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Fandom Hunter x Hunter Oc x Character Double (AU Rp)

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Action, Adventure, Anime, AU, Foreign, Realistic, Romance, School, Slice of Life
I have a bunch of AU's planned out for Hunter x Hunter if you're interested you can message me and I'll describe the one you're interested in with more detail or if you need me to clarify what I mean for one of them.

Rules- This is an Oc x Character Double meaning I'll play a cannon character for you and my Oc and vise versa.

At least 2 paragraphs moderately detailed but if you can't do this please don't send me sentences.

I'm fine with combining more than 2 rp's :3 and if theres any one you'd like me to explain more just ask.

Hunter X Hunter AU Ideas

High School AU

The characters are in high school with Leorio and Kurapika being 3rd years, Gon and Killua being first years, Hisoka and Illumi being teachers ect. We'd add in whatever characters you'd like to have. We can discuss if they'd still be hunters with the same goals and weather they use nen or not in PM. The plot of the Rp will be our Oc's growing closer to the characters we choose in there own story lines if your interested we can discuss more in PM About the actual plot.


Soulmate AU

People have heard of Soulmate AU's like the red string of fate or being colorblind until you see your soulmate (I'll list more ideas in Pm if you're interested) We can make up a plot together but my idea for this one was to just combine it with one of the others Au's (as in Highschool Soulmate AU, or Amnisia Soulmate AU) We can discuss my plans in PM if you're interested.


Mansion AU

Our Oc's are related in someway (If you'd prefer we weren't message me and we'll discuss) And by family friend ties Kurapika takes us in at his manor when our parents go missing. (We'll discuss weather they still use nen ect in PM) He has the others living with him (Gon, Leorio, Killua ect) Hisoka would be one of the butlers and so on. They'd also be associated with the Zoldycks and the Phantom troupe which we can go over depending on what character you'd want me to play for you. We can discuss my plot ideas in PM if you're interested.


Bounty Hunters AU

I don't know exactly how to enplane my idea but basically They're a group of people who Kurapika (The boss) Recruited for there skill as an agency that protects people for payment (Like what Kurapika was hired for except he's the leader of the group.) Kurapika would be the one who formed the group and he hired Gon, Killua, Leorio, Hisoka, Illumi (whoever you'd like really) And our Oc's for there skill. We'll discuss arrangements and plot in PM.


Gunpoint AU

Our Oc's and the characters meet each other in a dangerous situation. For example a nen user attacks you and the character saves your Oc. We could come up with and original plot or combine this with one of the others (Even ones like the Amnesia AU we can get creative :3). We can discuss in PM


Arranged Marriage AU

The characters we choose would have to have guardians or this wouldn't work. The two would meet and depending on who the character was they'd either be resentful at first or something like that or the two would meet and slowly fall for each other. We can combine this one with others like the soulmate AU or the Gunpoint AU
(We can discuss in PM)


Married AU

The 2 characters are married. This ones a bit hard for me to explain so most of the planning will take place in PM. I was thinking we could join this one with the soulmate AU as well.


Lost AU

The characters get lost in the the woods (Or a different location) and get taken in by our Oc's. (Again another hard one to explain) We can join this one with the soulmate AU or the Amnesia AU they'd be injured and need a while to rest with them since that would make the most sense for them to stay for long. We can also switch the roles and the Oc's are the ones who are lost and need help. If you're confused on what I need feel free to ask questions.


Amnesia AU

Our Oc's are in a relationship with our chosen character and they somehow get Amnesia (Through injury or maybe a manipulator) and the characters memory is erased completely of there S/O. The OC has to convince them to fall in love with them again (We can join this with something like the highschool AU or the married AU.) There's enough evidence to show they were together but they don't feel the same way they used to. We could also switch the rolls of the Oc and the character.


Roomate AU

Our Oc's are roomates with 2 other characters if one of us chooes a pair like Gon and Hisoka we'd have to work that out but pairs like Killua and Gon or Leorio and Kurapika would work. We can talk in PM and combine this one with other AU's as well.


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