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Realistic or Modern Hush Cryptid Contractors (Interest Check)

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Action, Super Powers, Supernatural


The Hush Organization

The basic rundown is that the U.S in the near future has seen a rise in Cryptids and the goverment is ill equipped to deal with them being in the middle of another Cold War.

A private military none as the Hush Organization comes to them and stricks a deal. In exchange for funding they will deal with the Cryptid problem and keep it quiet so not to deal with the panic of Cryptids being real. That deal is accepted and they get to work with creating teams with ranks of F to S. Depending on rank they will get more funding themselves. Leading to inner conflict between teams.

Your Character

Your character is being enlisted to join The Conduit Project. Editing jeans to get super human powers from controling elements to body modification and enhancements. The ones being brought into this project are prisoners on death row usually being assassins with a high body count, deserters (Basically when soilders leave the army illegally), dishonorably discharged soilders, and ex mercenaries.

You are given a gene and put in your team The Blackhawks. A team of the conduits who are know by there nickname "The Delinquents". Due to most being criminals and the most insane people society has created.

Now you must hunt them damn cryptid and use your skills, conduit gene, and wit to survive. Who's in?


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Seems interesting! Will there be RP mechanics involved or is this RP going to be completely free form?


I was thinking about it and I got the idea of what I want.

There will be 4 phases in the life of a Blackhawk. First Downtime which is when no hunt contracts haven't been selected. This is when character interactions and general relaxation will happen at the homebase or nest.

Then Hunt Selection. I will create all the hunt contracts with rewards and danger level. There will usually be a selection of the 2 or 3. Group vote and then geat collection.

Then the actual way there or Travel Time. Where strategy and interactions can happen time to get there will be dependent on me.

Then Hunt. I will be controlling the Cryptids and this is where you have a chance to die. Depending on choices and how smart or irrational they are it will lead to success, injury, or even death. That is the basic concept I got right now probaly flesh it out later.


If anyone wants to make a CS go right ahead. I will make the main on Friday

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