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Fandom I do not know how to use anything here buuutt I wanna rp so I'm gonna attempt to figure it out

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I have an idea for a rp and I really really really wanna do it with someone soo
It's a my hero academia rp, the ship's OchaToga (Uraraka x Toga),,
Before anyone comes at me for my choice of ship I apologize hbjsbdbjsj
The idea that I have for it is that they're both 15, Uraraka and Toga both went to UA to be heroes, they dated, but then Uraraka broke up with her (for whatever reason you come up with bc I don't know hbjs)), Toga ended up being super duper upset and then joined the league and we go on from there ((So probably some angst will be there ee)

I have a starter thing for it and it has more info and everything on it (backstory sorta thing I guess, idk man) so lmk if you wanna see it :)
I'm also gonna apologize in advance if it sucks because I am not the greatest writer but I think I did good

lmk if you're interested

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