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Fantasy I Never Wanted To Become A Hero But Fate Will Force Me To (Characters)



One Thousand Club
Character Sheet template:

Species (Human, Elf, Dwarf or Goblin)
Clothing (style or usual clothing)
Likes/Dislikes (Optional)
Skills (dont make your character good in everything. There has to be drawbacks to extraordinary skills)
Any criminal history?


One Thousand Club
Name: Ezkutu, Sendoa (Surname, Given name)

Age: 31

Species: Human

Gender: Female
Appearance: 1628438041757.png
(Credit for picture to "puru" on pixiv: puru )

She is a tall, muscular woman, who is pretty nonetheless. She's about two meters tall. Her muscle tone is noticeable but not too muscular when her muscles are relaxed. Her hair is black and goes down to her lower back. Her eyes are a dark purple.

Clothing: Usually wears a tight black turtleneck, sleeveless in the summer, long sleeved, sometimes a turtleneck dress in the winter time. Bottoms: Warm weather: A short skirt. Cold weather: Short skirt with leggings or black pants. Shoes: Casually mocassins (like Vans). Formally slip on black leather shoes.

Likes: Hiking, challenging physical activities, black tea, spicy lentil soup

Dislikes: Being judged for being a "tough woman", people being skiddish around her

Occupation: Bartender/Cook/Bouncer in a Sportsbar at a commercial longhouse in downtown Vaesmarsh

Skills: Monstrous strength and agility. Is lacking in magic however. Only capable of using fortification magic. She is very skilled in hand to hand combat. Weapon wise she can use only large arms such as greataxes or greatswords or large polearms. However she prefer hand to hand. If she was a classical roleplay class, she'd be a berserker.

Education/Training: Three years of military academy. She was kicked out for severely injuring an instructor. Otherwise, she has learned how to cook well and is great at mixing drinks.

Personality: Usually Sendoa is a friendly, almost motherly personality, caring for the patrons of the sportsbar she works in. However she doesn't tolerate mischief in the bar and will break up fights, often literally throwing the perpetrators out of the bar. She also used to have a more sadistic side to her which got her into serious trouble in the past and got her kicked out of the military academy.

Background: Sendoa was born to immigrants to Heavenslake. Her ancestors were nomads who lived in the steppes of another continent. She was alway the tall kid while growing up, often being around the height of male elves her age. Sendoa was often picked on for her size. She would often take walks alone or train her strength alone, swearing to not be weak in the future, but to be strong and admirable. At 18, after completing her general education, she enrolled in the military academy and passed in the physical tests with flying colors. However an aspect of her personality would often get her in trouble. She would accept challenges to fights by her peers and beat them senseless. Her time at the academy would find an end when during a fighting exam where her instructor was her opponent, she would hospitalize her instructor with multiple fractures and a three day coma. The academy noted that while her abilities were superior enough to be of use to the nation, she was uncontrollable and would end up being a danger to her own allies. For the two years afterward, Sendoa would come down with depression after her life dream being ruined. She eventually swore off life as a soldier or fighter and became the co-owner of a sportsbar in Vaesmarsh. By then, her personality had mellowed out a little to the point were she would usually hold back on her strength when intervening in fights and avoid hospitalizing patrons. But many tell her, she could have become a soldier or even a hero. But she rather wouldn't.

Any criminal history?: Was originally charged with heavy assault due to the injuries afflicted on her instructor. Eventually the charge were dropped and she was only expelled from the academy.

Sexuality: Panromantic


The Thundering Mustelid
Name: Gloxon Tannerite “the Gunsmith”
Age: 34yrs
Species: Dwarf
Gender: Male

Appearance: Short and Stout Sporting mutton hops and a hairline that recedes more than low tide. His Knobby hands are covered in callouses that give away his Crafting background. He stands 3ft 11in though he swears he is 4ft 1in.

Clothing style: Gloxon is usually found in his Crafting Goggles and leathers worn over a fancy southern Outfit complete with a hat and ascot.

Likes: Tinkering, Negotiating, Blasting Things, Making Money, Making new weapons.

Dislikes: People whose loyalty can be bought, Any person being defenseless, When Negotiations Fail, Being told to hold his fire.

Occupation: Arms merchant/Manufacturer/Bounty hunter

Master Craftsman- Guns, Ammo, Mechanisms, Explosives.
Master Marksman- Pistol & Rifle. QuickDraw & Highly accurate.
Expert enchanter- Bullets and Barrels.
Expert Alchemist- Poisons and potions.
Expert Merchant- Haggling, Bartering, and economic law knowledge.
Moderate Horseback Riding- Can Shoot while riding, and can carry up to two passengers.
Lackluster Lockpicking- Locking Mechanisms are similar to firearms in some ways.
Moderate Appraisal- Can generally see the value in things.
Lackluster Intimidation- While some may be scared of him he looks a bit too jolly to be super effective.

Education/Training: He attended Eobeards Merchants college where he attained a masters in economics and business which he then paired with his upbringing in the Crossbow/Ballista craft trade and finally his love of the newest weapons technology to become one of the foremost experts on magical Firearms.

Fast attacker
Excellent ranged combat
Decent negotiator
excellent strategy
Financially Sustained
Can craft interesting solutions

Low mobility
Unarmored target
Draws attention/Low stealth
Detrimentally charitable
No combat magic beyond enchanted ammunition

Personality: Gloxon is a surprisingly friendly dwarf for his looks, always willing to talk the ear off of an unsuspecting passerby while simultaneously trying to sell them his latest wares. That said he is also a very bold one as well willing to pull out his big iron and start blasting at any who threaten innocent people in his presence, or threaten him for that matter. Since the destruction of his shop he has become a bit more rough and ornery but is still kind to those who are kind to him and he is level headed regardless of his attitude. With that In mind he is not quite the best at judging the situation and has been known to go off half cocked.
Personality: Gloxon is a surprisingly friendly dwarf for his looks, always willing to talk the ear off of an unsuspecting passerby while simultaneously trying to sell them his latest wares. That said he is also a very bold one as well willing to pull out his big iron and start blasting at any who threaten innocent people in his presence, or threaten him for that matter. Since the destruction of his shop he has become a bit more rough and ornery but is still kind to those who are kind to him and he is level headed regardless of his attitude. With that In mind he is not quite the best at judging the situation and has been known to go off half cocked.

Background: The Tannerite Family has for a long time been known for their Crafts being on the cutting edge of weaponry. What started as Crossbows and ballista eventually became cannons and Firearms as the times changed around them, and Even as a child Young Gloxon displayed the signs of a fine Tannerite craftsman. Yet it was a pretty important part of the family for each Tannerite to make their own path, which usually meant their own shop and as such the Tannerite Family had spread far and wide. Gloxon was not one to break tradition so when the time came for him to take his own path came he left his fathers home and moved to the college dorms and spent a decade learning all he could about maintaining a business and even started a brief passionate relationship with a human alchemist where he learned to make small potions and poisons. Sadly he knew his destiny would not be there and instead moved to Vaesmarsh where he would set up his shop.

He tended his store for seven years making a name for himself as a fantastic gunsmith with fair prices, ample deals, and a drive to arm the common man sufficiently enough to make them able to protect themselves from whatever would come their way. Sadly there were many who did not appreciate his efforts, as the common folk became armed the criminal elements of the city found it harder and harder to find easy targets and so several of these criminals came to the shops late at night, stole several weapons and burned it to the ground. Gloxon was devastated at the loss of his dream but was not defeated by it, instead he would choose to rebuild and return better than ever. However he knew he would need money and thus he took up bounty hunting using his skills with the weapons he produces to build up enough money to rebuild his shop…that was six years ago and despite taking up selling weapons on the side Gloxons charitable nature and tendency to pay the victims of the criminals he hunts has kept him from being able to complete his shop though he claims it is not much of a problem as the time will eventually come.

Any criminal history?: Gloxon has gone to the courts Twice for cutthroat business tactics due to his lowering his prices enough to harm the competition, however he won both cases. He has a single court case where he was tried for Murder after shooting a goblin mugger but was found not guilty by way of self defense.

Glox M2 “Big Iron”- a six shot revolver that sits upon Gloxons hip at all times. The rounds it fires are enchanted with impact magnifying spells that make the bullets hit harder. The Barrel is enchanted to accelerate the rounds amplifying the damage further making this weapon fairly deadly in anyone’s hands.

Glox M7 “Bane”- A double barreled high caliber elephant rifle modeled firearm. The barrels are both enchanted with heavy spells that increase the 1oz bullets weight to nearly a pound, while the bullets themselves are enchanted with the “Screaming meanie” enchantment that causes magic to be expelled from the back propelling the rounds forward with a loud screeching sound. Using this gun can be dangerous as the recoil is serious, and the sound of it will draw the attention of a lot of foes…a problem considering it only holds two rounds which Are usually fired simultaneously. As such it’s mostly situational and is primarily used for large game.

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Name: Silas Gordon
Species: Elf
Gender: M

style :
This is usually what he wears for formal gatherings. It is also how he looks with his hair down which he usually keeps tied up. b037064494cc15b14460cd2225da3850.jpg

Likes: The snow
A good play or show
Finding ways to improve himself
Rare treasures

Being Dishonored

his word is his bond

He is not the best drinker 7 is his limit

People who choose to stay weak

Occupation: merchant and collecter

Skills (don't make your character good in everything. There have to be drawbacks to extraordinary skills):
He mixes his agility with his ice magic
Photography memory for people
He is surprisingly durable for an assassin.

Firearms aren't his thing he can use them but he has a 50/50 chance of hitting.
Is weak against lighting magic
Not the best strengthen wise
His code of honor

Education: business, trade, and botany to learn about poison
Training: CQC, knife throwing, sheath, archery, and assassination

Personality: generally a relaxed guy who still has a couple of issues. But he will try to be friendly to the best of his ability. He is slow to warm up to people but if he does you have a friend. He has the most are good jokes and puns. He can be considerate of most people's problems and likes to think things through.

Background: Silas grew up in a shadowy organization of assassins (to be named later)
that was loyal to their country. They would mostly get rid of anything they saw as a real threat to the country. The organization was strict about their training especially when he showed signs of having a natural talent for it. Afterward, he lost count of how many people he had to put to death. In which he did extremely well. Believing what he was doing was good for the kingdom. But his mother or the person he saw as his mother mainly his handler fell in for a happy-go-lucky merchant who helped him and her get out of it. This person taught him and their kid showed him the world outside of the organization and the basics of ice magic. Once he could he started learning about business, Silas became determined to learn more about this for his father. He now tries to live by a code. Only wanting to get along with his new family. He now buys and collects rare objects as he hones his skills and gains more world knowledge.

Any criminal history?: Former assassin until the age of 22


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The Hermit

pfp: nudekay

Height: 6'6"
Weight: 183 lbs
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Grey

  • Name: Eawynn Abbott
    Age: 47 years
    Gender: Female
    Species: Elf
    Occupation: Scholarly mage / Scientist / Professor




code by RI.a


Name: Alianara Astra Lumios (Also goes by Ali)
Age : 27
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Female
Clothing (style or usual clothing): typically lighter, loose fitting clothes, Dresses more often than not. Favorite dress is light blue with floral print.
Likes/Dislikes (Optional): likes reading, learning, gentle music, sweets. Dislikes anything bitter, physical activity, fighting
Occupation: Bookstore manager
Skills (dont make your character good in everything. There has to be drawbacks to extraordinary skills): naturally talented in wind magic and has learned levitation and some gravity manipulation. minimal experience with other types of magic.
Education/Training Has attended university for four years, focusing in literary studies. After graduating she continued to study random topics on her own.
Personality Kind, but typically doesn't seek to interact with others. Most of her few Friends sought to befriend her as she Mostly stuck to herself. Recently she's started opening up more to others.
Background: Alianara was born to a pair of talented mages, her mother being an Elf. Oddly she was born weak and frail. Much of her early life was spent in medical care and in order to protect their daughter Ali's parents separated from her while supporting her from afar. They feared she was in danger of being targeted by people who hated them. Ali grew up spending much time reading and learning, in the care of nannies also not having attended traditionl schooling until her teen years she had no friends her age. Due to being weak, walking was a painful, overly exhausting chore but spending her life in a wheel chair was not ideal. During her late teens she used her great abundance of mana to learn some gravity manipulation and researched and tested using it on herself to minimize the negative effects of walking. While doing this she has a harder time focusing on casting other spells, unfortunately.

After turning 24 she got employed at a bookstore in order to earn a living and also to quell her boredom. She quickly impressed the owner and rose to manage it. Alianara is perfectly content with a quieter life but has also helped others with her magic win the need arose. Whether it was nudging someone out of danger with a gust of wind or perhaps pushing debris that has fallen on someone. no matter what the situation was she quickly fled afterwards in order to not get caught up in anything too annoying.
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