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The Swiftest Shot In The West

lómhara Cloch

Location: Dorm Room
Interactions: Neo Alice Neo Alice Neo Alice Neo Alice Spoiled Bread Spoiled Bread (open to interaction)

Mentions: GrieveWriter GrieveWriter

Notable Events: Entered her dorm room and began making tea

Notable Physical Features: Hara's eyes are tainted orange and her hair is stained with streaks and tips of the same yellow/orange hue. She is also very tall at 5'11

Hara listened carefully to the professor's explanation, her gaze following the woman's hands and fingers as they delicately inspected the slumbering dragon. All things considered, Hara found it rather impressive that from just a single touch the teacher was able to discover so many things about the current situation. Both now and when she had originally petrified her seed, the professor had diagnosed and advised on the issue with ease, such skill was awe-inspiring and it felt Hara with confidence. If the other teachers were as proficient as this one then perhaps she had nothing to fear, perhaps she'd even receive a better education than originally intended for her at home. Remarkable!

Moving a hand to her new familiar Hara delicately felt along its body as the professor had done so before her. So the creature saw her as a mother, how interesting. Perhaps it was akin to a chick in how it imprints upon the first thing it sees, though in saying that surely her drake was not the only summoned creature to have such a trait. Indeed the potato and walking mouth plant too seemed to be rather close to their partners. Regardless Hara found this news to be rather comforting for some reason, uncertain as to why exactly she just chalked it up to maternal instinct and pushed it aside. Instead turning her attention to the potato's owner who had offered forward a trade deal much to the teacher's disapproval.

Once the teacher had departed Hara spoke up with a soft and gentle smile aimed toward the girl who had called out to her "I'm terribly sorry but I cannot accept your deal nor even entertain the idea. This creature, it would seem, is entirely dependent on my care and to pass it on to someone else could prove quite fatal. That's not to mention the fact it seems intent on remaining locked to my wrist by its own accord." Laughing softly Hara crouched down and extended her finger toward the sentient potato, petting it softly with her index finger before offering it to a soft smile "Though I must say, even if the professor was a bit harsh, you can take solace in the fact that bringing a potato to life is something I would have thought impossible by modern scientific standards up until just a few minutes ago. In fact, such an act is probably considered impossible by the vast majority of the population no? So while yes you may have summed up something a small percentage of the world finds somewhat comedic and embarrassing you also just performed a miracle the majority of which would never even imagine possible. Besides, he has a certain charm about him no?"

Rubbing the potato's 'cheek' Hara soon returned to her feet and offered her hand forward to shake "To quote my father 'There is no glory in practice but without it, one shall never know the other'. You may feel as though this is an embarrassing or lacklustre first attempt but with practice, knowledge and understanding, you're sure to achieve far greater results no? A pleasure to meet you regardless. My name is lómhara Cloch but you can call me Hara if that's too hard for you to remember. I do hope we can get along".

After shaking hands and exchanging names with the girl Hara made her way up to the deck and readied herself for departure. She listened intently to each and every word the threesome of teachers had to offer and before entering the dorm she made sure to offer her thanks and respects to the three, bowing to the headmistress as she departed. Once inside the house, Hara wasted no time finding her room. The final Dorm was to be shared by herself and another but having arrived first Hara was greeted with a rather majestic spectacle. Indeed after opening the door she bore witness to a most mystifying scene, the entire left-hand side of the dorm shifting and twisting to perfectly fit her taste and ideals. Indeed even though there was only one window her side of the room sported facades with lightboxes to perfectly encapsulate her love for natural light. Though, unnatural in this case it did give off a very effective facade. Her entire room was ornate and delicately crafted and even her bed sported the finest of silks. It was spectacular.

Moving into the room Hara, after a brief inspection of the room, went about storing away the belongings she had been allowed to bring. Her clothes, books, and personal belonging were all quickly and neatly sorted away and when she was finished she knelt at the replica tea table and set and began to brew herself a cup with great care and grace, a smile plastered firmly in place as she was clearly enjoying the scenery and opportunity.



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Sonia Lockheart

: Corvallis Academy, Chameleon Dorms
Interactions: N/A
Mentions: N/A
Notable Events: Looking for her room and unpacking
Notable Physical Features: Eyes turned bright blue by Conduit Moment

Sonia was glad to have met a few people before they landed, because everything that happened afterwards was a whirlwind of new information and confusion. She couldn’t help looking up at the storm above them when it shifted, and got a bit unsteadily to her feet once the whale ship had landed, Fern held in her arms to keep him from getting stepped on. The sudden appearance of a new witch had her staring in awe at the large peacock that came with her, and then another, with some sort of mossy dear companion. Would she end up with something like that following her around, she thought? Would Fern grow into something as big as these creatures?

Confused and trying to take it all in as they disembarked, Sonia hesitated in wondering if she should’ve bowed to the Headmistress like the witches had, and after missing the moment just tried to smile and look friendly when the other students around them stared. Something told her that the witches born with their magic were going to be predisposed towards not liking her and the other Wild Borns, and it wouldn’t be good to act like it was bothering her, even if it was. Besides, she had more interesting things to focus on, like her new 'home'.

"It's so cute!" She said with a little gasp, looking around as they got to the place and only frowning when someone ran past and started to climb it. The writhing bundle of jacket he left on the ground had her walking a wider path to give it room, thinking it would be a bad idea to try and free it even if she felt a little bad about leaving it behind. Everything was too uncertain now, and she got the distinct feeling that if she let it out it wouldn’t be nice.

Quicker than she could catch up with, the witches were gone and she had a star in her hand with a number on it. Sonia let herself pause for a calming breath, then headed inside with her luggage to find her room, mumbling to herself in quiet confusion. "'Bigger on the inside'; What is this, Doctor Who?" Would any of the witches in this school even know what Doctor Who was? Whether they did or not, they were right and it was hurting her brain. Defiance of the laws of physics was the next thing she had to add to her list of things to get used to.

Once she made her way upstairs and found her room, Sonia felt almost dizzy. She could have sworn the room itself was moving, and after rubbing her eyes as if to fix them she found that half of it looked like a lot like her bedroom back home. The bedding was made up of light, complementary shades of pink and blue, the desk birch and dotted here and there with paintings of flowers. As much as it made her happy to see things the way she liked it, she hoped it wouldn’t make her miss home more than she already knew she would.

"All right, Fern," she said aloud after a moment to gather herself, and set him gently on the floor to start going through her luggage. "You want to help me unpack?"

He looked up at her in silence, the flower atop his head bobbing curiously, but it wasn’t as if he would speak back so she just smiled and gave his head a gentle pet, then settled in to start unloading her things. As nervous as she still felt, she couldn’t help but laugh when he flopped clumsily into her suitcase the second she opened it and started trying to help lift things out.


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Vienna Clement
Location: Storm Rider, Top Deck; Dorm Common Room
Interactions: Lord_Boreas Lord_Boreas (open)
Mentions: Neo Alice Neo Alice
Notable Events: N/A
Notable Physical Features: pointed ears, bright green eyes

To Vienna’s relief, the boy seemed friendly. He was smiling, at least, which was a good sign, and he seemed to have gotten his magic under control. The owl—Omo—was impressive, especially after the boy had had so much trouble with his magic earlier. She supposed it was easier to do magic when you weren’t having a panic attack. Omo seemed sweet, too, hooting and allowing the boy to rub his head.

“Thanks,” Vienna replied, turning to the budgie, which was now looking at the owl curiously. She laughed awkwardly, and maybe a little too late, at the boy’s joke. Hopefully that hadn’t upset him, as his mood seemed to change. It seemed that somehow every time Vienna started a conversation, she offended someone eventually, though it was rarely intentional. Luckily the boy changed the course of the conversation quickly. “I haven’t thought of a name yet…” Vienna watched the bird, who was now nibbling on a strand of her hair, racking her brain for a name that would suit him. “What about Arvid?” The parakeet chirped in approval of the name.

Unsure of what else to say, Vienna gazed out at the school. “The school is much bigger than I expected. It’s a lot to get used to… I never thought that I would be going to a school for magic. Witches have always kind of scared me, to be honest.” Had that seemed rude? It was true, but she hadn’t meant it as an insult. She did her best to explain herself. “Not that I have anything against them—well, us, I mean.” Vienna had to remind herself once again that she was a witch. It still seemed surreal. “It’s just that magic makes me nervous. Someone can use it against you at any time—and in the case of inexperienced witches like us, they can use it against you by mistake.” No, she was making it worse. This boy had created a sheet of ice in a panic; he would think she was making fun of that incident, or worse, that she was afraid of him. And now she was rambling in addition to accidentally insulting him. This was the reason she didn’t like to start conversations. She said the first thing she could think of that would help. “I almost set the whole room on fire when I was trying to grow Arvid from that seed. So you’re definitely not alone in using magic accidentally.”

Vienna was ready to change the subject. Glancing down at Arvid, she realized that she had introduced her bird but not herself. “Oh—I’m Vienna, by the way.” But not long after she had introduced herself, the conversation was interrupted by the Sky Source teacher, and the students were herded off the ship.

The school was just as impressive on the inside as it was from the outside. Vienna expected the Wild Borns’ dorm to be as stunning as the other buildings they passed, but the chameleon was a bit disappointing. At least now she understood why their uniforms were decorated with rainbows. Every source was associated with a color at Corvallis, and the Wild Borns didn’t fit into any house, at least not yet. Maybe that was why the other students seemed to be staring at them. Or was Vienna just being paranoid?

As soon as Vienna was given her room number, she headed into the dorm to unpack. She didn’t bother to look for her roommate; she’d meet them eventually, and it would be too difficult to sort through all of the other students to find one with the same number as her. She lugged her single bag up the stairs, and as soon as she stepped into the room, one side shifted from a simple bed, desk, and closet to the cozy-looking, vaguely boho room that she had always wished for at home but had never been able to create. The sudden change was dizzying. The new room was exactly what Vienna had hoped for, including a perch for Arvid, and she didn’t really want to know what else powerful witches could do if a room could read her mind like that.

It didn’t take Vienna long to unpack. Some of the other students had brought more luggage than her, which made her wonder if she had underpacked. But she had everything she needed, so why worry about it? Though part of her wanted to lie down in her new, comfortable bed and relax for a bit, a bigger part of her wanted to explore the school. She headed back to the common room of the dorm before venturing out to the rest of the campus. Arvid, who had grown tired of resting on her shoulder, flew close behind her. Maybe some of her classmates would be downstairs—Vienna wasn’t sure if she was ready to explore the school on her own, especially with the unfriendly looks that the Wild Borns had gotten from the students in other houses.
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Felix Grant

Location: Storm Rider, Below deck → Above deck → Rainbow Chameleon House

Interactions: GrieveWriter GrieveWriter , Open

Mentions: Neo Alice Neo Alice

Notable Events: Following the group, mostly ignoring the students whispering about them, warily watching Baxter climb the chameleon house

Notable Physical Features: White hair, slightly pointed ears, sharp canines

"Good, excellent work." She gives him a little wink with her right eye. "I also appreciate the strategy, you got the most info before doing it by going last and I think that kind of preparation will serve you well."

Felix blinked as he was more or less praised for doing as instructed, the cold anger he felt before gone completely by now. He ha simply watched what what others were doing to figure out what was happening until he caught the last part Moraine had said qbout the assignment. He thanked the teacher regardless, before following along above deck once the ship finally stopped.

His mossy Green Panda, who he'd have to come up with a name for, made itself comfortable on his shoulder.

Meeting the Sky Professor with the pretty cool familiar, and the Headmistress was rather interesting to say the least. The students however, weren't too surprising in their reactions towards the Wild Borns. It was better than he initially thought they'd react in all honesty. Though the different colored robes were something he wasn't exactly expecting.

Once the teachers left, he glanced at his number briefly before catching sight of Baxter trying to climb the cute if silly little chameleon house for some reason.

The first question he wanted to ask was why he was climbing it. Was he trying to find some hidden item or something?

Or was the other guy just weird?

"What are you doing?" He blurted out, confused initially, though his brows furrowed a bit as he warily watched.

Maybe he shouldn't of asked and tried to find his room like others were doing or explore campus grounds, but someone had to address it...right?


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Ariiasqthylinh Au Drayceon
Dorm room
Interactions: N/A
Mentions: Neo Alice Neo Alice ,
Notable Events: They refuse to look at anyone. Dorm bullshittery. Arii is very obviously not having a good time.
Notable Features: Dark blue-black sclera, vibrant orange pupil, dual-colored malar marks, pointed ears longer than their head, horrible posture, and a strange way of moving that isn't overtly wrong but just looks weird and unsettling.

The teacher didn't even look at them after that. Frankly, Arii could have gone with disintegrating right then and there, if to be spared the fate of whatever someone with the power to warp and distort a living thing could do to them—their conduit moment was bad enough, thank you.

They kept their eyes on the floor, brows furrowed and ears stubbornly flattened back in a manner that was beginning to grow painful. Arii hated being afraid. They hated being afraid, and they were beginning to hate being in this... place that made them afraid.

Fear, having been beaten back, let Resentment rise and fester. Damn these people, damn their magic, and damn their private little world hidden away where no proof could be found of—say—fifteen-or-so student's murders.

No wonder Jet never spoke of his schooling experience beyond a few tense words.

Arii stood as their apparent-teacher-maybe-murderer-moved, staying behind and to her dominant-hand side. Their footsteps landed softer and softer, carrying less of their weight in their heels and they forewent standing in any semblance of good posture; far too tense to care about looking proper... or whatever. They found their luggage around top deck; black robe bitches must have finally finished searching them. They slung the duffel bag over their shoulder, letting it hit the side of themself that didn't currently have a baby bird... plant... thing sleeping next to.

Throughout the entire ordeal of meeting the sky source teacher and the headmistress, Arii kept their head down, eyes trained on the floor, and ears—though still laid back—sharp. Every now and then, they'd see something move—too fast. Too dark—in the corner of their vision, and they'd jerk sharply to get a proper look at it.

It didn't take long to get to the dorms, and really, the most stressful part of the entire encounter was having to take the pentacle from the headmaster—likely the one who had authorized probably-teacher-maybe-murderer to do such things as murder. One of their ears twitched. If they got to it, they were going to die early from all this stress.

As all three witches left, Arii let themself straighten, only then moving from the place they'd rooted themself at the beginning of the whole... spiel about the... ah... chameleon house. They wrinkled their nose. It looked like a D&D restaurant. Resignation flooded their system, and they gave up hoping that this school would work like any kind of normal school ever.

They headed in with a snarl to themself, ignoring the inside appearance and heading straight for the room that matched their key number. With how this place was running, they'd expect the numbers to be scrambled; just to add to the frustration of all of the children they'd ripped out of their homes in the name of being interesting.

They found the room eventually, opting not to check if the numbers were in random order or not. They just wanted a moment of peace.

They set foot in the room and it shuddered. The hair along Arii's neck bristled, and they tensed as the wood under their feet warped, forming interlocking grooves and lines. Color bled into the new boards, and they tinted red. the scent of cedar rose like silt as the walls formed shelves that filled themselves with paper and diagrams. in the corner of the room, a table grew itself under a lamp, complete with a tin of mechanical drawing pencils and a kneaded eraser—even a phone open and showing a clear reference image of a sooty tern. A hammock—built for someone far longer than Arii was—hung itself in the corner opposite of the table, locked between a shelf and the wall.

Arii almost stumbled backwards and out of the room, eyes blown wide and ears forward.

Down to the very last detail of the tiny nicks in the wood—to the sheaf of printer paper perched on the top shelf—to the details and signatures sketched into the paper alphabetized horizontally by species name and organized vertically by date.

Half of Jet's workshop sat in front of them.

If they'd had the bandwidth for any more emotions, they might have cried. Instead, they walked into the room and closed the door behind them, running a hand along the wall and breathing in the smell of cedar, paper, and that peculiar brand of hairspray Jet used to seal charcoal sketches.

They dropped their bag under the hammock, and retrieved the little bird thing and SIM card from their jacket, placing them on the windowsill. If they tried hard enough, they could close their eyes and pretend nothing was wrong.

They didn't have... time for that, though, instead standing in front of the paper-filled bookshelf. 2010... in the S section. They pulled first a chunk of paper, then a whole folder from the bookshelf, setting them gently on the floor. Then it was just a matter of rummaging around until they hit something plastic. They never did. Arii placed the paper back and huffed.


They checked the phone, scowling as it crumpled in their hand. A hollow, cardboard fake.

Gods damnit.

Under the shelf for the hairspay? Nope.

At random, they pulled a folder from the bookshelf, flicking through the paged they knew used to be filled with concepts.


Arii put the folder back gently, despite how much they wanted to chuck it out the window. The entire room had made itself to surface-level resemble Jet's workshop... but none of the important things were there. His music player and disk collection was nonexistent. The paper in the shelves only showed as many sketches as it needed to convince them they were safe. They were sure the pencil tin didn't have anything in it.

Arii left the room and did their best not to slam the door behind them, trudging their way back to the common room.

Gods fucking damnit.


The Northwind

Korrnelius Mountcastle

Location: StormRider ~~> the Chameleon Dorm

Interactions: BlueHibiscus BlueHibiscus Neo Alice Neo Alice (open)

Mentions: N/A

Notable Events: entering the dorm

Notable Physical Features: bright cyan eyes, crescent moon tattoo on his neck.

Korri smiled “Arvid is a great name, and they seem to like it” he pointed to the parakeet but the slightly frowned at the comment that followed. He sighed and leaned on the railing “I understand completely, I was raised in a religious household so ontop of discovering who I am as a person, magic was the number one banned topic amongst my family. As for my trouble with my ice magic..” he trailed off before sighing deeply again “my conduit moment wasn’t something to be proud of.

He shook his head attempting to fight the tears that wanted to form. He wiped his eyes and then gave her a small smile “but I’m hoping that this school could be a fresh start for me, maybe it could open your perspective about witches and magic as well” he looked to Omo who pressed his head against Korri’s cheek and hooted affectionally which resulted in a big smile from Korri as if the owl could sense his sadness.

It’s nice to meet you Vienna, yo…” he trailed off being interrupted by a lady on a flying bird of some kind “so are all the teachers this good looking? Feel like that may cause some problems somewhere” he said more to himself before following everyone else to the dorm.

You’ve got to be kidding me” he scoffed looking at the gaudy chameleon that was to serve as his home for the next year “you’re joking right” he raised an eye brow as the headmistress began to explain how the rooms where set up and how they would get their room mates. He glanced at the number he was handed and simply decided to go to his room before exploring the campus. As he entered the room, he looked to the right side and the room began to shimmer. It transformed itself until it looked like his room at home with tv show posters on the wall, a blue bedspread with blue pillows to match, and a large banner that was a picture of the moon shining over a lake. “You know, I feel like I already know where I’m gonna end up” he sighed looking at the banner before rubbing his hand across the tattoo on his neck.

He shook his head and pulled his cloak back on before exiting the room and heading into the common room. It looked like everyone was either finding their rooms or heading out to tour the campus so he figured he would do the latter. He exited the dorm and began to walk down the path to the main building while taking in the sights and sounds around him.



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Bellatrix Astra 1658388084849.png

Location: Dorms

Interactions: Tapfic Tapfic

Mentions: Neo Alice Neo Alice

Notable Events: Checking her room out

Notable Physical Features: Elf ears, pointed teeth, claw-like hands, iridescent white hair.

Gripping onto the ship's rail, Bellatrix took a deep breath. The rushing of wind in her ears, the fresh oxygen entering her lungs, and how her hair felt as it brushed against her ivory skin brought her momentary peace
Then she exhaled.
If only she could stay like this forever, the stillness of it all made her forget her chaotic reality. Bellatrix didn't even realize her eyes had been closed since she first inhaled, and even less the fact that in a moment someone would be disrupting her very deserved peace.

At first, the voice sounded muffled, as if Bellatrix was in an airplane. However just the fact that her one moment of silence was broken brought her quickly back to reality. The voice began to get clearer, and with it being clearer came more aggravation. She recognized who the voice belonged to.

"-----------hate the little thing -------, why don't you just pawn it off --------else?"

Even though Bellatrix missed part of what they were saying, she gathered what Rumi was trying to yap to her about. Would Bella just ignore her and move on? She thought about it for a moment but sadly she couldn't get back to that serene feeling she had earlier.
"Out of all the people up here.." Bella cocked her head to face Rumi, then opening her eyes to look at her. "You just couldn't.. bother someone else?'' Distorting her face in disapproval before looking back at the school.

"I know that you're really bad at this and only know how to make piles of goo, so if you want the damn rat. You can pry it off of my leg.'' She stated as if being benevolent. As if on cue sticking her leg out to show Rumi the growling raccoon. Maybe it could sense that Bellatrix was trying to give it away and obviously didn't like that fact.

"Oh, poor you." She said to Rumi as she pouted her lips. " I think it's scared your touch will make it dissolve. Too bad. "

She grabbed the Raccoon, ripping its small hands off of her leg, which had been slashed by the tiny thorns it called nails. She held it by the scruff and carried it like a purse as it just submitted.
"Maybe you can be good enough next time and make on that won't putrify by your touch." She gave Rumi an insincere smile before heading off the boat with her belongings. Serves her right for bothering her with the most ridiculous things Bellatrix thought.

Bellatrix greatly appreciated having her feet on solid ground. Following the two witches who were leading the group closer to the academy. She didn't realize how it must have felt for the students that were born witches and studied here for years would feel about everyone's arrival. The whites of their eyes let her know that their arrival was a shock, even if everyone here was expected. Maybe it was an odd occurrence for so many wild born to be in the same space. It also made Bellatrix recall the fact that they never had to sign up to attend this school. Everyone just simply yes and now we're here. Perhaps for everyone else, the qualifications for entry were stricter and thus they disliked the newcomers. It all made Bellatrix feel quite quizzical.
Her focus quickly went elsewhere when the adults arrived. First, the Sky teacher piqued Bellatrix's interest, mainly due to her giant bird companion. "Stormy?" she mumbled. A very casual name for something that looked extraterrestrial. Bellatrix would permanently distance herself from it, as she would rather not make it angry and then get electrocuted. Luckily for Bella, The headmaster arrived just in time to distract her brain from imagining her flesh being roasted by lighting. Her greeting seemed genuine enough, but she also made Bellatrix uncomfortable. Perhaps she had been shielding herself from the fact she was now surrounded by witches and animated bushes, Giant legendary creatures, and humanoid creatures that now were Bella's teachers. But all of this just felt uncomfortable.
Especially when Victoria openly admitted where they would be residing resembled an abandoned prop from a kid's show. Bellatrix placed a hand over her mouth, her raccoon pet clinging onto her braid, but even that didn't weigh her head down from the embarrassing building. Perhaps she was being dramatic but she couldn't help to look back to see how many strangers saw her being near the building. She rushed into the building snatching the pentacle from the headmistress.

The headmistress was right about one thing, it really did look way too small to fit everyone. And even if it wasn't what was it with the boys being in the same building as the girls? She really didn't want to be staying up all night if some of them decided to get their fix. However, the part about people getting cursed if trying to enter other people's rooms brought Bellatrix pleasure. The goal was to stay in her room for as long as possible before hopefully running away.

Once she entered her room she jumped. For a second she thought the walls were alive, as they morphed and turned with increasing speed. Bellatrix rubbed her eyes and when she opened them..
"Holy shit.." The words almost spilled out of her mouth. It had taken the form of her childhood bedroom. At the time Bella slept in the attic with her three siblings. As the oldest, she would practically be forced to surrender the only blanket that was supposed to be shared by the four of them. She stared at the window, even though she could tell it wasn't real, the way the light emitted reminded her of when she and her siblings would cuddle together and read old books and magazines they found up there.

Remembering the times she would have to surrender her part of the blanket so they would be warm, as long as they were comfortable she would feel fine. Happy even.
Walking around the room some more she appreciated the fact that her room still came with modern conveniences she enjoyed as she got older. A perfect blend of the old with the new,
She chuckled as she picked up a broken frame that was a drawing made by a sibling.
Turning her head around she realized that this was a dorm situation, she would be sharing a room. After living on her own for a few years she had to go back to sharing the same space with someone else. She began picking up anything that was of sentimental value and stuffed them in her closet.
She really didn't want whatever loser that was crashing in her space to see anything that would make them ask questions.

Guppy Franz

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Ryan Teller
Location: Storm Rider, Top Deck

Interactions: _diZZy_ _diZZy_ CanaryCry CanaryCry Tattletale Tattletale

Mentions: N/A

Notable Events: Currently settling in his new room and resting on his bed.

Notable Physical Features: Green and silver tattoos glowing lightly up his arms.

Ryan gave a nod as Sonia introduced herself and Severin, looking between the two with a grin. "Good to meet you both," he said before looking down at their familiars, smirking in amusement from their curious inspection of him and Birch and chuckling as Fern tugged on his sleeve to get a better look at the resting wooden menace. Ryan shook his head as she apologized on her small friend's behalf and shrugged. "All good, nothing wrong with being curious," he chuckled while gently rubbing Birch's head as he continued to rest in his lap, wiggling a bit to make himself a bit comfier and do his best to ignore the other two families who had taken an interest in him, though as Severin's pup went to sniff Birch his ear twitched in slight annoyance. An irritated growl escaped him as he glared at the pup, but before it could do anything stupid Ryan pulled his ear gently with a frown. "Settle down, can't blame them for being curious after you went and made a scene like that," Birch flattened his ears before letting out a defeated huff through his nose and resting his head back onto Ryan's lap. Ryan smiled slightly before looking back to Sonia and Severin.

Before Ryan could continue making small talk with the two however his head snapped up to the sound of nearby static coming from the massive bulb above the ship. Once the ship extended its stairs down to the land below Ryan let a sigh and rose to his feet, a stirring Birch in his arms as he did his best not to disturb his wooden companion. "Well, guess it's time we get off," he said looking to the others. Before he could go to collect his belongings a bright flash of sudden light took him off guard and paused as he shielded his eyes, keeping a now awake and confused Birch close to his chest. Once the light faded, he lowered his hand and arched a brow to see another new face appear on the ship. It was a woman with long dark-colored hair, another Witch by the look of it. His eyes widened as he noticed the creature at her side and shook his head in amazement. Was it a familiar like Birch? Or was it something else entirely? Whatever the case the two of them together were quite a sight and sent a chill down Ryan's spine. That is until the new Witch and Moraine to start bicker, Moraine seeming to play innocent as the nameless Witch sounded annoyed with her. Ryan gave an uncertain smile, the mood of awe and amazement now over and replaced with slight amusement.

Soon his attention was fully on the new Witch as she introduced herself and straightened up a bit as she revealed herself to be another teacher. Lorena Vestisca huh? He wondered if he would be able to catch a few of her lessons but was unsure if someone with earth-based powers would be allowed to attend. Ryan was soon brought out of his thoughts as she welcomed them all to Corvallis. With their new teacher introduced he would grab what little belongings he had brought with him, a worn and raggedy-looking duffle bag filled with a few spare sets of clothing and some other personal processions. Once slinging his bag over his shoulder and stepping off the ship Ryan took in his surroundings and felt his arms tingle lightly in anticipation, forcing himself to take in a long breath and tightened his grip around the strap of his bag. Birch climbed atop his shoulder and the two exchanged a brief glance of determination, helping steel Ryan's nerves before following the rest of the group to the entrance.

It didn't take long for them to be greeted by another new face, this one however seemed different from the two Witches with them now. She seemed somewhat more elegant than Moraine and Lorena, the large green buck she rode only adding to the look of elegance as she gave them all a calming smile. Ryan's body would tense up in slight surprise as she introduced herself as the headmistress of the school. No wonder the other two would bow before someone like her, she was pretty much the Boss of this place! With her introduction out of the way and a warm welcome to the school, the doors to the academy finally opened. Ryan followed the group silently, slightly falling behind as his gaze explored his surroundings. A glint of awe and excitement flashed in his eyes as he saw other students going about their business on campus, his interest in the ones practicing their magic out in the open. Fire, wind, water, earth, and even a few forms of magic looked to be a part of an entirely different ballpark. "Holy crap," he whispered under his breath, not realizing the vibrating tingling running up his arms. It was a slightly exciting scene to take in, but a feeling of nervousness filled his chest as he clenched and unclenched his free hand with a bit of anxiousness prodding around in the back of his mind. He could only hope this was the place to find control over himself, it had to be.

Ryan had ignored the looks and whispers of the other students as they examined him and the group he was with, too deep in his own thoughts and questions to realize they were even the current center of attention. He would pull himself free of his mind as the headmistress began to explain about the other houses for students with separate affinities. Ryan hummed in curiosity as he took in the information and wondered if it was possible to have more than one affinity. Before he could think any farther on the topic his group finally came to a stop, Ryan just barely catching himself from bumping into the others as Birch let out a bark to get his attention. Ryan gave his wooden companion a sheepish smile of gratitude before looking forward to taking in their new home for the year. He had to blink a couple of times, not quite sure what he was looking at before the sight of the chameleon-shaped building finally sunk in. "Huh. First a giant flying whale ship, and now a bright and slightly creepy-looking chameleon house," he muttered with an uncertain smile, glancing over to Birch and arching a brow to see his companion wagging his tail in excitement as he stared at the strange building with a fond gaze. Ryan gave a slight chuckle of amusement at his companion's reaction and shrugged before they were all given their own pentacles with numbers for their rooms engraved on them. Looked like he was going to have to room with someone for a year. Luckily the idea of sharing a room didn't bother him too much, he and his brother had shared a room for their whole lives before he came here.

Looking around at the other student's pentacle numbers and soon found the same number as his belonging to the tall boy from earlier on the ship. The taller boy seemed nice enough from the brief exchange they had and shrugged. At least he wasn't being paired with someone that'd get on his nerves, though there was still plenty of time for his new roommate to prove him wrong. As he walked by him to enter the building, he patted him on the shoulder and gave a smirk. "Looks like we're roomies for the year, hope you don't mind any snoring," he chuckled before passing by him and entering the chameleon house. Ryan took his time wandering around the house, taking in his new home with a curious gaze before finally finding his room. "Alright, let's see what we're working with," he muttered to his wooden companion before entering the room.

As soon as he stepped foot into the room the left side of the room began to shift and mold suddenly, causing Ryan to jump back in shock and confusion. "What the hell?" he whispered before the left side of the room began to settle. Ryan's eyes widened slightly in surprise to see the left side of the room change into a rather comfortable-looking appearance. The bed had remained rather simple looking, with dark greyish bed covers with two soft-looking pillows. Below it though was enough room for three empty crates to be tucked away beneath it. To the left of the bed right side of the bed was a medium size dresser that reached up to his chest. To the bottom left of the room were two large and sinfully comfy-looking bean bag chairs tucked away in the corner, a tall lamp hanging over them for a light source while to the left a large, empty bookcase was placed against the wall. Between the bean bag chairs and the bed was a simple wooden desk with a few cabinets built into it and a wooden swirling chair. Taking in the sight of the new style of the room he could only come to the conclusion that this was apparently his side of the room. He shrugged with a grin, more than satisfied with the convenience of not having to waste time decorating. Throwing his bag onto the empty desk, Ryan flopped onto the bed with a happy groan, Birch letting out a surprised yelp before landing atop his creator's back. The feeling of exhaustion seemed to have finally hit him as he sunk into the inviting embrace of his bed, a satisfied sigh escaping him. There were plenty of worries and fears that plagued his mind and heart, but for the moment Ryan found himself ignoring it all, simply enjoying the moment of rest and the soft breathing of his wooden companion on his back.


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AAD62E78-6AD8-49B4-A0DC-3429B3A5F4E2.jpeg 5D90C09B-C7F4-4AD8-834C-C27077B812F1.jpeg
Sonia Lockheart

: Corvallis Academy, Chameleon Dorms: Common Room
Interactions: ScatheAriiasqDrayceon ScatheAriiasqDrayceon
Mentions: N/A
Notable Events: Unpacked, walked out to common room and talked to Arii
Notable Physical Features: Eyes turned bright blue by Conduit Moment

Unpacking didn’t take quite so long as she'd thought it might. Her half of the room was already decorated, after all, and she hadn’t brought anything huge with her. It was a simple matter to put some essentials into the bathroom that was on her side of the room, and to set out the little trinkets and gifts from friends she'd brought with her to remind her of home. The photo album she tucked into the desk with the school supplies she’d brought with her, having been unsure how much would be provided for her and how she would get anything she needed later on if she didn’t bring it with her. Once her clothes were hung in the closet, she was pretty much done, anything else that she couldn’t find a place for or didn’t feel like publicly displaying staying with her suitcase at the bottom of the closet. The hardest part was doing everything while Fern followed her around and 'helped', but his fumbling assistance was too cute to argue with.

Wanting to know her way around her new home, Sonia wandered into the hall with Fern tucked into one arm, looking around at the other bedrooms as she passed but not daring to try and go inside with thoughts of curses fresh in mind. How did the room know whether or not she had been invited in? Maybe she was better off not knowing those sorts of things. She did wonder, at least, about the fact that the dorms weren’t separated between girls and boys, but since they all had their own rooms and private bathrooms, she supposed it was okay. It wasn’t something she’d expected from a boarding school, and she had to remind herself that she hadn’t expected flying wooden whale ships either.

Her small companion started to squirm in her arms as they walked down the stairs, tugging on her sleeve and leaning away from her body in a way that worried her. "What’s wrong, Fern?" She asked, even as she crouched to set him gently down on the ground, as that seemed to be what he wanted, and only followed after him when he toddled off into the common room.

One of her fellow wild borns was there, looking as if they wanted to pace back and forth, and Sonia only watched as Fern walked over to them and reached out his hands to hold gently to the bottom of their cloak, looking up with his little ears pressed back in a way she could only think of as concerned. The person he'd clung to was one of the more changed of their group, with pointed ears and orange eyes, and she found it difficult to read them and the way they stood, but it was clear that they were upset.

"I’m sorry if he’s bothering you," Sonia said softly as she entered the common space, a bit hesitant to approach when they were agitated, though mostly because she didn’t want to make it worse. She offered a small smile, worried about how upset they were but not wanting to overstep, given they didn't know each other. "I can take him back so he'll stop. . . But if you’d like some company, I thought we might go for a little walk outside."

She was going to have to brave seeing the rest of the school and possibly the student witches eventually. Maybe the person in front of her was worried about that, too.
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B2880EF9-7EC8-4B3F-823C-EF02E9F7AACD.jpegD41C317A-9AF4-4F8C-A781-B286BE8BD6B3.jpegJudas Carter

Location: Storm Rider, Below Deck =====> Rainbow Chameleon House

Interactions: Peckinou Peckinou

Mentions: Neo Alice Neo Alice GrieveWriter GrieveWriter

Noticeable Physical Features: Glowing Yellow Eyes, a lightning-shaped ‘mark’ on his cheek that goes up to the bottom of his eye

Notable Events: Examining Catoria’s card. Entering the Chameleon House, wondering where tf his roommate’s at

Judas at first was confused when the girl gave him her ID. He gave the girl a puzzled look. Wondering why she gave him this. He realized what she needed him to do. “Ah, you’re not really much of a talker…” He looked at the ID card. “Catoria Veltora…that’s an interesting name.” He looked back up at the girl and handed her ID back. “I see, Nice to meet you Catoria.” He slightly smiled at her. Once the ship landed, he grabbed his bag his bag and exited the ship. He looked back at her. “I hope to see you around.”

The academy itself was huge compared to when he saw it in the skys above. He gulped as they entered the academy. Once they were in, Judas noticed that the students were giving them strange looks. Some of them were even whispering and snickering. “Great, a few minutes in and there’s already gossip going around.” He groaned. He put the cloak’s hood on to block out the students.

"You might notice you are the only ones that belong to the rainbow chameleon's house."

He glanced at the once gossiping gossiping students and noticed that the students had slightly different colors and buckles with different animals. “Is that what they were whispering about? Weird.” Judas thought as he tugged on his own cloak. “I’m guessing the rainbow chameleon house is for the new students…”
Hopefully he won’t be bullied just because he’s new.

Once they got to the Chameleon House, he was quite surprised at the house actually was shaped like a chameleon. Kind of weird, but surprising nonetheless. After he received the pentacle, he looked around for anyone with his number but to no avail. He looked at Ivy, who was on his shoulder.
“Guess we’ll wait for them inside.” He noticed the one of the students climbing the house and snickered “I feel bad for the guy who’s gonna be roommates with that guy.”

The house was rather spacious, sporting plenty of rooms to explore. But right now, he needed to find his room. Once he found it, he took a deep breath and entered.


He looked at Ivy, then to his side of the room. He sighed and started to unpack. “Might as well get comfortable while I wait.” He took off his shoes and stared through the window. “A few years here won’t be so bad, right?” He rubbed Ivy’s head and continued to unpack.
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outfit update.pngRumi Komori
Notable Features
Red eyes, sharp teeth, and hair down to their ass.
The Dorms

Ghostiiys Ghostiiys GrieveWriter GrieveWriter

Neo Alice Neo Alice
Notable Events
Rumi was freaked out by the big animals, and then found her room and immediatly began pestering Bella with a vengeance.

"You just couldn't.. bother someone else?''

Well, that question had an easy answer.

" Yep~"

Or as some more philosophical minds may have put it; the only choice that could be made is the one that had been. Or some other pretentious one liner of similar meaning.
Unfortunately, Skittles took the suggestion to mean Rumi had wanted to take the little creature off of her hands ( or... leg ); this could not be further from the case. The girl had never touched a cat, nor a dog, and certainly not a racoon- and she wasn't about to loose a finger trying to get friendly now.

Before Rumi could correct Sour Power - she continued speaking. Something or another about her gooey mishap from earlier. An attempt at an insult that might have worked, if Rumi had actually cared all too much about the fiasco.
It was so cute when little people with no authority to be found here, nor to be pulled from the darkest corners of their ass- tried to get under Rumi's skin. Like a toddler attempting to wrestle their parent.

" Maybe you can give me some lessons then, babe," The reply came in a hum as the ship landed. Thankfully. Not that she didn't love the atmosphere a few hundred feet up, riding a ship she highly doubted had ever seen the watchful gaze of an FFA representative- much less been certified safe to fly in any capacity Rumi trusted; but a single scenery was bound to dull with time- and it was time to move onto greener pastures.

And just as the path to freedom presented itself, another obstacle appeared.

This one was yet another attractive woman, accompanied by a holy fuck-

Rumi's smile nearly dropped for a fraction of a moment that was also infinitely long, and she stepped backwards- eyes locked on not only the largest bird she had ever seen, but heard of in her life.

Now, there was absolutely no logical reason for her to have done what she did- but being faced with an animal larger than any domestic dog she would have needed to interact with in the normal world, was one of the very few times Rumi was no longer that logical.

With as much subtly as she could muster, which was quite a bit actually- her dead-eyed smile plastered itself back onto her face- and for the remainder of the time the witch was subjected to being near the large bird; she kept as many of the other students between her and the thing as possible. Pulling her heavy bags along at the very end of the line, oh so sadly unable to continue pestering sour skittles.

It was fine.
This was fine.

Until the large deer appeared with another hot lady ( if she wasn't so freaked the fuck out right now, she would have asked if the attractiveness was a job requirement ) . Rumi barely processed anything that the woman said, plenty occupied with her and the creature that might possibly gore her to death.
She needed a distraction, and the whispering students provided a perfect opportunity.

Red eyes made contact with a gossiping girl in green trim robe as she muttered to her friend. A moment stretched between them before Rumi gifted her a "friendly" smile. The gift went completely unappreciated by the other, sadly enough- but it was entertaining to see her squirm under the gaze before turning away.

Her victory did not last long. When they stopped Rumi was forced to trade the safe distance she had been keeping from the lady with a deer in for the keys to her room in the horribly gaudy chameleon dorm. She did so with a calm face and measured steps, of course- but it was still an experience she dreaded repeating.

It was fun enough when the yellow boy ( Rumi decided to call him Honeybun ) scaled the building though.

" Oh wow, you climbed that like a coked up squirrel, impressive. " Rumi called the observation, given she felt like he would appreciate the complement enough " Well, Let me know if you find a treasure chest up there! "
It was so much harder to be funny when she had to keep them clean until she either found out if she'd get turned into a worm for a dick joke, or the teachers left; but oh well.

Eventually she made it to her room, interested enough to see who she'd be sharing it with. The door hung open as Rumi peered in through the frame, turning her head until she spotted...

This was wonderful.

well would you loook at that.png

Rumi's lips curled up, her eyes narrowed joyously, and her face contorted into the worst mischievous grin it had seen since she convinced a third of the student body in her old school they could get high by smoking lawn clippings. It was fantastic.
She waited until eye contact was made, before waving.

It was only polite to offer a friendly greeting.
" Aww, babe- moving in together allready? Dont'cha think it's a little fast? " Rumi didn't wait for the other girl to process anything she said before continuing, stepping into the room and largely ignoring the morphing half she assumed was her side.

" No no- you're right. Passion doesn't work on a schedule, fate brought us together after all~ "
The dramatic flair to her manner of movement and speech was certainly indicative of a chronic theater kid. Which she may or may not have been at her previous life.
And maybe she was playing up the humor a little bit more than the other girl deserved to recover from the recent bout of one terror after another since she came to this apparent hell hole.

...Actually. No. Skittles defiantly deserved this.
And considering Rumi was the type to hold a grudge for even the smallest fragments of bitch-atude directed towards her, she could enjoy the treatment for the rest of the foreseeable future.

The witch didn't step onto her side of the room though. Personal space was important after all.

" Oh- " Rumi turned, finnaly taking in the manner in which the room decided to shape itself for her ( a fact that was rather easy to accept after today ) and she loved it. Purples and pinks- weird knickknacks - a luxurious bed with a curtain for privacy. Just enough personality to seem like a normal witchy girl's room- while not revealing so much as a fragment of information on her old life.

She dragged her baggage further into the room, dropped them on her side, and with a swift start leapt into her soft bed; letting the blankets bounce up around her.

" Sorry the room gave you a shitty bed, but you can share mine if you want, " The joke was muffled by the sound of pillows. Sadly not so muffled that one might pretend she hadn't just said it.


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Catoria Veltora
Location: Storm Rider Upper Deck - > Chameleon Dorm Room
Interactions: Uasal Uasal
Mentions: JuniperBoi JuniperBoi
Notable Events: Moved to their dorm room
Notable Features: Ice Cold Skin (Dark Blue/Borderline Purple), and a Scar underneath their right eye.)
After their meeting with the Judas boy was over and they were able to land, Catoria waited a moment before reluctantly approaching the Chameleon House. If her siblings ever found out that she lived in a house like this, she would be laughed at for the rest of her life. After a few moments, she noticed that the little flower creature that was with her was in her pocket, she didn't know how it got there, but she figured it must of snuck in. Nevertheless Catoria didn't do much and instead just dragged her bag to the house, in order to quickly find her room and get settled in, she was a bit curious about her roommate considering they don't think they have met them yet. But she was also a bit worried on what they were like as well, seeing that everyone here probably wouldn't be the most tolerable of roommates, and although Catoria was tolerant of a lot of things, she did have her limit. And after finally making it to her room she took a deep breath before moving in to see that her roommate was inside, the woman she was roomed with was tall, and if anything else, looked, interesting to say the least, judging by her side of the room and the fact she was making tea, she suspected that her roommate would be someone they can tolerate, maybe, she wasn't totally for sure on her personality yet, and if she has high expectations that she would push onto her, either way it wouldn't be long till she found out. So turning her head to her side of the room, Catoria looked and saw that her side of the room looked, acceptable, it contrasted a bit with the other girls side of the room, but she didn't mind that too much, so she opted to quickly unpack her stuff and take the little flower creature out of her pocket and set them onto the ground. Where they immediately started to move around the room in order to explore it, not caring much for the boundaries of their side and their roommates, Catoria didn't even bother to try to catch them figuring it would eventually tire out and they doubted their roommate would get too annoyed with them for allowing their creature to run amok.


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Ariiasqthylinh Au Drayceon
Common room
Interactions: CanaryCry CanaryCry
Mentions: N/A
Notable Events:
Notable Features:
Dark blue-black sclera, vibrant orange iris, dual-colored malar marks, pointed ears longer than their head, horrible posture, and a strange way of moving that isn't overtly wrong but just looks weird and unsettling.

Arii's entire existence was going into keeping them rooted to the floor. Every drop of willpower was keeping them right there on a slightly discolored plank in the common room, unable to run off into the woods where they'd surely either fall off a cliff or try running so far in any direction that they'd hit the campus border where who-knew-what would happen to them.

With all of their focus being in keeping them from running away, a tiny hand brushing against their cloak was enough to send all of their control unfurling like a snipped thread in a weave.

Arii jumped so violently that in the span of them leaving the ground, scales crawled up their neck and toward their eyes, colored in the same fare as their hair. The scales shook off, hit the ground, and disintegrated the moment they landed. They turned slitted pupils to the offender, relaxing minutely when they realized it was something that they could probably punt into a wall if it was dangerous.

They crouched to get a better look at it just as their ears caught footsteps and a voice joined in.

Arii's gaze slid like a dull knife over wood to stare into—probably—the owner of the little... living bok choy. For a while, they just let... whoever it was... speak, one ear facing their direction in mild curiosity. Frankly put, they gave off the expression of a judgmental adult watching disapprovingly as someone else's child did something they didn't like. As the offer hit open space, Arii reached down to run a careful finger over the leaves of the living vegetable at their knee.

Their eyes finally looked up properly to meet the other wild-born's gaze, and—oh.

What stared back at them was a bright blue—brighter than any normal person could hope to achieve, laced with that electric tint that was so familiar to them. They were under no illusion, though. The blue of their peer's eyes wasn't the same cyan as Jet's was... but it was similar enough, that his voice—dropping them off for Algebra one at one of the local colleges. Buildings towered above them. Students far older than they milled about—shook itself free from the box it'd been put in for safe keeping.

Be nice. Have fun. Try to make some friends that aren't old men with the working hours of a schoolteacher, yeah?

"Sure," came the monotone hum before they had a chance to stop themself. "A walk sounds good."

If it wouldn't have looked incredibly weird, Arii would have smacked themself about the back of the head for agreeing so readily.

Spoiled Bread

The Lord of the Uneaten
Ruth Goodwill

Location: Storm Rider -> Rainbow Chameleon's House
Neo Alice Neo Alice
Uasal Uasal
GrieveWriter GrieveWriter
Notable Events: self-doubting and watching Baxter going monke
Notable Physical Features: Multiple-colored irises

"That's very inspiring, teach." Ruth replied at the professor's jab with a flat tone, though her face looked a bit sour. She just wanted to strike a conversation, not getting a mini-lecture. Thankfully the professor left them alone soon afterward.

The other girl, as expected, rejected her offer. Yeah, Ruth simply blurted the offer because she wanted to talk. If she had a cool rock bracelet dragon she wouldn't want to trade it with someone else's potato too. What she didn't expect was the girl's elaborate words at consoling her. It reminded her of that time she got F at French and the teacher tried very hard to find good words to say to her motheraccompanying maid. Did summoning a potato considered bad? Ruth wasn't sure, she had no idea of the standard a witch supposed to achieve. Though considering the professor's and the other girl's reaction, yeah, she probably just got an F for potato summoning.

No, no. Positive thinking. Ruth!

Ruth lightly smacked her own cheeks with her hands to bring her focus back to the present. The girl introduced herself as.. Iomhich... Cloch? Thankfully, calling her Hara would be enough. Ruth took the girl's hand and shake them, a wide smile on her face.

"Ruth Goodwill. Nice to meet you too, Hara!"

After Hara departed, Ruth picked her potato up and held it in front of her chest like a plushie. The potato looked up at her with its large innocent eyes, that looked like creepy empty eye sockets.

"No, you are not a failure." Ruth whispered as she glanced at the potato. Though it wasn't clear if her words were aimed at the potato or herself, or both. Following the other students, she walked out of the ship.
Ruth couldn't believe she would finally think like this, but she's glad to be outside. Fresh air, strong breeze, beautiful unfamiliar scenery, and a lightning strike that transformed into another teacher, just like every highschool ever. She spotted a pattern here and put a bet against herself that the next teacher would come out of either fire or water. Unfortunately the next teacher was the headmistress and she didn't came out of something. Ruth silently cursed at herself, she would need to spin the wheel of punishment later.

Next the Headmistress guided them into the campus area and Ruth couldn't help but darting her eyes around in curiousity. She noticed some other students whispered to each other when they looked at the new group but she couldn't make what they're saying. Finally they arrived at their supposedly new house and upon the first glance at the building Ruth almost bursted out laughing.

The building looked like a silly toy store! While she still didn't like wearing the chameleon belt, this building was at least went full-throttle with its goofiness. That was something Ruth at least can appreciate. She could imagine this place would be seen as a joke by the other established students though, the chameleon house was much less impressive compared to the other buildings she had seen. She also listened to the teacher's explanation about their room and was particularly intrigued by the fact that only the room owner can enter and trespasser would be cursed. She could imagine if this kind of feature exist in regular school dormitory some bullies would use it to shove whoever their victim was into someone else's room for some giggles. Hopefully there's nothing like that here.

After the witches left Ruth was thinking that she should go to her room and put her luggagges down but that boy from before, the one with tentacles creature was now trying to climb the house. She didn't know why he did it and she didn't care, but that looks very fun and she even though she wasn't good at climbing, she wanted to at least cheer him. She picked up chomper and raised both chomper and her potato high, letting them see better at the boy in action.

"Hey! That looks fun! Tell me if you find something interesting!" Ruth waved chomper and potato at him.
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Francisco Hierro

Location: Rainbow Chameleon house, Fran and Ryan's room
Interactions: Guppy Franz Guppy Franz
Mentions: n/a
Notable Events: Just a bit overwhelmed about everything.
Notable Physical Features: Smiling at his new room.


Fran stood before the door of his new room, listlessly petting Sprig, considering the flurry of actions that just had occurred. He frowned at professor Le Fay's words about his familiar. He couldn't deny that the small moss cat was a bit misshapen, but in her incomplete form he saw potential. Still, the whole appearance of even more faculty, and their arrival in the academy, had his head thrumming with anticipation and confusion. When the Abjurers took him, he almost expected a cell or a hole in the ground, but this… He could get used to.

Fran was just kinda there, in a daze, when he felt a light tap on his back.

He jumped in surprise, and turned around to see the guy who almost got into a fight with the rough looking girl from before. Good, he seemed agreeable enough, but willing to stand his ground. That was something Fran could respect.

“Looks like we're roomies for the year, hope you don't mind any snoring,”

At that, Fran gave a grin. “Not at all. I sleep like a rock.” He said, “Oh, thanks for backing down, before. Some of us were scared enough already… The name's Francisco, by the by. Call me Fran.”

He offered a fist to his new roommate.

Looking around at their new room, he again got blindsided by half of it shifting rapidly as Ryan walked in. Would it change for him too?
With a gasp, Fran realized that it did!

His half was a simple affair, just a comfy cot, a desk with a chair and a couple of cupboards, but the walls. The walls were rough and brown, as if covered in living wood, and it had hundreds of plants growing in the cracks and hollows of the gnarled bark. Flowers hanged from the upper reaches, and vines and other more exotic specimens crisscrossed through the length of the wall.


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EB28E6B3-785A-4214-B482-0C013D257F84.jpeg 4815F58C-06B2-4373-ACAB-F41D086303AA.jpeg
Sonia Lockheart

: Corvallis Academy, Chameleon Dorms: Common Room
Interactions: ScatheAriiasqDrayceon ScatheAriiasqDrayceon
Mentions: N/A
Notable Events: Talking to Arii in common space
Notable Physical Features: Eyes turned bright blue by Conduit Moment

When the person's feet left the ground Sonia jumped, a startled little motion with a hand pressing to her chest but thankfully no embarrassing sound in response. There was something strange happening to them, and her eyes couldn’t quite make sense of it before it was gone again. They were one of the most physically changed of them, she thought, and she was doing her best not to stare or to act strangely because of it - just because a person's magic wasn’t pretty was no reason to treat them different, and she was sure they were still adjusting to their own physical changes as well, so she didn’t want to make their stress or anxiety any worse.

She let out a little exhale of relief when they were back on their feet again, having neither hurt themselves nor landed on Fern on their way back to earth. She’d been worried for a moment that they would land wrong and twist an ankle or fall on the furniture or something.

"I’m so sorry he scared you!" She said, worried at first and then giving a little laugh at her own response. "You scared me. I think we're all a little jumpy right now, but some fresh air will be nice, right?" She offered them a smile, and since they were being nice to Fern didn’t come any closer to pick him up, not wanting to make them uncomfortable by crowding them or imply that she thought they would hurt him. "I’m Sonia, and that’s Fern. Thanks for coming with us. I could always use the company."

She looked down at where Fern was standing, seemingly content to let them pet him, and couldn’t help the little rush of affection for the little thing when he reached up with small hands to hold onto their sleeve. He was almost like a baby, curious and attaching to anything nearby.

"Oh!" She laughed softly and pointed at him as if their new friend couldn’t see him doing it already. "I think he wants you to carry him! You can if you want, but it’s okay if you don’t, too. He seems to like people well enough." It was that or he was just attracted to the magic they gave off like with Ryan, but she liked to think he was just friendly.


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Ariiasqthylinh Au Drayceon
Common room
Interactions: CanaryCry CanaryCry
Mentions: N/A
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Notable Features:
Dark blue-black sclera, vibrant orange iris, dual-colored malar marks, pointed ears longer than their head, horrible posture, and a strange way of moving that isn't overtly wrong but just looks weird and unsettling.

Arii didn't like kids.

Like... really didn't like kids. If there was a child on the bus crying, then they would do their very best to ignore it and move on with their existence without having to lay eyes on the bald potatoes people called "cute".

They didn't like kids.

So they had no idea why they angled themself so that "Fern", apparently, could clamber over their arm to latch onto it. They straightened with a newly-acquired vegetable child, perking a brow at it. Only once they were sure they wouldn't drop the kohlrabi-shaped thing (they chided themself that bok choy wasn't that thick around the base) did they look up to examine the meddler.

"Jumpy," they started, tilting their head to the side, "is one word for it." Their ears perked, then flicked back again, coming back up with a slight wrinkle of their nose and what was just sideways of a smile. "Positively scared leafless is more apt. Petrified, if you will. On the bark of hysteria." They didn't respond to the apologies, or other fare, seemingly only answering to things they found interesting and skipping the rest.

They rolled their eyes after a moment, "'Pologies. Name's Ariiasqthylinh—" they spat it out like it was a two-syllable name—"or anything in between." If they tried, they could pretend they were still in the lecture hall. "Hope you don't mind bad jokes and worse puns. It seems I've picked up some unsightly habits from my... uh..." Now that they thought about it, they didn't really have a word for Jet.

"Witch friend."

That worked. They started with a quick, jerky stride toward the door, clicking their tongue sharply. "Absolute bugger, he is," they said, putting on some mockery of a British accent. "But in any case, yes. Fresh air will be... nice."


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Severin Daylede
Chameleon Dorms, Common Area, Dorm room
Interactions: (Open!)
Notable Events:
Wandering about
Notable Physical Features: The gloves are back on, eye color still fighting

The building looked, intriguing. It definitely looked like a daycare more than a place to hold teens. But nonetheless they forgot about the two they had been sitting with and dashed over to the building. Waiting for the professors and what- the principal? to finish, Sev rocked on their heels. Impatience was taking over as the house just sat there. Finally, done. They had noticed people beginning to do their own things as the two professors began bickering? It didn't matter. They wandered around, in a quick sort of manner, sort of watching in a way. They noticed a taller, bigger person beginning to climb the building. Which in it's own was amusing. They eventually entered the building, seeing as it was true. The inside was definitely bigger!

The puppy had moved to the cloak's hood, slowly beginning to drift off to sleep. Everyone seemed to be doing their own thing, so Severin left to do their own thing. Which at this point would be to see what their dorm room would look like. After getting lost, somehow, they managed to find their room. Upon opening the door, their eyes seemed to light up with curiosity. They didn't even pay attention to their roommate's side.

Their side seemed to almost morph out of nothing, and with a couple of blinks it had completely changed. It had decorations and little things reminding them of their old room. Other than that it seemed new.

Their side of the room wasn't massive, but it was big enough for them. A slanted roof, with a platform in the corner with a mattress on top. Beneath was a pillar-like, thin bookcase and a round chair on three pegs. There was a slanted desk in the other corner with a stool. A random rug with no particular shape took the middle of their side. A light hung in the middle, with a dim light. It was practically hanging by it's wires. Maybe a few other things here and there. A thin, long window was in the middle of the wall, with blinds instead of curtains.

Fitting for them. It seemed their roommate wasn't here yet, so they just focused on unpacking. Severin carefully put the puppy on the chair before beginning to put away whatever was in their luggage. Sev had no intentions on exploring the campus. They had a feeling it might not be the best to do that now.
Basically just art I used to cultivate the room, if that makes sense



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31BF9700-FB29-4401-8761-652BC8C044B6.jpeg 0D3F4EA8-C0B6-4954-B055-C214D610A810.jpeg
Sonia Lockheart

: Corvallis Academy, Walking out of Chameleon Dorms
Interactions: ScatheAriiasqDrayceon ScatheAriiasqDrayceon
Mentions: N/A
Notable Events: Talking to Arii in common space, then leaving to go for a walk
Notable Physical Features: Eyes turned bright blue by Conduit Moment

Sonia wasn’t really sure what to think when the person in front of her started to say they were worse than scared, and only relaxed a little bit when she realized they were making some sort of tree puns. She managed a still slightly nervous little laugh, a hand coming up over her mouth as if to stifle it and just watching how Fern reacted. The little plant creature had latched onto their forearm, and once they were standing again shifted himself around until he was mostly sitting upright on their wrist, one hand holding onto their sleeve and the other their thumb. He seemed content enough, leaning back into their chest with the flower on his head bobbing lightly up and down. She thought it might mean he was happy where he was, and so didn’t protest him not being held more carefully.

"Of course! I'm not above a few good dad jokes, myself!" She gave them a thumbs up and a grin, which shortly turned into a more sheepish smile. "Is, uh - is Arii okay? I'm afraid I would butcher the rest of it without a little practice first. You'll have to spell it out for me some time so I can see it." But for now, she supposed Arii would do. Even if she wondered what kind of origin a long, consonant-heavy name like that had, she didn’t want to be rude and ask.

"So, you have a witch friend?" She hurried a couple of steps to catch up and fell into step with Arii as they left the Chameleon Dorm, choosing a random direction to start wandering in. "I guess that means you’ve got the advantage over the rest of us. What sort of magic did they use? Did they ever show you any? I wonder if they were ever here at this school." Maybe they would get to see pictures of Arii's friend, or some sort of work that the person had done at the school. It would be nice, she thought, for one of them to have some sort of prior connection to this place.
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Ariiasqthylinh Au Drayceon
On-campus somewhere
Interactions: CanaryCry CanaryCry
Mentions: N/A
Notable Events: The Child Is Getting Interaction
Notable Features: Dark blue-black sclera, vibrant orange iris, dual-colored malar marks, pointed ears longer than their head, horrible posture, and a strange way of moving that isn't overtly wrong but just looks weird and unsettling.

"Arii's fine," they agreed, "it's a long name. Though, it's spelled awkwardly, so I don't think it'd help all that much." They clicked their tongue a couple times, ears turning this way and that now that there was anything to hear. The slightly warmer air outside hit their nose—all soft soil and clipped grass—and they paused momentarily before deciding to simply follow Sonia as she walked.

"I wouldn't call it an... advantage," they hummed with a quirked lip. "He's an Earth mage, but he hardly uses it. He works as a doctor, instead. I've seen... a bit." A bit was the understatement of the decade. "Mostly just his concept sketches of what he could make—maybe a spell circle here and there." Their voice faltered, and for a moment, it seemed as if that was going to be the end of it.

They let a small breath slip between their teeth. "He mostly uses it to travel—he's an excellent shapeshifter. If a big, black, albatross-looking bastard starts talking to you and he sounds like a pretentious, bland as white bread bitch, then that's probably him... I don't know what school he went to, though. He doesn't like talking about it." One of their ears twitched down slightly. "I'm starting to realize why." If they rolled their eyes any harder, they'd get stuck like that.

"To actually answer your question, though, the most I know about Earth magic is some vague theories that I have no hope of using until we get to do... more. Like knowing how to paint sculptures, but not knowing how to make them." Ironically, Arii found painting the hardest part of sculpture-making. They clicked their tongue, again. Ari scrunched their nose, bobbing their head.


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BFCDA90B-F722-414F-A3A4-8347CEB63DB3.jpeg 358B6665-9943-4C33-A734-8D8736953C74.jpeg
Sonia Lockheart

: Corvallis Academy, Walking around outside
Interactions: ScatheAriiasqDrayceon ScatheAriiasqDrayceon
Mentions: N/A
Notable Events: Leaving the Chameleon Dorms to go for a walk
Notable Physical Features: Eyes turned bright blue by Conduit Moment

"Mm, can’t hurt to try," Sonia murmured with a little shrug, amiable and content to be outdoors. If she could see the name and hear it, she reasoned, it would help her remember later, even if it was spelled strangely. Taking the time to learn someone’s name was important, after all. It showed them you cared, and it was the respectful thing to do, rather than just brushing it off as 'too hard'.

She wandered without much direction as she listened to Arii speak, occasionally glancing back at them and Fern, and taking the path that had pretty greenery but wouldn’t go too close to the other dorms just yet. There were other students here and there, after all, and she wasn’t quite ready to face them as an outsider even with someone at her side. As tense and upset as Arii had been inside the Chameleon Dorm, she didn’t think that they would want to be around any group big enough to be called a 'crowd' just yet, either.

"At least some of it will look familiar," she said with a smile, pleased just to have found something they liked talking about and amused with their descriptions of their friend. Her words were gentle, reassuring, allowing for them to feel upset still but offering comfort if needed. "Everything's a little overwhelming right now, but I'm sure it'll get better. He turned out okay, after all, didn’t he? Maybe he’s just not allowed to talk about it."

There were a lot of adults that didn’t like to think about their high school days, she thought, though she was sure this school was going to take all of those 'normal' problems and put them on steroids. And she knew next to nothing about magic because witches were so secretive. Maybe nothing so very bad had happened, and their friend had taken on the witch equivalent of an NDA.

"Sounds like you're good friends." She pressed forward rather than focus on the what-if's, on the could-be's, on stressing over a future that hadn’t come yet. "Maybe if you end up liking earth magic best, you can help him with some of his ideas some day! That would be cool, wouldn’t it?"

With a little chuckle, she reached out to gently poke the flower bud on Fern's head where it bobbed gently left and right with each step Arii took. "I think he really likes sitting with you, but let me know if you don’t want to carry him anymore. I would say you could just put him down, but I worry about accidentally kicking him." He was so small and fragile-looking, though his body seemed solid enough when she held him. She could only liken it to having small dogs and worrying about them being underfoot all the time.
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Ariiasqthylinh Au Drayceon
On-campus somewhere
Interactions: CanaryCry CanaryCry
Mentions: N/A
Notable Events: The Child Is Getting Interaction
Notable Features: Dark blue-black sclera, vibrant orange iris, dual-colored malar marks, pointed ears longer than their head, horrible posture, and a strange way of moving that isn't overtly wrong but just looks weird and unsettling.

"Maybe," they conceded, drumming their fingers on their thigh to a beat that twisted and dodged with fickle laughter, avoiding their attempts to name it with sharp teeth and gaps in the most important verses. The beat paused at the description of Jet's existence being at all "okay", and they snorted so hard their ears shot up and forward. "'Okay' is quite the flattering description for him," they chuckled. The tapping beat continued.

"But I suppose so." They adjusted their grip on Fern, huffing just enough to feel their ribs dig into their skin. "I dunno, though." An ear twitched, and they cringed. "He's probably worried sick. His shift started just as 'Come-With-Me-If-You-Want-To-Live' knocked on my door, so I didn't exactly get to say 'goodbye'." How did it go? Something like... cruel? Maybe. Not quite right. "He probably figured out what's up. Maybe."

They perked a brow as Sonia started theorizing. "If I do, be rest assured that no freakier movie monster will ever hit the big screen," they replied with a lopsided grin that was too full of teeth. "Seriously, though, I doubt that I'd be of much help other than writing things down—I've never seen anyone with worse handwriting—he's got making new... he calls them Avatars pretty down pat."

They almost pulled away on instinct when Sonia drew closer, but managed to keep their pace even and steady, having reminded themself that they were still carrying Kohlrabi-Child. "I don't mind too much. He's no heavier than a wetsuit or something of the sort." Desperation will erase... damn their shit memory. "And as the proud owner of a cat and several chickens, I can say that punting will be less of a problem than me falling on my face."


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0a8050377976ed6a75dee0755de6374e.jpgBaxter Caufield
Location: Rainbow Chameleon's House
Interactions: Takumi98 Takumi98 Tapfic Tapfic Spoiled Bread Spoiled Bread
Mentions: N/A
Notable Events: Baffled by the cruel incarceration of the Giant Chameleon, Decides they're basically brothers, jumps back down to front of the house, Offers Ruth three wishes in exchange for the safe release of her hostage

Baxter was practically at the Chameleon's neck by the time the first confused query was thrown his way. He paused momentarily to look down at one of his fellow Wild Ones.

Some guy who was pale as a ghost was watching him, and if Baxter knew auditory trajectory as well as he did he figured he could pinpoint Ghost boy as the source of the confused questioning. Or perhaps the fact that Ghost Boy seemed to be cautiously awaiting some kind of answer while looking directly at Baxter just kind of gave it away. Either way, Baxter didn't make a habit of talking with ghosts. He'd played too many Ouija Board pranks on people to find the spirit realm interesting anymore.

But the question itself was only a gateway to more entertainment, and had fostered the construction of a reason that Baxter just couldn't help but snicker at.

He paused in his climb, boots balancing on the very spine of the Chameleon as he turned around fully and squatted down to turn his grin on Ghost Boy.

"Whadya you mean 'What am I doing?"' Baxter patted the back of the Chameleon's head "Just look at what they've done to my boy!"

He stood tall and spread his arms wide to gesture around him.

"Got him all pinned to the ground with beakers n shit all running through his bod." Baxter shook his head and sniffled for dramatic effect "They done turned my boy into a crib, damn it!"

He spun back around and began scaling the rest of the Chameleon, pushing off from his eye just as Mrs. Smiler called up next about how effective and awesome his climbing strats were. He would've just taken the compliment if she hadn't mentioned treasure, but he paused the moment that came out of her mouth. With one hand gripping hold of the Chameleon's horn, he looked back just in time to see Smiler heading inside.

She wasn't alone in the assumption, as not long after that Potato girl called up with a similar interest in hidden goodies while waving her namesake and a familiar-looking jacket around.

Baxter just shook his head.

"Material possessions are all kinds of temporary n shit, sis." he waved her off before looking to the sky "The only thing up here is the birth of the intangible and ever-present, my girl."


He waited a full five seconds before turning and full-on hugging the Chameleon's horn. A full-on Baxter sized bear hug of truth was happening on the top of that house. As Baxter made a silent declaration to one day free his reptilian brother from his servitude, so that one day he could cling to giant trees and eat the hell out of giant mosquito buildings whenever he wanted. Engaging in all that true freedom stuff. The chorus of wind blowing through trees became the official sound-track of this brotherly moment, playing out the unheard tunes of a promise between man and Chameleon the bonds of which time itself would fail to weaken.

1537121363.elenawing_marlborocharm2rez.pngBut then he cracked an eye open and figured out why potato girl's jacket was so familiar.
"But his emancipation will come later." Baxter pushed away and gave Chameleon House a pat on the horn before leaping down onto its spine "Right now we should be chattin' bout how my boy down there's boutta swallow your potato baby whole."

He gave a casual nod towards Chomper, who's tentacles were not so subtly inching out their way towards the living Potato. But Baxter was too busy doing a perfect dive off the roof to notice.

He landed on his feet because of course he did, grinning wildly as he strolled towards Potato Girl.

"I got plans for Chomp and I, baby." He snickered before holding out his hand "So you pass him over and I'll grant you three wishes. But better make 'em count cuz three wishes is like... nothing if yo life is jacked up enough. Trust me, I knew a guy."


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Felix Grant

Location: Outside Rainbow Chameleon House

Interactions: GrieveWriter GrieveWriter , Open

Mentions: Tapfic Tapfic , Spoiled Bread Spoiled Bread , N/A

Notable Events: Warily watching Baxter climb the chameleon house, still a bit confused but kind of gets why now

Notable Physical Features: White hair, slightly pointed ears, sharp canines

Two of his fellow Wild Borns gave Baxter more positive responses to his climbing efforts before doing their own things, but Felix continued to watch in case the other went tumbling down from the group's new home for the year.

"Wh-" seeing the other squat on the spine to give him a grin that Felix considered almost borderline feral, his next question caught in his throat as Baxter spoke.

Felix blinked at the answer given to him by Baxter, before tilting his head ever so slightly to the left as he continued to watch the other climb.

The house didn't seem like an actual living Chameleon, so it seemed like a waste of time and energy to do something like this, in Felix's mind.

He would have voiced his thought process but he never did, as Baxter decided to jump from the house and nearly caused the Green Panda resting on his shoulder to fall from the way he jerked forward as if he wanted to keep the other from getting hurt. His shadow had shifted, small tendrils rising up to his ankles as if ready to try and catch Baxter for him, and the green panda's ears had flattened as he clung to his creator with a small annoyed grumble. Though when Baxter landed on his feet and was fine, Felix released a small sigh of relief that made his shoulders sag. The tendrils had sunk back into his shadow and his Green Panda companion had curled into his cloaks hood by then so there wouldn't be anymore potential accidents.

"Y'know, you could've really hurt yourself…or at least fucked up an ankle if you landed wrong." Felix muttered, the and would've given me a heart attack went unsaid as he gripped his backpack straps and adjusted the bag on his back while watching Baxter try to keep his odd monster plant from snatching the girl's living potato for lunch by offering her three wishes.

Their group had some weird people in it, but then again him and some of his friends weren't considered normal before all of this Wild Born business happened. He might as well get used to it, since their ragtag group was sharing the chameleon shaped dorm for a while until they picked whatever magic they planned to stick with.

Guppy Franz

Guppy was here!
Ryan Teller

Location: School Campus

Interactions: ScatheAriiasqDrayceon ScatheAriiasqDrayceon CanaryCry CanaryCry Tattletale Tattletale

Mentions: GrieveWriter GrieveWriter

Notable Events: After introducing himself to Frans and throwing his things in the room, left the dorm and met up with Sonia and Alii to explore the campus.

Notable Physical Features: Green and silver tattoos glowing lightly up his arms.

Ryan pulled himself up from the comfort of his bed, letting Birch slip off his back and land on the covers, and looked over to Fran as he thanked him for bowing out of the fight between the rude girl from earlier. A small frown briefly flashed across his face as he recalled the interaction before giving a shrug, scratching the side of his neck as he let a strained smile come to his face. "Oh yeah, no problem, I guess," he chuckled before looking at the offered fist from his roommate and smirked before returning the gesture with a solid fist bump. "Probably for the best anyway, it'd be a pain if I ended up smashing up that ship and getting on the school's bad side on the first day here," he muttered with a sigh. "I'll just have to teach that rude girl a lesson later when I get the chance," he grinned as he cracked his knuckles and enjoyed the fantasy of shutting the lady's smart mouth. "Names Ryan by the way," he introduced himself with a firm nod before laying back down on his bed, stretching his limps with a long groan, Birch splayed out to the side of his head doing the same with a small yawn. "I don't know about you, but I feel like I could go into hibernation on this bed. Wonder if it's the magic that makes this thing extra comfy," he wondered aloud before looking out the window, arching a brow as he could hear a bit of commotion outside. Looked like everyone else was already starting to get settled in.

Pursing his lips in thought, a slight sigh escaped him before he reluctantly pulled himself from his bed. "Well, I'll have plenty of time to unpack later. We should probably have a look around the campus before they come to get us again. No telling when we'll have another chance to freely walk around without any responsibilities," he chuckled before looking down at Birch, frowning slightly to see his wooden companion already fast asleep, his right leg twitching as he pawed at the air above him. "Come on, you haven't even been alive for a day. No way you're already that tired," he muttered before shaking his head as Birch's leg gave another twitch. "Fine, don't let the termites bite," he scoffed before looking over to Fran with a grin. "I'm heading out to get a better look at the school, I'll see you out there if you're going to unpack first," he said with a quick wave and left the room, tired yet eager to explore the campus. As he exited the dorm he paused as one of the tougher-looking students landed on the ground, Ryan arching a brow as he looked up the chameleon house and back to the student. He chuckled slightly as he went on to talk about granting three wishes. The man seemed to have a few screws loose but looked to have a fun aura about him.

Looking to his right he spotted two familiar faces walking and chatting together, one being that polite Sonia girl and the strange student with the bad jokes. For some odd reason, he had a sudden urge for bad jokes. Plus, he never did get their name since their conversation was interrupted by Moraine's introduction and first lesson. Deciding it couldn't hurt to pop in to say hi Ryan started a light job to the two. Once catching up he held up a hand and smirked. "Yo, Sonia, Bad Jokes!" he called out before coming up to the side of the nameless student. "Hey there, mind if I tag along? Was going to have a look around campus and figured three is better than one," he shrugged before burying his hands into his pockets and looking at the student that has yet to be named. "Plus, I never did catch your name from before, only that weak joke before our first lesson," he chuckled as he recalled the terrible pun when they got their seeds.

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