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Multiple Settings I *swear* I'll be around now!!

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AU, Harry Potter, Romance, Slice of Life, Star Wars


Doesn’t Play Straight Dudes Romantically

Hi hello again! It's Millie! Your resident trASH friend who disappears sometimes... WELL. I work from home now, so I promise I am here now!

I'm sorry I just like die so much.

Specifically really craving Batman, Star Trek, Sherlock stories!

Annnd... yeah! Read my rules and stuff and I love you!!! Thanks!

Also, if I like fell off a thread or PM and you're still interested, please message me again! Thanks!

  • ❤ Partners must be 18+, I'm 21 so no minors! Sorry!
    ❤ Must be able to reply at least a few times each week. I don't need you to tell me your schedule or when you're going somewhere, but just need you to be able to commit to the movement of the story.
    ❤ Must be literate! I don't need every reply to have multiple paragraphs (not that I don't love it) but I do expect correct grammar and at least a few sentences.
    ❤ Must be nice! We don't have to be friends, but I am chatty soo...
    ❤If we are going to be doing a Fandom story, please be upfront in telling me how complete your knowledge is of the subject. I like to be sort of detail oriented.


Oldworld Chaotic

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Not too sure where the ghost emojis are... but if you're interested in Padmé x Anakin at the moment, feel free to message me to see if we're compatible.

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