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As the shiny Pokemon processes what happened, the Riolu tells her her next instructions. "Stop the foot guys, got it." She stares at her herd of people rushing into battle for a second. "Uh.. Uh... Uh..."
A moment of brain fart lets the enemy get closer, unfortunately for the bandits that only helps the Eevee. She begins to scream.
Fluffington the Mighty Used Hyper Voice!
Fluffington the Mighty Used Echoed Voice!

The horrid echoing screaming forms visible distortions in the air, all the nearby bandits would be brought to the ground as the continuous noise batters their ears, the rising decibels would disorient them, throwing off their balance, until the pain begins to set in as the shaking air rises to damaging levels. If Fluffington isn't stopped, she'll keep screaming louder and louder until she needs to breath. In eight hours. Fortunately for those with the psychic link, there is something else happening in her mind.
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Reaper Operative S099-6350-7851


I'd rather trust and regret,than doubt and regret

  • “A creature is under attack by the enemy forces below.”

    Exia notified, causing me to shift the visuals towards the town. Sure enough, I see a <<grey cat(?)>> fleeing with his arms stretched out forward, jumping for each and every shot that hit the ground below him. I knew he was clearly in danger, but the audio feed showing how he screamed was just a little too cartoonishly hilarious to take seriously. A certain yakety theme starting ringing in my ears as the chase continued, only for Exia to butt in.

    “I won't be able to fire at the invaders without harming the creature unintentionally. The rest of his allies are busy to save him either as speak.”

    The Gundam was right. The output of the beam shots and the amount of force released by those incinerating projectiles would be too deadly to use for saving someone in enclosed spaces like this. My eyes soon darted around the land below, looking for an area clear enough for Exia to land and let me off the cockpit without causing friendly casualties. Good thing Exia has a "zoom in visuals" feature.

    “Over there!” I asserted, the visuals now showing a particular area where the raiders were running, luckily with no innocents on the way.

    “I could storm past the enemy and clear out a way for that uh...cat! In the meantime I'm gonna need your ranged support in keeping out the enemies from coming after me.”

    “Understood. Is your earpiece in place?”

    I released my hold on the right control, my index finger reaching for a gadget shaped like an earbud headset as if to check for its presence before answering with a clear "yes".

    “Brace yourself. I'll be descending now so get ready to exit onto the battlefield.”

    I held onto the now-useless-controls tightly as Exia took over, performing a sharp dive downwards. Despite the fact that the cockpit visuals clearly show that I was currently travelling in high speed down towards the earth, I did not feel as if the acceleration was pushing me harder and harder onto my seat every second. Probably similar to being a passenger of airplanes moments after they had took off into the air. Eventually, Exia flipped back upfront, landing onto the ground with its feet while sliding forward slightly from the inertia of its earlier descent from the sky. Some unlucky raiders definitely did not make it upon failing to flee from Exia in time. My hands released their grip on the control sticks (lame name,I know) as the hatch opened, prompting me to dash out of the cockpit slide down onto the ground via Exia's arm, which it had outstretched downwards before letting me exit.

    Of course, they have firearms, I don't. It'd be suicidal for me to run off without something to help me out, now that my dexterity and agility stats are low enough that attempting to deflect a bullet is all but a dream. I looked down beneath Exia's feet, the existence of a now <<owner-less handgun>> laid beside it. A breath of relief left me as my left hand reached for the pistol while my right hand worked on materialising the <<Eludicator>> for me to equip. Even with my stats in GGO when I first logged into that game during the <<Death Gun Incident>>, I was pretty horrible at handling firearms. Thus relegating the use of a pistol as a form of distraction while the game's sword: <<Kagemitsu G4>>, as my main weapon for defeating other players. Maybe after my second time logging into GGO to help Sinon out alongside my friends, my aiming is a little more competent now?

    “Kirito,I'll be ascending back upwards to provide cover fire. Don't let your guard down.”

    Exia's spoke outloud, its voice being audible from both the headset I'm wearing and from the Gundam itself, flying back upwards as it continued firing at the raiders attempting to rush and shoot me. If anyone else had been looking at Exia, they'd be understandably dumbfounded to see that there was no form of rocket thrusters that allowed the mech to fly up. Instead, It was some cone-like structure on its back that was presumably responsible for letting it ascend into the air. The snowflake-like particles the cone-shaped device on its back emitted feels almost angelic like, a clear contrast to the fact that Exia was really no doubt some form of killing machine that is unstoppable in its own right. Reminds me of Asuna....now that I think about it.

    “Alright. I'll leave them to you.”

    I answered before rushing into the city and towards the <<grey cat(?)>> under fire from the raiders nearby. Some of the raiders had noticed a newcomer foolishly running into the battlefield, looking pretty ill-equipped for a proper ongoing war. Luckily I had taken the handgun with me, otherwise I had nothing to make them pause in their attempts to gun me down. Fortunately, my aim DID improve somewhat enough that my shots actually hit rather than often miss my targets in six out of seven shots. That said however, it was always my swords that ended up dealing the killing blow, their blade glowing a brilliant light moments before I swung the <<Eludicator>> vertically at the first raider in the way, horizontally at the second raider blocking the path, and soon diagonally at the third raider obstructing the walkway after a brief 360° spin as prevent my momentum from being halted after the second attack.

    I've almost reached the <<grey cat>>, with the only obstacles being the few raiders that were definitely a little too well-equipped for my current stats to handle. As I continued running, I quickly unloaded the handgun on my hand to check the number of bullets present before slotting them back into the firearm. With the <<grey cat>> within sight, I yelled at him:

    “Hey! Catch!”

    I flung the pistol towards him before retreating to cover as the raiders now shifted their attention towards me and opened fire. My back pressed onto the wall behind my intently, I looked around me for any firearms I could use. Unfortnately, the realisation that there were none had soon dawned upon me, and this was an area where I couldn't ask for cover fire from Exia least I want it to destroyed instead. My left palm smack my forehead once in response to the reckless idiocy I had just pulled off without properly planning my next move for survival.
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The Knight had kept a simple expression to the orders as battle had begun. When Silence gave her word on the situation to how to avoid friendly fire, Nearl simply nodded in her direction with her same grin, her free hand giving a small salute with two fingers as she reached for her Warhammer with the same hand. Seems like the bandits had already started the party, might as well not leave the guests hanging without a welcome right?

Following Silence's advice to the letter, The Kuranta hopped to engage her own small group of bandits, though she was more than sure some of them were more confused of seeing her than she expected.

"The hell is that!?" "Why are you even asking! Start shooting already!"

When the gunfire had began, she was already on it. Nearl had begun a slight sprint to the direction of three of them, her shield in front as she joyously went over to them in a rush. When she got close, her smile suddenly drops, a blank expression like a statue. She didn't even give one of the bandits a moment to react as she was suddenly in his face.

"OH OH SH-!" WHACK ! One of the men was about to finish his sentence in surprise of Nearl's speed before the sudden loud crunch and splat of a head being crushed like a fruit echoed to the small group. Her Warhammer needed a quick gentle swing, but that was enough to bust his head open as his body was slammed to the floor with her Warhammer's momentum.

The other two had begun to panic as they noticed their comrade's brains literally explode. Her reactions, as fast as lightning as she suddenly ducks behind her shield once more, moving slowly closer and closer to the last two remaining as they hail bullets upon bullets, sparks glowing as they scratch and bounce off of her shield. When one of their weapons clicks empty, The Kuranta made her move.

With a sudden peek over with playful eyes, she sprints at them once more, the reloading bandit freaking out as he drops his magazine. But it was too late anyways, with Nearl's speed of a charge, she suddenly rams the shield's face plate directly into his chest, the satisfying sounds of ribs crunching as the bandit coughs up some blood as he gets flung into a wall, unmoving in a lifeless seated position.

The final one there wasn't even given a chance to talk either as Nearl had turned to follow with a sudden uppercut with her Warhammer's head to his chest cavity, the heavy swing throwing him up into the air as he screamed from the pain before falling back onto the ground on his back. "No! No wait!", the bandit yells as he watches Nearl approach with her blank face, turning back into her casual smile as she suddenly brings the Warhammer down with its weight.

There were definitely more sounds of ribs cracking and breaking, maybe a vertebrae disc or his whole spine altogether broken as his limbs simply flail from the full pressure of the slam down. Nearl picks up her Warhammer over her shoulder, ignoring the small bits of blood as she suddenly looks back to everyone there and the current situation before moving on.



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Jacket, seemingly asleep, woke up to the screaming of bandits. He stretched, yawning inside his mask. All he could remember was the confirmation of the pistol from Abraham. The house was probably empty. He got up and tried to open the door, but as soon as he got out, a bandit spotted him from the side and charged at him.
Without hesitation Jacket aimed the pistol and fired.

The bandit wasn't dead, but definitely injured. Jacket ran to the bandit, throwing the pistol away nearby. He started punching their face back and forth, eventually taking off the mask, but Jacket didn't stop. He did this until the bandit's face was a bloody mess.
Whoever saw this could think of Jacket differently after this stunt.

@ whoever saw the man brutally kill a bandit outside
Thomas wall.png
[I'm really busy, sorry if this post has inaccuracies.]

Somebody! Please! Help a fella out here, come on! I kept on running, refusing to be killed by these brutes. I've had plenty of chase experience so they couldn't get their grubby hands on me. I remembered that time Butch started shooting me with a shotgun because he got tired of failing in our attempt to catch Jerry and it reminds me of this. I heard the noise of the robot landing on the ground but I paid no mind to it. Noise was everywhere on this battlefield so it didn't stick out for me. I kept on running until I heard a voice.

"Hey! Catch!"

That caught my attention and I turned to see whoever said that. A teenage boy, I think. I tried to grab the gun he tossed towards me but it kept slipping off my fingers until I got it with a hug. The raiders directed their attention to the teenager. Are they that stupid? Did they think they can turn their back on me for a second?? I saw the bodies of the raiders and came to the conclusion that the teenager killed them for me. I have to pay him back by helping him out, right? I have experience with guns so this will be easy for me.

I shot them on their heads and the last one turned around and tried to avenge his buddies by returning fire. I thought I was a goner until a frying pan came flying to block the shot, ricochetting the bullet on the bandit's face. I slowly opened my eyes to see that I didn't die, patting my face to reassure myself that I wasn't shot. I looked at the frying pan and sighed in relief only for Jerry to show his face and pick it up. He looked at me with a smile that says 'You owe me' before leaving.

I hate that guy but he sure has spunk.​


I'd rather trust and regret,than doubt and regret

  • Out of the few rounds of lead being fired at where I was cornered at, two gunshots stood out the clearest in this mayhem of flying bullets,blood and explosions. Having fired the handgun enough times to recognise the sound, I heard it ring in my ears once, reducing the number of assault rifle gunshot sounds, and then again a few more times, further reducing the amount of noises from the raiders' rifle. The realisation that a cat just shot down those raiders firing him earlier instantly in a single shot for each sunk in.

    I was outmatched by a bipedal cat.

    A CAT

    And before I realised it, the sound of a metal being hit by a small, fast moving object echoed into my hearing, followed by a lack of volley of assault rifle rounds threatening to swarm me over. That sounded vaguely like a <<frying pan>>...was it seriously a frying pan? I peeked out from behind the wall and sure enough, I could see the cat I had passed my handgun wiping a sweat off him while sighing in relief and also a frying pan on the ground which I've barely made out has a vague dent on the center. The pan soon rose, revealing a <<brown domesticated mouse>> carrying it, smirking at the cat running off. Judging by the dirty look shot towards the mouse by the cat, and also the smirk held by the mouse before it left on its own, the mouse just somehow managed to save the cat somehow. I don't know how, but he just did.

    Looking around me, I quickly went towards the now fallen raiders and took one of their handguns, checking its ammo and also the name (Which I forgotten to do so with my previously held handgun). Luckily there's still plenty of ammo-s to keep into my inventory left by the other fallen raiders killed by the cat, although it seems storage is highly limited; up to eight free inventory spaces for me to store my items, with three already taken by my own clothing and swords. Keeping the ammo-s and the pistol would mean I have only three empty slots left for keeping something away in hammerspace. I sighed as it meant I had to hold myself off from collecting anything even for emergency purposes, although my right eye started twitching upon reading what the holographic window identified the handgun in my possession as:

    "Hed Shoter!"


    I shook my head in exasperation, stood up and left. Wished they had some armour for me to put on for now but nope. Guess I'll have to bear with my low defense stat being useless to prevent me from sustaining serious injuries.
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Wilhelm? Kill these savages.
The carnage.

The killings.

So this is what life on Pandora is like.

Call me southern

The Bandit was barely able to cry out before Trevor began smashing his head in. Blood and brain matter spewed everywhere, and his psychotic, thieving 'friends' who witness the brutality forsake their willpower once Trevor begins to take his tinkle on the terrorist.


I don't know, there may be somethin' you don't even see it comin'

Dani's Ecto Flame trick causes Bandit vehicles to veer, crash into each other, and more importantly: explode. A more unfortunate Bandit in one of the one-wheeled vehicles is crashed into by a buggy riding out of control. He's flung into the air in slow motion, and the Bandit in the gunner's seat of the buggy, in his panic, keeps firing the minigun, splitting the other into two and sending intestines everywhere.


Off guard, and dangerous

Killer Queen's sub-stand would obliterate the Bandit entirely. In his last moments, he wasn't even aware of what was happening to him; all he saw were the treads, and then, darkness. All that's left of him now is a pile of blood and whatever tissue wasn't destroyed in the process.


He is absent from the battlefield, but his presence rings true. His shared wisdom shifts the tide from his 'command center,' but his sanity dwindles, and it is uncertain what would happen when his right mind would be broken. Then, perhaps the Bandits- perhaps everyone- will know true hell.


Lookin' to make a fool out of us

"LEAAAD ME INTO THE LIGHT!" the Bandit Benedict caught cries. Bullets whiz by all around, and one of the buggies- an Outrunner- zooms past mere inches away from them. Miraculously, Michigan doesn't get hit. Nor does Benedict, but then again, that's not much of a surprise, is it?



In a similar manner, every tool of death used against Tom & Jerry just... fail to hit them. A Bandit comes out and fires a dozen shots right at Tom. He misses and hits a Psycho behind the cat with all twelve. Even if the cat is cowardly, he's certainly something else. The Bandit that stepped on the mousetrap screams in pain and clutches his foot. What a baby.


Somebody gonna know my name

Body parts and fluids fly high into the air and rain down on Zora's shiny new Outrunner. Bandits cry out and run from her as their own vehicles are bumped out of control and into the crowds of the ones on foot, smearing blood all over the sand.


Somebody gonna know just what it means

A shotgun barrel presses up against the temple of a trembling, dirt-covered man, the finger over the trigger tightening. The masked Bandit nearly lets a shell loose when a blue sword suddenly cleaves the gun in half. Shocked, he looks over to the side, where a grey-furred fox delivers a kick to his chest, sending the Bandit flat onto his back.


'Cause I ain't standing in a line

Firm hands grasp the arm of a buzzsaw-wielding maniac. The Psycho screams, but he's no match for Sgt. Abraham, who after a short struggle rips the buzzsaw from his grip and, with a cry of frustration, plants the axe firmly into the Bandit's skull. Abraham pushes the limp body of the Psycho away and takes aim at the others still coming.


I ain't standing to give up without a fight

The Bandit Festung slugged would crawl away, holding his cracked helmet, blood dribbling down his chin and dripping onto his chest. With a scream of terror, he scrambles to his feet and runs away with his tail between his legs. He trips a few seconds later and a Bandit Technical runs him over, turning him to mush.



I ain't scared

The spray from Izabela's gun, having been set to its Incendiary mode, lights dozens of disarmed Bandits on fire. Those not spared from her newfound courage and bloodlust would be squashed by the cars without front wheels. Even in her retreat, she truly had defined herself as a badass.



I ain't afraid

Bandit spirits rise into the air, still screaming about blood feuds and gory killings. But Lilith disperses them, sending even their ghosts screaming to oblivion where they'd never hurt anyone again.



You'd be the same if you knew what mama raised

Natasha's hail is absolute hell for the shirtless Psychos, leaving them with bruises and concussions all around. The injured cry out about the cold, begging for an answer as to whether this is the end. Frozen Bandits litter the perimeter, waiting to be shattered into a million pieces.



I come with fire

One Psycho keeps getting bounced around on top of a furry leg, his dominant arm broken and bent at a squeamish angle. The Typhlosion dribbling him with his foot tosses him into the air and whips around, spin kicking him into another one of his friends. Both are knocked out cold and fall to the ground. The Fire-type playfully smirks and shrugs.



I come with shots

Those who survived Saria's unrivaled tank-like might would be too slow to do anything substantial. Like the worms worthless to her as they are, they stumble away feebly, dazed, and then brought down. Some are even killed by their own kind, who are too dumb to understand what common sense much less proper trigger discipline is.



No matter what, I give it everything I got

Two explosions rock what feels like the whole Earth. Bandits scatter in every direction as one of their own Technicals are obliterated in such spectacular fashion almost every invader is momentarily distracted by it, caused by none other than the tiny fugitive with a penchant for his own guns. The blood from the Bandits that were squashed pools beneath the flipped Technical, staining the sand an unnerving crimson.



Pandora had seen men and women of vast power and skill that surpassed what could be considered normality in the wasteland before. All of them were known to become Vault Hunters. But Samael became known to the Bandits as something even more- a walking one man army. The carnage he leaves behind is enough to make every sensible Bandit that witnessed it to turn tail and run. Those who didn't would very likely meet their ends shortly.


Play dirty

The burning Bandit screams in agony for what feels like hours until finally he falls silent, his remaining arm drooping and falling limp to the ground. His clothes have all been burned away, but his identity has already become irrelevant, his face charred far beyond recognition. Many are oblivious to what monster truly is behind the innocent eyes of the fox, but they would not be for long.



Play god

With only his cards, Lightning summons beings who storm into the heat of battle and slash through the hoard of Bandits. An experienced summoner, tried and true. Even though he does not lift a finger himself to help the people of Skull's Settlement, his minions protect them all the same, and what terror they bring with them; as if The Light Ignis had truly brought hellfire to Earth.



No matter what, I give it everything I got

Though a newcomer to the land, there is no doubt Ryuji has already mastered the ways of the locals. With his accidental overkill of the Bandit, and his not-so-accidental firecracker, the Ultimate Pyrotechnician's discovery of the mechanisms of Torgue weapons may truly create a force to be reckoned with, for in Pandora, a user of explosives was not uncommon, but a true master such as he held great power in shaping the land, much like a particular young girl before him. Perhaps Monokuma should see him now.


I give it everything I got
No matter what, I give it everything I got

Bullets and blades are the tools of trade on Pandora, and several people in the multiverse could tell you that those tools are needed to create an effective fighter. But some do not need such tools. Some can kill men without needing to touch a weapon or resort to using their fists. Julia is one such being. The Bandits who collapse, left alive but unconscious by her own will, are retreated from by their allies, much like the several others attempting to infiltrate the perimeter. A certain Typhlosion may know the true extent of her powers. They're best left unseen.


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(If you don't see your character here, don't worry. Your time will come in the next post~ keep fighting!)
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Just as more buggies were headed his way, they all exploded suddenly, one by one. He felt the pressure buildup overhead, followed by another barrage, and looked up to see what was aiding him in protecting the town. He did see the other individuals joining the fray, but only one was directly assisting him. He focused on where the pressure originated, and saw...a Gundam?

He supposed he shouldn't be too surprised. He had just seen a walking speakerphone that was supposedly a man-eating monster. He smiled up at the suited hero, giving him a brief salute. Then an idea came to his mind. He Capsuled a message and sent it up into the cockpit of the mecha. "Hey there. Thanks for the assist. Want me to round these guys up while you take 'em down? Kinda like a shooting gallery. From the air."

A bandit fired an RPG straight for David, but he Grabbed it before it got to him. He then looked at the offender, standing on top of the buggy he was on as he moved the explosive device back to him. David created a Bubble around that buggy and others near it, stopping them in their tracks and trappng anyone who tried escaping the inevitable. David then quickly raised the Temperature of the RPG's projectile as soon as it was directly in front of the offender, and spoke without emotion. "Grenade go boom." Splatters of red and brown was all that was seen inside the clear wall of air once the grenade went off and cooked off its counterparts in the same buggy it was trapped in.
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Oswald, out of nowhere, appears in one of the buggies headed towards the town. The Lucky Rabbit pops his head to take a peak outside. He looks around, enjoying the sights, and he smiles widely, excited. There are also other buggies around the one he's in. It feels like a race, Oswald is enjoying it! As to how Oswald got into the buggy? No one knows why. Probably another misadventure by the Lucky Rabbit. But is Oswald so lucky now? Suddenly, as the Lucky Rabbit is still having fun with the buggy ride, and sightseeing, his buggy explodes! In fact, all the buggies with them explodes! Oswald crawls out of the fire and smoke, and whatever remains of his ride, weakly. But the Lucky Rabbit doesn't look dangerously hurt at all. Oswald gets up on his feet quickly, and pats off the dirt and dust on his body, as well as wiping some of it off. The Lucky Rabbit then looks at his broken buggy, and worry takes over him. Oswald's eyes enlarges and droplets of sweat shoots out off his forehead. The Lucky Rabbit loved that buggy... It even had a name, in Oswald's head,—"Theodore". The Lucky Rabbit's mood turns blue. Oswald checks his surroundings, walking around frantically. The other buggies suffered the same fate as Theodore. As the Lucky Rabbit takes a stop, his expression changes. Oswald is now frowning. The Lucky Rabbit's ears point upwards, and both of his fists are shaking. Oswald's teeth shows, and smoke comes out of his ears. And then, the Lucky Rabbit begins to walk towards the town, grumpily.


One Thousand Club
A bandit lunged forward, quickly sprinting towards the firefighter and drawing closer. He jabbed out a crude blade in an attempt to stab her, but unfortunately for him, reflex kicked in. She ducked forward and with a wave of her axe, cleaved his legs clean off. He fell, howling in pain, but his cries fell on deaf ears as she focused on her next foe. The enemy quickly took aim, but before he could even realise it, she was already sprinting towards him, and fast. He used the body of his gun to block the sudden overhead swing of her axe. She grit her teeth and swung once more, harder this time, and the bit sliced through and embedded itself into his skull with a sickening crunch.

She pulled it out before quickly throwing it into the neck of someone who'd nearly made it past her. She heaved, trickles of sweat running down her chin before she'd wipe it off. She trudged back towards her water cannon, picking up her axe and sheathing it on the way, before hefting up the hose. She'd been promoted twice. She can get through this.


From that point onwards, anyone within a thirty meter radius would be treated to the sight of a pressurized jet of water regularly making an appearance—pushing away and dealing massive amounts of damage to the oncoming bandits from the sheer force alone if the axe-weilding zalak didn't do it herself.



We're all friends here, right?
--Minako Arisato || Kintaros--
Color: #ff69b4
Status: Uhhh
@SmallPopTart @GeorgeTownRaja

*Imagine the left image but Yellow, thank you

"What the...?!" Minako gasped as she took a breather, she noticed all the sand at her feet, glancing around. At this moment, Kintaros was quite sick of Decade not remembering jack. Prompting him to glance at his new host for the time being.

"Hmph! Perhaps it's a time for a reminder of my strength." Kintaros declared, turning incorporeal and soon taking over Minako, causing her to gasp for air as her eyes glow, changing into a bright, vibrant yellow. All of a sudden, Minako appears to be wearing a yellos kimono, complete with one of those wooden umbrellas!

"It'll make you cry!" Minako--err, Kintaros now spoke in an overlayed voice of male and female, the gruff manly voice topped over the girl's voice, popping her neck with her free thumb, creating a loud CRACK sound.


Deep on Minako's own possessed mind, she feels her neck in immense pain. Looking around, she's...Somewhere entirely yellow.

W-where am I? What's happening?! WHY IT IS ALL YELLOW?!

"Do not fret, for my strength shall make them cry!" Kintaros tried to calm down the consciousness of his host.

Wait, you mean you're...


As the three bandits brandished their weapons and ran towards, Minako-Kintaros lets out a deep sigh as he tossed the yellow and black umbrella up into the air, attacking the one that got near with a strong sumo slap, sending not one, but two of them flying over to the side!

The remaining bandit gulped, as he revved up his own bike, preparing to run Minako-Kintaros over! In response, Minako-Kintaros takes out a white belt of some kind, with an emblem up front and four buttons beside it. It appears similarly to a seatbelt, except it's actually a belt.

"Let us proceed, Minako-Dono!"

I think I should be the one saying that...Er...

"My name is Kintaros!" He introduced, putting on the belt around her waist, clicking the lock onto the other end. Minako-Kintaros then presses the yellow button, causing the emblem to light up red as a seemingly strong ringtoneblares from the belt as she takes out a black pass out of nowhere. She claps the pass and goes on a lower stance, her legs wide spread and bent, as if that of a sumo fighter."[Font="Righteous"[COLOR=rgb(250, 197, 28)]]Henshin![/COLOR][/Font]" He said, sliding the pass in front of the belt's emblem, all of a sudden, it lights up, her body suddenly covered in black spandex and thin body armor and a detailess white and grey helmet with a black visor.

[Font="Righteous"]AXE FORM[/Font]

The belt announced as an orb of light circles around around MinaKintaros' body, materializing four pieces of a chestpiece, rolling onto her body to form what is essentially a really bulky looking chestpiece. A golden axe of sorts ran down across the thin white line of the base visor, the golden blade unfolding to reveal its mask and the 'handle' actually being a blade.

"My strength...Had made you cry." MinaKintaros declared once more as Kamen Rider Den-O, cricking her neck again as tissue paper rains from the heavens upon his transformation's completion like confetti.


"Wipe your tears with these!" Den-O continued, raising her arm up to show the showering tissue paper.

"YEHOOooOOoOOoO!!!(TISSUE PAPER ISN'T ENOUGH TO WIPE THE TEARS OF REVENGE)" The remaining Bandit revved up his bike, soon raising a wheel as the bike moved towards Den-O however, the bike was stopped with one hand, preventing from advancing as she stood there, holding the bike's main body.

"This vehicle is not the epitomy of your strength." Den-O said, promptly lifting the bike and tossing it across from her, landing the bandit a few meters in front of the bike as it laid there, broken. "Come at me with your full strength!" She declared, slamming her stomach like a drum.

Oh jeez, don't get too touchy feely!

"Ye..." The bandit stood up, now brandishing an axe. "YE-YEHOOOOOOOOO!!!!" The bandit screamed its battle cry as it ran towards Den-O, taking out pieces of a weapon on the side of her belt. She combined two pieces first into a small curved blade and a pointed tip side by side, then tossing it upwards. She then took out the long pieces and combined them, raising it in order for the blades to latch onto the tip-part of the pieces, the curved blade now extending into a now recognizable simple ax. As the Bandit raised his ax, Den-O aligned her own to clash with the Bandit's ax, rebounding. Gritting his teeth, The Bandit tried again, but to no avail. This time, his ax now cracked. On the Bandit's last attempt, the axe now broke, prompting him to now back away, preparing to flee.

He's getting away!

". . ." Den-O remained silent as she tossed her ax high up into the air, curving as if making an arc towards the fleeing bandit. Den-O takes out the Pass once more, putting it in front of an emblem as it accepted something, no glowing rapidly.


Den-O tosses the pass as it said the announcement, crouching in a low stance with a hand forward, as if gathering her full strength. Den-O then leaps high into the air with a mighty quake under her feet, the hand in front raised upwards to grab the Ax. Upon gripping it, the Ax blade now glowed vibrant yellow. In the top of the trajectory arc, Den-O then does a split, raising her legs as her ax is now brought down in a swirl of yellow square energies, bringing it down onto the fleeing bandit, stopped in his tracks as ax had sliced him in half, fully. Blood splurts as the halves then seemingly explode, as if a monster had been defeated. A moment of silence can be felt for both Minako and Kintaros, until...


Oh, you're supposed to say those at the end?


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This was bad in more ways than one.

For starters, the mental strain on his body was doubling. He could feel the psionic strain on his brain as his hand held his head.

"If I disconnect soon, do not panic. I may be a leader, but I am not the sole leader here... we have already cleaved through most of their forces, and our limited but effective pre-preparations will make up for any unexpected scenarios so to say..."

He continued turning the tides of the battles with various orders of positions, especially warning Natasha about anyone who successfully infiltrated the first layer of defenses, so that she can prepare. These next few words were words only she could hear. Pretty strange to use telepathy when they were quite literally in the same room.

"The hulking and powerful make for easy targets, while the slippery but weak ones get overpowered when they lose the element of surprise. That is the core of our plan. Natasha, I want you to keep overpowering them, and if I were to start hurting our allies, or even you, overpower me for a change."

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Scott Baker

Bandits were not much of a problem to Scott. In comparison to experienced and well-coordinated forces of Vanu Sovereignty and the Terran Republic, outlaws assaulting the town were only posing danger because of their numbers. Jumping from cover to cover, frequently using his jump pack for a mobility boost, Scott cut through the bandits at close range, firing his carbine in controlled bursts. Although he didn't reach the efficiency of other fighters using more esoteric powers, a large number of the attackers met their end with AF-19's bullets.

As he was passing above an alley, Baker noticed a raider buggy heading down the road. Seeing this, auraxian used his jump pack to stop mid-air and fall down onto the passing vehicle. Ducking below the barrel of its turret, he pulled out his pistol and shot through the windshield, killing the driver. Before the now driverless car swung to the side and crashed into a building, Scott boosted off the vehicle and into a gap between two buildings, right in the face of two bandits.

Demonstrating quick reaction time, auraxian soldier shot one of the attackers with his pistol, and lunged forward to stab the other one with the knife. As the blade reached its target, the bandit pressed the trigger of his weapon, sending a burst of SMG bullets into Scott's chest. A layer of blue light surrounded Baker, as his energy shield repelled the bullets. Already strained from stray rounds that hit him before, the shield almost gave out. Auraxian watched as shield energy meter on his HUD was reduced to a few pixels. Taking a break from the fight, Scott took cover in the narrow alley he found himself in. A small overhang of the building's roof protected him from the falling ice, giving his shield time to recharge while he was reloading his guns.

With new magazines loaded into his weapons and a freshly recharged shield, Scott ran out into the street, to see a particularly large group of bandits facing off against a singe heavily armoured soldier wielding an SMG. Scott took cover behind a dumpster and switched his carbine to semi automatic, deciding to favour accuracy over firepower at this range. Picking off singular attackers, the auraxian took a glance at his fellow defender. Closer inspection revealed the fighter to be a robot. A few more seconds of observation allowed Scott to see more of his ally's capabilities. His submachine gun, was apparently an energy based weapon, although significantly different from plasma rounds of Vanu weaponry Scott had experience with. Aside from the seemingly mundane weaponry, he also appeared to be wielding some form of supernatural power, evidenced by blue aura generated by some of his melee attacks.

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After a while Lilith looked up to see Grey on the roof of a building shooting laser beams at the bandits, She felt like she needed to help out a bit so she rushed up to the top of the building and started shooting more spirits "Don't worry I'll be fine, I'll try and keep you safe to."

While burning a few bandits Kirby got hit out of nowhere, dropping his fire ability. Kirby tumbled over before getting up, while looking for something to inhale to get an ability he finds a bunch rubble on the ground, he inhaled it and turned into...
Stone Kirby!
Kirby then proceeds to crush any bandits under him.

@SmallPopTart (Grey and Bandits)


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Julia returns to the town and meets back up with her daughter, noting the neutralized bandit on the ground. "Thanks for taking care of that."

Natasha nods and then frowns at the Doctor's message. Overpower you? Why, are you telling me you're going crazy or something?!

The Glaceon looks at her mother with a face like 'are you hearing this?!'

Doctor, I can feel your mind breaking apart, and I don't want to be responsible for that. I'll take it from here. I'm going to stop sending you information.

The Espeon proceeds to cut the stream of information flowing into the Doctor's brain, ignoring any protests he might give.

...Of course, it might already be too late anyway.

Now that she had taken over the Doctor's role, Julia reaches out to the newcomer at the battle and connects him into the telepathic network.

You, with the black sword. You're with us, yes? She asks Kirito, and then to everyone: I'm taking over for the Doctor for the time being. Hold your positions, we're almost there.

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Green Light

Oswald finally reaches the town. However, there seems to be several hostiles everywhere. The town is under attack, and he is frozen in his tracks, not sure how to take all of this in. He cannot blink his eye, and his mouth is slightly opened. But as soon as he regains focus, the Lucky Rabbit walks around town, hiding when someone is getting close. Oswald doesn't know what to do in the midst of this crisis. The Lucky Rabbit simply continues to walk, and walk, and crawl if he has to, while hiding in corners every now and then. Oswald hears voices of people approaching his direction from the front. The Lucky Rabbit hides himself. As the voices get weaker, and weaker, and weaker... Oswald takes a peak, carefully, while his ears are stretched back behind so it won't be raised. And then, a shadow creeps in from behind, but the Lucky Rabbit doesn't notice. Oswald gets out of his hiding spot, still without looking what's behind him. The Lucky Rabbit still doesn't know. Oswald wipes off the droplet of sweat on his forehead, and lets out a sigh of relief. The Lucky Rabbit smiles, happy that he still hasn't been caught. It's probably not safe to head towards the direction the bandits came from, so Oswald decides to walk right back. As the Lucky Rabbit turns towards the opposite way, with both eyes closed and wearing a smug, confident, he bumps someone. It caught Oswald off, so he shakes his head to see what it was... Or who. The Lucky Rabbit swallows his saliva. Gulp! One could hear the sound of it. How much saliva did Oswald had in his mouth? The Lucky Rabbit becomes less confident really quickly. There are three bandits blocking Oswald's path. One has a knife. "You look like a funny one. Say, what if I skin ya?!" One has a sniper rifle, but that would seem ineffective in close range. "Skin it, Jim!" And the last has a pistol. "Aye! Looks like we're havin' dinner tonight, boys!" The Lucky Rabbit takes a step backwards, preparing for the worst. The bandit with a knife, apparently called "Jim", grabs for Oswald quickly. The Lucky Rabbit jumps, dodging Jim's hands, lands on top of the bandit's arms, and punches him on the face. Wham! "Carlos, get'im!", the bandit with a pistol shouted angrily. The one with a sniper rifle, called "Carlos", punches Oswald. The Lucky Rabbit blocks the attack by covering himself with his arms, despite how tiny he is. Oswald gets sent flying off Jim's arm, but rolls backwards safely when he landed. Upon getting back on his feet, the Lucky Rabbit now wears a serious-angry expression on his face, frowned and both of his eyes sharpened. Oswald shows off some karate moves, chopping and kicking the air, to threaten the bandits. It ends up looking ridiculous, as the three bandits still think of him as a common rabbit. The Lucky Rabbit dashes towards Carlos very fast, and jumps, trying for a flying kick! "Uhhh, Greg, he's comi--" WHAM! Oswald uses a powerful flying kick on the bandit, knocking him off. The last bandit, called "Greg", takes aim towards the Lucky Rabbit with a pistol, and fires it. !!! Luckily, Oswald jumps, and the bullet ended up hitting the ground before ricocheting somewhere else. The Lucky Rabbit smiles at the bandit for a second before blowing his tongue off, mocking his enemy. Oswald dashes, and then goes for an uppercut! Another hit! Greg also gets knocked out by the Lucky Rabbit. This shows that one must never underestimate their opponent for their appearance alone! Oswald, now confident again, wipes his hands off for a job well done. "AHA!" Someone grabs the Lucky Rabbit from behind! It's Jim with a knife! Oswald thought he had defeated all three of them, but one seems to have gotten back up. "Oh, you will pay for this, alright?" The bandit threatens the Lucky Rabbit. Oswald is now scared for his life, as he tries screaming for help, crying and shaking. Well... The Lucky Rabbit is screaming, but there's no noise coming out of him. As if Oswald's mouth and body are moving, but soundless. "Ye shur are one unusual rabbit.", Jim states. Will there be someone to help the Lucky Rabbit?

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Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade
Tsukasa wasn't sure if Den-O is telling the truth or not. His memory isn't as good as being amnesiac. If there is another Kamen Rider Decade then he must be the alternate version of him. He could be wrong though. However, he isn't happy with what he is doing to Minako which causes him to be enraged.

"Minako! Damn it! What did you do to her? I won't forgive you for this! I will change her back to normal if I have to! Also, it's magenta, not pink!" Tsukasa aimed and fired at Den-O with his SMG following a slash by using his sword. He fired at him again and then another sword slash. How much damage can he take?
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As Den-O prepared to disengage, Decade suddenly directed his attack at her, shooting at her with an SMG before closing in with his book sword, causing him to stumble back in a stagger.

"Decade, why--?!" Den-O asked her fellow rider, however, she was quickly shot by another round of SMG shot. However, as Decade closed in for another slash, Den-O intercepted with her ax, followed by a sumo slap to the chest, pushing him away. "Had my strength made you cry this bad?!" He growled, raising his ax, preparing to engage once more.

Kinraros-san, switch with me!


I think he'll calm down if you're not...You know, inside me?

"I suppose that would make sense." Den-O was considering detransforming, gripping his belt. She glanced at Decade, soon making a resolve. "No...This is a test, isn't it? A test to prove that I can protect Minako-dono as her loyal ax, isn't it?"

Wait, no, that's not what he meant!

"Very well, Decade! I accept your test!" Den-O lowered her stance, raising her ax, "Come at me with all your strength!" She says, preparing to endure anything and everything.


I'd rather trust and regret,than doubt and regret

  • *BANG* *BANG* *BANG*

    I pulled the trigger, the trajectory of the bullets remaining unchanged as the projectiles struck three raiders each. All of them struck the chest of the three raiders before they could open fire. I was actually trying to aim for their hands or if possible, the head. But given my lackluster experience with any firearms in general, I could only make do with hoping that the recoil of the pistol I'm using does not screw me over big time. Foe the time being, it seems I was lucky enough that the bandits were slow on retaliating after getting hit once by a bullet.

    In fact, it was slow enough for me to be able to rush them using the <<Eludicator>>. That said however, as much as I was doing pretty well despite my unimpressive stats, I still did receive several damage, if the visible bloodstained tears on my coat was anything to come by. There were actually more cuts from being grazed by the raiders' bullets, all if which strangely enough, did not hit me at the ost vital spots. But I've noticed my clothing seems to mend the damages itself overtime for reasons I do not know of. Probably for the convenience of not needing to get it sewed back in one piece? I'd still need to wash it however, as the bloodstains were still clearly visible.

    There was no HP bar at the top left corner of my eye sight, so pain and the estimated amount of blood I had lost overtime for every injury I've sustained were the only reliable methods of deciding if I had to back down or could continue fighting. Thinking about pain, I'd have believed that with the number of times each bullet had scraped by and left a cut my arms and body, the pain would be far too unbearable to the point I'd rather bail out. Yet in spite of it, I still held out and continued fighting.

    The blade of the <<Eludicator>> glowed brightly once again as the first raider was sliced diagonally from the right, the second receiving a horizontal gash severe enough to enhance his inability to survive, while the last raider impeding my path found the edge of the blade sliding down his forehead towards his <<I'd rather not say it>>.

    Having dealt with the last of the invading raiders around my vicinity, I decided to pause for a short breather. If anything, whatever world this is that I find myself in, it is a little TOO <<real>>. Sure, some bits of MMORPG mechanics still existed with me, but the pain I had experienced, the fatigue enveloping me, and the sensation from each of my five senses. They feel incredibly different from how I sensed them in other VRMMORPGs I've played.

    Just as I was about to check if my stats had increased after the series of NPC Killing, I suddenly heard a voice (Julia) spoke to me, as if I was listening to an audio played directly into my mind. Alarmed, I looked around me, a classical yet appropriate line escaped my lips.

    “Who's there? Show yourself!”

    Before an answer could be heard however, I heard Exia speak to me via the the earpiece I had on my right ear.

    “Kirito. Someone sent me a message which I believe was meant to be for you to read.”

    This piqued my curiosity rather swiftly. Who would want to communicate with me at this moment? Was it the female voice that I had suddenly heard from earlier?

    “Really? What does it say?”

    “In his words:Want me to round these guys up while you take 'em down? Kinda like a shooting gallery. From the air.

    An alliance of sorts? Usually I would decline due to how bad I am with socialising with other people outside of my friends. But when I think about it, now would be good time for a short co-op opportunity. Especially in an uncharted world such as this. Unfortunately, before I could respond again, I noticed a trio of of raiders ganging up on a.....cartoon character? Also, why is it always "three raiders" with me often for each encounter I had with them? Ugh. Whatever. I'll protect him first.

    “Kirito? What is your decision?”

    Oh. Right.

    “Uh....try communicating back at him! There's someone in trouble I need to go save now! If he could communicate with you it must mean he saw you somehow!”

    I briefly looked up at where Exia was, and saw him look elsewhere, presumably where the person (Davis) seeking alliance with us was standing at. Exia nodded at the direction he was staring at before continuing to fire. I guess he was accepting the alliance offer by the person contacting us. Hopefully the guy communicating with us got the message. For now, there's a death I have to prevent.

    The "Hed Shoter" - No seriously. Who came up with this name!? - on the left hand, I ran forward with the muzzle pointing forward at the three raiders surrounding the cartoon character. The trigger once again pulled, releasing the bullets itching for a crash course onto its targets. With them distracted by the impact of the projectiles hitting them, I took it as the opportunity to quickly swing the <<Eludicator>> at them. The blade glowed once again as the system - which I have no idea how it also managed to work here when this world is very likely not a SEED-produced VRMMORPG - assisted in enhancing the cutting power of the sword's blows.

    If anything, it was the same three Sword Skills on the three Raiders each. <<Horizontal>>, a straight cut from the left to right or vice versa. <<Slant>>, a diagonal swing up or downwards from either the left or right. Finally, <<Vertical>>, downwards slash from the top to bottom. Strangely enough, I did not need to be in the stance to activate those three Sword Skills, although doing so makes the cutting power a lot more effective, as I had tested on one of the raiders earlier on. Me losing access to many other Sword Skills was probably the consequences for <<balancing reasons>> I presume.

    The Sword Skills soon hit the raiders, presumably like the previous raiders I had encountered, dealing a killing blow onto them with the victim now saved. I looked at the cartoon character (Oswald) and asked.

    “You alright?”


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While everyone else was working hard, Lucky had done the unthinkable: Taking a breather.

He was sprawled out on a bandit's lap, letting his back be stroked by a bandit, who rambled on about the situation.

"I just don't get why people don't understand our cause." The bandit lamented. "Why must they resist? We need blood, is that so much to ask?"

"Blood is wonderful, isn't it?" Lucky's voice was soft, but he could feel his hardened heart putting itself on lockdown. It was a constricting feeling, but Lucky would endure it, just for his new friend.

"Yeah..." The bandit droned on and on about their cause, the many unique properties of blood, and the best kills he ever had. Somehow, this spun into his life's story. "You know, my first encounter with blood was my own! I tripped and fell on my knee when I was a toddler. I cried, and cried....but then, it felt so wonderful, that I always wanted to be in pain. And I wanted everyone I knew to be in pain, too. I figured it would make me popular. What was your first injury, little rabbit?"

"Had me paws cut off." Lucky answered simply, simultaneously shutting out Lupé's yelling.

"Oooh! That sounded like it hurt really bad." When the bandit held Lucky up to his face, the rabbit could see his eyes sparking like a piece of opal. "And you're a survivor! You've gotta show me how to...You know what? You'd make a great mascot!"

"Me? A mascot? You mean, you're willing to overlook me many flaws?" Lucky's eyes sparkled back, and he held his cheeks in his nubs.

"Sure! Lucky, the Bandit Rabbit! Doesn't that have a great ring to it? I mean..." The bandit stretched his hand across the battlefield. "Look at us. Two crazy people, flawed, great with guns. Everyone else hears me, but you're the only one who's stopped to listen. How would you like to get outta here, little friend?"

"Of course. If I'm the only one who'll listen, Laddie, then who am I to abandon?"

The bandit started to cry. "Then, come along! Now that I have a friend, you and I can see all of Pandora! We'll be independent together!"

"I've searched so long for that one true friend, Laddie! Who'd have thunk that I would find him here?" Lucky tried and failed to make his own tears. "But there is one other thing I desire more..."

"What is it? You know I'd clear a thousand rebel groups to bring you anything you desire!"

Lucky scratched his head. "Can't remember. But I bet, when you and I are watchin' the sunrise, it'll come to me. But I think it's the desire to take down two thousand rebel groups, just for you."

And so firmly locked into a loving embrace, the rabbit and the bandit boarded one of the few intact buggies, and left the battle behind, driving with happy tears off into the moonset.

The End.

"Hey, Lucky, what's that? A bottle opener? Why, you want us two to share a celebration drink!? Awww, you shouldn't have. But I don't know any...AAAAAAGH!"

...Of the bandit's life.

"I remembered what I desire more!" Lucky stood on the chest of the bandit, watching blood spew out of his eye socket. "VENGEANCE! Look at you, you sappy son of a bitch! You should've had your heart locked away, like me! Your desire was a pathetic waste! You wasted your life looking for friends, when you could have been lookin' for your foes!...Well, now you'll be lookin' for a way out of Hell!" With that, Lucky finished him off with a shot to the lungs, then took over the buggy. "Now, lemme see, how do I drive...?" With the corpse's foot on the gas pedal, all he really had to do was steer, while simultaneously gunning down more unlucky foes. "HAHAHAHAHAA!"

The joke was on Lucky, however; That bandit he killed was quite the sensitive soul in life, so he actually went to Purgatory.

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With Kirito's back turned, his attention to a rabbit of some kind, one Bandit took an opportunity to fire a bazooka at him.
However, that Bandit fired a little too late as Chimera had gotten there in time, a hand raised as the missile would bounce back to the bandit.

He never got the chance to finish the curse.

Chimera lowered her arm as she looked to Kirito.
"You're welcome. "

She would then dash off and punch several more bandits heads off their sockets, and leave more blood and gore behind.

Any bandit that did the smart thing and avoid shooting her, would attempt to run at her with various crude melee weapons: Pipes, saws, hatchets... None of them connected, as Chimera's ability to manipulate Vector speeds and trajectory would create a gust of wind around herself, which picked up those bandits and had them crash into each other. One bandit even got his own arm Chopped off by another's saw blade.​


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David saw the Gundam turn and pause, as if it was communicating with something or someone. So, David gathered the sound from that area in a Capsule and listened in. He heard audio coming from the Gundam's cockpit.

“Kirito. Someone sent me a message which I believe was meant to be for you to read.”
“In his words:Want me to round these guys up while you take 'em down? Kinda like a shooting gallery. From the air.
“Kirito? What is your decision?”

After that, along with several bullets bouncing off David's shield and some bandits trying to punch through his pressurized protection (Which he responded to by simply Bubble Trapping them and crushing them to goo), he saw the Gundam turn to him and nod, followed by firing at more vehicles. David smiled. "Attention, ladies and gentlemen," he said so only he could hear, "feast your eyes on the Bandit shooter! Come try your skill as the bandits are lined up! If you shoot them all, you get a prize!"

He burst forward, grinning madly as he sprayed some bandit remains on the vehicles nearby as they either were torn by his speed or thrown into walls or vehicles. He placed several Air Walls in strategic locations, tunneling the vehicles and personnel into a choke point. He Capsuled another message for the Gundam. "Hit it!" as he continued rounding up the enemy troops.

David then saw Kirito run into the cluster of vehicles that had just been exploded to help a cartoonish rabbit out that had just popped out from underneath the scarp of a destroyed buggy.
He saw - and felt - the blood and injuries on the man, and erected a Bubble around the duo. "Hey!" He called. "Stay where you are! You're safe there."

He looked back at Sgt Abraham as he worked, and saw a group of bandits approaching from the other side of town, behind the soldier. He told the Gundam, "Keep firing on the vehicles. I'll be back." He flew toward the large group of several dozen attackers, and stopped in the air above the shacks. He spread his arms out, and several points in the air around him pressurized, then glowed bright orange.

The super-heated Air Bullets then flew at the group, mowing them down. He kept generating the Bullets and shooting them, until there was just a couple of the bandits left. He then sent a Capsule message to Abraham. "Look behind you."


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Another small group of the armed lunatics began to hustle in Nearl's direction, giving the Knight more of a run for her money. She didn't hesitate to head further into their direction, a frozen expression of joy as the bandits watch this armored woman sprint at them.

"The hell we even doing!? Get her!", one of them screams, and just like before, gunfire directly towards Nearl. The timing was precise, a simple raise of the arm close towards her face as she charges towards them, more and more bullets bouncing and skidding against the metal shield.

The woman remained unfazed as she went to work, the sound of a heavy WHOOSH! as one of the bandits could see barely before it hit, the metal face of the Warhammer being chucked. A splash of dust and blood kicked up from the knocked to the ground smashed face corpse as another CLANG! rang through the air, another poor victim with a shield to the face. This time, this one fell onto their back but actually still breathed, huh, nothing a metal gauntlet to the face won't help. THWACK!

"We got her surrounded!", the head of the small squad yells again, "Don't let her recover!" Huh, shoot. Nearl had regained her posture and her warhammer before pulling it back into a defensive stance and backing away a few steps, holding still against the barrage of bullets. Good thing her shield's material held its strength with her will.

"How is she still not dead yet!?!",The Kuranta held her line as one of them stopped firing to reload. Good. Nearl had her Warhammer at her side, the shield keeping her protected as she made her way closer to the remaining madmen in her way. The Warhammer then suddenly began to EXTEND it's length, the head of it unfolding its heavy top to reveal four bladed like sticks, before it and the shield began to glow a bright golden like yellow.

"W-wait what the hell!?", The bandit yelled, confused more than ever, "What is she doing! Don't let her do what she is doing!" More clicks and more sounds of reloading, good. She continued to walk closer, slowly, the glowing starting to get extremely bright from the Warhammer, and the shield, now almost like the shield itself was trying to CONTAIN the light from escaping.

"You wanted to know why and how I am not dead yet..?", Nearl finally spoke to her attackers, her gaze of a frozen expression now seeming to cause fear in their eyes. "Find out now then..", she spoke coldly, as she suddenly slips her hand to the base of the Warhammer, letting its weight take over as she stabs its head into the ground as her, Her Shield, and her Warhammer now shine brightly enough at the bandits, turning them like deer in headlights.

"For the Light, Now feel. My. Resolve!"

Anyone else who wasn't currently by this ongoing and isolated fight, would notice a shining light in the distance being as what looked to be..a.. a pegasus? Yeah, that's right, a golden pegasus as it neighs loudly into the sky, wings flapping and all, before it suddenly charges at the ground and explodes with light. Those who would see it or even barely caught a split second glimpse of it's light, would suddenly feel rejuvenated by its presence, any wounds or pain suddenly disappearing, and feel the desire to fight on with more strength and will. Fight on!

Not for the bandits however, their story was gonna end differently. Seeing this massive majestic beast the bandits suddenly all drop their weapons, screaming as they cover their eyes from the light. The pegasus had just flapped its wings, throwing bits of dust and soot amuck as the savages were caught and lost in its sight.

When they finished clearing up their eyes, the sight of a massive pegasus charging down at them, was enough to send them running the other way, screaming in fright. Too bad that wasn't the plan. With a loud and long breath as she felt her exhaustion disappearing, she ran within the creature's form, near its face as it exploded into light, only to give way to show a newly freshened Nearl as she jumped at the last of them. Only this time, she had a smile on her as she chased the pack of bandits into the last of the mist of fog.

The loud sounds of screaming, bones breaking, bodies crushing, and flesh being pounded from the dust gave the idea of a butcher, but no, not from a knife or a sword, just the brutality of a heavy hammer. Despite the mess she had made of the last remaining bandits near her, she actually was able to restrict a bit of the "splashing". The fog cleared up to reveal the Kuranta, giving a huff of frustration as she finally pulled the Warhammer free from another face indented corpse. She carelessly slung the Warhammer over her shoulder with a satisfied grin, holding her shield still as always with the other, surprisingly, actually bright and clean despite the collection of bodies, blood, and gore around her as her fluff of a tail gave a nice excited wag around alongside the tiniest of ear twitches.

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The Screaming, once something of beauty for many bandits to enjoy.
Fluffington the Mighty Used Echoed Voice!
Now the beautiful screaming brought only pain and misery
Fluffington the Mighty Used Echoed Voice!
The Air visibly distorted under the assault, glass cracking as the decibel count continues to climb, those trapped closest to the noise begin to foam at the mouth.
Fluffington the Mighty Used Echoed Voice!
Bandits shake uncontrollably, their mouths open in silent horror, or maybe they are screaming themselves, no one can hear over the noise, or the blood.
FlUfFiNgToN tHe MiGhTy UsEd EcHoEd VoIcE!
Any attempts to shoot at the creature failed, the bullets having no effect, if they don't completely miss outright.

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