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Multiple Settings I Want You! [Partners wanted! ALWAYS OPEN! MCU/Marvel, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, more]


Mighty Dragon of The Pit

Hi all! I don't want to crowd this post with text, but I'm looking for long-term roleplayers to join me in developing stories with me!
(More cliche than expected. Sorry.) Find the TLDR; at the bottom.

r u l e s:
  1. As stated, I'm advanced-literate, so I do expect a level of coherent response and quality to posts. This means all replies are of substantial subject matter and have coherent sentences. I won't gun you down for the odd mistake or short reply here or there, but I refuse to put an effort into my replies only to be met with, " 'okui.' she said." or two little lines for my 8 paragraphs, etc.
  2. Be nice. I don't respond to haggling or snarky comments, or someone nagging me to reply. Which leads to:
  3. I don't respond within 30 minutes. I have a life outside of roleplay and decent replies take a little while for me. I do love to talk and discuss the plot, though!
  4. I greatly prefer MxM pairings, but I'll go with MxF if you can convince me.
  5. OC's are okay, but don't give me a Mary Sue to work with.
  6. Please just talk to me! We can chat this stuff through. Communication is key to longlasting roleplays.
  7. My Discord is Casey#0413. Add me!

s e t t i n g s
I prefer roleplaying with Marvel characters and settings, since I have been developing and writing as James "Bucky" Barnes for nearing three years, now, and am comfortable with his character. I'm also familiar with Stephen Strange and can hold him, but just need more practice in writing him. I'm hesitant towards OCs in this MCU context, particularly. I did find many great OC's on RPNation when I was active, though, so let's just chat! We can talk through characters to suit the plot.
I also love world building in the likes of fantasy and historical plots, be it sci-fi, medieval, dragons, etc.

r o m a n c e
I prefer MxM pairings, but I wouldn't mind MxF. I play male characters 99% of the time.
In short: just talk to me! I'm not as strict in messaging as I am in this post. Hit me up for any genre, though — let's make it interesting!

If you've read this far, add the name of a red-coloured fruit to any first-message you send or forum reply. (:

f a n d o m
Marvel Comics, Marvel Cinematic Universe, and any alternate-universe's involving these characters.
Characters: Bucky Barnes, Stephen Strange, OC's (maybe).

g e n r e s
(Find plots within spoilers.)

Temeraire Series. (Fandom, maybe?) Dragon-rider AU, essentially.
Mid-Napoleonic Wars, the British Corps are struggling to cohesively bring together their Aerial Corps, consisting of teams of dragons, their riders and a crew, to defeat Napoleon. Muse A and B are Captains of their respective dragons, and although they grind each other's gears, they have to work together when told to work in a formation. To make it worse, one has an ego issue due to the rarity of his dragon. [OC or Fandom characters. Time period can be changed.]

ARK: Survival Evolved -esque
On an archipelago stranded in the middle of nowhere, for generations, tribes of survivors have fought against the elements and the islands' brutal inhabitants: living, breathing dinosaurs, alongside previously-unheard of beasts that have adapted to the Island's brutal environments. These creatures, if not in the process of shredding survivors or being killed by them, are tamed and used as domestic pets. Raids are all too common. After all, sometimes, these tribes' biggest danger is not the environment, but other tribes. [OC or Fandom characters.]

science fiction
The future has been met. The cosmos have been conquered; Earth's citizens have joined the union between the masses of intergalactic inhabitants; the use of space travel to get to work is as common as using a car. Earth has developed the UNB, the Earth's United Nations' Board of Interplanetary Peacekeeping, to defend the planet against attacks and reinforce border patrol. An Aerial army, if you will.
Muse A, outcast by Earth's governmental body after a peacekeeping mission went bad, left the Solar System to traverse the cosmos. Years later, he's contacted by the same body: a threat to Earth's security, Muse B, has escaped, and Muse A is tasked with capturing them and bringing them to Earth with the promise of prosecution immunity.
Additionally: Muse A grows begrudgingly fond of Muse B while on the way to earth, and once arrived, Muse A's promised immunity is breached and they're both arrested. It then becomes their joint goal to break each other out. [OCs preferred, Fandoms can be applied.]

Annihilation (book/movie, primarily book, don't-get-me-started-on-the-movie):
As a part of the Thirteenth Expedition, Muse A and B have been sent into Area X: a section of an old national park, surrounded by an invisible border, which has been the subject of strange occurrences and alien mutations of wildlife. No cause of these mutations has been identified and no previous mission has yielded any survivors. Both Muses are specialised in their fields and have been thoroughly trained for the expedition, but slowly come to realise that they truly know nothing — including about each other. Can they escape Area X, or will they become a part of it?

Anything to do with Rome/Greece, Middle Ages, Egypt, Russian history, etc. HMU.
Ancient Rome [Possibly fantasy, depending on the plot.]
A new Pontifex Maximus, High Priest, has been brought into the Roman Court under the premise that he is Apollo's vessel. The Roman public welcome him amongst their disgusted mutterings about the previous Priest, whose death was clear evidence of his lack of authenticity. But, plot twist: New Priest is not true, either. He doesn't know why he was elected by the Council of Temples. All he has is a Royal Guard/one of the members of the Royal Circle to help him fake his way to the top.
In a world where the gods supposedly channel themselves through chosen servants and some can use magic, what will this mean for the characters' wellbeing? [OC or Fandom. You play the Priest.]

Advanced literate roleplayer that writes a load for replies.
I like Marvel and I usually play Bucky Barnes/Stephen Strange, but am also open
to Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Historical plots. There are plot ideas in the spoilers.
Talk to me. Let's develop a plot.

Hope to speak soon!
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the proud family disappointment
i would loooove to double on a marvel RP w/ OCs- i have played bucky before and would ask you to write as bruce banner! i can DM you once i'm out of class? : )

(also love ur signature; tik tok is my guilty pleasure LOL, promise i'm more literate than i seem)

Kassandra Rose

Queen of Irrelevance
I'm not very healthy at all but I do love strawberries.

I'd love a Fantastic Beasts role play! I can write mxm, but I would like to double and have an mxf pairing too, if you don't mind, only because I have a mild preference for female characters in general.

Kassandra Rose

Queen of Irrelevance
"Li-cense," Lucia mimicked beneath her breath, simultaneously as he spoke, slowly bringing her eyes up to meet his own. Newt had always told her that her eyes rather scared him. Unlike the common shades of blue, green, and brown, they were a peculiar shade of Amber resin, and he claimed they had a mischievous spark within them that quite reminded him of a Phoenix. In this moment, mischief was prospering, for she truly thought herself quite the imitator. Though, she had never really been able to grasp the life-sucking desperation to please within Theseus's voice that Newt had always captured just perfectly.
"A license?" She mocked, accompanied with a sharp gasp. She attempted to refrain from laughing, but found it dreadfully difficult. The corners of her lips simply itched upwards, in an internal confliction for some kind of self composure. "Why, what on earth is one of those? Please, do enlighten me, oh wise one". That was it, she couldn't refrain herself much further. Laughter splurted between her slightly parted lips, a sweet hum like the sound of a honey bee buzzing against a mid-summer's breeze. "Do smile, Theseus. You've got such a pretty face, but you always look quite so miserable. You'd be far more attractive if you just-"

Piercing screams, a raging blue fire, and undeniable "BANG!" was just enough to finally rage some sense into the young witch, whose hand had immediately itched to her wand, tucked tightly in the pocket of her robes. "Oh for Merlin's sake, I did warn Romana that she ought not to leave that cauldron on boil," she mumbled, rather forgetting the auror that had been sent with a warrant for her arrest. She jostled through the wave of crazed citizens, attempting to flee the crime scene as swiftly and promptly as their little legs could carry them. A few cast a bizzare look her way, as if they couldn't quite understand just why she was running towards the direction of danger, rather than away.

A nervous gulp found itself caught in her upper throat, as she paused at the empty shell of a shop building. Somedthing told her - her worst fears whispered to her - that this had not simply been a typical temperamental cauldron. As if having obtained some kind of death wish, she approached the building with great unease, stepping over the front door, and dodging through the arctic blue flames. "Romana!" she called out, her eyes frantically searching for clues. The girl was still here. She could feel it, but where?

As Lucia stepped through the arch of where a door had once stood, the second floor burst down upon her in a shower of debris. Struggling for breath, beneath the dust, she flung herself to the floor, acquiring a few cuts and scrapes, but little too fatal. From her spot upon the ground was where she saw the gyspsy girl, lying vulnerably beneath the heavy weight of a fallen stone wall. Instantly, Lovegood began to scramble towards her, using her hands to help pull her knees forwards.

"Hushhh, hush, it's okay," her left arm reached out beneath the girl. Her right arm stroking her tattered brown nest of hair. "We can fix this. It's okay. It's okay," she repeated, though something told her that she was saying this for her own comfort, rather than that of her companion. "I told you-" she attempted to withhold her emotions. "I told you to turn off that bloody cauldron. Didn't I? What- what happened, Romana?" Her dainty hand rested upon the girl's dirty, blood stained cheek.

The girl upon the ground let out a small wheeze, as a small and trembling finger pointed towards where the old glass window had stood, into the direction of the sky. Lucia could feel it, feel it all. Suspicion, at first. A peculiar lady in a rather fine Emerald dress had entered. She was looking for something. Romana had been rather curious; this woman was not of her usual clientele. Then, surprise, fear, shock, as the woman had done something. Confusion also, said she couldn't quite understand how it had all unfolded. Pain, very strong pain, and such misery. Exhaustion. She wanted to let go.

"No, just wait, I'll find you help. I'll-" the auror. "Theseus!" she screamed, trying to scramble her feet. Never in her life had she wanted to see this face more. "Theseus!" Lucia hadn't realised that she was crying until her voice trembled. Tripping over a fallen beam, Lovegood brought her knees towards her body, and cradled them in her arms. It was dark here. So very dark. All she could feel was pain, emptiness, grief. Trying to block out all of the emotions, Lucia looked out of the window, towards the sky that was usually so light, blue, and carefree. That was when she saw it, what Romana was trying to point to, a symbol, like the colour of electric white lightning, mustering dark grey clouds around.

Something was coming.

Something was coming.

Something was coming.


"I- uhm," Newt shuffled his weight from one foot to another. A light blow of a small sigh whistled between his lips. "If you don't mind just... moving..." he gestured to her foot. "Yes, thank you, just- just a moment". He firmly closed the door, resting his forehead for a simple moment upon the thick wood, before undoing the latch and allowing the door to creak open. Holding it so she could enter without fret of it bumping against her, Schamander gestured towards the living area. "Do you- do you take tea, Miss Montayo?" He closed the door behind her, and began to lead the way, shuffling towards the kitchen. "You must forgive the mess. We don't usually have visitors. We- oh dear. Bundy!"

He'd rather forgotten to inform Bundy that the ominous knocking upon the front door was indeed nothing to evoke anxiety over. "Bundy!" He called out once more. "For Dumbledore's wits, why on earth did I make this house so big". Leaving the kettle on to boil, Newt began to descend the staircase into the basement. As he did so, he found himself rather incapable of doing much more, as his jacket had been caught on some kind of- letting out a small sigh, Newt shook his head at the augurey. "Not today, Sentinel. We have a visitor. I need to find Bundy. Have you seen where she went?" The bird twitched his head, it's sharp beak releasing him and moving from left to right as if it were actually responding to what he said. "That's unfortunate. I really need to make sure that she doesn't-"

"Newt!" A breathless voice called up to him, as a plump figure plummeted towards him. "No worry, Newt. I've called for your brother. I told the Ministry I was a matter of life or death. We'll be safe from ol' Grindelwald now".

"... make sure she doesn't do that," Newt pinched the bridge of his nose, before moving his hand before his mouth. No bother. No bother. Theseus would come. He'd tell him all was fine and that would be the end of that. It didn't matter that his routine was broken just a little bit. He'd console Madeline's sister, write to Albus, send her on her way, and all would be back to normal. With a small sigh, Newt nodded in acceptance. "No worry, Bundy, just..." his mind fumbled upon what to possibly do next. "Could you possibly prepare some tea? I wasn't quite prepared for guests and-"


"Yes, it wasn't actually Grindelwald at the door, you see, just some muggle who-"

"A muggle?!"

"Yes," Schamander's eyebrow's furrowed. "Just a muggle who-"

"But, what will the Ministry say about you conversing with a muggle? You know how the law works on such matters, Queenie and Jacob-"

"Look, don't worry about it, Bundy," he itched the back of his neck sheepishly. "You just make the tea. I can handle the Ministry. Oh, and if you can could you possibly bring my Quill, the Hippogriff tail one- yes, that one- and some parchment. I fear that I might have to get in touch with Dumbledore about this". His assistant gave an obedient nod, before pulling herself up the remainder of the stairs. Shortly, Newt had followed, an shaking of his Jacket, he placed it besides him as he slumped upon the settee opposing the newcomer.

"Terribly sorry, so- tea? Yes, that was where we left it," He nodded to himself, still rather avoiding her eye contact. "Bundy will be making tea. Unfortunately my brother will also be coming- oh, siblings. You had something that you needed to tell me about Madeline?"
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