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Fantasy I am returned to make a new post bc my last one is outdated, a thread

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The one they warned you about
Hello everyone, I'm still grappling with the fact that I'm 23 now and I've been on this site for 3 of them, so here we are lol

It's finally come time to do an interest check again, as some of my long term ones are either coming to a close or are unable to answer as frequently as we like. In order to fill my time between posts and not sleep most of the day waiting for something interesting to happen, I've decided to plant the seed for some more long terms to begin. Reap what we sow and all that, yeah?

What I will give you:

I'm 23 with a fair amount of free time for the moment, so I'll answer at least one a day or every other day. I usually put down a few paragraphs, and if you need writing samples you can dig through my profile or request one. I usually RP here or on Discord, so if you want the handle PM me or something. I have specific characters I want to use, I can even nominate a plot/setting if you need it, but I expect a level of contribution.

I have characters that range in gender and sexuality, so if you have a character I can likely pair with one in my arsenal here. Ideally, I'd like to play one of my male OCs, but I have others if he doesn't quite fit the bill. I will more than likely double up on characters or even use more. I've had RPs where I'm writing 5 at once, I won't flinch at using multiple characters with multiple settings, just know that it may take me a little longer to get a post out that way.

I'm burnt out on romance atm, so I'm not leaning towards that if that's what you're looking for. I will still do write it, but only if it develops over the course of the story, I won't jump in with that intention. I'm largely flexible with topics and trauma (given that my OCs have a fair bit of it), but I have hard lines that I draw. More about that in the rules below.

I will not disappear and not tell you. If I don't hear from you, I will likely send a message or two to check in. Or at least I'll text you and say 'hey, I can't post for a little while.' I'm not the type of person who will schedule time aside to sit down and RP for a few hours like it's a D&D game (though I'm open to dice games and other aspects of D&D being incorporated). You answer me when you have time, and I'll answer you when I have time. I like text based rather something resembling a chat log, though I would be interested in writing something that reads like one (similar to how screenplays are written).

What I'll ask of you:

18+ please. I just don't have that much in common with the kids these days, and if I'm going to tackle mature themes in storytelling then I need someone who can handle them maturely. I've seen teens put up some of the most thought provoking, well written stories anyone can find, but I can no longer enjoy YA novels and can distinctly tell when something or someone's writing is intended for a specific age group. I loved those days and still do, but it's just not for me anymore.

Coherent writing with substance. It's fine if you're not the most literate or detailed, but I expect at least a paragraph of something I can go on or interact with. I usually posts a few paragraphs at least, but don't feel like you have to compete with me on post length, whatever you got is fine. If I get the sense we're not putting in the same effort though, I'll let you know.

Communication. Lmk if something's not right or to your liking, if you have ideas, etc. I expect OOC chat, at the very least to discuss plot direction or to clarify wording in a post. You don't have to be the most social, as most of us on this site aren't, but you can't be shy with boundaries and working on a project with someone. This is not the group project you do by yourself and everyone gets the grade for, this is a collaborative hobby, so no pressure to do things the 'right' way or to rely entirely on yourself for things to go how you like. I prefer to think of my partners as co-authors, and I expect to be treated similarly.

I ask that you not disappear on me, and at least lmk you're still alive. I expect at least an OOC thing of 'hey I'm still alive' once a week, because if I don't hear anything in two I'm assuming you forgot about it. That being said, I've had players reach back months, even years after an RP has died to reopen it again, so I'm fine with that, but don't disappear and expect me to hound you with messages, I don't have time for that.

Any questions or concerns can be hashed out in an OOC chat.


-Site rules ofc, if I wanted to do ERP I'd be on a different site, so keep that in mind.

-Mature themes are fine, but my mental health cannot handle channeling constant distress and negative emotions from my characters. We'll have to mix in some light fluff/comfort in there, at least.

-MCs 18+ please. I'm fine if characters have children or younger siblings, but as side characters only.

-I tagged this as Fantasy because all of my OCs are fantasy based, and I don't intend on changing that. We can range from Modern/Urban, Low/High, whatever, but there will be magic and supernatural elements, do with that what you will.

-Im not strict on what kind of characters you use, but it may affect how my characters interact with them. For example, if I tell you the OC I'm going to use is a lesbian and you submit a man, know that a romance isn't on the cards. We can discuss that more in depth depending on the plot and OCs we decide to use.

-rules can be changed and boundaries established at any time, but must be properly communicated for both of us to agree to and accept. More on that can be established in initial plotting.

I will be listing plot ideas as pairings, simply bc this is a 1x1, which tends to focus on character relations. However, if you have other ideas or would like to focus more on setting/world building, I'd be more than happy to. Bolded will be the roles I'd like to play, stars for cravings. Will likely be adding to this list as time goes on.

Court mage/advisor x ruler (would love to build a friendship with this)

Chef x regular customer

Adventuring party

Childhood friends

Thief x Normal person

Mage x apprentice

Servant x Noble

Librarian x regular

Childhood friends on an adventure

Scholars in search of ancient technology

Scientists who focus far too much on 'if they could' instead of 'whether they should'. Ok with playing villains

Reluctant heroes, or perhaps just one of them is and gets dragged into by the other. Likely also childhood friends.

Faithful x non-believer

Temple monk/priestess x believer

-High School/Classmates

-Reunion (were classmates/childhood friends/etc, meet up some years later, getting to know each other all over again)

-Cop x Criminal

-Muse x Artist

-Adventurer x Bodyguard

-Monster Hunters (like bounty hunters for monsters, not the game lol)

-Photographer x Writer (probably modern!fantasy for this one)

-Employee (barista, food employee, retail worker, etc.) x Customer

-Artist x Musician

-Next Door Neighbors

-Monster (not really, but he thinks he is) x Human

-Doctor x Doctor

-Detective x Cop

-Journalist x Public Figure

-Chef x Coworker

-Soulmates (This can go a lot of different ways, we can work something out!)

-Mafia Member x Normal Person

-College Roommates (an itch that was scratched but now has died and returned with vengeance)

-YC trying to get out of an arranged marriage by getting MC drunk and marrying them, antics ensue


-Soldiers (I'm alright with higher rank x lower rank, so long as the age gap isn't too big)

-Teacher x Single Parent
Any other ideas you'd like to try, hmu here or in PMs
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