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Fandom I NEED Fire Emblem!

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Midnight Paragon

Savior of Dusk
Let me cut right to the chase; I want some Fire Emblem RP's. I've been on hiatus from this site for quite a while, and I miss rping for my favorite fandom, so I'm looking for pretty much any kind of Fire Emblem content you want to RP for. Three Houses, Fates, Awakening, Heroes, Blazing Blade, Shadow Dragon, doesnt matter to me! I have ideas for pretty much each one of these games and I am completely open to new ideas from you as well, or heck, even just brainstorming one together! My only stipulation is that I usually prefer to write for OC's that are male, but at this point, I'll try canon characters too. So anyway, if you're looking for Fire Emblem, please let me know via PM or just a ping down in the responses below, and we can get an idea started immediately!

Jennifer Rose

Leader of the Tiberium Military
Heroes isnt a fire emblem game, its a gacha game with the FE name, also Lissa is best wifu, she ain't delicate

Midnight Paragon

Savior of Dusk
Jennifer Rose Jennifer Rose
Eh, it has a story, and for me, that's enough to craft a rp out of. Might not be finished yet, but its getting there. Leaves alot open for improv. If you feel like doing an RP, please let me know! I'd certainly be glad to.

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