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Fandom I, Medici

Kassandra Rose

Queen of Irrelevance

I’m not going to try and make this very long, because i’m aware that I’m looking for a very rare fandom. So, the chances of finding what I’m looking for are very slim. All the same, here I am.

For those of you who don’t know me, and I don’t say that because I expect you to — not sure why I put that now but I’m too annoyingly proud to press that backspace, i’m Kas (no shit). I’m a full time psychology student, who has been writing for best part of nine years now. Wow, i’m so old. Anyway, for those people who actually care (do you exist?) I am obsessed with forensic psychology and serial killer documentaries. My hope is to somebody, maybe, work as a criminal profiler or researcher, like Kent Kiehl or James R Fitzgerald.

If I had picked a university degree based on sole passion alone, I think I would’ve had to do history or ancient history. However, with a fear of ending up as a teacher, nothing against teachers but that would be my worst nightmare (I was a horror child, ew).

So, here we are. I’m looking for... bit of a weird one... someone to write as Francesco De Pazzi from Medici: The Magnificent. In return, i’d be more than willing to double and write as anyone else. I’d likely be best at Lorenzo, but I could sure give the others a try. I’m also willing to do two separate roleplays if you wish for me to write as a character from season one (Medici: Masters of Florence).


I don’t want to go too far into detail, but I’m looking for a rather literate roleplay (at least two paragraphs). Lazy lit is fine, just please don’t give me one liners. That will 100% kill the vibe.

I hope this doesn’t completely fail, because i’m seriously yearning to write this.


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