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CB74D32A-FADF-44C0-B013-4F5143955640.jpeg Sonia Lockheart

: Storm Rider, Bellow Decks
Interactions: Speaking to Lord_Boreas Lord_Boreas
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Notable Events: Just chatting with Korri
Notable Physical Features: Eyes turned bright blue by Conduit Moment

Sonia gave a sheepish little smile when he corrected her on her use of the word 'scary'. Of course, she knew it was kind of a baby word compared to what was actually happening to them, but she hadn’t wanted to make anything sound worse than it already was. There were people accidentally making magic happen, and even more just freaking out about it all, a low murmur in the room from all the Wild Born teens around who had recently found their gifts under mostly traumatic circumstances. It wasn’t helping anything to call it big, worrisome words, too.

"Of course," She said softly when he thanked her. "I - I know everyone’s scared, but it always helps when you dont feel all alone on top of it." She was only one person, and she could only help so many, but if all she could do was help Korri feel a little better, it would have to be enough.

"Ah," she wrung her hands in her lap again, giving a little shake of her head, "Unfortunately, I don’t really know much more than you do; I don’t think anyone does. All this magic stuff is very hush-hush. All I know is what the witches told us, and that we're going to be on our way to somewhere that’ll help us learn how to use our new magic. Until then, I think we've all just gotta do our best to stay calm, and stick together."

She shrugged, unsure what else she could do but work with what little information they had, and put a hand on the chameleon clasp of her new cloak. "Are you cold? I mean it, you can borrow my cloak for a while if you need to." She gave him a smile, hoping to be at least a little reassuring, and to distract him from what else was going on in the room. "The ice makes it a little chilly, but I’ll be fine."

Part of her wanted to go and help the girl that had suggested a game, thinking maybe it would help distract everyone from their stress, but she didn’t want to leave Korri alone, and didn’t think he would want to join in with her. Maybe in a little while, if he felt calm enough to stop breathing little flurries into the air, she would participate. For now, she’d offered her company, and she would let him have it until he didn’t want it anymore.


"It's always nice to see you"
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Severin Daylede
Storm Rider
Interactions: Open!
Mentions: Tapfic Tapfic Tattletale Tattletale Guppy Franz Guppy Franz Ghostiiys Ghostiiys
Notable Events: Volunteering for the game
Notable Physical Features: Simple, fitting leather gloves and silver fighting the brown in their eyes (Like trying to take over, but it's not working in a way if that makes sense)

Severin looked confused at first. They had been called many things, but adorable? That wasn't one of them. Since they were never popular, and kids being kids, you had the usual loser, and weirdo. To add onto that, there were others regarding the fact they were not Cisgender or Straight, and those regarding their behavior and interests. Usually, they were derogatory. There were a few that were clear jokes, and there were some that were endearing. But adorable? They thought it could have to do with the fact they seemed very nervous and well, they were. This was a new situation, and a fight on the brink of happening? Not to mention most of the peers seemed to not be very happy. But upon hearing a game, they looked up. That could be fun. It would certainly relieve some stress and make time fly faster.

"If you're giving the invite to everyone, I'll join!" They stood up, with a slight smile indicating they were happy to hear something that wasn't going to end up with harm to something, hopefully. At first Sev wanted to go help someone, maybe interact with one of those alone, but it seemed less of a good idea upon further inspection. They glanced at Rumi, the two about to fight, and the one who encouraged Rumi. Severin was slowly shaking off the nervousness and becoming their usual self.

With bright eyes, eager to hear more about this game and an easy smile they seemed more relaxed. It was more interesting than frightening for them. It wouldn't be the end of the world for them to not be able to talk with their family. The Daylede family never interacted much as a group, and barely even spoke at dinners. This is a whole new experience, and it seemed like it'd be thrilling at times. They were in a giant flying wooden whale! How cool is that? And it could be assumed maybe one day they could do that? While the experience was indeed scary to think about, it seemed that maybe it wouldn't be all that bad.


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Bellatrix Astra 1657571601601.png

Location: Storm Rider, Bellow Deck Room

Interactions: Guppy Franz Guppy Franz Tattletale Tattletale Tapfic Tapfic

Mentions: _diZZy_ _diZZy_

Notable Events: Feeling overwhelmed by a mini intervention

Notable Physical Features: Elf ears, pointed teeth, claw-like hands, iridescent white hair.

Bellatrix had just been minding her own business, braiding her for what felt like forever and the ship still hadn't.. sailed? taken off? she didn't really care for the semantics of it all but she was getting pretty annoyed, so what if there were any stragglers left? if it wasn't for the conveniently placed wall of ice acting. She closed her eyes and groaned, her long eyelashes making her cheeks tingle. Maybe if she was left to her own vices she'd be able to survive the trip and find some magic weed grown by a witch or something to calm her down.

Of course, she couldn't just have a moment to herself without someone thinking they were hot shit. She just stared at him as he went on about something she really didn't care about.
"Sorry I couldn't hear you over the constant voices in my head telling me I don't give a shit about anything you were trying to say." She made a cupping gesture with her hand and put it next to her ear as if to hear something more clearly.

"Perhaps you want to try again?" she said in a mocking voice as she cocked her head and grinned. Bellatrix was quite amused with herself as she couldn't help stifle a chuckle that came out of her mouth.

In any other circumstance, Bella would have just ignored him until his flimsy ego got hurt badly enough that he would try something stupid. It wasn't that she wasn't angry he tried to get in her face but she just hated spending energy on things that didn't matter, that's, why she could push someone out of her way, spit on their shoes, roast them or bully them. She just didn't have the energy to pretend that she cared about someone who meant nothing to her. That's the only way you could survive in her world.

However, what did start to get on her nerves were the people who felt like they needed to play as benevolent middle man. She couldn't help but scowl, her almost shark-like teeth grinding across each other as she did. She heard the first person introduce themselves as Rumi, she eyed them up and down, clearly not amused. Whatever intentions Rumi thought she had fallen on death's ears.
It wasn't hard to notice when another person stepped in, a fairly tall guy by any means who could have just tried to intimidate them both with his stature alone if he wanted to but instead decide to poke his nose in places that didn't involve him either. She glanced up at them both, her pupilless eyes boring straight into them as if she was trying to siphon information out of them.

"Why don't you mind your damn business ?" She spoke bluntly to both of them at the almost insulting mention of playing games like she was a monkey at a zoo. Needing to be constantly entertained with toys to not bang on the glass and scare the visitors.

However before Bellatrix could continue her tirade, another who couldn't just mind his own business and listened in actually wanted to join in on their proposition of games. In a way, they won by deescalating anything between her and the other man as she just rolled her eyes and looked ahead to the door she came in.

"You want to play a game? Hmm.." She pretended to think as she looked up at the ceiling for a moment before looking at everyone that surrounded her.

" Let's play how long can we leave Bellatrix alone until we reach our destination.

"Here I'll start." She stared straight towards the door they all came in through before she began braiding her hair again, trying her best to zone out of the situation.

Guppy Franz

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Ryan Teller89a92d29a8a5d5ced5b8aea62afc8886--beelzebub-oga-hot-anime.jpg

Location: Storm Rider, Below Deck Room

Interactions: Tapfic Tapfic Ghostiiys Ghostiiys Tattletale Tattletale _diZZy_ _diZZy_

Mentions: Lord_Boreas Lord_Boreas

Notable Events: Gives up on the confrontation with Bellatrix and sits in the corner clutching his shaking arm.

Notable Physical Features: Brightly glowing green and silver tattoos pulsating up his arms, resembling a steady heartbeat.

Ryan's already strained smile twitched slightly in annoyance as the white hair girl kept up the attitude, feeling a sudden urge to twist her pointed ears until they were red as she held up a hand to them as if she didn't hear him. Her mocking tone as she repeated his words back to him only added to his frustration. He'd give the lady credit for her smart mouth if he didn't want to clamp them shut so badly. The look of amusement on her smug face was nothing new to him, most of the hot shots or bullies he's rumbled with acted the same way. They were all the same, assholes with egos too big for their shoulders. Since middle school, Ryan had made it his job to put people like that in their places and it seemed he would be doing it again. Plus, a small part of him just wanted a reason to let out some pent-up frustration from the past few weeks. "Since you have a hard time understanding me then, maybe I should show you," he said as he cracked his knuckles. Before he could take a step forward, he paused as the long-haired and red-eyed girl intervened between them.

Ryan looked down at the girl with an irritated glare, though he listened to what she had to say reluctantly and frowned. She wasn't completely wrong, if things got out of hand then the whole reason, he came here would be for nothing if they just ended up smashing up the ship and crashing to their death. Plus who knows what kind of punishments their new school had for magically intended students duking it out. "Still though..." he muttered with a frown as he crossed his arms, glancing at the white-haired woman with annoyance. The girl seemed to have gained a bit of confidence as she slipped between them and smiled. Ryan arched a brow in curiosity as he noticed her sharp teeth and wondered why he hadn't had any drastic changes in appearance like some of the others around them. He wouldn't have long to think any further on the thought as he soon fully turned his attention to her as she suggested they play a game. "Game? Seriously?" he questioned with a puzzled look on his face, not expecting that to be her suggestion. After realizing she wasn't joking Ryan scoffed and shook his head. "Come on now, we're not a bunch of kids here. Well, can't say the same about this one," he muttered as he nudged a thumb towards the white-haired girl. "But we don't need a game. We need a good old-fashioned ass beating," he stated with a firm nod.

Soon another new face decided to join in and glanced over at the taller boy with a deadpan expression as he seemed happy to feed into the girl's game idea. "Really man? Don't encourage her," he muttered. The tall boy soon mentioned not wanting to disturb the other students and Ryan's brow rose slightly as he caught his attention. Following where he had gestured Rayn looked over their shoulder and spotted the boy from earlier who was having issues with his powers. Ryan's face quickly softened, and a long sigh escaped him as he looked up to the ceiling, running his fingers through his messy hair and scratching the back of his head. For a moment he remained quiet before holding up his hands in defeat. "Fine, fine, whatever," he grumbled as he took a step back. "We're not done yet though. One way or the other I'll fix that rude attitude of yours," he promised as he gave a final glare toward the white-haired woman.

As a new face appeared and seemed just as eager to play along with the game idea. He gave them a curious look over and noticed the stranger's mixture of brown and silver in their eyes. When they grew closer to the group it was clear the color in his eyes seemed to be struggling against one another. Ryan couldn't help but chuckle dully as the long-haired girl managed to real in a few participants. "Geez, you guys are a real mood killer with how happy and friendly you all are," he smirked before waving a dismissive hand at the group. "Look, can't you all just-" Ryan's words came to an abrupt pause as a flash of pain came to his face, and gritted his teeth as his left hand snapped to his wrist. Looking down at his arm he had finally realized just how wound up he had gotten and felt the nerves in his arms practically vibrate with strained power. It didn't feel painful, but incredibly uncomfortable, as if his muscles were incredibly tense and in need of dire stretching. The unsettling glow from his markings seemed to pulsate even stronger until it looked like a steady heartbeat. An uneasy frown came to his face as he glared at the trembling limb and sucked in a quick breath before remembering the others around him.

"I think I'll just take a seat and cool down. Have fun with your game," he muttered with a frown before turning to walk away. "Sorry for the scene," he apologized as he made his way to an unoccupied corner in the room and took a seat on the floor, still clutching his shaking arm. Ryan hissed in annoyance as he leaned against the wooden wall and closed his eyes as he started to bear through the almost unbearable tingling vibrations coursing through his nerves. This wasn't the first time his magic has reacted this way, but it had been some time since it had been this bad. With a slow breath, he let his mind drift off to what the future held and how he would soon gain control of these powers. It was the only reason he was here in the first place. He had to, there was no other way.

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The Lord of the Uneaten
Ruth Goodwill

Location: Storm Rider - Passenger Bay -> Below Deck

Interactions: ScatheAriiasqDrayceon ScatheAriiasqDrayceon Tapfic Tapfic

Mentions: Ghostiiys Ghostiiys

Notable Events: bored, and offered a DnD session.

Notable Physical Features: Multiple-colored irises

"Yeah, you know those secret laboratory settings in a lot of horror games? That's the kind of vibe I'm getting from this place. It's cool, but very sterile. Also reminds me of my father's basement, but at least that place has- hey. Where are you going!!" She let out a stream of rant as soon as she got a bit of response from Arii. It seemed she would start to ramble forever if Arii didn't suddenly leave her, which they did.

Now, having been left alone. Ruth would probably continue her exploration, until she heard a ruckus from below. Two students seemed to be going to fight? Cool! Finally some entertaiment. She also wanted to see if anyone else has glowing blood. Ruth looked a bit too enthusiastic as she rushed to the deck and looked for a place where she could see the fight clearly. Though once again her excitement dwindled when some students tried to de-escalate the situation and even more when the girl seemed more than content to just ignore the crowd. There goes her entertainment out of the window. Letting out a sigh, Ruth decided to approached the girl who offered a game.

"Soo... I'm still up for the game, or we can play DnD. I have the witch adventure module, they didn't confiscate it." Ruth never actually played one herself because she couldn't invite anyone to her house and she barely go out of her home, but hey, there's first time for everything.​


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Ariiasqthylinh Au Drayceon
Storm Rider Passenger Bay
Interactions: Guppy Franz Guppy Franz
Mentions: Ghostiiys Ghostiiys , Guppy Franz Guppy Franz , Tapfic Tapfic
Notable Events: Decided Ryan was interesting and also needed to be distracted.
Notable Features:
Dark blue-black sclera, vibrant orange pupil, dual-colored malar marks, pointed ears longer than their head, horrible posture, and a strange way of moving that isn't overtly wrong but just looks weird and unsettling.

The fact that the white haired one that smelled like smoke didn't seem to notice the gum amused Arii probably more than it should have. Their ears rocked back in (as they belatedly realized) the same manner as Jet's, down to the very tips curling just enough to be noticeable.

They flicked the feeling off after a moment, turning their attention to the individual striding up to the smoker with anger in his voice, saying something indignantly that Arii opted not to process in its entirety. They clicked their teeth, passively observing as covered-arms suggested a game, quite handily getting in the middle of the two (well, one, really) probable combatants with a few choice words.

As... entertaining as a game sounded—and Arii was even tempted to join for a brief moment—their attention had drifted quickly to the shaky one that had made the situation into a confrontation in the first place. Shaking, Arii decided, was probably a bad sign. Bad... but interesting, at least.

Their pupils dilated some, then rounded out, much like a cat that'd found a familiar toy.

So, promptly ignoring the gathering peers who wanted in on the game, Arii meandered (read; stalked) after the shaky confrontational one. They followed behind enough that it didn't come off (to them) as creepy, then, as the confrontational one sat, they crouched. They made themself look as though they weren't paying attention to him at all (helped easily by their hatred of looking at the people they spoke to, and their general inability to focus on one person for too long). They weren't close—probably keeping a good body's length of distance between them and him(?), body folded in such a way that their knees rested level with their shoulders and their hands were tucked under their arms.

They perched. Like a bird.

For a moment, they didn't say anything, letting a few heartbeats pass and the person who'd tried talking to them come back down to suggest D&D. Then, with no warning, they turned to look at the confrontational one, eyeing the shuddering of his form, and all-but chirped a "want to hear a joke?"

They idly hoped he liked very stupid jokes, because they weren't entirely sold on plummeting however many feet to the ground because someone couldn't keep it in a box. Granted... they weren't sure how destructive magic could be—what they got to actually see of Jet's magic (instead of reading on theory), was little and very stable. Nothing like what Arii themself had done back at the museum.

A minute shudder ran down their back.

Sometimes they swore they could still feel the layer of skin that... thing had all-but sealing its jaws together.

"Granted," they added within a moment of their first few words, "they're very bad jokes."

Better safe than sorry.
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fc 24.pngRumi Komori
Notable Features
Red eyes, sharp teeth, and hair down to their ass.
Storm Rider, Below deck
_diZZy_ _diZZy_ Guppy Franz Guppy Franz Ghostiiys Ghostiiys Tattletale Tattletale , Spoiled Bread Spoiled Bread
ScatheAriiasqDrayceon ScatheAriiasqDrayceon
Notable Events
Rumi offered up what is basically show and tell with introductions first, before they pick a game.

"Game? Seriously?"

" As serious as you want to think, sure, " Rumi answered easily.

"Come on now, we're not a bunch of kids here. Well, can't say the same about this one, but we don't need a game. We need a good old-fashioned ass beating,"
The witch refrained from pointing out the fact that legally, they were a bunch of kids here.
And quite clearly emotionally as well, if the past however long they had been stuck in this room was anything to go by.

" Whoever convinced you only kids get to have fun did you a great disservice, sweetheart. " Though, usually the games Rumi played involved some sort of monetary gamble- the occasional low-stakes game of skill or two was always nice to jog the mind. Especially when she got to practice cheating for the big games.
Her favorite was Chess, and one of the few she didn't bother to find some way to cheat; unfortunately Ruri was the one who owned the board- so she hadn't had one on her.
" But remember you shouldn't hit children~" Rumi could have a little jab at the original problem causer. As a treat.

“A game sounds about right, miss." A new face joined the ring, tall and patched with band-aids and a nice smile “it's been boring here, but I'm sure we can solve this without any ruckus. We wouldn't want to disturb our new friends, right?”

The new addition's gesture did highlight the number of teenagers struggling to control themselves while stuffed into this dinky little room. Ice, lightning, actually that one she originally thought to be bored looked more along the lines of having a pretty sucky panic- but at least he wasn't setting the bench on fire or anything.
That little factoid was a bit worrisome.

"What kinda game were you thinking?"

Rumi paused momentarily as the other boy protested the support.
Honestly she hadn't expected to get this far without having to do a bit more bartering- lucky her she supposed.
Something calming, to ease the tension for those that had opted not to participate as well.

"Why don't you mind your damn business ?" Rumi may have spoken too soon, as Miss.Sour Grapes didn't seem to thrilled at the prospect of sharing any form of personal space with the rest of their slowly forming group. Well, that was to be expected. At least Severin piped up, opting to join them in Rumi's little communal game.

"You want to play a game? Hmm.."
" Let's play how long can we leave Bellatrix alone until we reach our destination.
"Here I'll start."

Rumi maintained her smile , though it became so much harder to keep this one from becoming condescending as the girl continued in her little huff. She may have failed to restrain herself a little bit, but oh well- if she really didn't want to talk to her, an ever so slightly different slant to her eyes as she shared a toothy grin wouldn't make her start; and if it did Rumi would just play dumb.
Either way, with her sulking back to her corner, Rumi had gotten exactly what she wanted- as she generally did.

" Oh well," The sickly sweet voice was perfectly innocent, " just let us know if you change your mind babe~"

Just one more temper to quell.

"Geez, you guys are a real mood killer with how happy and friendly you all are," Rumi liked that answer, it meant she had acomplished her goal two for two without having to bring out any sort of dirty trick- always a plus in her book.

She liked it considerably less when the boy's face grew tinged with discomfort, and he cast an uneasy glare down to his own shaking arm- though her smile hid the concern just as well as it had through this whole endeavor.

"I think I'll just take a seat and cool down. Have fun with your game, sorry for the scene,"

" Don't worry about it, everyone's a bit shaken up, " Rumi tried her best at comforting words, but she had never been as good at this as Ruri.

Just as the boy who's name she had never caught ( and so would be dubbed " sweetheart " and there variations for the time being ) settled down, another girl entered- following after the gum stick grimlin.

She offered Dnd, and Rumi could hardly restrain her hard " No. "

" Creative, but that might end up a bit... stressful, " She hoped the letdown was gentle. Or at least gentle enough that it was obvious she tried.

" Why don't we just start with getting to know each other- and if we aren't on campus by then we can all pitch some more ideas to burn time," Not to mention; If Rumi was going to play a game with strangers, she was going to somehow use it to size up the rest of the people in the room. It was the best option after all- a game that gave some insight into their personalities- if not their personal life- would be the best.
Not to mention some ambient friendly chatter seemed relaxing enough- much more than whatever shouted spells and groans of frustration that game would bring.

" Lets see...for the introduction game- why don't we all say our names, something you've been wanting to tell someone recently, and share the favorite thing you brought with you-or your favorite party trick~" Innocent enough questions, with quite a bit of information to be taken from the answers.

" Here- My name's Rumi, lately I've really been wanting to talk about vampires- particularly the hot ones. Fortunately for you all , I'm feeling generous and opt to spare you that," The lecture would mostly boil down to " goth clothes are cool " and " Trading humanity to conqure death is fucking sick " anyways.
" And the favorite thing I brought with me is-" Rumi stood, reached into the bag she had stuffed the coat she had replaced with the uniform cloak in- after procuring the item she reached into its deepest, innermost pocket.

Out of the pink fabric, she pulled a small box.

" One of my friends at school gave this to me last year," she lied, but it was good to make it seem like she had made healthy relationships with others before this.

On closer inspection- the box was not a box at all- but a wooden plank rounded into the shape of a cat ; with a hollow middle, and eight small metal keys.
She fiddled with it for a moment, sitting on the floor and crossing her legs, before playing a short song to demonstrate. It wasn't perfect- but it was honestly difficult to make anything sound bad on the little instrument as long as one didn't go crazy.

An optimal introduction to make her seem like a normal, friendly, and caring presence among her peers.
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| Noah Chance |
Storm Rider [Below Deck] | BlueHibiscus BlueHibiscus - Vienna, Ghostiiys Ghostiiys - Bellatrix | @n/a | Considering the other student's magical aptitude before noticing Bellatrix's iridescent hair | Crystal-like eyes that change color based on his mood, Shimmery skin, Glowing veins

“It’s not so bad. I mean, it’s a little overwhelming, but the ship is cool… on the outside, at least.”

Noah took a second to process the words the girl next to him had said. He didn't look back at her as she spoke- his attention was drawn by two other students who had seemingly bumped into each other, though by the way they lingered next to each other, Noah could tell there was something more to it. He'd never been good at detecting tension, that underlying current of veiled aggression that everyone but him seemed to 'get', but by the words he overheard being exchanged and the way everyone else seemed to fall near-silent at their interaction, Noah could tell nothing good could come out of this interaction. A current of nervous energy traveled through his body, and his hands started on their own accord, tap-tap-tapping incessantly against the floor of the ship in an attempt to ease his nerves.

"I mean, it's cool in hear too- not uncomfortable, but..." Noah replied absent-mindedly, unable to process that the girl had actually meant the appearance of the ship, rather than the temperature- a flurry of snow had just flown towards him, sending goosebumps up his arms. Even as he replied, he still neglected to make eye contact with the girl, his mind entranced by the way the two argumentative students stared at each other and exchanged words that Noah was sure were scathing insults, though he couldn't explain exactly what made him think that.

“I’m sure it’ll get better once we get there and have a chance to settle in… are you doing okay?”

"No." The answer came simply to Noah- no none of this was fine. It might have been polite to lie, thank the girl for her help, even, but Noah had never been the one to figure those sorts of things out on his own. He glanced warily at the others- the snowflakes he'd felt previously had been coming from one boy who'd frozen an entire wall, another boy had sparks flying from his hands, while yet another girl caused a whirlwind all around her. Noah curled up, rocking slightly, as thoughts raced through his head of what it would be like if his magic was that powerful. Scenes of brightly colored light flashed through his mind, blinding bystanders and vaporizing anything in its path, only to fade out entirely, leaving nothing but darkness in its wake. His mind, unnerved by his own machinations, seemed to rewind back to his conduit moment, replaying the memory, over and over, as if to remind him of just how abnormal he was. He winced every time the colors struck him in the memory, wrapping around him, sinking into his skin as if he'd absorbed all the magic they'd contained. The others had such powerful conduit moments- they'd make great witches, summoning rain to drought-ridden towns, directing tsunamis away from coastlines, creating great machines like the one they were in now. But he... what could he do?

Just as it seemed like the two students would rip each other in half, a third party stepped in. Noah found himself shrinking back from this new student, doubly so after she'd mentioned him to everyone, though it thankfully seemed that barely anyone was paying him any mind. Despite what sounded like honest words, Noah knew words could lie, and those that did it often hid behind pretty smiles and batted lashes. The bullies at school, the executives hounding to use his image after his conduit moment, and now this girl- though whether she was like the rest or not was yet to be seen.

At the mention of a game, Noah felt himself perk up slightly, the rhythm of his hand beating against the floor becoming faster, more apparent. He'd always found games fun in school- despite what others assumed, he was pretty competitive. always seeing games as a chance to show his worth, and though it was always a bit embarrassing to see others didn't take them nearly as seriously as he did, he still enjoyed them. Noah found himself distracted, though. when something about the aggressive girl caught his attention- while others chimed in with their own interest in the game, as the two opposing students started walking off, as the new girl explained the aim of the game, all his mind could think of was how the girl's hair seemed to shift colors under the lights of the ship, a faded rainbow that seemed remarkably similar to how his own blood seemed to change colors before other's eyes. Is she... like me? The words slipped out of his mouth before he could catch them, and though they made perfect sense in his own mind, there wasn't really any doubt it would be less so for anyone else. "Did you call the colors, too?"

Neo Alice

Mahō Shōjo
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As the situation seemed to de-escalate a flower began sprouting from the center of the room, it grew as big as a person would and a laugh could be heard coming from inside it. "Hahahahaha." As the petals finally open you can see a gorgeous black haired woman, her golden eyes with slit pupils, the horns in her head and the pair of black feathered wings growing from her lower back gave her a devilish look rather than an elvish one.


"So this is Corvallis Academy's future?" Her crossed arms an facial expression gave away her distaste for the situation. "A few minutes here and you're either at each other's throats, having a panic attack, a mental breakdown or having a hero complex." She smirked, after all it was an amusing sight. "I'm Moraine le Fay, I'll be teaching you Earth Source 101 on your first year at Corvallis..." She gives a second look to everyone. "That is if you are up to the challenge."

Then her attention is brought to the room itself, clearly the structure was made to endure the passage of time and hormonal witches but it wasn't comfortable to look at. "Well, no wonder you are all so down, this place is hideous." She rose her left hand to the air, forming a magical circle of pure green energy above her palm. Slowly the wood began to shift into intricate patterns and sprouts of flowers began to blossom everywhere, in a matter of seconds the entire room was filled with flowers that gave it a much needed splash of color but also flowery constructs that served as furniture and decorations. With the spell casted, the circle disappears and her hand is lowered. "Now... About that game." Her eyes focus on Rumi, smirking at her. "I think I have the perfect thing in mind."There wasn't a lot of time before they would reach their destination, even if the ship felt still it was actually traveling really fast through the skies.

"It just so happens I brought these with me." She reaches for something inside her dress, a few seconds later she gets out a pouch of seeds from it. "The game is called 'grow a friend', each of these" She takes a moment to take out a seed from the pouch to show everyone. "are magically enhanced seeds, whatever you grow from them will actually show signs of life." She concentrates on the seed for a moment, green energy flowing from her to it. After a few seconds it starts glowing and blossoming, giving shape to a small flowery kitten that fits of her palm. "As you see, they aren't your regular plants." The kitty mimics a yawn and then starts to rub itself with her palm. "Now, you'll all give it a try. For those of you who had an Earth Source conduit moment this should be relatively easy, you already now how earth magic feels."

She gives a look to the aforementioned ones. "However, this is you taking control over magic rather than the other way around." Then her eyes move to the others. "The rest of you know how your own source feels but you might be surprised on how Earth feels, maybe you'll like it or maybe you won't. Either way, the steps are simple: concentrate, feel, visualize and make it happen. Reach out to the seed with your mind rather than with words or actions, feel it's magical essence and encourage it to grow." She hands out a seed to everyone, waiting to see how they would all approach the challenge and what their flowery companions would look like.


Ah, mortal wounds. My only weakness.
Francisco Hierro

Location: Storm Rider, Below Deck room
Interactions: Neo Alice Neo Alice
Mentions: Guppy Franz Guppy Franz
Notable Events: Fran approaches the teacher and takes a seed.
Notable Physical Features: Resolute, protective of his classmates.


As the beautiful newcomer spoke, Francisco couldn't help but frown. Yeah, maybe their motley group wasn't the most composed bunch, but they just had been basically kidnapped. At least that tough looking guy had backed down and shown a little compassion. Fran made a mental note to thank him later.

Gritting his teeth in an uncharacteristic show of frustration, he took a step forward and nodded firmly at his new teacher.

"I'll give it a try, professor Le Fay." He simply said, and took one of the tiny seeds into his band-aided hands.

After that, he craddled the seed against his chest, closing his eyes and concentrating. Trying to feel that same relief, the sense of communion and wholeness with the world that had overtaken him during his Conduit. And he found it. Like a lamp in the dark, a small pulsing light, beating from within the seed in his closed fists.

It was there, waiting. He just had to... help it along, nudge just a little so it would become more. So he did.

With care, he coaxed the gentle life within to move, to expand and grow, shaping it into a small bundle that grew steadily from his hands. He could see it. A powerful beast, its claws rose thorns, with skin like bark and hardwood limbs. He imagined golden resin eyes framed with a crown of golden autumn leaves, and a roar mightier than the storm.

Then he knew it was finished, and he opened his eyes.


Standing right in front of him, a sligthly misshapen wooden kitten "roared". His eyes were indeed amber resin, but thats where the similarities to his imagination ended. The creature he created was barely 50 centimeters tall, and had a curious mottled mossy hide. It stretched, then it got closer, purring with a strange wooden sound and demanding scratches for its green almost-fur.

Fran couldn't help it. He grinned like an idiot at the little thing. Crouching to pick her up -Fran instinctively knew it was a she- he gently petted her and held her on his arms.

He had made her.

He'd take care of her.


The Northwind
3901FBD3-163E-4AAD-94CB-7F66F0EECE1C.jpeg Korrnelius Mountcastle
Location:StormRider, Below Deck
Interactions: CanaryCry CanaryCry Guppy Franz Guppy Franz Neo Alice Neo Alice
Notable Events: Using Earth magic for the first time

Notable Physical Features:Glowing eyes, green energy flowing around him

Korri nodded to her answer and then took his hand off the tattoo “no I’m ok, it’s weird. The sensation it’s self isn’t scary, it’s cold but….” He trailed off trying to find the words as he blew one final cloud of frost before his magic seemed to calm itself. His eyes stopped glowing and returned to a dull cyan and the tattoo returned to its black colored ink.

He looked up to see the previously yelling boy who was sitting on the floor when he first came in giving him a look that screamed one big sigh before the boy apologized and sat down. Korri laughed and shook his head before standing up to dust off the frost that had accumulated on his cloak and looked down to Sonia “maybe it won’t all be bad

At the moment he stepped back as a flower bloomed in the middle of the room and a weird demonic looking lady sprouted from it. With a dumbfounded look on his face he turned to Sonia and pointed to the horned lady as if to say ‘are you seeing this too?’ He listened on as she went on to introduce herself as the Earth Source teacher and stared at the seed in his palm after she passed them out so Earth source is being taught by someone the looks like the came straight from down below?” He said quietly, more to himself than to anyone else “I kinda dig the irony” he shrugged before sitting down on the chair which was now much more comfortable as it went from a hard tree stump to a big sunflower that almost felt like the bean bag chair he had at home.

Control huh?” He sighed before placing his free hand under the one holding the seed “Concentrate, Feel, Visualize, Make it happen” he repeated what she said before closing his eyes and focusing on the feeling of the seed in his hand, nothing happened. “Come on Korri” he thought to himself as he urged forth the weird tingling sensation he felt every time his magic appeared. At first it was cold, that frigid but comfortable feeling he couldn’t put into words earlier surrounding his body but Korri knew this wasn’t the feeling the teacher had spoke of.

He took a deep breath, exhaling slowly before taking a second to visualize what he wanted to seed to sprout into, in his mind an owl made from blue and green flowers formed and soon enough he felt the strong feeling to give it life, to bring it into to this world through his power but not with the cold touch he had become accustomed to instead this feeling felt natural and more pleasant. Korrnelius allowed the feeling to spread through his body before redirecting his focus to the seed that still lay in his palm which seemed to shake slightly at the building energy.

Green energy circled his body coming from the bottom of his feet as if the ship itself gave him the energy. It circled his body before swirling around his hand before forming a bubble around the seed. Sweat dropped from Korri’s forehead as he poured his concentration into the task like his life depended on it. He continued to visualize the owl before opening his eyes, which now shone a piercing blue that almost looked as if it was transitioning to green. With one final push of energy, the seed began to sprout until it took the shape of a small owl made of belladonna and blue hibiscus with green leaves, which started to chirp as it took its first breath of air. The owl jumped from his hands and began to fly around Korri before landing on his shoulder and Korri genuinely laughed before rubbing the owl on its head with his index finger.

Earth magic was completely different from whatever magic he had been doing before, it was more about connecting with the earth and breathing life in contrast from the security that the ice bring him. He liked it, he really liked it and now he was looking forward to getting to the school and learning all he could about magic and the different types. The owl hooted from his shoulder and he smiled “can I keep it?” He looked to the teacher while still petting the owl’s head which earned him a few more affectionate hoots.
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Severin Daylede
Storm Rider
Interactions: Open!
Mentions: Neo Alice Neo Alice Lord_Boreas Lord_Boreas Tattletale Tattletale
Notable Events: Trying to use Earth magic
Notable Physical Features: The tips of their fingers are a luminescent blue, from the tip to about the second joint. The silver in their eyes takes over briefly, but goes back to fighting with the brown.

They looked over as the flower appeared in the room. The laughter uneased Severin, but that didn't show. Their curious eyes and slight frown did, however. They listened to every word, not liking most of it. The brunette was leaned against the wall, which in turn caused a little when the lady made the room more lively. With the situation forced upon them, they took the seed gently into their gloved hands. Looking down at it, nothing seemed too special about it to them. They might as well give it a try, right? Glancing around, they noticed two other classmates trying this out at first. One had an adorable little kitten, and a beautiful looking owl. Others were beginning to as well.

Still holding the seed, they gingerly removed the gloves. Everyone else around wasn't really hiding the changes, they had just forgotten about the gloves. The tips of their fingers were luminescent, giving the seed a slight glow as they cupped it in their hands. They closed their eyes, and took a breath. They knew what Sky magic felt like, but this would be different. They reminded themselves of the words she had spoke: Concentrate, Feel, Visualize, and Make it happen. With no Earthly idea on how to do this, they could at least attempt, right?

Sev was not very good at picturing things in their head. Their eyebrows furrowed, and a slight frown formed as they tried to follow the steps. Concentration was not hard for them, but visualizing and feeling were. They wanted to visualize a lively creature, maybe winged. Eventually they knew this wasn't going to work, the way they were trying to visualize it, so they said screw it. Holding the seed in their hands, they took a slow breath and let it go. The tips of their fingers glowed slight greener for a moment as magic flowed. The seed began to crack and form branches, they twisted and grew. Eventually producing Pale Celosia from two bigger branches, a sharp, thorn like teeth. As Severin opened their eyes to see a tiny puppy in their hands. It peered up at them were curious eyes. It was a shaggy little thing with big paws, that looked formed from a Weeping willow, with wings of Pale Celosia and vibrant eyes.

Severin looked down in wonder and awe. "I did that?" They thought with a grin forming. The silver in their eyes had taken over for a moment, but returned back to struggling. The puppy was cute, and wriggled in their hands. They held it close to their chest to avoid dropping it and let it lick their hands. They were surprised but delighted to see the wings, although they were very small. They looked to the teacher, wondering about the question about keeping them from the boy with the owl.
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Your Local Fair Folk
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Location Storm Rider; below deck room.

N/A (But open to them!)

Neo Alice Neo Alice - Ms. Moraine le Fay
Tattletale Tattletale - Francisco Hierro
Lord_Boreas Lord_Boreas - Korrnelius Mountcastle
_diZZy_ _diZZy_ - Severin Daylede

Notable EventsCaoimhe attempts to grow a companion from the seed Ms. le Fay handed out. They succeed in growing a rather bright and flowery crow, except fail to concentrate long enough to finish. This leaves the crow lacking a full wing.

Notable Physical FeaturesPointed ears and teeth, as well as a streak of white hair and a blue eye from new-found heterochromia.

Caoimhe watched as a large flower blossomed into the room, letting out some woman who was both beautiful as much as she was terrifying. It appeared, however, that the woman was a teacher for their new school. Ms. le Fay continued introducing herself and explaining that they were going to be playing a game involving creating a... an animal? From a seed? Caoimhe frowned as they were given one of the seeds. How on Earth was she supposed to turn it into an animal?

For awhile, Caoimhe just held the little thing, staring at it before opting to watch some of the other students. It seemed a few of them already had a hang of what they were doing. One had made a little cat, another an owl, and a third a puppy. They looked back down at the seed in their hand. I guess... I have to try at least, right?, they thought. What was it Ms. le Fay had said? Concentrate, feel, visualize, and make it happen?

She sighed and took a deep breath in before closing her eyes. What kind of animal should she make? A few went through her mind as she held the seed in her cupped hands. A chameleon? A frog? A bird? Their eyebrows furrowed, Stay on track with one. So they settled for a crow, imagining it as a little thing... probably not much older than a few days hatched. But Caoimhe didn't know exactly what she was supposed to be feeling for. When her conduit moment had happened, she had barely noticed it in the first place. As if it had come as second nature. But this wasn't the same and between the worry and anxiety, it was hard to feel for anything else.

Eventually, Caoimhe took another steadying breath, trying hard to think of coaxing the seed into growing and becoming something other than a flower. And then they felt it. Just a small shift in their hands as the seed started to grow. They took that feeling and grabbed onto it, trying to further it. Slowly and shakily it grew and they peaked an eye open to see the little seed sprouting a small corvid. The thing seemed to be made out of a multitude of flowers, mostly in various shades of pink, white, and violet. She gasped, slightly startled at the thing moving and opening it's eyes. Unfortunately, that was enough to stop her concentration.

While Caoimhe had succeeded in creating quite the bright looking crow, the thing was not exactly finished. Finished enough to move and exist, but it seemed one of it's wings hadn't grown all the way in, as if it was missing it's flight feathers. They frowned, berating themself silently over not paying attention long enough. But just cupped the little bird closer to themself and looking back at the teacher. Now what? And... would she be upset with them for the little crow not being perfect?
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E9B50B8E-A906-4EB1-AF93-90C9832D6A8D.jpeg CF8EB11A-D40B-4203-97E6-165F3B463AEC.jpegSonia Lockheart

: Storm Rider, Bellow Decks
Interactions: Lord_Boreas Lord_Boreas
Mentions: N/A
Notable Events: Creating a leaf babby
Notable Physical Features: Eyes turned bright blue by Conduit Moment

Sonia only smiled at first, glad Korri was starting to feel better already and hoping he would be able to continue adjusting to their new adventure. Maybe they would become good friends, or maybe they would only see each other in passing while in class, but either way she was glad they’d been able to meet. When he stood she held a hand up to catch some of the ice that brushed off his shoulders, laughing softly.

"You’ve made your own snow," she said with a grin, but jumped with a little 'Eep' when the center of the room erupted into activity, springing up to her feet to stand with Korri but not going so far as to cling to him. When he looked at her she only held her hands up in an exaggerated shrug, a confused little frown on her face. It was strange, seeing someone that looked so different from human, but she had a feeling she should start getting used to that. Still, she had no idea what was going on and waited eagerly with Korri to learn.

There was a seed in her hand, not long later, and she only stared at it for a long time. Their first lesson. Part of her was hesitant, nervous even, but when Korri and the others started to concentrate beside her she knew she had to try now or she would only compare herself to everyone else. Nothing good ever came of that.

Quiet and still, Sonia closed her eyes and cupped her hands gently around the small seed, breathing slow and steady and doing her best to ignore the space around her as she envisioned the seed as life in her hand. Earth magic, when she reached for it, was different than the bright, intense burn she’d felt from the fire before. Sturdier, but always changing, too. She could just barely sense the green light that began to twine its way through and around her fingers without opening her eyes, and did her best to envision life, to think of tiny sprouts springing free of the earth and growing to full blossom. The earth was a magical thing in itself, she thought, always bringing forth new growth without stopping for drought or hardship or the concrete laid over it, always giving sustenance to the other life around it.

She began to feel weight in her palms, but waited until the light had faded to open her eyes, transfixed on the little creature in her hands despite everyone around her having their own. It was a little thing, round and chubby, with an off-white, turnip-like body, green feet, moss growing over its head like hair, and leaves sprouting from atop it. From between the leaves grew a single stalk with a purple flower bud, and on its face were two little brown eyes staring back at her.

"Oh," she breathed softly, holding it gently in her hands and instinctively giving its round belly a little rub with her thumb. It wiggled in her hands, tiny limbs batting playfully at her fingertips, and she laughed helplessly, joyously. "He looks like the pillsbury dough boy. . . I think I’ll call you Fern."

She looked up, finally, to see the others and their creations, from cats to dogs to the owl beside her, and gave Korri a big, pleased smile. "It’s beautiful! And it actually flies! That’s amazing!"

It was all amazing. She had a feeling that, no matter how hard their next steps in life were, there would only be even more amazing things in store.
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Guppy Franz

Guppy was here!
Ryan Teller

Location: Storm Rider, Below Deck Room

Interactions: ScatheAriiasqDrayceon ScatheAriiasqDrayceon Neo Alice Neo Alice

Mentions: N/A

Notable Events: After speaking briefly with Arii, he followed his new teacher's instructions and began focusing his magic into the seed given to him to create a new friend.

Notable Physical Features: Green and silver tattoos glowing lightly up his arms.

"Just ride it out, just ride it out," Ryan repeated to himself in hushed tone, his hand tightening around his arm as the tingling vibrations continued to assault his shaking limb. He had managed to calm his nerves and sat silently with his eyes closed, any signs of discomfort now hidden behind a stoic frown that refused to give in to the straining weight of his powers. At this point Ryan couldn't wait to arrive at their destination and learn how to get a better grip of his powers, or at least find an outlet to release it when it becomes built up like this. A small sigh escaped him before opening his eyes and- "Gah!" he suddenly blurted in surprise as he was met with a new face crouched near him. Ryan couldn't help but arch a brow at the rather awkward positioning of their body, looking more bird than human. Though as he got a better look at them, they didn't look very human to begin with, their pointed ears longer than their own head. He found himself unconsciously rubbing his own ear and pursing his lips in thought as he wondered what it was like to have ears as big as theirs. How sensitive were their hearing? Did they get caught up in narrow spaces? How many earrings could they have?

Ryan's internal curiosity was soon interrupted as the strange student suddenly looked towards him, making him jump slightly from their sudden interest in him before tilting his head slightly to the right as they asked if he wanted to hear a joke. He simply stared at them with slight confusion and curiosity, a bit taken back by the question. Soon a small smirk of amusement came to his lips as they clarified the joke wouldn't be too good and shrugged. "Sure, go for it. I'm sure my jokes are just as bad," he chuckled lightly, ignoring the next surge of power running up his arms. Ryan found himself glancing at their eyes to keep his mind off of the tingling and saw that their pupils were a vibrant orange with nothing but a dark blue and black sclera surrounding them. They were definitely a unique looking person, but they seemed pretty odd. Though from past experiences that wasn't entirely a bad thing.

Before he could listen to their joke though Ryan saw a sudden flower sprout from center of the room and arched a brow as a womans laughter reached his ears. "What the-" once the flower bloomed Ryan paused in surprise as a beautiful horned woman with black hair and a pair of wings appeared within the flower, the look on her face giving him a slightly uneasy feeling. Moraine le Fay was the name she gave before commenting on their surroundings with a distasteful tone. Before Ryan knew it flowers began sprouting from every corner of the room and quickly rose to his feet in awe at the sight, his eyes gazing over every inch of the new colorful flora surrounding them. "Holy crap," he whispered in amazement before looking back at his apparent new teacher. So, she was going to be the one teaching him Earth magic? A sudden swell of confidence filled his chest before glancing back to his fellow student with a grin. "Looks like you'll have to tell me that joke later," he said before nodding towards their teacher. "Got a feeling we'll be getting a head start on our studies."

It didn't take long for Moraine to suggest her own game and pull out a bag of seeds from her dress. Ryan crossed his arms and listened carefully as she explained what they were to do with said seeds, feeling a slight sense of excitement run up his spine before wincing from the uncomfortable sensations in his arms flare up once again. Rolling his shoulders with a slight frown Ryan took one of the seeds she was handing out and inspected it with a curious look. If he hadn't seen her create that small flowery kitten, he wouldn't have believed her when she told them to create their own 'friend'. Staring at the seed in his hand Ryan felt a bit of nervousness, not sure if he could really do it with his arms tingling the way they were. Looking around to the other students and seeing them successful in their tasks gave him enough confidence to suck in a slow breath and cup the seed gently in his hand. There was no time for second guessing himself now. This was his first step in achieving his goal and Ryan had no intention of backing down now.

With closed eyes Ryan began to focus on channeling his magic, trying to create a steady source of energy through his arms and into the cupped hands. His face scrunched up as his arms grew more strained from the process and gritted his teeth in frustration as the vibrations grew more intense. After a minute of trying to pour magic into his hands it became obvious, he wouldn't be able to force the process like this. A slow breath escaped him as he visualized the magic running through his arms and saw the markings running down his limbs to as steady streams flowing towards his hands. Over and over again he released a steady flow of magic into each of these streams and soon felt the tingling in his arms lessen. A wave of relief washed over him for a moment as the strain in his muscles grew less burdensome until he could feel the magic flowing freely through his arms and into his hands without issue. Soon a bright green light glowed between his fingers and Ryan could feel his power entering the seed.

After taking another minute to let his magic release into the seed his concentration was broken by a small yipping bark coming from his hands. His eyes snapped open and stared at his still cupped hands as he felt something stirring. A moment of silence hung over him as he swallowed nervously before slowly opening his hands to reveal his new 'friend'. Ryans eyes widen in shock to see a small foxlike creature curled up within his palm, a trail of bright green moss running down its spine with small colorful flowers scattered down its back. The small creature's ears soon twitched and slowly rose up to stretch its wooden limbs with a quite yawn. Once it sat up straight in his palm Ryan noticed that the rest of its body was made of grey birch wood and was surprised at how flexible the creature limbs were. The fox stared up at Ryan patiently, tilting its head in curiosity and begun wagging its tail, which were made of a few roots and vines tangled amongst one another. Ryan stared back at the palm sized fox and tilted his head as he continued to inspect his creation, unconsciously mimicking the creature's curiosity. After a moment of staring at one another the fox gave another yip and, in a flash, scurried up his arm and onto his shoulder. "W-whoa, easy there little guy. I'm not a jungle gym ya know?" he chuckled as he grinned at his creation and scratched gently behind the fox's ear, his brow rising slightly in surprise from how soft the moss covering their head felt.

The fox gave out another yip and wagged its tail faster as it made itself comfortable on his shoulder. Ryan smiled before pursing his lips in thought, rubbing his chin as he wondered what he should name his creation. "What do you think of the name Mossy?" he asked with an arched brow. His small friend only answered with a huff their nose. "Yeah, not that original, I guess," he chuckled before tilting his head to the left. "Sprout?" again he was answered with another huff and frowned in thought. After a moment of silence an idea came to mind and snapped his fingers with a smile. "Alright, how about something simple? Like Birch?" he questioned with a shrug. The fox tilted its head slightly as if it was considering the name before letting out a pleased yip and wagging its tail. Ryan grinned and gave a firm nod. "Alright then, Birch it is. Hope we get along," Birch let out another few small barks before sitting up a bit straighter on his shoulder, almost looking proud to have their new name. Ryan chuckled at the sight before looking to his new teacher with a please smirk. "Alright teach, what's next?"



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Ariiasqthylinh Au Drayceon
Storm Rider Passenger Bay
Interactions: Guppy Franz Guppy Franz , Neo Alice Neo Alice
Notable Events: Arii fails at making the seed grow and asks how to do so
Notable Features:
Dark blue-black sclera, vibrant orange pupil, dual-colored malar marks, pointed ears longer than their head, horrible posture, and a strange way of moving that isn't overtly wrong but just looks weird and unsettling.

Arii grinned lopsidedly at the confrontational one's jump, ears twitching back minutely in what was probably amusement. They opened their mouth to speak, but snapped it shut almost as quickly as one of their ears turned to face the center of the room, their gaze following.

Immediately, both ears flattened so far back against their head that they were almost covered by their hair. Distaste consumed their features. The woman was... aesthetically pleasing... if it wasn't for the... limbs that barely counted as wings. They couldn't make out the primary/secondary regions at all, and worse, they sat right around the most breakable part of the back.

One of their flattened ears twitched.

The person was speaking, and somewhere, Arii was following, but conscious-Arii was still caught up in the idea that someone could have wings where wings shouldn't go. They bit their tongue to prevent the inevitable "do you fly with your ass in the air" from escaping, instead focusing on the pain of chewing on the inside of their mouth. The confrontational one standing to walk up to the woman snapped them out of their spiral of unbalance, and for a moment, they simply blinked and breathed.

And then their brain caught up with the conversation it had replaying in a loop and their pupils narrowed down to slits again, rendering their vision a blurry mess of colors. Magic. Great.

They'd almost forgotten the source of them being ripped away from all of their plans to have a future.

They stood anyway, dutifully walking up to the woman and replaying the steps in their brain one at a time, turning them over and over and trying to figure out what any of it meant. While everyone else was starting up with their creations, Arii returned to their place a ways away from the confrontational one.

"I wonder what everyone's making," they murmured just loud enough to be heard. "I suppose we shall see-d." Their own... pun, if it could be called such a thing what with its poor quality, had them wrinkling their nose in something just sideways of laughter, though they didn't actually make a sound. With Joke Number One under their belt, they turned their attention back on the seed, turning it over in their hands. Concentrate, feel, visualize, make it happen.

Arii almost missed their English teachers. At least they provided actual instructions, however vague they were.

"Right," they muttered to themself. They didn't close their eyes, the yawning abyss of being sightless too unsettling to even try. So, they stared blankly at the seed, concentrating on what they wanted.

Nothing too big, they thought. The seed's weight felt like a baby bird's in their hand, so they settled on that thought. Maybe, though... something different. Their brain provided the echo of a long, balancing tail and a beak-like face, the hum of red and white dancing across their fingertips.

They could not see how it was in their mind—it was something they weren't capable of, after all—but they knew the way the wood would lock together. They knew how to layer muscle atop bone to let them move. They knew, because their hands had done it, weaving armatures and layering clay, baking tiny details in until it looked right in their hands, as it is so incapable of in their mind.

The blank expanse of empty that made up their mind's eye may stay blank and empty all day, every day, but it hardly mattered to Arii at the moment.

Concentrate. Feel. Visualize.

Make it happen.

Arii's brain stuttered to a halt, and they screwed up their nose. How...?

They glanced up briefly, coming back into their body. All around them, people with new little... friends... sat.

One of their ears twitched.


What did they do to "make it happen"?

Sure, they knew well enough the theory behind what Jet called "assistants"—he had five of them all wreaking havoc wherever they went, and shutting Jet up when he was having a Thought was an endeavor for only the loudest and most determined of people...

But he never told them what little... spark set of the proverbial fire. they looked down to the seed cupped in their hands and scowled. The woman said it should be easy, but... the only thing they could remember from their conduit moment was...


So, they let a little slip.

Cold rushed down their back in a frozen shower of unleashed anxieties, and a lump rose in their throat, stuttering their breath. Something pulsed in the back of their head, and for a moment they were hopeful, and realized too late that it was the muscle in the back of their jaw straining as their teeth grit together painfully.

It wasn't working.

Just as quickly as they'd let the emotion out, they dug their claws back into it with a distinctly pointed breath, their expression unchanged otherwise.

And just like that, Fear was back in its box, locked away where it could cause no more problems for them, today.

Their voice rose into their throat in a dry, monotone question. "And how, exactly, do you make this happen?" Their voice was blank in the aftereffects of their little... purge, with little intonation and even less tone.

They let an ear flick forward to make it look more like they were paying attention as they raised their head to look at the woman in the middle of the room.

Their first clear thought whispered through their mind with the clarity of a swirling autumn wind.

Not out loud, but Jet would have laughed this woman's wings out of his workshop.
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Spoiled Bread

The Lord of the Uneaten
Ruth Goodwill

Location: Storm Rider - Below Deck
Interactions: Neo Alice Neo Alice
Mentions: Tapfic Tapfic
Notable Events: creating sentient life, just like normal students
Notable Physical Features: Multiple-colored irises

What?!! Introduction game? That sounds like what a kindergarten teacher would suggest. Ruth had no problem sharing things about her life or talk for hours as long as it didn't involve her conduit moment but she didn't want to pretend to care about what a dozen or so other people want to say. She prefers a more personal introduction. Fortunately for her, a teacher suddenly emerged from the wooden floor, she introduced herself as le Fay and bought quite interesting trinkets with her: magic seed!

Ruth's immediately wandered to a particular fantasy farming game. Throw a magic seed onto the ground and grew a companion that would help you do farming chores or fighting monster! She wondered what kind of creatures she would be able to create with this. She wanted to make a baby plant dragon!

At first, Ruth was simply silently trying to communicate with the plant with her mind, just like what the teacher told them but she ended up whispering words of encouragement to the seed on her hand, all while green magical energy trickled down from her palm into the seed.

"Come on, dragon. Come to my hands."

"Oh? Is that movement I just felt?"

"You can do it seed! Go! Go!"

After a few moments the seed on Ruth's palm started to grow. Though the first recognizable part that the seed grown wasn't a flower. Instead it was a round brown tuberous body the size of a fist, then it grew a small flower with some leafs on top of it and last, it grew several thin limbs made of sticks. She wasn't what kind of dragon she just created so it took Ruth a few look to finally realized what the creature was.

"P-potato!!!!" Ruth was visibly disappointed, though her sour expression changed to adoration as she watch the potato having a difficult time balancing its round body on its stick legs, just like a newborn learning to walk.​


The Swiftest Shot In The West
lómhara Cloch

Location: Storm Rider, Bellow Deck Room

Interactions: Neo Alice Neo Alice (open to interaction)

Mentions: Generally everyone and their summons

Notable Events: Spoke up about having petrified her seed

Notable Physical Features: Hara's eyes are tainted orange and her hair is stained with streaks and tips of the same yellow/orange hue. She is also very tall at 5'11

Standing upon the main deck near the back of the ship, Hara gazed out at the sea of clouds through which this whale-like contraption effortlessly glided. Her long and silky hair flowed like water in the strong winds and her earrings, belt and newfound cape seemed more than eager to free themselves from her person with a jingle here and a jangle there. But how exactly did Hara end up on the top deck all on her lonesome? Well, that was anyone's guess. Like the other new and prospective students she boarded alongside everyone else yet no sooner had she made it on board did she manage to find herself wandering the halls with her short journey resulting in the current situation.

Gazing out at the passing clouds, Hara was genuinely awe-struck. To think such devices roamed the sky without anyone's knowledge despite the thousands of flights that took place daily and the hundreds of satellites that scoured the skies. It was remarkable! Truly. But alas this was clearly not where she was meant to be, in fact, she was very likely breaking several health and safety rules being on the main deck during such a high-speed flight. With that in mind, Hara finally departed and resumed her journey back down and into the depths of the flying machine.

Once back inside the woman made her way through the halls, stopping every so often in an attempt to find a sign or some sort of indication as to where she should be. It was fruitless to say the least for she must have spent another ten minutes searching before she heard any sign of life. Following the source, Hara finally made it to the group and just in time to hear Moraine le Fay's introduction. It would seem she had just about gotten away with it! Standing quietly at the back of the room Hara observed the woman and her magic carefully. To say it was impressive was an understatement. Not only had she completely transformed the interior of the room in but a few seconds but she had also created what seemed to be animistic levels of intelligent life from but a seed.

Hara's orange eyes were filled with intrigue and after she was handed a seed of her own she began to concentrate as instructed. Though no matter how hard she tried, how much she tried to open a pathway between herself and the seed. Nothing would happen. In fact, she couldn't even feel anything special about the object. As her classmates began to find success with their own seeds Hara only fell further and further behind. Having an earth source herself should have made this easier! So why then was there no sign of response? Had her previous experience been but a fluke? It couldn't have been, in that moment she clearly felt a power surge within her as well as in the earth around her. If she could move tons of earth and ore by mistake then why was a little seed giving her so much trouble?

Pausing for a second to look around, Hara realised she was one of the very few students left to complete the task. Was it really that simple? Was she overthinking things? Returning her focus to the seed Hara began to brainstorm on how exactly she should proceed. Surely she could at least make a potato too! She could not. Instead, all she managed to do was turn the seed into stone. Indeed, instead of producing life, Hara had done the opposite and turned her seed to stone. If failure was to not summon forth life, Hara had done even worse still. With a soft sigh, the girl raised the hunk of stone into the air between her thumb and index, observing it against the light.

"Professor. I seem to have petrified my seed. I apologise"


Don’t fear the reaper
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3756E177-47C0-469D-9757-EF47EFAB672E.jpeg Judas Carter

Location: Storm Rider, Below Deck

Noticeable Physical features: Glowing Yellow Eyes, a lightning-shaped ‘mark’ on his cheek that goes up to the bottom of his eye

Interactions: Peckinou Peckinou Neo Alice Neo Alice

Mentions: N/A

Notable Events: Slightly Jumping at the sight of the young girl next to him, Reluctantly taking the seed and examining it

Judas was just resting his eyes. He was almost about to go slowly drifting into the land of dreams. That is, until a gust of wind blew in his face. He opened his eyes and looked around before setting his eyes on a young girl that was next to him. He slightly jumped when he saw her. He must’ve been too relaxed to notice her next to him. Either that, or she is super freaking sneaky. He gulped. He decided to try and start some small talk. Might as well since he doesn’t have anything to do. He turned his head to the girl. “Uh…hey.” He said. “My name is-“ Before he could say anything, a black haired woman appeared in the middle of the room. She had a bit of an odd dress but then again, this is a magic school. So weird was to be expected. As the woman created a magic circle and the sudden change in scenery happened, Judas couldn’t help but be in awe at what magic can do. As of now, he can only shoot lightning out of his hands. If he has the capacity to do that, maybe having powers isn’t too bad.

Once he got the seed, he nodded at the teacher. “Thank you.” He said to her. He look at seed with a bit of curiosity. “Well this is an interesting ice breaker.” He thought. He opened his hand where the seed was in. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Earth magic may be hard for someone like him, but there’s no harm in trying. “Concentrate, Feel, Visualize.” That can’t be so hard. As he focused, a yellowish-green aura appeared around him. The aura was rather sporadic before calming down as he focused more. The seed soon sprouted into a rather thick stem, covered with flowers. The stem itself had a scaly-like pattern to it, yet it wasn’t truly scales. After some time, the seed had fully sprouted into the ‘friend’.


Judas looked at his newfound creation and couldn’t help but smile at it. His little friend slithered up his arm and back down to wrap itself around Judas’ finger. Judas chuckled a little. “A snake wasn’t what I had in mind, but at least you’re kinda cute.” The snake happily hissed at Judas and went back into his palm. “I think I’ll name you, Ivy. How does that sound?” The snake nodded as it coiled in his palm. I guess making friends isn’t hard when you can quite literally make a friend. Hopefully the teacher will him keep it.


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Vienna Clement
Location: Storm Rider, Below Deck Room
Interactions: ave goin insane ave goin insane
Mentions: Neo Alice Neo Alice
Notable Events: almost starting a fire, growing a parakeet from her seed
Notable Physical Features: pointed ears, bright green eyes

The boy’s “no” didn’t come as much of a surprise to Vienna; he obviously wasn’t okay. It was a little worrisome, though, as Vienna had never been the best at comforting people. Sure, she had consoled her brother on the occasional bad day, but it wasn’t as difficult with someone she’d known for all of his life. She always knew how to encourage Jeremy to stand up to a bully or reassure him when he failed a test, but this was different. Both the boy and the situation were unfamiliar. Despite her lack of expertise in easing panic attacks, Vienna was afraid of what would happen if a boy with possibly dangerous magic had a meltdown (at least the other one had only produced a sheet of ice), so she tried her best to offer support.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” It was all she could think of to say, but as soon as she asked, an impossibly large flower bloomed in the center of the room, distracting from the conversation. The woman who emerged from it was far more intimidating than any of Vienna’s fellow students, with her horns and her dark wings and her general aura of superiority. It wasn’t surprising when she introduced herself as a teacher. Vienna thought the woman’s entrance had been overly extravagant, almost ostentatious, but at least she had improved the look of the room. The new furniture definitely looked more comfortable than sitting on the floor.

Vienna hadn’t expected to learn to control any magic so soon, especially while confined in a small space with so many other Wild Borns. She hardly knew the capabilities of the four sources, much less how to use them. At least Earth magic seemed like one of the safer sources to practice, from what the Abjurers had told her. There would be no accidental floods, fires, or bursts of lightning. Hopefully. The potential danger of several inexperienced witches trying to control magic for the first time wasn’t Vienna’s only concern, however. It was clear that many of the other students had used their powers again since their conduit moments, albeit not always by choice, but Vienna hadn’t even come close to using magic after her conduit moment. Earlier she had been grateful for this, but now she questioned whether she should have had at least one incident since then. What if she couldn’t grow anything during this “game”?

Vienna was visibly nervous as she picked up her seed. She held it in her hand, hesitant to begin. Concentrate, feel, visualize, and make it happen? But how? Vienna remembered how it had felt when she’d used magic before. How could she forget, when that moment had entirely changed the course of her life? Maybe she could concentrate on that feeling, summon that warmth and conduct it to the seed. She supposed she had felt it since her conduit moment… not exactly the same warmth that had come with using the magic, but the presence of something. Something she’d tried to ignore. But now she would need to control it.

Vienna focused on the feeling, and she could feel the warmth beginning to rise. Closing her eyes so as not to break her concentration, she directed it through her arm, towards the seed. And she felt something—the warmth was there, in her hand, just on the verge of being too hot to comfortably bear. Vienna opened her eyes, hoping to see a change in the seed. Instead she saw light surrounding her hand, seemingly emanating from her skin. And then a spark, which became a tiny flame. She dropped the seed, desperately attempting to draw back the warmth before she set something on fire. She would certainly fail this first test of her abilities if she set the magic seed ablaze. Luckily it was easier to extinguish the flame than it had been to create it. The warm sensation gone, Vienna picked up her seed from the floor. A few others had successfully created their “friends” by now. Vienna hoped they hadn’t seen her mistake.

At least she had used magic again, although it was the wrong kind. And she could try again. This time, Vienna focused on the seed. She felt a different sensation, almost reassuring. It was both calm and energizing at once, and Vienna felt safer than she had during the entirety of the trip. She kept her eyes shut, knowing for sure this time that she had reached out to the seed. Now there was just the hard part: actually growing something. The next step was to visualize. What would her creature be? Usually she would have been indecisive, but at this moment she was sure of what she wanted to create. Maybe it was the Earth magic, making her more sure of herself. Maybe successfully completing the first two steps had given her a boost of confidence. Either way, she was positive that the first animal that came to her mind was the right one.

When Vienna was younger, about six or seven years old, she had begged her father for a pet. She’d spent months doing everything she could to convince him she was responsible enough to care for it—doing extra chores around the house, getting all As in school, watching her younger brother. Eventually he gave in. Any pet in the store, he said, so long as it wasn’t one of the tarantulas crawling in the terrarium next to him. Vienna had no problem with his one condition, as she had inherited her father’s fear of spiders. Avoiding the terrarium, she had strolled through the store, her father close behind her, until something caught her eye. The budgie, also known as a parakeet, was brightly colored and friendly-looking, chirping jovially when it saw Vienna watching it. Her father must have regretted his decision to allow her to choose any pet she liked. He had expected a hamster, a gecko, maybe even a snake, not this incessantly chatty bird. But he would never break a promise, so Vienna had gone home that day with a parakeet. She had named it Abby, after her mother, and cared devotedly for it for all eight years of its life.

Vienna pictured the parakeet in her mind. She imagined it bursting from the seed into the air, flying to a perch on her shoulder. The strangely comforting feeling of the Earth magic grew stronger, as if life was surging from Vienna to the seed in her hand. She opened her eyes to see vines sprouting from the seed, shaping the framework of the bird. Yellow and green chrysanthemums began to blossom all over its body as various leaves formed its wings. The budgie chirped quietly, nuzzling Vienna’s hand. The feeling of security that the Earth magic had brought her vanished, replaced by gleeful relief that she had succeeded. The bird was just as affectionate and cheerful as the childhood companion she remembered. Vienna beamed more brightly than she had all day as it began to preen its feathers, and her fellow students looked just as pleased with their creatures. She desperately hoped that Moraine Le Fay would allow them all to keep their creations.


U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit
0a8050377976ed6a75dee0755de6374e.jpgBaxter Caufield
Location: Storm Rider, Bellow Deck Room
Interactions: Neo Alice Neo Alice Spoiled Bread Spoiled Bread
Mentions: N/A
Notable Events: Offers to make hashbrowns out of Ruth's Potato, Creates a soccer-ball sized plant monster that's almost as hungry as he is, proceeds to get bit by said plant monster.

Notable Physical Features: N/A

When could he get his own wooden whale ship-thing?

That was the only thing that Baxter really considered upon originally being led towards the thing.

That and lunch, he'd been in the middle of prepping for dinner that night when the robed magic folk went all home invasion and FBI'd there way through his front door. He hadn't been able to cook, as the second they mentioned he could learn magic he pretty much opted in on the spot. Didn't even bother with packing more than an extra set of clothes, just rushed on out of there after scribbling a quick note for his folks:

Off to learn magic stuff, sorry bout the door! TTYLXOX~Bax

Then they carted him off to some random broken down building where he was almost certain they were gonna torture him for his Dad's secret fillet mignon recipe. Instead, they just mugged him.

The moment they asked for his tech he just started undresssing, expecting them to want his designer clothes as well. The Abjurers were quick to correct him, shielding their eyes to protect everyone's dignity while insisting they just wanted his tech. So his phone and headphones went, but Baxter expected them to replace them with cool magitek variants like they promised. He heard them talking about wearing the accessories, but he'd dealt with dress codes before.

So he wrapped his cloak around his waist over his belt and secured it with the chameleon clasp. Satisfied that everything was being worn, he strolled onto the wooden whale, followed everyone below deck and just tossed his puffy designer jacket against a wall before using it as a pillow.

If he couldn't eat, he would dream about eating, which basically meant listing off recipes he knew while waiting for the ride to be over. Oh, others came in and started interacting of course, but Baxter would get to the whole meet & greet when he felt like it. And he just didn't feel like it the thought of roasted whale jerky floating around in his head.

People chatted, argued, made all sorts of small talk as the Storm Rider flew. Baxter occasionally listened but couldn't really bring himself to gget invested.

That was until the teacher suddenly interrupted a game a few people were playing

Moraine Le F-Cup had spruced up the place by the time Baxter had leaned up to give her a once over. There was a bunch of flowers and grass and stuff, but it only made Baxter think of a fine salad. With the hunger returning, he was about to lay back when he heard her mention her challenge.

Grow a friend.

Baxter sat up and watched as she grew a small seed into a plant kitten using magic, his eyes snapping wide and his trademark grin forming as an idea for a better use of such power came to mind. She wanted them all to do the same, and Baxter was quick to hop to his feet and slide his jacket on as she neared and gave him a seed as well. She was explaining the whole encourage and visualize stuff, but Baxter only cared about one thing.

"Right right, so teach," he waved a hand towards her whilst eyeing his seed "We can make 'em into all kinds of stuff, say some fresh lettuce or a bundle of carrots or maybe a-"

He shook his head, "Nah, forget it. I want this to be a surprise!"

He could already taste the cucumber, or a head of freshly cleaned broccoli. It didn't matter whether it was alive or not, the second he saw something edible he was digging in. The others were already forming theirs, and the pipsqueak with the funky eyes even got a potato on legs. It basically confirmed most of the questions he'd just asked.

"Ah hell yeah!" Baxter cheered as he pointed towards it "Nice one, I could make you a damn fine plate of hash browns outta that if you want! Doubt it'd go good with my cabbage though."

He slammed the seed between both hands and began rubbing them frantically, picturing the delicious leaves dripping with purified water just ready to be mixed with some oils and dressing. His stomach rumbled at thought, and he licked his lips as he rubbed the seed harder.

"Does it just have to be one kinda plant? Maybe I get some tomatoes and chopped carrots in there. Olive oil or some ranch with a piece of celery!" He could see it if he closed his eyes, a fine plate of salad rotating under a light "Lightly salted? Nah, vinegar. Get a small splash of vinegar up in that bitch."

Now Moraine had never implied that it was possible to just turn a seed into a five-star salad, but Baxter didn't care. The idea of rubbing his hands together and popping out an appetizer like that was just too good. He was deadset on making it happen.

But as he began to glow, radiate that aura of light, he didn't feet a plate manifesting in his hands. In fact, were those vines?

The seed had split open and a large clump of plant-like material expanded from it, growing vines and the beginnings of a mouth until reached the size of a soccer-ball. And only when it ceased growing anymore did Baxter open his eyes. In his grasp was what could politely be called a mouth with vine-tentacles lazily swirling in the air around it. Its mouth had rows of tiny, sharp baby teeth that were just popping in through its mouth.

1537121363.elenawing_marlborocharm2rez.pngBut despite it not being a cabbage, or a five-star salad, Baxter wasn't convinced.

"Hey teach," he looked away from his creation for a second "What're the odds that I can still eat this thing?"

As if sensing Baxter's hunger, the creature lunged forward and looked its jaws around his forearm. Baxter raised an eyebrow at the barely-there baby-teeth trying to eat him, and sighed as he looked to the ceiling.

"I get ya, Chomper." he mused as his creation continued biting "I'm hungry too, man..."


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fc 24.pngRumi Komori
Notable Features
Red eyes, sharp teeth, and hair down to their ass.
Storm Rider, Below deck
Neo Alice Neo Alice
Ghostiiys Ghostiiys
Notable Events
Rumi hatched her seed, and the creature immediately died


It seems as soon as one crisis was adverted, another reared its ugly head.
Or pretty, Rumi supposed. Not as pretty as herself though, or even hot enough to pass Miss.Pride Month Skittles- and she had that awful personality dragging her down.

"So this is Corvallis Academy's future?"
The woman spoke, voice dripping with a condescending distaste that reminded Rumi of herself; but like. The Walmart version. She certainly would have found the little display cute- in a pitiful way, if this person wasn't currently in charge. That little bit just made it annoying.

"I'm Moraine le Fay, I'll be teaching you Earth Source 101 on your first year at Corvallis... that is if you are up to the challenge."

Red eyes narrowed in the woman's direction. Rumi's smile never faltered, but god if it could. Just listening to this person speak without being able to bite back a snappy comment on her teaching methods was exhausting.

" Sure thing Moraine~"
She hoped the casual use of the teacher's first name in her sickly sweet voice was enough to express disrespect clearly. If not, Rumi would be sure to make it known throughout the rest of the year.

The wild born witch watched with minimal amusement as flowers sprouted across the room. Blooming and twisting themselves into some much needed furniture.
It would have been impressive, sure- but if Rumi could hold back every little twitch of annoyance she had felt in the past however long on this ship; she could certainly hold in a set of wide eyes and little shocked gasp while literally watching grass grow. Or whatever it was folks did when something exited them.

"Now... About that game," The woman's eyes fell on Rumi, and a smirk crossed her lips "I think I have the perfect thing in mind."

" Hmm? "

Rumi crossed her arms, tapping red nails against the skin of her bicep as she listened to the woman explain the rules and roles of her "game".
So the woman was the type to throw a pop quiz out on the first day of class huh? Oh well. Rumi could handle that.

The girl took the seed, and held it in her hand, doing her best to ignore the small animals her peers created - and fucking praying she didin't end up with a dog.
With a defeated sigh, she steadied herself, squeezing the seed in her palm-and holding her hand as far from herself as she could manage. She turned her hand, and opened it; letting the seed lay flat on her palm.

A single stern command flashed in her mind.

" Grow. "

And with a twitch and a lurch, it did.

The acrid smell of rot seeped from the seed as it cracked- dark green sprouts leaking trough- followed by thick- dripping black liquid that bubbled and oozed like tar. Each sprout lengthened to a vine, pulsing as they twisted into each other, tangling and tearing until nothing was left but a small- skeletal doll made of twigs. A knot of vines pulsed in the center of thing's exposed rib cage, and rotten liquid seeped from its round head and open- smiling mouth.
The only noises it made was a quiet weeping, as goopy tears fell from hollow eyes. The ordeal- thankfully or not, only lasted a moment. With the slightest movement- as the poor creature struggled to move, the twig body began to snap- each broken limb making the thing move more frantically; until the thin wooden neck broke under the weight of its too- large head, and it... died?

Rumi stood, smile strained as she watched the thing tear its little body apart. As soon as the neck broke and it slouched into her hand- the body began to rot away; until all that was left was a sad little puddle of goo dripping from her palm onto the floor of the ship.

Well. That was. Disturbing.


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Bellatrix Astra 1657748614513.png

Location: Storm Rider, Bellow Deck Room

Interactions: Neo Alice Neo Alice

Mentions: N/A

Notable Events: Created a psycho raccoon

Notable Physical Features: Elf ears, pointed teeth, claw-like hands, iridescent white hair.

Unluckily for Bellatrix, she had just finished braiding her hair. Which meant more time doing absolutely nothing in the bowels of a whale ship, but even more unluckily for her was when the bud of a flower, which she swore wasn't there earlier began to bloom rapidly. For a moment Bellatrix wanted to run but reminded herself these things were probably normal and she shouldn't assume she was about to be a victim of some weird flower drive-by.

Her assumptions were confirmed when it began to laugh and out came a woman. Bellatrix eyed her up and down and became tense as she obviously didn't look very human, those horns could probably gore out someone's intestines. Her snarky attitude about the teens on the ship also didn't make Bellatrix garner any favor towards the beautiful woman. But she was nice to look at.

So she was one of the teachers? Kind of odd for a teacher to introduce themselves like this. Must be some European shit Bellatrix thought to herself. As the Teacher began to explain her little game Bella groaned, Maybe she should have taken her chances with the criminal system as Bellatrix came to the horrifying conclusion that she was going to have to actually do things and that this wasn't some harry potter getaway.

She snatched a seed out of the pouch Moraine was holding towards the group, and she walked past toward her spot. She fiddled with the seed and inspected it, it was bigger than a sunflower seed but just holding it felt odd.

"Moraine? more like fucking Moron" Even if people could make little animals with this seed, it seemed too complicated for her. Or maybe Bellatrix was just in an extra pissy mood today and felt like everything was a waste of her time. But she complied.

She clenched her hand over the seed and closed her eyes. Her eyebrows furrowed as she tried to envision... something. An animal, an object, maybe she could visualize a fat joint so she could smoke her stress away, which made her giggle. After a moment, however, she felt her arm getting significantly heavier which made her eyes open.

"Jesus Christ." Bellatrix's eyes widened when she saw a fat raccoon. It looked almost like someone cut a bush in a way to resemble one as it stared at her, and she stared back. It cooed at her which made Bellatrix uncomfortable and she began to shake her arm in an attempt to shake it off, but its thorn-like claws gripped onto her arm not wanting to let go.

'' Damn it!" Bella hissed back at the pain and gave one last shake before the Raccoon fell to the ground, but instead of running away it clung to her leg, looked up at her, and screamed. Bellatrix resigned to her fate and just stared at the creature, slightly disgusted but mostly confused.



The world just isn't fun without a little chaos.
Catoria Veltora
Location: Storm Rider, Bellow Deck Room
Interactions: JuniperBoi JuniperBoi
Mentions: Neo Alice Neo Alice Tapfic Tapfic
Notable Events: Powerful Whirlwind formed around them for a few moments, creation of a new earth creature.
Notable Features: Ice Cold Skin (Dark Blue/Borderline Purple) and a Scar underneath their right eye.
Catoria observed the fiasco with the group of students that was gathering around with interest, from what she had observed she was already able to make a decision on who she would approach later on. She soon snapped out of her inner thoughts, when she realized she surprised the man next to her, she was confused at first but then realized that the wind around her was blowing a bit intensely. Catoria looked at him with a blank expression as she mellowed down her powers and watched him introduce himself, or atleast try to because before he could finish his introduction, a elder lady began to appear and from her disappointed looks, she could only assume that the lady was probably one of the faculty for this little program. Her suspicions were soon proven correct when the lady began to speak and introduce herself, Catoria could tell immediately that this was a woman, someone who she was not going to like all that much. Regardless she was willing to do whatever little assignment the witch had for her, and cautiously took the seed from the palm of her hand, giving a annoyed look towards them.

After taking the seed Catoria sat on the ground and began focusing in on it nothing really happened, it seemed to her that Earth magic really wasn't her forte, and she eventually opened her eyes in annoyance. She went on to look at the others progress around them room seeing their successful efforts come into fruition fueled Catorias motiviation to continue and succeed in the task, though she noticed one girl who created a creature that was, not so good looking, it eventually turned into a puddle, which made Catoria worry about failing a bit, still though she was more motivated now and now had a few other ideas she could try out after thinking on it. With a deep breath in a small tornado formed around them, the seed moved up into the air willed by the wind, the wind had grown strong enough to throw back anyone that dared to try to approach them, and with another deep breath she sucked all the air away till it was entirely gone, letting the seed fall to the ground in front of them as they took one more deep breath out. Before then focusing all their efforts on the seed, it took a couple of moments before it finally gave in, and a small little creatures bloomed from it.
It had taken alot of effort but Catoria had done the task, and was completely exhausted from it, instead of opting to lay down for a moment as she was mentally exhausted, and the creature simply went up to them and went on to nudge them, she honestly wanted nothing to do with it right now. But the creature was persistent and eventually went on to headbutt their leg, and then went on to their final stage of biting them, annoyed Catoria eventually relented placing the creature on their lap, and petting it with their index finger.​
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Neo Alice

Mahō Shōjo

Spoiled Bread Spoiled Bread Peckinou Peckinou JuniperBoi JuniperBoi Lord_Boreas Lord_Boreas ave goin insane ave goin insane Mayali Mayali Ghostiiys Ghostiiys Guppy Franz Guppy Franz ScatheAriiasqDrayceon ScatheAriiasqDrayceon Tapfic Tapfic Gaius Danius Griinia Gaius Danius Griinia _diZZy_ _diZZy_ CanaryCry CanaryCry BlueHibiscus BlueHibiscus Xenobiology Xenobiology Tattletale Tattletale

After Moraine gave the students each a seed, she put her little kitty on her right shoulder and payed attention to everyone while they followed her vague instructions. The first one to give it a go was Francisco, one of the witches that actually had an Earth conduit moment. She was surprised and a bit disappointed by his results, aside from his initial expression, the lack of details clearly gave away that this wasn't what he envisioned to be. "I expected more, Mr. Hierro." Before meeting them, she took the time to study the files provided by the Abjurers. "Specially from you, you tried to bite more than you could chew. Know your limitations and either improve them or work around them." Despite her harsh words, she took the time to pet the misshapen cat before walking away to the next student.

This time it was Korri's turn, his entire process brought a smile to Moraine's face. "Oh, you're a natural! Who would've guessed?" She lifts her left hand, leaving her index finger stretched out. The owl moves towards her and lands on said finger, where she takes a closer look. "The way you kept your focus, reached out to the life around you and then shaped it all accordingly. You have a future as an Earth Witch Mr. MountCastle" She let's the owl go back to him after his question about keeping it. "We'll see." It's all she could say for now.

Severin was also a surprise, even though his creation had undeveloped wings. "Didn't even expect you could do it, nice work. Next time just try to commit to a certain idea till the end, Earth magic is about consistency unlike Sky Magic." Which, granted, was all he ever really could cast before but nevertheless this was much needed feedback.

The next student was another moon child, Caoimhe. Although she looked like she was going to be as promising as Korri, Moraine was not happy with her lost concentration. "If you pull something like that while trying to shift you might end up dead, concentration is key." Her eyes focused on her crow. "Now this little guy won't be able to fly because of your lack of temperance." Now her attention went back to the girl. "You have the talent but if you don't believe in it might as well not have it, find your confidence and you shall achieve whatever you put your mind to." She winked her left eye at her, walking to the next student.

"Good, Sonia, very good. Perfect concentration, good flow and ability to make it grow." There wasn't much to add, the girl had made a good impression. However... "Although you did not actually envisioned, did you?" Her surprised comment about the turnip's likeness to something gave her away. "You'll find out that leaving the shape up to the magic won't always play on your favor, be specific about what you want or you might regret it." She wasn't upset, just warning her of what her careless approach could lead to.

Now Ryan was giving the challenge a try, she watched quietly as he achieved his goal. "What's next it's congratulations, Mr. Teller." She gave him a smile. "You lived up to my expectations, also, you learned on the go that brute force isn't the answer to everything" She pets the head of his foxy companion and moved on the next witch.

Ariiasqthylinh didn't make any progress at all, which was a total surprise. "As I said, you should be able to feel the magical essence that the seed is emanating, specially since you had an Earth Conduit Moment." She arches her right eyebrow, noticing her whole behavior. "Don't let emotions get on your way while concentrating, you just have to focus on the seed. Feel it's energy and then shape it as if it was clay, nurture it and give it form." That was all the advice she could give, if she couldn't get it then maybe she wasn't supposed to be an earth witch at all.

Her attention was brought to Ruth, she dared to disobey the basic rule and she payed for it but she seemed okay with her potato dragon. "The reason I told you to use your mind is so you could envision what you wanted to make a reality and to do that you require concentration. As I already told to Miss Lockheart, you have to be specific about what you want." She gestures to the potato. "It's cute but it isn't what you had in mind what you said dragon, right?" She nods afterwards. "Work your concentration." She walks away to the next student.

She's clearly perplexed when the young to be heiress shows her the petrified seed. "Well... That's earth magic alright." It's all she can muster at first, then she inspects the seed more closely and feels a familiar tingling sensation coming from it. "Would you mind giving it a second try now? The material changed but it seems the principle remains, maybe you'll have an easier time with it now in its current state." This peeked her interest, it wasn't every day that someone just turned her seeds into stone. She still had to check on the rest though, so she would be back to see her final result afterwards.

The next student was Judas, another sky child that got it right but with the common problem of other two students. "The visualization must go into what you want to give life to, not just the growing itself." It was a pretty snake though, not that it mattered but cute nonetheless. "I admit I had lower expectations on all you sky borns but I'm pleased with your results." She walks away in a smirk on her face, many talented witches were among this students.

Vienna seemed to have a hard time, almost killing everyone by burning down the entire ship. However, she quickly regained composure and fulfilled her task. "Incident aside, that was marvelous. You sun childs have a talent for this, it's almost poetic." She takes a moment to inspect the flowery bird. "Keep it up and you might become a great earth witch, just... Keep the arsonist side on check." She giggled a bit, not wanting to make it a harsh or serious comment just a side note.

Then the last sun child, Baxter. Given the previous ones results Moraine expected something as good, however, it was soon clear to her that his brain wasn't one the his well trained muscles. His approach was more about eating whatever it came out rather than a friend so she wasn't surprised to see what the seed grew into. "Maybe you could have gotten something to eat if you had kept your focus on a single thing rather than letting your basic instincts take over, you'll be eating soon. There's a whole banquet to celebrate the beginning of classes."

Without anything else to add, she walked towards the rude Rumi. Watching her try was amusing, more so to see how she created something as hideous as herself. "Hahahaha, so fitting for you. Fake people make faker things I guess." She rolled her eyes. "I was hopping you could back up that attitude with some power and talent." She gestures to all the other successful students. "But at this rate might as well get used to being at the bottom of the food chain, your little party trick of minor illusions will get you nowhere past this point." She begins to walk away and then stops. "Oh and it's Professor le Fay for you. I'm authorized to turn any disrespectful brats into worms to feed the baby griffins, keep that in mind." Insubordination is not tolerated by the covenant. "Respect your elders if you expect to survive your first year." With that last warning directed to everyone, she went on to the next student.

Although the last moon child grew her seed into a racoon it seemed a bit damaged on the emotional side. "A bit clingy if you ask me, try to expand your focus to it's personality as well next time." There wasn't much else to add there, the lunatic made a lunatic racoon.

Last but not least, the remaining sky child. Moraine kept her distance while watching her process, mainly because of all the wind she was conjuring. The girl seemed to have been practicing her sky magic, which was ok, but this was an earth magic exercise. Eventually the theatrics payed off, as she did in the end connect to the earth source to make the seed grow. "Unnecessary waste of magic, that's why you're exhausted. Your little wind propelling did nothing to help your casting, you just wasted resources." There was no reason to cast sky magic before casting earth magic. "That being said, you did manage to avoid passing out and your friend is perfectly grown. Not bad."

As she said the last words the ship became to descend. "It seems we've reached our destination, you want to have a look before we get there? We still have a few minutes." She gestures towards the stairs. "It's safe to go up now, you can see where you'll be living for the next couple of years."


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