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Multiple Settings i don’t have a creative title for this (originals & fandoms) ~ UPDATED 12/31/21

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  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Anime
  4. AU
  5. Dystopian
  6. LGTBQ
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  8. Romance
  9. School
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will be inactive for a bit.
hi friends! i’ve been rather bored lately and have been wanting to once again try to write stuff.. but with just a few people this time!
sorry about the crappy layout btw, i’m a bit tired at the moment.. and don’t really care to properly code everything right now haha. :’)
anyhoo, please pm me if anything here happens to interest you, or comment here if you’re unable to message me!
thank you!​

CRAVINGS (as of 12/31)
anything canon x oc w either spencer reid (criminal minds) or dean winchester (supernatural)

NOTESplease read all of this - don’t skip anything.
  • i’m 21 currently and would greatly prefer if my rp partner were to be at least 18 or above.
  • i write in third person pov and my reply length depends on my energy/excitement levels, but i always write at least a paragraph or two. i’d prefer if you could write in third person pov and at least be a little descriptive in your writing - it doesn’t have to be super long if you don’t want it to be, but absolutely no one-liners.
  • i prefer to only play females unless we double up, in which i may attempt a male if you’d ultimately prefer.
  • romance is a must and i’d prefer MxF with me as the female, but can attempt FxF if the plot interests me enough. MxM and other pairings will need a bit of convincing.
  • i’m a slow responder and may even disappear for a few days or longer without much warning because of my health and forgetfulness - nonetheless, i always try to message once i return. you’re allowed (and even encouraged) to bump me if i disappear, but please don’t continuously spam me.
  • ghost friendly, i think. i always appreciate a goodbye, but i understand if you are unable to give one.
  • i tend to view the rp as dead if you don’t reply for over a week or two, mostly because i overthink it heh. if i ever assume incorrectly, please do feel free to message me again once you’re back if you’d still like to rp with me!
  • i usually prefer discord, but can try to do things here (preferably in PMs) if you’d like to. i just can’t promise how often i’d be able to get on and reply if it’s here.
  • i don’t really have any limits, i don’t think.. but absolutely no smut, please. anything regarding the deed that happens to come up naturally in the rp (which i’d still rather not include if possible) must be faded in/out.
  • please be communicative about the rp and yours wants, and at least a little talkative about other things. i tend to ramble a lot, so i’d really appreciate it if my rambling was able to have some acknowledgement!
  • doubling is welcome of course, but more so for canon x oc plots.

FANDOMSi basically have ideas for all of these to some degree, but please don’t hesitate to state your own ideas if you have any. also, almost any au is welcome, so feel free to suggest some!
    • looking for: dean winchester
    • could attempt: sam winchester, castiel, jack, crowley, charlie - ask about others!
    • looking for: spencer reid
    • could attempt: probably anyone tbh so just ask n i’ll see!
  • MHA / BNHA
    • looking for: aizawa, kaminari, dabi, kirishima
    • could attempt: midoriya, amajiki, ochaco, kirishima, mina, sero - ask about others!
    • looking for: daryl dixon, glenn rhee
    • could attempt: glenn, rick, beth - ask about others (cuz i’m forgetting a lot of names rn lol)!

ORIGINALplease don’t hesitate to suggest your own ideas if none of these interest you.
  • 1. almost anything cute n fluffy n shoujo-inspired
  • 2. something where our characters are forced to travel together/get stuck with each other for some reason and neither of them are too happy about it

OTHERjust basically misc stuff like other fandoms, pairings, etc. these are the only ones i could think of atm, so this will most definitely be updated later on.
  • other fandoms i like but have no ideas for atm
    • beyond the boundary
    • wonder egg priority
    • noragami
    • teen titans (not teen titans go)
  • pairings i adore — preferred role = bolded italics // no bolded italics = no preference
    • unpopular x popular
    • flirty x easily flustered
    • bad boy x good girl
    • royalty x peasant
    • poor x rich
    • royalty x guard
    • demon x human
    • demon x angel
    • angel x human
  • other stuff i like that we could include
    • zombie/monster apocalypse
    • supernatural beings/monsters
    • superpowers
    • fantasy
    • modern day stuff
    • slice of life
    • romance
    • angst/drama
    • high school/college stuff
    • enemies to friends to lovers
    • childhood friends to lovers
    • contrasting personalities/appearances/etc
    • arranged marriage
    • soulmates

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will be inactive for a bit.
bump! i updated this a few days ago but forgot to give it a bump lmao,, :’3
but uh yeah, i added a new portion to “cravings” and a few more misc pairings in “other”!!


will be inactive for a bit.
bump! i updated my cravings list.
currently really looking for mha canon x oc or either oc x oc prompt!

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