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Multiple Settings I have a few plots ready to go


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For these plots is the only one I will not double for and I am looking for someone to play the Male for.

He is the second born of a royal family. His father is king, his mother queen and his older perfect brother is prince and he will one day be king. The second son met an American girl and they fell in love and were happy. Every so often there would be a camera flash but nothing more. She moved to his country to work and be close to him and they are starting to plan a grand future together. Than...his brother dies and he is suddenly next in line to be the king. Can they handle suddenly being the next royal couple?

He had been a student teacher in her school. They had clicked and become friendly nothing really happened he just helped her out through some bad things that happened. Once he was able to he left and went to teach somewhere else but after a few years he is back and teaching at the school he had been a student teacher at. He runs into her now a college graduate herself working in the town. They are both adults now....will something happen? (There will be an age difference but no more than 6 years)

He is the son of the leader of the mob he is next in line to take over( whether you want him to want this is up to you). He has is all money, cars, men willing to do anything he asks. The only thing he doesnt have is her. A girl he ran into at a coffee shop and a few other places. She doesnt know he is in the mob but she is kinda playing hard to get with him. But what will happen when she finds out what he is?

In a small town far from any cities or large towns is a place where fantasies are real. The werewolves that many dream of, walk with us, talk with us, and maybe even live with us. The pack leads and controls everything that goes on around here. The pack leader has always shown strength but no one was stronger then.... pack the leaders and family to romulus and remus. That was a long time ago though, things changed.... the world changed and humans became stronger. so strong they almost wiped out the pack...... Almost. In order to secure the bloodline the pack has sent their daughter away to be married.

Her family had once been one of the strongest packs around. They came from Romania and claimed to be descendants of the she wolf who raised Romulas and Remus (founders of Rome). But now they have fallen on hard times. My oc her parents left the pack before she was born to try and live a normal life but it ended badly with her parents dying
Now at the age of 23 her aunt worked and worked to arrange a marriage between the pack leader and her neice. Can they make it? Or will they end up killing each other?

The only fandom based

It is set some time after Game of thrones and the great grandson of Jon and Dany (cause we all know that is going to happen) is King and in a precarious place. Dorne is wanting war and the north has been feeling ignored for some time now.

So now he has taken my oc from a noble family in the north has his wife. But will they get along? Or will it be like Cersei or Robert?

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