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Multiple Settings Hunters Moon

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Romance, Supernatural


I Move The Stars For No One

For as long as humanity has been around or perhaps even before, the supernatural world has coexisted along-side them, unseen, the watcher in the shadows. Hidden in plain sight, pockets of supernatural communities thrive around the world. One such community can be found to the north of the U.S., where a large pack of werewolves run their own town tucked away in the forest at the base of a mountain. They trade goods with the nearest towns, but otherwise, they try to avoid contact with the human world as much as they can.

Until now.

Their community is thrown into chaos when a human moves into a cabin left for them by their recently deceased uncle and now the pack is faced with a dilemma, how are they to handle the sudden human they find in their town?

(I am looking for someone to play one of the werewolves in town, while I play the human moving into the cabin)

~ I am a 24 year old female. As such, I would request all my partners be 18+, no exceptions.

~ I'm pretty lenient when it comes to post length, so as long as you refrain from giving me a one-liner and you use proper grammar, we'll get along swimmingly.

~ I can play MxF (with a preferrence for the female role), FxF and MxM.

~ I am taking online classes, so I'm generally online often. If you don't hear from me for a week, don't be afraid to give me a poke, because there is a high chance I got distracted by something and forgot to reply.

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