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  • After a few years in rp slumber (but not writing), I have finally mustered the motivation to post an interest check about my original plots! If you're interested, send me a PM with an introduction and why that specific plot caught your attention :>

    Here are some things I'd like you to know about me:
    > Call me taki! I'm he/him, a 20 years old college student with an erratic schedule that can manage some free time for writing.
    > I write comfortably between 500-2000 words. Quality always over quantity, I cannot stress this enough-
    > I prefer writing our RPs on our inbox, but forum threads are fine!
    > I am active everyday and will definitely start writing once I see your post, but I can't promise!
    > I love doubling, brainstorming plot ideas and characters, and I'm ghost-friendly!
    > I only use anime face-claims if we use pictures, so please be comfortable with this too.

    And at the bare minimum, I'm prefer writing with people who are:
    > 18+ please, I just feel more comfortable writing with people my age.
    > Able to write 3+ paragraphs (or around 300 words) at the minimum. Of course, more is appreciated!
    > Comfortable with doubling and loves brainstorming plot stuff.
    > Ghost-friendly!

    Update: im dying for someone to take one of my plots i will offer a generous portion of my non-existent soul
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bumping w/ story time!
Whenever I listen to that existentially scary piece titled "it's just a burning memory," it always gives me a sense of nostalgia, melancholy, horror, and it always reminds of The Backrooms. yes, I have added a Backrooms story idea.
hi i am deathly interested in it's just a burning memory. LETHALLY interested in fact. primarily because i love that song but also i just love liminal horror

dming you right this instant

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