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Multiple Settings I Wanna Get Back Into RP

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Maddy Riche

A Bowl of Soup
Hello!! To start things off, my name is Maddy. Ive roleplayed for a good few years now, ranging from simple script rps to paragrapgh-style tangents. I stopped roleplaying for a while but have been dying to get back into the swing of things. I’m super excited to turn a new leaf!

Activity Tbh my activity is pretty sporadic. Sometimes I’ll be able to pump out replies all day, other times it may take me a day or so to get back to you. I’m super lenient with reply rates. If it takes you a week to come up with a paragraph response I won’t mind- sometimes you just don’t wanna write for a while lmao. Of course, I’ll give a heads up if I think I’ll be taking a while, and would like you to do the same! Long term partners are always welcome!

Style I generally consider myself to be a literate/semi-literate roleplayer, preferring paragraph-style responses. I probably will not do script roleplays. This doesn’t mean every reply has to be a paragraph though! As already stated, I like to think I’m pretty chill to rp with and the last thing I want is for an rp to become a hassle. If you think you have enough substance in your reply, send it, even if it’s just a few sentences! Your grammar does not have to be glorious- I know mine ain’t- either. I will do roleplays in PMs, Discord or Forums.

Genres Sci-Fi: I am not a huge sci-fi fan tbh, but I love to have elements of it in a roleplay! I may not be big on extraterrestrial beings beaming themselves to other planets or crazy mecha-dudes destroying stuff- yes, I know I’m exaggerating, mostly- but I AM totally into developing some of this into an rp. Who doesn’t love some high-tech world building?

Fantasy: I’m a ho for fantasy my dudes. Classical D&D adventures? Right on. Modern magic? Dead ass. Medieval kings and queens and peasantry? Please. This includes anything supernatural. Fantasy is absolutely one of my go-to roleplay genres. Like there’s not even anything more to say about it.

Romance: I warn you, I am also very much in love with love. Like, I’m disappointed to say I grew up, and still am, rotting my brain with YA Fantasy/Romance novels. I have no excuses. However!!! I don’t expect all our characters to end up sucking each other’s faces!!! I am perfectly fine with platonic relationships. I love them! Honestly it’s developing character relationships that I really enjoy, so don’t get bogged down thinking everything will be lovey-dovey- it won’t! I'm also pretty cool with the Sexy Stuff *eyes*

Plots and Pairings To be completely honest, I don’t have any plots in mind right now, but I am totally willing to talk about some! Come to me with ideas you have or we can troubleshoot together- it’s more fun to develop it together anyway.

Basic Plot Ideas:

Person A is part of some organized crime unit, Person B is going through a difficult time in life. Would like to focus on developing a relationship (strong friendship or romance I don’t care) and them learning to lean on each other/help each other. If you haven’t guessed, Super Fluffy and Hella Hardcore.

Two people out on some crazy magical adventure??? Like I just wanna do some sweet fantasy adventure stuff- it can be a quest for vengeance or pride or just plain “hey bro let’s venture.”

Some sort of post-apocalyptic, dystopian future. Can be zombies, plague, world war. I would love to do one about two people on opposite sides of the battlefront befriending each other- or at least getting into some sort of situation that requires them to learn to put their differences aside and rely on each other. Two soldiers? Prisoner of war and an interrogator? Civilians on opposite fronts???

I am up for basically anything involving angst and healing.


Royalty x Peasant
Supernatural Being x Hunter
Supernatural Being x Supernatural Being
Bully x Bullied
Best Friend x Best Friend
Ex x Ex
So many more like literally just ask and I’ll probably be up for it

Lastly!!! I am super chill with just talking to people. I am absolutely the type of partner to actively chat ooc or even in a separate chat channel- about anything really. Memes. Pets. Tv Shows. Anything. Like who doesn’t wanna make friends??? It’s a win win situation???

PM me or add me on Discord (Oatmeal #5059)! Thanks!

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