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hello, My name is Alaska. I am 13 so that's a warning for no 18+ (please no, don't ruin my innocent mind, yet...)

things about me you should know:
sometimes i may not answer back till later, and I'm sorry about that, but I have a reason; I'm a swimmer and i practice 5 times a week.
I like emo/alternative music so in our RP there will be some references.
I write a lot so either my messages will be long or the shortest things ever.
and if you ever find out my real name DO NOT, and i mean DO NOT call me by my real name. my name here is Alaska.

So, about the RP, I don't really have a concept about what its going to be, but I guess we can make it up together. it can be MxM, FxF or MxF, I don't really care.
here are my fandoms:
emo/alternative bands
Harry Potter
Lord of the rings/ the hobbit
The Hunger Games
The Phandom
Yuri On Ice
Free (its a anime)

so.. that's me, and hello. please like me.

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