer

I found the trinket table from the book

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