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Fantasy I Was Fine Until You

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Ruth nearly rolled her eyes at Gaheris's words. No, He wasn't fine. Agravain also hadn't sent her. But he wasn't giving her a chance to correct him. The more Gaheris talked, The more she considered just leaving. All things considering though. He wasn't being too bad yet. Gareth didn't seem the most pleased either. Judging by the long sigh that came from him. But Ruth then was stepping away from the door and walking forward. Something that once again felt dangerous. But then she was at Gaheris's side and sitting down on the bed next to him. Saying softly. "Gaheris... Your a d*ck. You know that? " Well, Seemed she was doing a great job comforting him so far. Gareth was soon snorting in amusement at her words. But kept himself from actually laughing.

Ruth then nudged him and continued. "You make it hard for anyone to be there for you." This pep talk was really going well. But Ruth was shaking her head. Murmuring. "I'm starting to think its intentional. " No one seemed to like Gaheris. That was something Ruth had quickly begun to notice. The siblings were also known to be close together. Yet Gaheris even seemed cruel to them. Or perhaps it was some form of jealousy, Agravain was no longer purely focused on his little siblings after all.

Gareth was listening quietly. A frown on his face and well... His gaze averted thoughtfully. At one point, The siblings had not needed anyone in the outside world. Sure, Gareth had become rather social over the years. But for a long time, The siblings world was eachother. They didn't have anyone else nor needed that. But the family was broken now. It was doubtful it would ever be repaired and they'd all carry scars from the loss. Naming the new baby after Gwyn was just a reminder of those scars. Perhaps mostly towards Gaheris, It had seemed he'd been the closest to Gwyn after all. Ruth though continued. "But, Even with... How you are. I hope you know your family does care about you. I care about you too. " She promised. Yeah, Her words probable weren't the most comforting. But Ruth was being honest.

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Gaheris glowered at her words, wasn't she meant to be comforting him? Not that he needed or wanted her too. Gareth’s snort didn’t help either but wasn’t that surprising. No, why would Gareth stick up for him? Maybe he couldn’t even rely on his baby brother, maybe it was just himself. Maybe it was intentional that he kept pushing people away but if his family really cared they’d still be there for him anyway and right now Ruth was trying a lot harder than Agravain despite having plenty of reasons to leave him miserable. Even so, he struggled to accept that she really cared about him, she had no reason to and they didn’t exactly have soft moments together, she wasn’t bound to Him through blood or anything, she didn’t have to care, so why would she?

”You don’t know my family” Gaheris replied, not as vicious as he’d been in previous encounters but still confrontational. “What makes you think they care about me? You’ve only met Agravain recently and you only barely met Gawain” he pointed out. “Gawain’s never really cared for me. I was always a second thought, too busy with Gwen or Gareth, oh he loved babying Gareth” Yeah, Gaheris was so a middle child. “And Agravain? I don't think he’s even capable of love. This whole thing with Caleb is just a delusion, he’ll snap out of it eventually, and Gareth? Well, he’s a bit too capable of love” he muttered. “and you don’t care about Me, why would you? As you said, I’m a d*ck”

“You don’t understand, you’re not alone” Gaheris insisted. “I hate Lance, but at least he’s stuck with you. Gawain wouldn’t even let me stay with him. He forced me back through the snow, the same journey I’d just done, made me travel with a man he didn’t trust just to come back to a family that moved on without me“ Agravain had gotten married, was having a baby, and it doesn’t even seem like he’d missed him that much. “I should’ve died with Gwen, would’ve saved a lot of pain and I’m sure everyone else would’ve been happy to forget about me by now” maybe they’d still be grieving Gwen, but not him, he was never the forefront of anyone’s thoughts.
Ruth stared at Gaheris, Studied him. Had he forgotten how far Gawain had traveled for him? Did he not see the clear affection in Agravain's eyes? Ruth tilted her head and she noticed Gareth visibly tensed at Gaheris's words. But Ruth let him talk. Gawain had sent Gaheris so that he'd have a chance at seeing Gareth again. In case something had happened to him. But... Gaheris was hurting and rather suddenly Ruth moved forward. Her arms wrapping around him in a hug. Her tone soft. "Gaheris, Don't say I don't understand. Because I do. I understand being alone, I understand being... " Ruth had been alone most of her life. Her own family had sold her. And sure, It had been to save her sibling. But that was something she remembered.

Ruth didn't go further in depth though. Besides, Gareth was finding his voice. Finding himself growling. "F*ck Gaheris. Do you... Do you really think we wouldn't be broken without you? " Gareth was asking. Gareth wasn't sure if the family would have been able to handle that loss. They were barely holding together as it was. Gareth though drew his gaze away. A long sigh coming from him. "Do you know how scared everyone was? How we feared we'd never see you again? " No, Gareth didn't think he knew. Gaheris might not listen to him anyway and Gareth figured he might talk to Agravain about this. Gaheris might not like him sharing everything. But surely Agravain could set things right? Explain to Gaheris how scared everyone was? How they'd be shattered if they lost him?

Ruth was pulling away from the hug. Gaze flickering towards Gareth. Before returning to Gaheris and murmuring. "Gaheris, If I recall correctly, Gaheris sent you here. So that you could see Gareth. Did he not? He didn't come because of the baby. He... And I know you wouldn't have wanted him to leave you niece alone in a strange land. Would you? " Sure, He might feel like he was always second in the families eyes. So that might not help. But Gaheris had seemed to very much love Theo. She was all he had left of Gwyn after all. So he might be more accepting of Gawain remaining behind for her.

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Gareth tensed as she hugged him and felt the back of his throat burn, raw emotion choking him, but he pit wasn’t just sadness, it was anger at her pitying him, and rage at his family for not caring as much as he thought they should. And out of all the people to comfort it, it was Ruth? The girl he’d terrorised and that was scared to be alone with, that was all who could be bothered to check on. Was he not worth more than a slave girl? No, apparently not. He didn’t want to be alone like Ruth, he own family had sold her out but because of that he couldn’t help but think she was right, that she might understand, just not in the ways she thought she did.

He looked for Gareth as he talked. Gareth and the family was broken with him here so it really didn’t seem that different. He figured Agravain had felt more guilty than scared, he’d been with them when him and Gwen had been taken, hadn’t stopped it, had just wanted to make up for that. Ruth was chiming in and again and they were both so desperate to convince him that his family loved him but he was still struggling to accept that. Theo, she was the only thing left of Gwen, and he missed her so much, being away from her was probably adding to his irritability, wondering if something had happened to her. “I wanted to stay with her” he told Ruth.

“I didn’t want to come back and see Gareth” he admitted, although that was likely no surprise to Gareth. “I resent Gawain for making me come back actually, I didn’t want to leave Theo, but he made me, and he knew I didn’t want to see Gareth but again it’s never my choice. I spent that whole trip dreading walking into this room and seeing you” and he looked at Gareth there. He had already said to Gareth that he hadn’t wanted to see him but it still probably wasn’t nice to hear, not in such an emotional tone, Gaheris’ voice was cracking and his eyes were watering slightly. Ruth probably thought he hadn’t wanted to come back, scared of the state Gareth was in but the brothers both knew that wasn’t the case. “For a long time, I’d hoped your injuries had killed you. It might’ve been easier. But no, you stuck around, and in an ugly ironic twist, you’re the only one I can trust” The universe really was playing a trick on him. ”at least I know you love me“ he murmured, voice quieting a bit and eyes dark, it was almost threatening even if the words would suggest otherwise.
Gareth wasn't surprised by Gaheris's words. Keeping his gaze averted from Gaheris. Gareth couldn't say he blamed his brother. He could very much remember the state Gaheris had been in when he'd been taken. Ruth was probable more surprised by his words. Was opening her mouth to talk. But Gareth then was saying. "Ruth... Could you... Give us a moment? " Because this was getting into a topic that Gareth didn't think anyone needed to overhear. Ruth could refuse of course. Gareth could hardly kick her out. Looked like she wanted to argue. To stay at Gaheris's side. But Gareth's tone was serious and slowly she nodded her head. Placing a hand on Gaheris's shoulder before getting up. Turning around and then she was gone. Leaving the brothers alone.

Gareth waited until she was gone before beginning. "Gaheris, I... You know that I wouldn't have... I wouldn't have done a thing if I knew? " They had both been drugged. And Gareth's feelings were strange. But he knew his brothers did not share them. Would not have pushed them. But even knowing that. Gareth didn't think it fixed anything. What had happened was twisted and wrong and it wasn't something they could just move on from. No matter how much Gareth wished they could.

Gareth swallowed. He was tired. Sitting up like this and talking was difficult. The tense subject surely did not help calm things. But Gareth then shook his head. Beginning. "...I'm not... " But he trailed off. Oh, If Gawain was home. He would have been able to fix things. That Gareth was sure. But he wasn't and Gareth wasn't sure they'd be able to mend things until he returned. Briefly Gareth wondered what Gwyn would have said if she could see them. She'd certainly been the most sane of the family. He imagined she'd probable slap Gaheris on the back of the head then pull him into a hug. Maybe she wouldn't have been able to fix things. But wounds might have begun to heal around her. Sighing. Gareth soon was looking down at his hands and began. "Hey... Do you remember when Gwyn pushed me down a well? " A happier memory. Agravain being forced to climb down and rescue him. Gawain had not been happy. But Gwyn had been good at leading the group into trouble. Gareth then murmured. "Did she ever do that junk to you too?" Which the answer was probable a yes. Gwyn loved them, But she could very much be a terror at times.

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Gaheris was feeling a bit overwhelmed and it was wise for Gareth to ask Ruth to leave because he was thinking straight and he might say something he’d regret later. It left them alone though and Gaheris was feeling tense and jittery. He knew, deep down, that his brother hadn’t wanted to traumatise him, and he knew it was a Morgans fault, that she’d drugged them and locked them up and caused all of this, but the fact that Gareth hadn’t been against it had him feeling all sorts of things. What else was Gareth hiding from him? Gareth was trying to change the subject though, and that was fair enough, but Gaheris wasn’t listening. His mind was stuck, like a broken record.

He paused for a moment, before his body made the decision for him and he lurched forward to awkwardly press his lips against Gareth’s, jerky and uncoordinated and awkward. But, it was his decision, it wasn’t Morgan’s or the drugs or anyone else’s. He was in control right now and Gareth couldn’t hurt him, Gareth couldn’t do much of anything! “I don’t want to talk about Gwen” Gaheris muttered as he pulled back, eyes lowered. He just sat there, waiting for some sort of response. Maybe he should leave. He shouldn’t have done that, but he felt like stone and his throat was raw.
Gareth truly had not been expecting what happened next. Lips pressed against his and it was strange. Leaving Gareth frozen in place. He did not kiss back, Nor did he pull away. Mind racing in confusion. Perhaps this was something he wanted. This kind of closeness with his siblings. But he was also not a fool. After what had happened to him and Gaheris previously? Well... He knew this was wrong. Gaheris was hurting. Perhaps thats why he kissed him. But Gareth didn't think it was something he should encourage. Still, His face had gone red and he was looking up at Gaheris. Swallowing. "Okay... " He started. They wouldn't talk about Gwen then.

Gareth didn't know how to process any of this. That was probable visible on his face. He then glanced away. Telling Gaheris. "Gaheris... I... " He fumbled. Because it felt like he should say something. Anything. But words were failing him. Finally he shook his head and told Gaheris. "I... I don't want this. This isn't right. " That might surprise Gaheris and he might not take it well. But Gareth figured it best to cut this off as quickly as he could. Some fantasies came to mind. Maybe it was a closeness he craved. But Gareth felt he needed to say no.

Gareth considered reaching forward to grasp Gaheris's hand. But decided against it. Still, Gaheris felt like his siblings no longer loved him. Gareth didn't want him to assume that he no longer cared either. So he then murmured gently. "I love you Gaheris. But... " He trailed off. Uncertain of what to say next. Really, When had things become so complicated between the siblings!

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Gaheris wasn’t expecting rejection from Gareth. It was written all over his face. He knew it wasn't right, of course he did, and he wasn’t even saying that he wanted it, but Gareth was supposed to want, was supposed to act like he wanted Gaheris. So, the fact that Gareth was saying otherwise was only making Gaheris feel worse. How could he mess up so badly, be so unlovable, that not even Gareth, with his twisted fantasies wanted him! “But? Of course there’s a but. There’s always a but. Because none of your love in unconditional. Not you, not Agravain not Gawain, you love me conditionally” he exclaimed.

He pulled further away from Gareth. “I must really be a lost cause if you don’t want me” voice full of pain and hurt. “I guess I was wrong about trusting you after all” and he smiled wryly, standing up to move away. “Forget I did that, forget I was here, in fact, forget me entirely. I don’t think I want to be part of this family any more. What’s the point when we can’t rely on each other?“ he moved towards the door. “Maybe I’ll see if I can get a quest, then you lot can all be happy without me, then I can find myself a place and you won’t ever have to see me again” maybe it’d be nice living alone, not having to worry about bossy brothers and awkward encounters. He could just be by himself, but intentionally. Gaheris went to leave Gareth’s room. Would Ruth be nearby? And would she have eavesdropped? It’s not like he really said anything intimate to Gareth unless she heard them kiss but that was unlikely. She probably wouldn’t be able to convince him of his family’s affection though, he was feeling down in the dumps and probably needed some more extensive help to resolve all this trauma.
Gaheris was not happy. Gareth could already tell and it already was causing him to feel bad. He cared about Gareth! Loved him dearly. But... Maybe that wasn't what Gaheris wanted. Maybe what he actually wanted was something more.. Intimate. And well, Gareth would not give that to him. Gaheris was talking quickly and Gareth opened his mouth to argue. To tell Gaheris that they loved him. That they didn't want to go somewhere else. But it was too late, Gaheris was already out the door and Gareth sadly could not follow. Oh... He was going to need to talk to Agravain about this. Hoped he'd know what to do. Because Gaheris truly needed help and Gareth feared things were only going to get worse.

Gaheris was not to be alone though. Ruth had been waiting outside. Kneeling down and gently petting little Wobble. Who it seemed had followed her. Her gaze flickering up at the sound of the door opening and carefully Ruth scooped the dog into her arms. Her gaze on Gaheris and oh, Clearly Gareth hadn't managed to comfort him. If anything, Gaheris looked more riled up then when she had left. But Ruth bit her lip regarding that. Straightening up and gently petting the canine. Ruth stayed quiet for a few moments.

Finally she then mused. "I'm guessing he didn't give you a very good pep talk then? " Honestly, Ruth wasn't sure if there was anything they could say that would help Gaheris. He just always seemed so... Angry. Pushing to much was dangerous. Still, Ruth then let her gaze drift down. Petting Wobble and then asking. "....Do you... Wanna talk about it? " Gaheris might by now be sick of talking to them. Want them to leave him alone and Ruth would go if that was the case. But she didn't seem to be in a hurry. Looking up at Gaheris curiously.

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Someone should probably tell Agravain soon before Gaheris left and never came back, although he might come to his senses once he calmed down, but right now he was too angry to think rationally. He hated this house already anyway, the fact that it was Caleb’s, that Lance had moved in, that he was ij the room next to Gareth’s! It felt like he was suffocating here and he wanted to scratch out his throat just to get some air. He slowed to a stop as it turned out Ruth was waiting outside for him and he narrowed his eyes slightly.

He just didn’t understand why she was being nice, it didn’t make any sense. And Gaheris didn’t have a track record of women being nice to him. “No I don’t want to talk about it” he muttered. “Words mean nothing if you don’t act on them” His family could say all they wanted that they loved him, but he might believe it until he saw them show it. ”you should know that. You’re family said they'd come for you but where are they now?” She was alone, just like him, except Lance had chosen to look after her, she somehow had more people to rely on than him.

”I’m going to go and try snd salvage this day, celebrate my knight hood” he murmured as he went to move past her. “Get drunk, maybe grab a wh*re” He glanced at her. “You can come if you want“ he doubted she wanted to though. It was a bit sad to drink alone but Gaheris was sure he’d find someone in the pub that would join him, people didn’t care about who you were when everyone was delightfully drunk. Maybe Ruth should go to keep an eye on him, or tell Agravain in case Gaheris got into trouble or didn’t come back, even Lance might be able to keep an eye on him.
Ruth couldn't help but flinch a bit when Gaheris brought up her family. No, She had faith they were still trying to free her. They just hadn't found her yet! Ruth though frowned at Gaheris as he continued talking. He was going off alone then, That... Might cause even more problems. Getting drunk too would certainly lead to issues and Ruth had no intentions of following. But she then pointed out. "I'll have to leave that to you. But maybe you could see if your sister wants to join you? " Atleast someone would be with him then. But Ruth wasn't sure exactly what Gaheris's views on Gavin was. The woman was crazy Ruth figured. Not a good influence. But she was someone.

Gavin was though on house arrest so he'd be stuck drinking at the castle. But Ruth then shook her head and told him. "just.. Be careful. " She urged. Not that he'd listen. Pausing for a moment as she heard noise nearby. The others were inside and Ruth figured Lance and Christopher might be looking for those treats Lance had promised. Or wine. Whatever happened to be available.

So Ruth then murmured. "If you change your mind. I think theres going to be a little drinking here too. " And with that she stepped away from him. Beginning to leave him behind. She figured she should perhaps inform Lance and Agravain about what had happened before they started drinking. Though Agravain might decide not to drink in front of Caleb. Then again... Caleb probable didn't care too much about that. As long as he didn't spar in front of her she was happy!

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The chances of Gaheris inviting his sister on his planned bender were slim to none but he didn’t outright shoot it
down so that was something. Gaheris waved dismissively as she told him to be careful and went to walk away. What did he care that they’d start drinking here? He didn’t like them, and maybe he would get attention from Agravain then but the wrong kind. He wasn't sticking around to be lectured so he went to leave “don’t wait up” he muttered.

Lance had managed to procure two bottles of wine, and some sweet treats including a plate of cake and biscuits. At least some alcohol might ease the tension between Lance and Agravain, although Lance wasn’t planning on getting drunk, that was certainly unfair on Caleb, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t enjoy a tipple. And maybe some alcohol would loosen Chris’ lips and Lance could interrogate him a bit more about this crush of his. Maybe it was a bit underhanded to try and get him drunk so he’d talk but Chris didnt seem very willing otherwise.
Quietly slipping into the kitchen. Ruth soon took notice of everyone. Chris was already sitting at a table. Drinking from the wine. Probable to ease some of the pain in his shoulder. With Melodias next to him. No doubt trying to give him some advice for his next spar. Caleb was hanging close to Lance. Clearly enjoying the company of her friend. Seeming to be teasing him about being old or something.

But Ruth was soon seeking out Agravain and once she caught sight of him she quietly went to his side. She didn't exactly think it best to draw everyones attention. So she gently reached up to tug on the sleeve of his shirt. "Sir Agravain... I uh, Can we speak privately for a moment? " She asked softly. Though her tone uncertain. Ruth had not spent much time around Agravain yet. But he seemed... Alright.

Gaheris probable wouldn't be happy with her. But she figured someone needed to fill Agravain in on how Gaheris was feeling. Because if anyone could fix things. It was him. Atleast until Gawain returned. Yet... Really, What could Agravain even do? This wasn't something that could easily be fixed. The siblings certainly had a lot of problems. Ruth then glanced towards the others. Briefly considering grabbing Lance as well. But that likely wouldn't go over to well. Ruth then began to move away from the kitchen. Hopeful that Agravain would follow her out of earshot of the others.

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Lance was taking the teasing from Caleb, she was softer than some other knights would be with their words. He’d been called a lot of bad things in his time, in relation to his nationality, through jealousy of his skill or because of his love life, and Galahad’s arrival had not helped, but for the most part he was happy to say he was liked. He was laughing with Caleb when he spotted Ruth, and he was about to call her over when he saw her exchange with Agravain. They all knew where she’d gone, so it must be about Gaheris. He watched her leave, but didn’t speak up, he could catch up with her later, right now he was just glad she seemed okay and wasn‘t freaking out from Gaheris making a move on her or something.

Agravain frowned as he was approached and appraised Ruth thoughtfully. He nodded and moved to follow her. She seemed….unsure, worried perhaps, and he knew she’d just seen Gaheris and they all knew Gaheris was in a foul mood so his expectations were already low. “What did Gaheris do?” He asked, voice already disapproving. He knew Gaheris was upset, but couldn’t he just behave? It was hard to talk to his brother when all he did was lash out and be angry with him, or worse, when he was numb and just….standing there. That give him the chills. He hated the haunted look he sometimes saw in Gaheris’ eyes.

“look, I’m sorry about him. I know he’s a pain in the arse” he muttered. “But, he’s still my brother. He’s been through a lot, and that’s not an excuse but it’s just one trauma after another in this family” he admitted gruffly. “He’s always been a brat, but all this, it’s made it worse“ and Gaheris hadn’t been home long but he could already tell that. There was something more spiteful in the curl of his lips and something meaner in the glint of his eyes and definitely something hollow in his voice.
Ruth wasn't too surprised by Agravain's question. Gaheris could be a rather cruel person at times. But she shook her head. Murmuring. "Nothing this time. " Because he had tried to attack her before. Though Ruth didn't feel the need to go into that. She listened to Agravain talk, Yeah, She had sort of picked that up from his reputation. He didn't exactly have many friends. But everyone seemed willing to agree he was getting worse. Which would perhaps only further distance him from people. Sometimes Ruth thought that Gaheris simply wanted that, To stew in his own hatred. Maybe she should just let him? He'd hardly been kind to her and she owed him nothing. But something in her gut refused to let her just walk away.

So Ruth then told Agravain. "I just... He... He doesn't think you or Gawain love him anymore. He thinks as soon as the baby is born your going to abandon him and Gareth. " Which wasn't true. Agravain might not have as much time, But he still seemed to adore his siblings. Ruth then told him. "He was saying he wished he'd died with your sister. And... Well, He's now gone off to go drinking. I tried to encourage him to atleast go see Gavin. So someone would be with him. But I don't much expect him to listen to me. " Agravain maybe didn't need this stress. But it was something he needed to know.

Ruth then shook her head. Murmuring gently to Agravain. "Its not my place. But... I think maybe you should go with him. Hes upset and I know he's difficult, And he'll probable just go off at you. But he really shouldn't be alone. " Sure, It wouldn't fix things. Gaheris probable would feel the same. But maybe it would help a bit. Agravain might not appreciate the advice. But Ruth was obviously worried about Gaheris.

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Agravain of course noted that she said this time. He hadn’t been on the trip with them and he hadn’t gotten the low down from Lance but he could guess from the way Lance fretted about her being alone with Gaheris, and the way she also didn’t seem eager to be with him, plus he did know a fair bit about his brother. His eyes narrowed as Ruth explained the problem. Why would that idiot think that Agravain and Gawain didn’t love him? They’d gone after him when he’d been taken, Gawain had mentored Gaheris, kept him under his wing, they’d raised him! And he thought they didn’t love him? He was being ridiculous.

He pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed at the news. It was upsetting to hear that Gaheris thought he should’ve died but he also knew he said things in the heat of the moment. He couldn’t help but agree with her, Gaheris was going to hurt himself if he truly thought all that. He knew Gawain didn’t let Gaheris drink too much or often, so he was probably going to make himself violently sick and well, he didn’t know what Gaheris might do whilst drunk and angry. “Thanks for bringing this to my attention” he murmured. ”please tell Caleb I’ll be going out. I think I should keep an eye on him” even if Gaheris pushed him away, he could Make sure he didn’t do anything stupid whilst drunk like get into a fight or get lost.

Gaheris might be almost fully grown up but it seemed Agravain still had to parent him. He went to leave the house, he figured Gaheris would be going into town to find a pub. He might even catch up with him on the road since he’d left recently but dragging him back to the house might just make things worse. The whole family really needed to sit down, talk and have a therapy session.
Ruth was glad when it seemed Agravain was willing to listen. Nodded her head in responds and watching him go before she hurried back to the kitchen. Gaheris might not be too happy with her telling Agravain. But oh well, It was for his own good. Now to inform Caleb that Agravain was leaving. Thus soon enough Ruth was at Caleb's side. Nudging the other girl and murmuring quietly to her. "Hey, Agravain's gonna be gone for a bit. " She explained. Causing Caleb to frown as she glanced at Ruth. Eyebrows furrowing and opening her mouth to question Ruth. When she suddenly heard Christopher hiccup. "You know- I could have beat you. I just... Was going easy. " He informed. Chugging some of the wine before pointing at Lance almost accusingly.

Caleb couldn't help but raise her eyebrow at the scene. "Are you drunk already Chris? " She questioned. Causing a small noise to come from Christopher. "No..." Oh, He totally was, He certainly seemed to be a lightweight then. Might be even worse then Arthur at handling his drink! Carefully Caleb approached and reached forward. Grasping the bottle, And Christopher tried to resist. But soon enough Caleb was stealing the bottle from him and passing it to Lance. Christopher soon rambling. "Hey! That was m-" A hiccup soon interrupting his speech. Causing his eyebrows to furrow.

Caleb then mused. "I think poor Chris is going to be stuck sleeping here tonight. Unless you want to carry him home? " She teased Lance. Which might be a bit difficult. So seemed he'd be stuck with them. But that was fine. How much trouble could he possibly get into? Reaching forward and taking one of the biscuits on the counter. She soon took a seat as Christopher complained. "He can't carry me, I can.. I'd walk and carry me. Ya know? He can't do that. I can. " Yeah, He probable wasn't making much sense.

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Agravain had gone to babysit Gaheris whilst they all remained here to babysit Chris; the wine had gone straight to his head. Lance had drank some but wasn’t really feeling the effects so he could appreciate Chris’ drunkenness in all its glory. He was smiling in amusement as Chris claimed he’d been going easy: “I was going easy too” he replied. And wow, Chris really couldn’t handle his drink. He took the bottle Caleb passed him, yeah Chris had had more than enough. He scrunched his nose up at the suggestion of carrying him home, no, Chris could stay the night, he’d probably pass out eventually.

”Chris, you’re not making any sense” Lance said, bemused as he nibbled on a biscuit. “So, why don’t you try to make sense for us huh? Like….you can tell us about your crush” Lance suggested and yeah, it was definitely underhanded but it’s not like it was life or death, Chris was just being dramatic by not telling them and Lance was curious, he wanted to help. “We promise we won’t tell anyone” he added with a glance at the others. Chris might be concerned about it spreading but Lance was happy to keep it between them.

“so….who is it?” He prompted, looking up from his biscuit to peer at Chris but he tried not to seem too eager to know. He settled on eating his biscuit to hide his intense curiosity. Agravain wasn’t here so maybe Chris would be looser with his lips anyway, he seemed intimidated by Agravain a bit, not that Lance blamed him, Agravain had almost taken his shoulder clean off!
Yeah, Christopher was out of it. From now on Caleb might need to make sure he went easier on the drinking! But atleast it was amusing to watch. Oh, Then Lance was trying to figure out who Chris's crush was and Caleb couldn't help but snicker a bit at that. Chris's eyebrows were furrowing in thought as he said. "You don't make a lot of sense! " He shot back. At first not answering the question. Not until Lance further probed him and Christopher huffed. "You ask about him a lot. " He muttered. Seeming a tad annoyed.

That had Caleb paying more attention. Him? Though Caleb could not say she was one to judge. Caleb had of course found herself attracted to many different types. This was dangerous though and Caleb hoped Chris had just mixed up his words while in his drunken state. Still, She sent a glance towards her father who luckily seemed not to be paying attention. Too busy looking threw some cabinets. Ruth was though and simply seemed amused. But Caleb still nudged her and urged. "Can you go talk to some of the servants and see about them arranging Christopher a room for the night? " She asked, Causing Ruth to hesitate. But she eventually nodded and left the small group behind. Seemed she knew better then to stick around.

Caleb then asked Christopher more quietly. "Have you talked to anyone about this? " Though she considered simply just changing the subject. Christopher by now was trying to reach towards the bottle in Lance's hand. Nearly falling out his chair and seeming to decide to give up. Before huffing. "No, No one else is nosy. You all are nosy. Its not gonna happen.... They's married. "

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Christopher was amusing, until he dropped that bombshell and Lance choked on his biscuit. Him! It was starting to seem like there weren’t many heterosexual knights at all. Now, Lance had been a bit harsh to Arthur, but that had been partially due to Mason’s own harshness, and the expectation hanging over Arthur, he’d grown more lenient about it during his time with Silas and he didn’t really talk about it with Ruth, but discussion of it still made him a bit uncomfortable, like he couldn’t sit still and that he instead wanted to squirm. He could understand now why Christopher had not been eager to talk about it and had instead brushed it off. It was smart of him really, this wasn’t the sort of stuff you wanted to get out.

Lance waited for Ruth to leave before he leaned closer so things were more private between the three of them. Married? Well, that ruled out Lance, although didn’t narrow down the field a whole lot, except Lance had a sinking feeling in his stomach as he let his gaze roam over Chris before asking: “are they a knight?” It would make sense, they spent a lot of time together and they were an attractive bunch really. Arthur had had crushes on knights and Silas seemed to have liked Lance and Ronan. Hey, maybe they could set Chris up with Galehaut? Although that wouldn’t be for months yet.

Lance made sure to keep the wine away from Chris and took this opportunity to glug some himself, he felt he needed it. “You’re right, we are nosy, so you might as well tell us everything now” he insisted. And he didn’t like talking about this stuff but it was important to know, they might be able to protect him. “Does he know about this crush?“ that was important to establish, because the fewer people that knew, the better, meant it could be contained. Oh, why couldn't Lance just have a week without any stress, no, even a day without stress, he was going to get a headache.
Lance was calmer then Caleb expected him to be. Though obviously worried. Caleb didn't blame him, She was worried too. Of course, Caleb did not know about Arthur, But with Arthur. He had the protection of being a prince. Christopher didn't, He was from a wealthy family. But that was all and this kind of secret could be very dangerous. Christopher though wasn't thinking about danger though at the moment. Nodding at the question. So seemed this crush was a knight. A married knight, That narrowed things down a bit. Though Caleb did not want to start making guesses.

Christopher then huffed. Shaking his head and telling Lance. "No! And you.. You can't tell him! Then, Then things will be weird. " He complained. Though that wasn't the only reason he was of course worried. Christopher then crossed his arms over the table. Resting his head on his arms and seeming as though he was considering falling asleep. Caleb though found herself asking. "Can you tell us who he is? " Though Christopher did not seem eager to reveal that still. Looking up at Caleb, And for a moment his expression almost seemed guilty and uncertain. Perhaps realization was coming over him.

Christopher then averted his eyes and murmured. "....I can't tell you. " He told Caleb. So he wasn't budging on the information and Caleb let out a sigh. By now, Melodias was standing straighter and was looking over towards the group. Perhaps confused by all the sudden hushed voices. But Caleb was beginning to realize then in the kitchen, Things were fairly open and servants did walk around the home. So she then urged Lance. "Hey Lance, Maybe you should escort Chris up to your room to talk. " That way no one would overhear anything. She then shook her head. "I'll join you in a minute. " She promised. Best to get Melodias off their trail.

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(I thought Caleb did know about Arthur? Kay told them didn’t he?)

Lance Nodded in agreement with Chris. “I won’t tell him” he agreed, it was bad to let more people know about this. Chris was refusing to say though and his stomach sank further at the look he caught on Christopher’s face. Yeah, a few things were starting to add up. He didn’t want to be presumptuous, but…he had a pretty good guess at who Chris was crushing on and yeah, things probably would be awkward if he told him. Lance got to his feet and moved towards Chris to help him up, having set the wine out of reach of the man and having finished off his biscuit by now.

“come on” Lance prompted, going to pull Chris’ arm over his shoulder so that he could help support him. He guided them to his room before he shut the door behind them, turning to look at Chris, he remained quiet for a few moments. He tilted His head: “you know, you can tell me if it’s Agravain” he said. The supposed fear of Agravain that he promised he didn’t have, the avoiding of him, the way he kept glancing at him when they were talking? Oh, it was like Caleb all over again. Yeah, this might be awkward. Christopher was Caleb’s friend so having a crush on her husband was less than ideal. And Agravain? Well, he’d been rather harsh to Caleb about the whole crush thing when he’d thought she was a man, then again he had seemed to have softened a bit since then.
(Oh yeah, Sorry! I forgot! )

Christopher luckily didn't resist and allowed Lance to help him along. Leaning against the other as they walked. It didn't take them long before they were reaching the privacy of Lance's room. Then Lance was further questioning Christopher and well... Silence came over him and he was looking away from Lance. Swallowing before telling Lance. "Does it matter? " So that was probable a yes. Sluggishly Christopher moved away from Lance. Flopping down on the bed nearby. His expression suddenly seeming rather dull for a moment.

Christopher then looked at Lance before murmuring. "....Don't tell my parents. " Agravain knowing would be bad enough. His parents though? Christopher didn't think he'd be able to face them. Figured they'd disown him. Suddenly burying his face into his arm. It seemed in his drunken haze the gravity of the situation was finally setting. No longer as bubbly. Christopher then shook his head. Muttering into his arm. "Caleb can't know either... " She was his friend! Things would just be so uncomfortable if she knew. No, Christopher very much planned to bury any such feelings and hope they never saw the light of day.

Really, Lance might be able to relate with the whole, Having a thing for your friends spouse. Of course, In Christophers case, It was unlikely Agravain would return such feelings. Also, Agravain and Caleb actually were rather smitten with eachother. Unlike Arthur and Caroline. So maybe it wasn't that similar.

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(No problem, I know there’s a lot to remember)

Lance sighed as Christopher basically confirmed it. Why did Lance have to keep dealing with these problems? Lance didn’t plan on ratting Chris out to his parents, didn’t even know his parents and certainly wasn’t going to go out of his way to drop this bombshell on them. He wasn’t the most approving of this lifestyle but he didn’t want Chris to get into trouble or anything. And as for Caleb knowing? Well, Lance wasn’t convinced she’d take it badly. She’d seemed a bit more…liberal on the subject when Chris had let it drop that it was a man. She’d been very quick to try and cover things up to protect him, not outraged like Mason had been when learning about Arthur. He supposed it wasn’t surprising though, she’d subverted traditional values anyway what with pretending to b a man. She might find it amusing actually, and might just continue to pester Chris until she knew, and she’d find it odd that Lance wasn’t doing the same.

”what does everyone keep seeing in him?” He grumbled. “Forgive me, but I don’t get what’s so sexy about him” He complained. He was a hulking brute with an aggressive attitude to match, what did people enjoy about that? its not like he wanted people to be crushing on him or anything but Agravain? Maybe Chris was a bit of a masochist? Or liked the strong, gruff type. The bad boy he guessed, more like mean and grumpy though. He moved over towards Chris and sat on the edge of the bed.

“I’m not sure Caleb will let this drop” he said, he didn’t blame her either. And well, he wasn’t promising not to tell her either. “But…maybe we can set you up with a nice girl? Get your mind onto someone new” he suggested with an encouraging smile. Yes, Chris just needed to find a nice woman and he’d forget all about Agravain. “I can be your wing man”
Christopher blinked and glanced up at Lance's words. Opening his mouth as if to reply. Because well, He could think of plenty of things. But his cheeks turned a bit darker at the thought and he seemed to deem it wiser to shut his mouth. Then Lance was sitting next to him and kept talking. His words making Chris tense up a bit. Yeah... He wasn't convinced how well that would go. Didn't exactly want to be set up with someone, So it was probable easy to read his expression and tell he wasn't eager. But he still slowly nodded his head in agreement. Oh, He just had the feeling that this was going to be uncomfortable.

Sitting up. Christopher then moved so he was sitting on the edge of the bed next to Lance. Thoughts racing. But he didn't have time to say much, As he heard a knock at the door and then the door was being pushed open. Seemed Caleb had arrived. She'd smoothed any concern her father held and stepping into the room. Stepping inside and closing the door behind her. She then looked towards Christopher and took note of his more concerned expression. Well, It was good he realized the gravity of all this.

Caleb then told them. "Alright, I figure it might be best for you to rest a bit Chris. " They didn't want to risk him drunkenly telling anyone about this. Besides, He probable was tired anything considering his earlier fight. Caleb's gaze then flickered towards Lance. Perhaps a bit curious over his reaction to all this. But he seemed rather calm so she focused on Chris. Really, This was the last time Caleb planned to let Christopher drink!

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