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Realistic or Modern I Am Only Yours~

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Helllooo there, tis I, Sona. I have a separate thread that is more pretty and cleaner in layout but I've closed that for the meantime and now I'm honestly looking for just a few things at the moment and nothing else: let me be your obsession. Any pairing would do but if it’s m/f I’d prefer playing the f (because I’ve been playing male muses for so long :’) )

Now that we got that out of the way, hello there if you haven't clicked away uwu If you don't have some plots of your own, well! I have some that I found on animo and boi some of it are really dark.

Here they are: [bold is my muse]


Muse A was kicked out of his/her home, and has nowhere else to stay. Taking pity on him/her, Muse B, who finds him/her sitting on the side of the road in the rain/any weather circumstance, gives Muse A a place to stay. Muse A is eternally grateful for this second chance... And does some crazy things to prove it.

Soulmate AU

Everyone is born with the name of their soulmate on their wrist. Muse A has been obsessed with Muse B, but they're not soulmates. Angry and convinced there's some sort of mistake, Muse A kills Muse B's soulmate... And will continue to kill anyone who gets in his/her way.

Childhood Friends

Muse A and Muse B have been childhood friends. One day, Muse B gets a boyfriend/girlfriend, which causes Muse A, who has loved Muse B for years, to go crazy with jealousy. Muse A kills Muse B's bf/gf, and finds that he/she likes it and starts killing more, all in the name of his/her senpai~

We don't have to start crazy, it can always start off as lowkey yanyan before escalating into full yanyan. I'm not limited to just those three plots! I'm open for other ideas as well c:
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is that yandere x yandere roleplay? if so, i would be interested, please dm me!

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